Exquizon E05 Review: Pocket projector

Nowadays big projectors are old fashioned, manufacturers are betting on small projectors but keeping the quality or even improving it. Exquizon has in its repertoire the Exquizon E05, a small projector that you can carry everywhere. It offers excellent performance in a small device and for a good price.

The device comes inside a white cardboard box, accompanied by a micro USB power cable, the adapter, a handy mini-size tripod, the remote control, the case and the manual. The design is neat, although being so small, the truth is that it does not seem the potential that it really has.


Projection Technology:      DLP, 0.3”DMD by TI

Native Resolution:   854x480P

Support Resolution:         1920x1080P

LED Nominal Brightness: 120 ANSI Lumens

Contrast Ratio:         2000:01:00

Projection Distance:           1–5m

Best Projection Distance:  1.31-2.10m

Projection Size:        20–150inch

Best Projection Size:          50 – 80inch

Battery Capacity:     3000mAh

Battery-lasting life:  2.5h

Interface:       2×USB2.0/1×TF/1×AV IN/1×MIC USB

LED Life:       20000 hours

Android Version:   Android 4.4.4

Color: Black

Dimensions(L×W×H)          8cm×8cm×2.5cm (3.15” × 3.15” × 0.98”)

Net weight: 170g(0.37lb)

Support:        8GROM 1GRAM/ Bluetooth 4.0/ WiFi


One of the best qualities of this projector is its design. It is so impressive how such a small device can be so well built. Not only in terms of materials, but also in how it looks. The sizes are only 8 x 8 x 2.5 cm and the weight is only 170 grams. It makes this projector small, compact and lightweight. When you have placed the small tripod, its weight is 237 grams.

The Exquizon E05 is ideal to transport it anywhere, take it on a trip or leave it in the living room without affecting the aesthetics of the place. The materials used for its construction are aluminum and abs. The connections and lens are on the sides, while at the bottom there are some small feet to raise the height of the mini projector a little and let the air flow underneath.

It is definitely a “Pocket” projector. This device stands out mainly for its dimensions (80 x 80 x 25 mm) and weight (170 g). Yes, it is a portable projector, super reduced in size, with good connectivity and a great image quality when projecting. It is ideal to take it everywhere and is that with its small size, we can fit into any bag or backpack, or even in your pocket. It also has a fantastic hard case for transport.



With the Exquizon E05, you can project a display between 20″ and 150 ” display. It has good image resolution and also has several ports to send the image from your desktop computer or laptop. These ports are HDMI, USB, AV. The native resolution is 854x480P but you can easily watch a movie with a resolution of 1080 pixels.

This fantastic and small projector is perfect for a living room to watch movies or football games, for example. This projector allows a very good image on the screen and a wall and can be used to watch movies, expose slides, give lectures, and more. The idea is to see with the light off to enjoy the maximum of the visualization but it also works great with the lights on.

Exquizon E05 Performance

At this point, it has is a very good performance. It fulfills all the functions that can be demanded, which are practically playing videos locally using a pen drive, memory card or internal and streaming videos using programs such as YouTube or Netflix for example. Both video platforms work without any problem.



One cool characteristic of this small projector is that it brings an internal battery of 3.000 mAh that makes it totally portable without having to depend on a nearby plug for its operation. It gives us many possibilities and what is really good about it, compared to other models, is that the power connector to charge the internal battery is a micro USB, so if we have an external battery of 10.000 mAh, for example, we can extend the hours of use by many hours plus the autonomy of 2.5 hours that lasts the internal battery that it brings.

Heat dissipation system

The Exquizon E05 comes with a small fan that cools the entire internal circuit. When you turn it on, you can listen to it. It will not be a nuisance to watch any video, as soon as you start playing the sound or a video, you will not notice the sound of the fan practically.

Sound experience

A very good point about this projector is the option of using the Bluetooth to connect it to stereo speakers, this way you will get a powerful high-quality sound and without wires (although it brings a 3,5 mm audio jack if you want to connect the sound by cable to some amplifier, for example). However, the projector has a built-in 2-watt speaker that sounds really good considering how small it is.

Multimedia options and Connectivity

The Exquizon E05 has a quad-core processor and comes with Android 4.4 and Miracast. You can play directly from the tablet or mobile. You will be able to enjoy Netflix, HBO, and Amazon prime through Miracast; or you can simply pass the movie to a USB memory and reproduce natively.

Another characteristic of this projector is that it has Bluetooth so you can listen to the audio directly on a sound system, although we can also physically connect it using a 3.5 mm cable.

It has an impeccable performance to play videos locally using a pen drive, memory card or internal and through streaming videos by programs such as YouTube, Netflix or particularly the Apple airplay, making the whole process of “playback” easier. It is perfectly compatible with Windows 10, the audio and playback are superior to many other projectors.


This projector exceeds the expectations. It is incredible, for portable and fixed. The software is almost ready to use, you just install your favorite player and that is it. The projection is so bright even with the lights on. It was very ingenious to include a plug for a keyboard and mouse (This is why it has so many USB ports). This projector is autonomous and ideal to play content, both at home and on the road.




  • Small size
  • Good definition
  • Great multimedia options
  • Affordable




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