ExquizOn S1 Review: A Portable Projector with High Enactment

The growing technology has increased the comfort in our daily life. It is also making our work easier without the need to spend much time and effort. I can prove this fact from one of my recent experience at my home itself. Keep reading this post till the end to get a complete idea regarding my review of ExquizOn S1 projector.


By whose Help I Got the Chance to Review ExquizOn S1 Projector?

It was Saturday afternoon, and I was at home. Someone at the door of my house ranged the bell. I thought it was one of my friends or relatives who has arrived at my house to share some time on the weekend. By keeping this thing in mind before opening the door first I prepared my house to look well managed.

It is because I do not like somebody to yell or criticize me for my carelessness towards keeping the things properly at my home. After adjusting everything quickly, I moved ahead to open the door. Finally, I opened it and saw a Salesman! Yikes! Not again!!! Yes, this was my first reaction after seeing him. And as expected after seeing me he started doing his job.

My Right Decision,

The salesman is marketing about the new home appliances from a well-known brand. Due to my substantial interest in electronics, I got indulge in his words. He asked me if I was interested then he will show more products of the brand that he is representing. Further, he has taken out a small gadget from his traveling bag that looks like a tablet or so.

But after some time he connected his smartphone to it via a USB cable. Further, he started projecting the display of his phone to a wall for me to better understand about the product that he is marketing. He is projecting some slides having photos and details about the products including videos.

It was a mini projector, and he is accessing it without any plugging any input power, so I was sure that the projector also has a battery. I thought it is best to take advantage of that salesman at my home to ultimately review his product. By the way, it is ExquizOn S1 mini multimedia projector machine.

Hence, I asked him to come inside my home so that we can sit together and better visualize the things. He agreed with a smile! I sat with him for around half an hour patiently by listening to his marketing words. And, I have to do it so that he can allow me to share the details about his projector device with me.

How is the Hardware Design of the S1 Projector?

To make this post interesting for you all from the next section I am going to share both the details of my product that I am reviewing. I will also continue my story behind it in between the same. So let us first start with the outer look and design of the S1 smart, handy projector hardware.

The overall design of the S1 is based on mini-sized convenient home-based intelligent projector machine. Now let me help you to imagine exactly the overall design of the projector hardware. Let us first start with the available color options.

The ExquizOn S1 cinema projector machine is based on dual tone colors with a large portion of the device is based on dark grey Matt type of finish. There is a small back portion (considering the lens surface as the front side) is provided of Black color.

There is also a brand impression imprinted on this corner facing towards the back. At the top surface of the S1 projector device on the right angle, there is a narrow strip of light that indicates the power ON condition of the hardware.

Easy to Control the Device,

On the same surface near to the back before the black portion, there are some touch buttons integrated on the S1 smart projector hardware itself. It includes a return, right, OK, left, and signal source control options.

At the front side of the projector, there is an IR receiver to the ultimate left. Besides it, there is a lens and a big shinning protective cover for the same. There are some concentric circles present on the surface of sliding cover to ensure proper grip between it and our fingers.

Sufficient Interface Connectivity Options:

At the left side of ExquizOnS1 smart projector machine near to the front, there is an adjustable knob to control the manual focus of the S1 machine. After that, probably in the middle area, the manufacturers are provided many interface ports. It includes a power input, earphone, USB, HDMI, and TF card slot. The best thing is the interface connectivity holes are safe from dust or debris to be settled on them.

It is because they have been covered inside a protective cover or in other words if they are not in use you can make them invisible to others. The back side of the projector hardware is empty. On the right side of S1 portable home theater projector, there are some nice looking strips holes. Their presence is obviously to dissipate internal heat and relay the sound coming out of its internal speakers.

Screen Mirroring:

You can enjoy projecting your favorite multimedia content using the S1 projector device on a big screen quickly anytime. All you need is a suitable lightning cable to be used with the screen mirroring function available in the S1 multimedia office projector.

A user can take the benefit of connecting either smartphones or any other Android or iOS-based multimedia devices. It can be done for screen mirroring with the S1 entertainment handy projector. It is because the ExquizOn S1 projector supports DLNA, Airplay, and Miracast connectivity features.

The best part of screen mirroring the functionality of the S1 projector is the fact that a user does not need any Wi-Fi connectivity for the same. In other words, you can use a USB cable to establish a stable connection for the same. Therefore, there is a guarantee of convenience and continuous signals to share multimedia on a big screen from your gadgets.

Portable Design:

The designers have made the S1 smart mini projector machine of light in weight with 271 grams in total. It has been designed to have smaller dimensions possible of its overall machine. It measures to only around 145 mm x 82 mm x 24 mm concerning the length x width x height of the S1 home entertainment projector hardware respectively.

Therefore, a user can easily carry it either in a backpack or any other way without much bothering about the load on the shoulders or so. It can be held by a single hand as well for a long time without any hassle.

Innovative Display Technology:

The hardware of S1 is based on new generation DLP projection technology. ExquizOn S1 mini intelligent projector device can display output with a native resolution of 854 x 800ppi. However, at the maximum, you can project a big screen output having all the details to support 1080p resolution.

The S1 portable multimedia projector machine is based on a 0.3 inch DMD DLP display projection system. It is a better option other than having LCD based projectors to get the same work done. It is capable of displaying brighter pictures with natural color reproduction. I can visualize effective sharpness on the display output.

A user can project a big display output of size within a range from 15 inches to 100 inches in the diagonal length. It can be possible by installing the S1 mini multimedia projector device at a distance of 0.5 meters to 3 meters from the output projection object.

The S1 supports a projection ratio of 1.4 to display a quality output either on the walls or a projection screen. A user can experience the complete display output without any loss by projecting the same on S1 smart DLP projector hardware. It is because the projector supports 100% image off-set feature. At the maximum, the projector can display a clear output screen with a brightness of 80 ANSI lumens.

ExquizOn S1: Made for Entertainment Geeks

You can watch videos and movies files on the S1 home multimedia projector machine by playing one among the compatible formats. It includes 3GP (MPEG4, H.264 / MP4 (AVC, MPEG4 ) ) / AVI (DIVX, XVID, H.264) / MPG ( MPEG1 ) / MPG ( MPG-PS ) / VOB ( MPEG2 ) / RMVB ( RV40 ). There is a standard HD interface input connectivity port provided on the projector hardware.

There is an inbuilt speaker of 1.5W provided inside the S1 mini smart projector device that delivers a much sound output. By the way, you can play the audio files on the S1 by using it as a dedicated speaker system. It can be one among WMA, OGG, WAV, MP3, ASF, and AAC.

Eco-Friendly Machine:

The ExquizOn Company has provided an internal battery of 5200mAh capacity on the S1 portable DLP projector. It helps the projection machine to lasts for about three hours of continuous use in a single charge which is considerable for most of the users. And if you are draining in a battery of your smartphone then in an emergency you can take the help of S1 as a power bank to charge the same.

The S1 home entertainment projector device needs an internal power supply of 12V at 1.5A to produce an output power of 5V at 0.5A. If we discuss the energy efficiency of the S1 projection hardware, then it consumes an average power of 20W. ExquizOn S1 smart home theater projector machine works on a non-condensing working humidity of 0-85 percent.

My Aim to Review the Product Sooner,

After discussing all of his products, the salesman had shared with me his contact number. He also offered me some discount offers on the market price of various items of the brands that he is promoting. I told him clearly that as of now I have all the appliances at my home at an excellent condition that I need for my daily purpose. And neither I am in a mood to exchange any one of them with the new item.

However, I assured him to contact sooner. If in future I or someone from my friends or family want to buy any home appliances or something related to the products that he was marketing. However, I was looking ahead to start the discussion about the projector.

ExquizOn S1 Review

My Review about S1 Intelligent Portable Projector

I like the protective cover provided for the lens of the S1 smart multimedia projector machine. It also helps to power on the device excluding the need to use a separate power button on the same. As per what the company is saying that ExquizOn S1 portable home projection hardware has adopted a unique and innovative design. Next thing that impressed me is the fact that S1 supports wired multiscreen display functionality.

So the best benefit of having the S1 office mini-projector device always with you is you can connect any gadget with the Projector via a USB cable. Next, you are all set to project high-quality pictures on a big screen coming directly from that gadget.

At the same time S1 home theater multimedia projector machine can charge your multimedia gadget like mobile. That too, it does not matter whether it is based on an Andriod or iOS-based operating system.

The Owner is Happy with using S1 Projector Device,

I treated that sales guy as my friend and offered him some water and a coffee. He is happy with my behavior, and we were started knowing about each other personally. I did not waste much time and finally begun discussing with the sales guy about his ExquizOn S1 smart DLP projector hardware.

He said the technologies like this has made their task much more manageable. Now it is more convenient for them to help others to understand their marketing products. They can now use both audio and visual means other than the old style boring words of mouth job. He can serve more than one people simultaneously most of the time.

Thus, a portable projector like S1 entertainment smart projection device is beneficial for them in such case. It can both save the time and serve more people to convert their targeted leads into their potential buyers.

Well, I appreciated him about his task and finally asked him to allow me to review his projector device. I already told him about the fact that I am having the habit of blogging about the devices whatever I saw for the first time in my life. I love to share my collected information with others as well to let them know what exactly I knew!

Immersive Display Experience,

As per what I had tried in a small time about the display I would like to say the S1 projector machine can produce some good quality pictures even in daytime. No doubt the display output of ExquizOn S1 seems to perform the best in darker surroundings.

You do not need to bother much about setting the right adjustments of display angle or so. It is because the S1 home multimedia projector hardware comes with an Auto Keystone Correction feature. Hence, it does all such job without any human intervention and thus highly time saver.

I was Lucky,

The salesman was enjoying my company, and I feel luckier because he was not in a hurry to go to the next door. I did not need to request much to him and get the review possible on the same day. Therefore, I have taken about half an hour more of that salesman to review his portable S1 DLP office projector hardware as much as I can in a smaller time.

Also, I am thankful to him for his time and information to make this post possible. Thus, this post was based on my review and overall feedback of the owner that is a salesman as well about the S1 smart multimedia projector.

If you are happy with the features that I have shared with you above regarding the S1 mini home projector machine then definitely you should go for it. ExquizOn S1 projector device will be going to a beautiful companion of you both at your home and office for sure.

You can buy the S1 intelligent cinema projector online at a discounted rate of $192 excluding shipping and handling fees if applied. The final price is also depending on the online platform site that you prefer to buy the product.

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