Exquizon C7 Review: A Reasonable Small Sized Entertainment Projector

Exquizon C7 Review

Budget oriented projectors are still in high demand among people of many nations. You can find lots of hardware models from different brands on the market that are priced below $100. Not just this some people are waiting for a sale to lock a deal. In other words waiting to getting a discount on their chosen models before ordering the same. Hence, in this post, I am going to discuss one among a budget-friendly projector that I had recently reviewed at my friend’s office. It is Exquizon C7 portable multimedia projector machine.

On the other hand, also some consumers prefer only to buy highly priced products. By assuming the fact that they will be rich in features and build quality. Are you think the same of it? Well, let us check it out by doing some hands-on with a budget-oriented projector. Before moving ahead, I want to share with you all that C7 is available to buy at a sale price of about $70 online. However, the actual market price of the device is approximately $81.

How is the Outer Design of Exquizon C7 Projector?

The front part of the projector hardware consists of a big lens. It has been located at the right portion of the same surface. It has been attached to adjustable focus and keystone correction knobs. A user can access their knobs from the top. On the left upper part there is a small IR sensor, and below it, there is a special badging of Exquizon branding.

It has been imprinted with black text on a silver plate. The silver ring provided on the outer circumference of the lens has some specific indications marked on it. A ‘Mini projector’ with supportable aspect ratios has been specified at the top. Also here are some configurations of the lens imprinted at the bottom.

On the left surface of Exquizon C7 on the upper part, there is a row of interface connectivity ports. At the left part near to the front, there are some air vents. At the back side of the hardware, there is an IR port. It has been located to the left portion and a power input port on the below right side. Also, there is a vent on the lower left part of the C7 machine located at the back side of the same.

At the top surface of the C7 projector other than the manually adjustable knobs at the front, there are some projector control buttons. They are located at the back portion of the machine hardware. It is helpful in case a user is accessing the device while standing near to it. That too without the need of using a remote controller to get the job done.

What are the Display Configurations of the Projector?

C7 is capable of displaying an output picture with having 30% enhanced brightness capability. It is more as compared to other projector models with similar hardware specifications. The machine is based on Well-grinding glass lenses and modified optical path design. The net contrast ratio of the hardware is 1200: 1.

It works to project an output having 800 x 480 as the native resolution of the display screen. However, up to the maximum, the device supports to project a picture with a maximum resolution of 720P and 1080P. The Exquizon C7 projector supports manual Focus feature. It is much helpful for a user to adjust the magnification of projected output.

C7 is capable of producing a picture output with the highest intensity of 1500 Lumens. Hence, the machine can produce fairly brighter images on a big display screen. At daytime, you need to close the curtains before using the C7 to get some bright and clear projected pictures. Also at night the darker the surroundings will be the sharper will be the display outputs that the device can produce. That too with enough details in the reproduced colors.

A + / – 20 degree manual keystone correction function is available with C7. It can provide the flexibility of installing the machine hardware at any place concerning the projection screen or a wall. The projector is compatible to reproduce a picture in both 4:3 and 16:9 aspect ratios.

How is the Display Performance of Exquizon C7?

A user can project a big display screen of size ranging from 28 inches to 100 inches in diagonal length using C7. It is possible by keeping the projection machine within a distance of 0.92 m to 2.95 m from the output projection object. The compatible video playback formats of the projector are MPEG1, H.263, MPEG2, H.264, VC1, AVS, MPEG, RV40, RV30, and HEVC.

However, to get the optimal display output, it is suggested to project a screen of size ranging between 50 inches to 100 inches in length. Yes, it is possible if a user can install the C7 device in between 1 m to 3 m. It is the  distance of machine from the display output object.

The internal Lamp that has been used inside the C7 hardware can be used for up to 50000 hours. It is comparatively more than many other projector models that are available in the similar price range. Therefore, a user can use the lamp for more than eight to nine years. That too after using it daily for more than four to five hours.

A user can take the benefit of 360-degree flip projection mode while projecting any multimedia file from the device. Also, C7 is capable of supporting different hanging methods namely Front, Ceiling, and Rear. It can be a helpful feature to use the machine at workplaces or educational institutions. Also to enhance both the security and convenience on the part of a user while using a projector machine.

What are the Specifications of the Exquizon C7 Device Hardware?

In this section, I will share with you all about the hardware specifications of the C7 projector. Let me start with what many people are looking for in any multimedia device. It is the interface connectivity options.

I have to say that C7 is well-designed projection hardware with rich interface connectivity features. There are many number of ports that have been provided by the manufacturers on the C7 device. It includes an HDMI, a VGA, a USB, a 3.5mm jack, an AV, and an SD card port.

An input power supply of AC 90-240V at 50-60Hz is mandatory to be supplied to C7 for the machine. So that the device can work as per it is desired to be. The overall dimensions of the projector can be measured as per the length, width, and height of the hardware. Hence they are 7.8 inches x 6.1 inches x 3.1 inches or 19.8 cm x 15.5 cm x 7.9 cm respectively.

Not only the C7 projector but the packaging box that comes with it is also of light in weight that is nearly about only 1.4000 kilograms. The overall dimensions of the outer package are 29.50 cm x 11.50 cm x 19.50 cm or 11.61 inches x 4.53 inches x 7.68 inches. Again the measures have been considered as per the length, width, and height of the box respectively.

What are the Factors that can make C7 a Multimedia Friendly Projector?

Exquizon C7 is highlighting the fact that the device possesses an Inbuilt Hi-Fi Speaker that can offer an acoustic feast to the users. Well, the reality is the internal audio system of the projector can produce a good sound but since I am a heavy music lover so I am not too much impressed with it.

But if you are an audiophile like me then do not worry! To solve it you can connect your home audio system or external speakers with the machine with ease and enjoy a good time with C7. By the way, the audio system of the projector has a 2W speaker.

You can listen to the audio files without the need to project anything from the lens on the Exquizon C7 device. Hence C7 can be used as a sound system by turning off the lamp and saving the life of same for few more hours. A user can play some compatible audio files on the machine, i.e., one among MPEG1, LPCM, MPEG2, and MP3 based formats.

C7 can enhance your photos by projecting them on big screen output. It is good if you have some supportable image file formats with you that are JPEG, BMP, PNG, and MPO. A file can be stored either on the internal memory of the device or USB stick or an external device.

The best thing is you can capture some snapshots on your smartphone having a good quality camera. After then share them with your friends and family on an enlarged output display by using the projector machine.

How C7 is a Powerful Projection Machine?

I am happy with the overall design of the machine since it is based on a powerful, compact, and portable hardware look and existence. The operating system of the device can support more than ten different languages to access the user interface.

The machine is based on 4” LCD Screen projection technology. An internal energy saving LED Lamp has been used that can project bright light to create an output display screen on walls or a projection screen.

A highly efficient heat dispersion system has been provided by the company inside the Exquizon C7 hardware. My experience with using the projector for about two to three hours is outstanding. After all, it does not produce any noise that can bother me while enjoying my favorite content of entertainment on a big screen.

It might be possible due to the latest noise suppression technology that the company says is present inside the machine. It can cuts the fan noise to half than what other competitor models can produce with similar configurations.

And yes due to this innovative cooling system of C7 it is possible for a user to enjoy watching more than one movies back to back. That too while sitting near to the projector or accessing the user interface with the help of provided control buttons on the hardware.

What is Inside the Box Packaging of C7?

As a package of Exquizon C7, the manufacturers are supplying 1 x Remote Control, 1 x AV Cable, and 1 x Power Cable. The projector buyers will also get 1 x User Manual, 1 x HDMI Cable (optional), 1 x Lens Cap, and 1 x Height Adjusting Screw with the main projector unit.

The Remote controller that comes as a package is useful to control the device form a long distance. It works excellently to access almost everything like the user interface or multimedia files of the projector system.

But while using the same, a user must point the remote controller towards the IR window of the hardware. It is required to avoid any irritation to a user. One can happen from improper functioning of remote due to lousy signal transmission between them.

There is an important thing that I want to share with you all regarding connecting mobile with the machine using a wire. So to pair C7 with a smartphone a user must have a proper compatible wired solution to make it possible.

I mean to say if a user has an Android-based phone then a supportable MHL cable is required to make the connection possible. Similarly, for users, those who want to connect their iOS-based gadgets to the machine need a Lightning digital AV adapter. It can help to join a smart device with a projector.

What are the Limitations of C7 Projection Machine?

If I have to discuss anything about the limitations of the C7 machine then yes few came to my notice while reviewing the device. First of all, no AC3 audio format support can help a user to produce a surrounding sound from the projector.

But it is not necessary and depends on one’s taste. However, because of the same reason a user might need to face some issues. That too while using the Exquizon C7 projection machine with an Apple TV, Amazon Fire Stick or Blu-Ray players.

Generally, such multimedia devices do come with Dolby digital decoding feature. But since the projector is not compatible with the same so sometimes a user might not hear the sound while using the machine with such devices. In such case, one solution would be to turn off Dolby Digital in them from their audio settings menu.

For best display effects on the projected pictures, it is suggested to use the C7 projector in dark or a dim environment. At least the surrounding environment of the machine must have very low ambient light. One truth is, the projector is not fit to project excel, word or presentation files to be frank. Also, I am not sure if it is happening to others or not but the hardware can start overheating after five to seven hours of use.


At last, if someone asks me whether I would recommend the Exquizon C7 projector to others, then my answer will be a Yes. It is because of many good reasons stated in different sections in this article before. They can for sure override of the limitations or cons of the C7 device that we have discussed above!

I am impressed with the design patterns that have been provided at each side of the projector with a different touch. The back side is completely simple. At the front surface, there is are horizontal slate finish of parallel fine white strips. On the left side some vertical grooves. However, on the top, there is a matte finish with circular groves centering towards the lens.

C7 can be a potential projection machine that can be used daily for entertainment needs. And yes as our aim is also to check the quality of a budget-oriented product. Hence, by considering this thing I can say that the Exquizon C7 is a value for money projector.

One cannot disagree with the fact that the more price you pay, the better the quality of the product you will get. However, due to a highly competitive market at present still, there is a doubt that whether it is practically right or not!

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