ExquizOn GT-S9 Review: An Intellectual Projector with Striking Looks

It is the first time in my life that after seeing a smart projector device, the first thing I remember is a small pile of a chocolate bar. Yes, it has happened with me recently when a projector entices me to run towards a grocery shop to buy and eat a bar of chocolate! It is no other but ExquizOn GT-S9 projector. Therefore, this article is dedicated to my review regarding the same projection device.

Kindly read this post entirely to know almost everything about GT-S9 projector! I patiently waited and reviewed the GT-S9 multimedia small projector machine. All with the aim to know everything about GT-S9 and further share with you all and then I moved to eat a bar of chocolate from a nearby shop!

What is My Actual Craving?

Yesterday before writing this post I went for attending a new shop inauguration ceremony of my friend. He invited me a week before to attend his party for opening a food stall located about 50kms away from my home. There I saw a projector displaying all the menus and other specialities of their new shop. The party has been held in evening time after 7 pm in an open area right ahead of my friend’s shop area.

So the surroundings are pretty darker with medium decoration lights. I was impressed with the quality of display from the projector running there. Further, I move ahead and saw the design of the projector is almost looking like a piece of piled chocolate bar.

I know you might also remember your favourite chocolate this time but please do not hurry to get it like me! After some inquiry, I got to know that it is aExquizOnGT-S9 smart portable projection machine from ExquizOn.

Thus, I have waited for my friend’s party to be over so that I can do some hands-on with GT-S9 home theatre projector. Next, I am presenting my review regarding the GT-S9 projector with all the details that I have collected regarding the same. So let us get started!

How is the Design of the ExquizOn GT-S9 Projector?

On the top of the GT-S9 smart cinema projector, the designers have used a Matt light finish. It adds a fierce look to the overall projector hardware. It can also save the top surface of the GT-S9 projector from any scratches or damages in comparison to a smooth metal finish.

At the back of the lens, there are two rotating knobs to adjust the Focus and Keystone Correction features of the GT-S9. Also at the end mainly in the right portion of the top surface of GT-S9 intelligent office projector there lies some small buttons. They can help users to control most of the operations of the projector directly from its hardware.

ExquizOn GT-S9: A Compact Projection Machine,

It includes an OK button, a power On/Off button, four directional keys, an input source key, and a return key. The net weight of the GT-S9 smart multimedia projector machine is about one kilogram only. Also, the dimensions of the projection hardware are around 8.5 cm x 23 cm x 17 cm as per its Height x Length x Width.

At the bottom side of GT-S9 home theatre projector there right at the front centre part, there is a small foldable stand. It can help the user to adjust the vertical angle of the projection up to a certain extent. There are four rubber grips located at the four corners of the GT-S9 intelligent cinema projector device. They are also offered at the bottom to provide sufficient grip while using the GT-S9 on any smooth surface.

Save your Space While Mounting ExquizOn GT-S9 Projector on Ceiling.

An interesting fact to know about the GT-S9 smart home projector is the fact that the hardware supports ceiling mount. Yes besides the height adjustment stand there is small hole provided to mount the ExquizOn GT-S9 projector on the ceiling.

Once done you can flip the projected pictures of GT-S9 multimedia small projector device to about 360 degrees. As a result, you can get the straight pictures directly from the inverted projection hardware mounted on the top of the ceiling! At the front face, the height of the GT-9 home entertainment projector hardware is more as compared to its back.

Convenient Interface Connectivity,

Further to the right portion of the same face there lies a big projection lens with a cap provided for both of its security and cleanliness. Next to it is an ExquizOn branding imprinted on a batch. At the back of the GT-S9 intelligent small projector device there lies some interface ports at its top portion. It includes a USB port, an AV port, a Headphone jack, an HD port, a TF port with a capacity of up to 128GB, and a VGA port.

Also, at the bottom portion of the back side of the GT-S9 projector at right their lies a power cable port and on the left there is an air grid. At both the sides of the GT-S9 home theatre projector machine mainly on their front parts, there are some air vents. They are there to dissipate both heat and sound from inside the projector device.

What are the Accessories Included in the GT-S9 Projector’s Packaging Box?

The outer box packaging of the GT-S9 intelligent office projection hardware includes a user manual and a power adapter. There is an HDMI cable, a remote controller, an AV cable, and a lens cloth with the main projector unit. The overall dimensions of the projector are around 28.3cm x 20cm x 12.3cm regarding its Length x Width x Height respectively. Also the net weight of the GT-S9 home cinema projector’s outer packaging measures to less than 1.5kg.

What are the Display Specifications of the ExquizOn GT-S9?

GT-S9 is based on a 4 inch TFT LCD panel projection technique. Other than the ceiling projection the ExquizOn GT-S9 hardware also supports Front and Back mode of projections. A 170W LED projector lamp is present inside the GT-S9 smart portable projection device.

There is a manual ±15° keystone correction function present inside the GT-S9 projector hardware. It is something that can help its users to view upright projected outputs. No more any distorted shaped pictures that can disturb your projector viewing experience.

The ExquizOn Company is claiming that the GT-S9 LED DLP projector hardware is capable of producing a brighter display output. The device can project with a maximum brightness higher than 50 per cent of the other LCD projector counterparts.

The GT-S9 projector supports a native resolution of 800 x 480p with a maximum supportive display brightness of around 1600 Lumens. However, the maximum resolution with which you can display a projected output is 1080p, i.e. Full HD.

The GT-S9 smart home projector hardware can produce a maximum contrast ratio of 1000:1. You can project a picture on a bigger screen using GT-S9 Full HD intelligent projector with both the 4:3 and16:9 aspect ratios.

What are the Entertainment Options with ExquizOn GT-S9?

You no more need to depend on the Wi-Fi to connect and mirror the screen of your GT-S9 LED 1080p projector device. The ExquizOn is offering you direct wired USB connectivity. It is helpful to mirror your smart gadgets with the GT-S9 projector device using a lightning or USB cable.

Hence you can enjoy multi-screen interaction features of the GT-S9 smart DLP projector. No matter if you are using either an IOS or Android-based Gadget. You can experience a good stereo sound effect from the inbuilt speakers comes with the GT-S9 1080p home projector hardware.

The maximum power produced by the internal speaker of the projector is 2w. You can enjoy listening to the audio output of the GT-S9 LED office projector while playing one among many compatible file formats. It includes WMA, MKA, MP3, WAV, AMR, MP2, and OGG.

Enjoy Multimedia Contents with Family,

Starting from 1.1cm to 3.4cm you can place the GT-S9 home theatre projector hardware in certain distances like 1.1m, 2m, 2.5m, 2.8m, and 3.4m. It can help you to project more significant display outputs. You can project bigger sizes ranging from 36 inches, 66 inches, 86 inches, 96 inches, and 116 inches with ExquizOn GT-S9respectively.

You can enjoy watching videos or cinema on GT-S9 LED small projector that is available with you in one among AAC, AMR, MP2, OGG, WMA, MKA, MP3, and WAV. Take the benefit of sharing or presenting your photos or business based infographics on the GT-S9 projector. To do so, you need to play a GT-S9 Full HD intelligent projector supportive image format. It can be one among JPEG, Gif, PNG, and BMP extension based file.

What are the main Benefits of using GT-S9 Projection Machine?

The following are some of the upsides regarding the performance of the GT-S9 projector device. It can sure help you to decide whether you should purchase it or not as per your needs;

  1. The GT-S9 home cinema portable projector can be operated alright at a power supply of 100v-240v (±10%) 50/60Hz.
  2. The total power consumption of the projection device is about 60W, and the maximum noise produced by the GT-S9 hardware is less than 25dB.
  3. Not only English but the user interface of the ExquizOn GT-S9 projector is also available in other different languages. It includes German, French, Spanish to enhance the use of GT-S9 multimedia smart projector device on various countries.
  4. No need to think much about the quality of performance much since the ExquizOn is offering a product warranty of 3 years on the GT-S9 projector.
  5. The projector comes with high transmittance glasses lens! GT-S9 LED DLP projector machine is based on a new multi-piece combination coating lens and Optical path design.
  6. There is a highly efficient heat sink made up of copper alloy and a turbofan cooling system. It makes sure that the projector can work with producing minimum noise of less than 20dB.
  7. GT-S9 home cinema projector hardware is based on an efficient cooling system.
  8. You can use the LED lamp provided inside the projector as a source of projection light for about 20 thousand hours.
  9. You can share your personal gadget’s small screen to be projected on a more prominent display. It is possible with the help of screen mirroring functionality available inside the GT-S9 smart DLP projector.

Are There Any Cons of GT-S9?

If you are among those people for which price matters the most then let me inform you that the ExquizOn GT-S9 is available at a cost price of around $168.18. So it can be a con or not is depending on the range of your budget to buy a projector device.

Also, the GT-S9 device has low powered stereo speakers that might not impress you if you are planning to buy the projector for a home theatre setup. However, in this case, there is a good solution for you to connect the GT-S9 LED projector with some high powered external speakers.

It can enhance the overall sound output and effect of the projector device that matches with its big display outputs. I am pretty sure about this thing since at my friend’s party they are using the GT-S9 Full HD DLP smart projector with some external speakers.

Guarantee of Clear Pictures at Nights

If I have to discuss any specific downside regarding the GT-S9 home projector then till now I am not much sure about a doubt that is having in my mind. It is the fact that I have reviewed the projector at night only and it is stunning. However, I wonder how the GT-S9 portable 1080p projector’s display will be looking at daytime.

I tried to get this doubt cleared from the event’s manager as well who organized my friend’s party. But unfortunately, he is also not sure about the same since they have been using the projector at night or indoor events with dark surrounds only. Hence do let us know if any of you have already used or are having the experience of watching the display of ExquizOn GT-S9 small projector at daytime!

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