ExquizOn GP12 Review: A Cheap Projector Competent with High-End Features

ExquizOn GP12 Review

Till now I have reviewed many different projector models of different brands. Mainly the devices whose cost price generally lies in a range of $500 to $1000. Also, I hardly saw few budget oriented projectors that are available to buy above $200. However, do you ever think about or have any idea about a smart projector with a cost price of less than $100? This post is dedicated to my ExquizOn GP12 projector review.

I saw the projector very first time on my friend’s house yesterday only. I have borrowed a pen drive of my friend named Vikey about two months before on a functional event and forget to return it. Vikey is having a kind nature since he never asked me for the same in due course. However, I suddenly found his pen drive while cleaning my house drawers and rushed to his house yesterday itself to return the same.

What is the Cost Price of ExquizOn GP12 Projector Device?

After when I reached my friend’s home, I saw his maid has opened the door and greeted me to enter the house. Once I have entered the Vikey house, I saw he is playing a Game on an Xbox console while connecting its display to a projector device. It was ExquizOn GP12 smart, lightweight projector device.

At first look, it is almost looking like standard average budget projectors that I commonly used to hands-on everyday basis. But once I asked the cost price of the GP12 multimedia portable projector I was completely shocked. At the same time got excited from inside to look forward and review my friend’s projector device. Let me tell you about the online cost price at which my friend Vikey has bought the GP12 intelligent small projector.

It is only $75.03, isn’t it so cool! I have never thought to review a projector that is cheaper than $100 so early in my life. Well, yesterday I spent about 4 hours at my friends home to get the complete details possible about the GP12 smart home projector. I have uncovered its specifications, features, and performance characteristics of the projector device. Hence keep reading this post since next I am going to share everything helpful for you all to get more idea about the GP12 home theatre projector.

An Outlook on the Outer Appearance of the GP12 Projector Hardware

As a box packaging, ExquizOn Company is supplying a power cable and an AV cable. Also, there is a remote controller and s user manual with the GP12 main intelligent portable projector unit. The GP12 projector hardware consists of many interface ports. It can help its users to connect the external multimedia sources or devices with the same.

So ultimately you can connect nearly all types of smart devices available with you at home via ExquizOn GP12 projector. It includes Laptop, PC, Gaming Consoles, DVD players, U Disk, TV Set Top Box, Tablet, Speakers, Smartphones, and Digital Cameras.

The overall dimensions of the GP12 smart multimedia projector hardware measures to about 21 cm x 15.1 cm x 8cm and 8.27’’ inches x 6.10’’ inches x 3.15’’inches. The measurement is as per the length x width x height of the projector hardware. The GP12 projection machine is portable. The manufacturers have smartly designed the projecting device to be small in size. At the same time, the GP12 home cinema projector is having a net weight of only 0.96 kg.

Ultimate Portable Design of GP12 Projector

At the front side of the GP12 smart office projector device, you can see only a big projector lens. It has been located at the right side of its hardware with nice streamline design. At the right side of the ExquizOn GP12 projector hardware, there is only a power port located at the left side of the same face.

You can get a VGA port located at the bottom base of the projector. There are some vents located at right and left side on the back surface of the GP12 portable home projector. The two right distorted circular shaped vents are there to pass on the sound from the internal Hi-Fi speaker of the GP12 smart home projector. On the other side, the rest two left side column vents are provided to dissipate the residual heat from inside the GP12 projector.

At the left face of the GP12 intelligent office projector on its left part, there are some column vents for air circulation. Further on the right part there are located some interface ports such as an SD card slot, two USB ports, an HDMI port, a 3.5 mm headphone jack, and an AV port.

How is the Top and Bottom of Projector Hardware?

The bottom part of the projector has legs to provide sufficient support and grip to the GP12 home portable projection device. However, the hardware has been designed in a way so that you cannot see the legs easily beneath the same equipment. It is because they are located on a separate small base whose dimensions are smaller as compared to the projectors actual width and length.

Finally, at the top surface of the GP12 home theatre projector at its left front corner, you can find two adjustment knobs. They are helpful to its users for manually controlling the output projection display as desired. However, on the front right corner of ExquizOn GP12 portable smart projector, you can identify a brand impression of ExquizOn.

What are the Top Features of the GP12 Projector?

GP12 is a highly efficient small-sized projection machine. The manufacturers of the GP12 projector have claimed about the fact that the projector is based on a modern upgraded cooling system. The internal fan produces very less noise of about less than 40dB while the GP12 home theatre projector device is in use. Hence the GP12 projection machine cannot disturb the enjoyment of its users.

The GP12 smart portable projector features an instant, accurate HD focusing display technology. You can use the adjustment ring provided right at the top of the projector. It has been provided to manually adjust the output projection display of the GP12 small home projection hardware.

Also like all the other high-end projectors, GP12 is also featuring a keystone correction functionality. Hence, a user can use the manual knob of the GP12 home theatre projector to adjust the trapezoidal adjustment by ±15° as per the requirement.

What are the Display Characteristics and Performance of the GP12?

The native resolution that the GP12 projector device can support is about 800*480 pixels density. But GP12 smart multimedia projector hardware can project true HD pictures. It means the ExquizOn GP12 device is compatible with the multimedia files that can support 1920 x 1080 pixels resolution.

You can find all the details clearly in the GP12 intelligent multimedia projected output pictures. All because of the high brightness projection compatibility of the GP12 either on a wall or a big projection screen.

By the way, the GP12 Full HD portable projector can support to project an output display with a nominal LED brightness of 1200 lumens. However, the optical brightness of the GP12 home theatre 1080p projector is 65 ANSI Lumens. The projector is capable of delivering and maintaining 90% of brightness uniformity.

An Energy Efficient Projection Machine,

As specified before, GP12 smart home projector is based on an LED light source. Hence it can save much of your penny due to the presence of an energy efficient project lamp that can be used for 20 thousand hours. The GP12 intelligent small-sized projector is based on 3.97 inch TFT LCD projection technology.

The Overall display performance of the GP12 projection machine is somewhat impressive. I have reviewed the projector at night time, so the pictures are looking clear and complete. However, I have asked about the daytime experience of watching the GP12 intelligent office projector’s output with my friend. He said he is not facing any problem with all the curtains closed.

Heath Friendly Projector Device,

You can enjoy the comfort of watching your favourite movies, TV shows, videos, sports, etc. on a bigger screen output with GP12. After all, the ExquizOn GP12 home theatre 1080p projector is made by keeping home users in mind. I can say this as per a heath based fact regarding the GP12 projection machine. It is ExquizOn ensures that the eyes of its GP12 multimedia cinema projector viewers will be safer from any harm. It is generally happening while using other smart devices like PC, TV, smartphones and many more.

The maximum contrast ratio that you can achieve via GP12 LED cinema projector device is 800:1. You can watch natural, lifelike pictures on a significant projection output of GP12. It is because the projector is compatible to project 16.7 million different colours. Now a Black is no more only Black! The GP12 smart portable projector can project a picture with a native aspect ratio of 16:9. Not limited to this, you can also enjoy any multimedia content that is based on a 4:3 aspect ratio.

How convenient is it to use the ExquizOn GP12 Projection Machine?

You can install the GP12 intelligent small projector device near to the projection screen or a wall within a range of 0.9m to 3m from the same. Within this range, the projector can project more prominent output displays of sizes ranging from 28 inches to 100 inches. But the recommended projection sizes to get the best quality output display from GP12 home theatre projector is within a range of 32 to 100 inches.

The GP12 projector hardware needs an AC power supply of 110-240V and consumes total 60W of energy. By the way, the GP12 multimedia smart projector supports three different kinds of projection methods. It includes Front projection, Ceiling projection and Rear projection. There is only a single speaker provided inside the ExquizOn GP12 intelligent office projector hardware of 3W.

A Projector Machine made for Different Users,

I am a heavy music lover, so I cannot say anything about the overall sound performance of the GP12 projector machine. But for some people who do not bother about many sound effects, the internal speaker’s sound output is sufficient enough to get the job done. Also, you have the option to connect some good quality external speakers with the GP12 small LED projector device to fill up your audio needs.

ExquizOn has made the GP12 projector machine to be easily used by its international customers. It is because the user interface of the GP12 smart home projector device can support about 22 different languages. Some among them are English, Portugal, Spanish, Italy, German, Suomi, French, and Russian.

Enjoy your Home Theater Setup Every day,

You can not only use the GP12 projector device as a home theatre setup in your home but also can be used as a productive tool in the Office. It is due to its support with the full range of multimedia formats. You can project a movie or a video on GP12 home theatre projector hardware. In case you have a file with an extension from one among the compatible extensions of the projector. It can be one among MPEG1, MPEG4, MPEG2, H264, FLV, MOV, DIVX, and Vc1.

You can also listen to the music using the GP12 home LED projector to kick you mood using one among .mp3, .mp4, and .wma extension files. Similarly, you can either share your favourite moments with others that you have captured before into images on ExquizOn GP12. It can be one among either .png, .jpeg, or .bmp file formats. You can work with .txt files for your office needs and share it with your colleagues on a big screen with the help of a GP12 smart small projector device.

What is my Suggestion Regarding the GP12 Projector to Others?

I hope you got some idea about GP12 from what all things I have shared above about the same as one among the cheapest projector available till date. It can be used on homes and offices on a daily basis. At last, by considering a cheaper projection machine, we cannot expect too much from a portable projector device. But whatever I have experienced in a small time while interacting with the GP12 LED small projector is something mesmerising.

My friend has purchased the GP12 projection machine only to project his Xbox games on a more prominent display output. He is happy with the performance of the GP12 projector device till now. If you are interested and always in search of an affordable small projector device then GP12 is something that you should consider once to buy.

After all, both Vikey and I do not predict how long the GP12 Full HD will home projector will last to perform well like the way it is dong currently. But one thing is sure that ExquizOn GP12 LED cinema projector is a value for money product. You will hardly regret to buy it to fulfill your or your children’s dreams of watching bigger screen displays at your home and offices. That too with less investment possible!

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