Excelvan RD 802 Review: A True Cinema Friendly Mini Projector

Excelvan RD 802 Review

Today I got the opportunity to spend some time using an environment-friendly projection device! A model that is new for me with a design that I had never seen before. It is the Excelvan RD 802 portable multimedia projector. Further, I will share with you the reason behind why the manufacturers are calling it an eco-friendly projection. So I request you to read this post entirely.

Therefore, this article will be going to be indeed based on my review of the same device. I will discuss with you the details about the features, and specifications of the projector. Also in between different sections, I will let you know my views about the performance of the RD 802.

By the way, anyone can buy the product from an online store at an attractive price of around $40 for Black and $52 for white without any shipping rates. After all color matters the most to give a nice look to the interiors and so the manufacturers are taking the benefit of the same. As of now, the projector is available at much-discounted rates on many popular e-commerce platforms.

A Brief Look on the Outer Packaging of Excelvan RD 802

The company supplied box packaging of the product includes a Power cord, an AV cable, and a user manual. Excelvan is also providing a well responsive remote controller with the RD 802 mini projector unit.

The overall sizes of the length, breadth, and height of the outer box packaging of the device are around 9.06 inches x 8.66 inches x 3.94 inches. In other words, they are 23 cm x 22 cm x 10 cm respectively. Total weight of the box is approximately 1.85 pounds or 0.85 kilograms. So without any issues, the product can be given as a gift to others by hand as well!!

RD 802 mini projector machine comes with a white colored remote controller having a rectangular design. Also, most of the buttons are white with black text or indications on them. It includes but not limited to navigational buttons with an OK button at the center. There are numerical buttons on it as a remote controller of a TV or set-top box unit.

At the top of RD 802 portable projector device, there is a red colored power button with a white mute button. Also next below to them there is a row of four buttons of different color appearances. So overall the remote looks so charming to the eyes. It feels much useful and comfortable to be a handle on hands.

How is the Outer Appearance of the Excelvan RD 802 Projection Machine?

RD 812 projector device has been designed to have portable hardware. It has also got the lightweight body for a user to lift and carry it from one place to another. The product is available to buy for everyone on online stores in dual tone colors.

So one can choose from either model having black with silver finish or white with silver finish. After all, both the colors combinations has got attractive looks. They offer a premium look to the overall appearance of the exterior hardware.

I like the special and unique design of Excelvan RD 802 that has been imprinted on the exterior hardware the machine. By looking from the front surface of the projector on the right side, there is a big circular lens with a beautiful design on its circumference. On the middle and left portion of the front surface of the device at the below area, some small circular holes can act as vents. The product got rounded edges on sides.

At the top surface of RD 802 towards the front on the left side, there is a big logo of the brand. Also on the back portion at the left side on the same surface, there is a row of some hardware projector control buttons. The list includes four directional buttons, a menu, a source, and a power button with a status indicator light on the top.

What are the Interface Connectivity Ports Available on the Hardware?

At the bottom surface of the machine at each corner, there is a big circular leg. It can help RD 802 much to maintain a right balance irrespective of the type of ground and to avoid slips due to accidental jerks or so.

By looking from the rear surface of the projector, we can see hardware interface ports on the upper portion of the device. The list includes an IR port, an HDMI port, an AV port, a DC input port, a USB port, a VGA port, and a 3.5mm audio jack.

At the below portion towards the left, there is a circular set of small rounded holes. They are present probably to dissipate the sound from the internal audio system of the RD 802 mini projector. On the right portion at the lower part of the backside of the device, there are some vents in the form of small holes arranged in four columns.

On the right rounded surface concerning the front of the machine an SD card reader has been located towards the back portion. Also, this side is having more height as completed to the left rounded surface. By the way, the left surface consists of only a set of some air vents located at the middle of the hardware.

What are the Hardware Specs of the Projector?

The total dimensions of the RD 802 portable projection machine are 17 cm x 11.5 cm x 7cm. It can be measured as per the length, breadth, and height of the exterior hardware respectively. Manufacturers have provided the projector having an average weight of 0.5 kilograms.

An Inbuilt audio system has been provided inside the machine. It compliments well with the output projected pictures from the same device. However, they are not loud enough to produce a quality sound output for a big hall.

The internal fans of Excelvan RD 802 work best to cool down the internal hardware of the system. A useful fact about the same is the internal cooling system of the projector can produce very less noise that can be measured within 25 decibels.

I like the appearance of the exterior hardware of the device. I am sure the overall look and feel of the machine can attract the attention of nearly different age groups of users. That too including kids for their educational, play or entertainment needs.

What are the Display Configurations of the Machine?

RD 802 is based on 2.4 inch LCD TFT display technology. As per the Excelvan, the device can produce clear images. It is possible from the three pieces glass lenses that have been used inside the portable projector hardware. A user can take the help of manual focus functionality of the machine to adjust the clarity of pictures on the output display screen.

A 20W LED lamp is responsible behind projecting an intense light required by the device. As a result, it can produce brighter pictures on the projected output. That too, the light source of the projector works without mercury. Hence it is highly beneficial for the wellbeing of users.

Also the efficient lamp of Excelvan RD 802 can be used for more than 50 thousand hours. It can be assumed to work for the coming eight to ten years by using the machine on an average basis of three to five hours daily. All the above features of the projector have made it an environment-friendly multimedia gadget for our regular use.

The product supports to project output with a native Resolution of 480 x 320ppi. However, up to the maximum RD 802 is capable of displaying a multimedia content by restoring every detail of 576P / 720P resolution.

How well the Display Output of the Projector Performs?

The net brightness of the output screen that the device can produce is about 60 lumens. Excelvan has provided the machine having a maximum contrast ratio of 1000:1. As a result, I have seen much differences between the projected displayed colors.

As per my experience of watching the display output from the RD 802 mini projector I can say only one thing! The display performance of the product is impressive by considering the current cost price of the same.

We cannot use the hardware on a place that is having high intensity of ambient light. A user can shut off the window curtains of the room to get the best display screen at daytime. One can also try to lower down the ambient light to enjoy watching crisp and brighter pictures on the projected output screen.

The RD 802 projector can be used at nights for outdoor applications or even at indoors with minimum possible surrounding lights. As a result, the machine can display high-quality pictures on the output that are having well reproduced colors.

The projector can support to project the pictures in both 16:9, and 4:3 aspect ratios. A user can rotate the lens to adjust the sharpness of output projected display. RD 802 supports 360-degree flip projection technology.

A user can display an output screen of diagonal size ranging from 20 inches to 100 inches. It is possible by installing the machine within a distance of a few meters from the output projection object.

My Views about the Display of Excelvan RD 802 Projector

There is a manual keystone correction function on the device using which a user can deal with the output trapezoidal correction. It may happen if hardware has been placed at a certain angle concerning the output projection object.

As per the manufacturers, the RD 802 portable projector supports 120% color reduction rate. Yes, it is helpful to enhance the performance of colors on the projected pictures. Yes, it is a fact! I have seen bright and vibrant colors on the display output of the device even after projecting a big display screen of 80 inches in diagonal size.

Hence, all in all, I am happy with the output display performance of the machine. By considering into the mind that RD 802 is a budget-oriented projector, it can generate good quality crisp and sharp pictures. For me, it is a value for money product by only referring to the price that a user need to pay to enjoy a personal theater-like display experience.

What are the Multimedia Abilities of the Projector Hardware?

RD 802 is not only a stylish gadget but also works as a rich source of the entertainment device. A user can play nearly all types of audio-visual multimedia content on the machine. The projection machine can play some compatible audio files that should be one among MP3, WMA, and M4A extensions.

Similarly, a user can reproduce photos on a significant display output of the projector either on a wall or a big projection screen. It is possible by projecting an image file that is based on one among the compatible file formats on RD 802. They can be either based on anyone among PNG, JPEG, or BMP extensions.

The projector compatible extension formats of the videos are MPEG, FLV, RMVB, VC, and DIVX. Unfortunately, a user cannot project some multimedia formats on the machine. It includes MSVC/CRAM, MP42, GMC, CVID, IV32, RV20, and RLE.

What are the Hardware Connectivity Features of Excelvan RD 802 Projector?

A user can take advantage of using DLNA, or Miracast wireless connectivity features present inside the machine. Hence, one can connect the display output of a mobile or tablet with the projection machine and project it on a big output screen.

RD 802 consists of many Interface Input ports on the hardware. The list includes an HDMI port, an SD card, a USB port, an AV port, a VGA port and a 3.5mm audio out port. Hence, a user can plug in an external storage device with the projector to access the multimedia files from the same. There is an Inbuilt Wi-Fi module of 802.11 b/g/n on Excelvan RD 802 that works at 2.4 GHz or 150Mbps.

It is best to use the EZCast APP to share multimedia content within the locally available devices. Also one can take the benefit of the App to stream local content to a projector screen from any smart device. That can be based on either MacOS, IOS, Windows, or Android operating system.

By the way with the help of EZMirror the RD 802 machine has got the wi-fi display certification for Miracast function. That too in the presence of an EZ Air soft App on the projector that helps in iOS airplay.

One limitation of the product is the fact that it is not compatible to project text files. So when I tried to project some text from other means, then I got pixelated fonts at the output screen that might not be comfortable to watch for the eyes.

My Views on the Overall Performance of the Projector

At the time of reviewing the device, I came to know many benefits of the product in comparison to the limitations of the same. First of all the display output of RD 802 is ultimately safer for the eyes of a user even after a long time of continuous use. Therefore, the machine is not only an eco-friendly gadget but also take care of our health.

Secondly, due to user-friendly design and build quality, the projector can be used for different applications. Hence either it can be any professional, a businessman, a homesick or a student the device can serve almost everyone. A user can use the machine with ease for outdoor purposes. It is because the Excelvan RD 802 hardware is convenient to carry from one place to another.

However, the sound quality of the internal sound system of the projector is not satisfying. So, it is best to use some high quality external amplified speakers with the main machine. After then we can say that RD 802 is a potential mechanism for the complete family entertainment.

Lastly, again by concerning the price of the product in mind I would say that the device has hardly any limitations. At least you cannot expect any high-end Dolby or DTS support sound output neither 4K resolution display support on the projector.


In the end, I have to say that Excelvan RD 802 is an excellent low budget portable projection machine with an impressive quality of display output. If someone asks me whether I will nominate the product in the category of affordable home theater projectors, then I would say a yes.

By the way, a user needs an original Apple AV composite cable to connect any iOS-based device with the projection machine. Also, Android users must have a smartphone or any other gadget that can support MHL. So that one can connect a device with the projector with the help of a compatible wire.

Also, I like the fact that even if RD 802 does not supports Full HD multimedia content, but still a user can project red-blue based 3D content on the device. All a user need is to use a pair of red-blue glasses to enjoy mesmerizing visual effects from a budget-oriented mini projector.

And yes after using Excelvan RD 802 as an eco-friendly device I would like to thank the company. It is only because of the Excelvan by which I got the idea to plan my New Year resolution. It is to become more environment-friendly! So what will be your resolution for the coming year?

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