ExquizOn S6 Review: A Powerful Cubic Projector in your Hands.

ExquizOn S6

I hope you all had an idea about the Rubik Cube. Many of you have played at least once with it in your life. But for me, it is more like a decorative piece than a toy! I am talking about the same because recently I saw a projector. It reminded me about a Rubik Cube that I had used years before. So keep reading this post. Sooner I will be going to share with you my personal experience with using and reviewing ExquizOn S6 ultra-mini projector device.

Now before digging into the details about a Pico sized projector machine let me share with you the fact about how I got the chance to try my hands on the same. I would like to thank my friend Lince actually for his habit to make this review post possible. You might find it strange to know the reason why my friend had purchased a portable projector. It is to get some entertainment while taking a bath! I wish I can see your reaction!

A Better Option than any other Multimedia Gadget,

Well, Lince has the habit of bathing either while listening to the songs or watching some entertaining stuff on his bathroom. He faced a tragedy days before when he lost his precious smartphone while listening to the song on his bathroom. Since while he was taking a bath in the meantime, the phone has been dropped on the bucket full of water and its over!

After this incident, my friend has decided to buy another waterproof mobile to avoid the same accident in the future. But at the final moment, he changed his mind to go for a portable projector finally. It is because he can keep it anywhere far from him in a bathroom while taking a bath and avoid water splash on it.

It can project some big pictures in a bathroom to be seen from a distant place while enjoying the sound like a complete entertainment package. Hence, after few searches, he bought ExquizOn S6 smart Pico projector machine.

My First Reaction after Seeing the ExquizOn S6 Projector,

We recently chatted on Facebook after a long time. My friend shared with me all the above things about how he planned to buy a portable projector as his quick decision. Further, I was interested in watching and reviewing the S6 ultra-mini multimedia projector. So I informed him that soon I would be going to meet him in his home with the purpose to discuss his projector hardware and I made it happen yesterday.

At the first look of the S6 Pico sized home theater projector I would say it is entirely in a cube shape. Also by keeping it in my hands, the first thing that comes to my mind is a Rubik Cube with all Black color sections. I know that in case it will happen in reality then no one will be going to buy a Rubik Cube. After all, it will be no more useful to play neither it looks so amazing to use it as a decor item in the home or an office. I hope you also agree with me. But do not worry S6 intelligent cinema projector is something that will never let you down both in its look and use! Thus, let us get started.

What are the Display Aspects of the S6 Projector Machine?

The S6 projector hardware is capable enough to display an output screen having an absolute brightness of 2000 lumens or 100 ANSI lumens. An RGB LED OSRAM light source has been used inside the S6 ultra-portable home projector machine. S6 supports a native resolution of 854 x 480 that is FWVGA display output.

You can use the internal LED lamp of the ExquizOn S6 mini LED projector hardware for about thirty thousand hours of use. It is based on front projection technology. The projector lamp is compatible with manual zoom functionality. The S6 intelligent Pico projector device can project an output display is having a maximum contrast ratio of 1000:1.

The S6 smart ultra-portable projector hardware is compatible with a refresh rate of 60Hz on its output display. You can enjoy watching movies or images while projecting them with the help of S6 mini projector on walls or projector screen with 16:9 aspect ratio.

The S6 multimedia intelligent projector is based on short focus and DLP projection technology. One of the reasons why the S6 projector is expensive. This technology is used in movie projectors. It provides crisp and clear outputs even from a small ExquizOn S6 smart DLP projection hardware. It is much better than the one that uses a single LED light as a less efficient alternative.

A Cinema Projector with 100 Inch Display,

You can project a 100 inch sized output screen by installing the S6 LED Pico projector device at a distance of 2.5m far from the output display object. But you can keep the S6 projector machine at a distance within a range of 0.18 meter to 2.5 meters.

It can help you to project an output display screen of size ranging from 7 inches to 100 inches in diagonal length. I can easily read the text projected via the S6 projector ultra-mini smart device on an output display screen of size around 100 inches.

S6 as an LED multimedia projector gadget is capable of projecting an output display with a throw ratio of 1.2:1. It can project some acceptable quality pictures even in daylight with windows curtains open. Therefore, it can perform better yet on a relatively high ambient light.

The quality of display output of the S6 home theater ultra-mini projector machine is awe-inspiring. You do not need to turn off the lights of your room entirely while using the ExquizOn S6 intelligent small projector hardware.

No need to shut the windows to make the environment altogether dark for watching its projected output. But yes you can identify some changes in the projected colors on display as per the level of ambient light available in the surroundings.

What are the Hardware Specifications of the ExquizOn S6 Projector Device?

S6 ultra-small cinema projector machine weights to about 0.173 kilograms. Also, it sizes to about 5.5 cm x 5.5 cm x 5.5 cm or 2.17” inches x 2.17” inches x 2.17” inches as per the Length x Width x Height of the projector hardware. Hence proved the fact that S6 multimedia projector is ultimately cubic in design. It is the reason why I am saying the same model as a smart portable cube projector device.

You can control the S6 home theater multimedia projector device in more than one way. It can be done either using the remote controller supplied as a package with the same by the company or using buttons provided on its hardware. There is an inbuilt speaker of 1.5W, 8-ohm output to fulfill the basic audio needs of a user while using the S6 ultra-mini cinema projector machine.

How is S6 Projector an Appropriate Projection Gadget for Travel Geeks?

The user interface of the S6 DLP smart projector hardware can support multiple languages. It can help to make it easier for the users to access the projector machine. Especially those who are residing in different countries and are comfortable in their native language. The ExquizOn S6 projector Pico LED machine can generate less noise so that you can use it without any annoyance by keeping it nearby.

An internal LiPo battery of 2500mAh capacity has been provided inside the S6 home theater smart projector device by the Excelvan. It can last for about 2 hours of continuous use on an approximate basis. A user only needs to take care of supplying a suitable DC power supply of 2A 5V to the S6 multimedia cinema projector machine. Also, its hardware consumes a maximum power of 10.4W.

The S6 ultra-mini intelligent projector is compatible with Wi-Fi connection. Hence you can take the benefit of wireless network connectivity. You can also receive the advantage of the multi-screen display with the S6 Pico home theater projector device. However, since it is a Pico projector, so the maximum range to achieve the stable Wi-Fi connectivity is within 5 meters.

A Glimpse on the Outer Packaging of the S6 Projector

The complete official packaging box of the S6 LED DLP projector consists of many kinds of stuff that we can imagine. It can be the main reason why a mini-sized projector is priced at more than $200. The accessories supplying by the company with S6 smart Pico projection machine are of good quality. It is helpful to enhance the usability of the ExquizOn S6 home cinema projector device nearly every single day.

You will hardly need to spend extra on buying any accessories to be used with the S6 ultra mini intelligent projector machine. The outer box is all black in design with a sketch of the projector on a tripod and a brand impression on the upper right corner of the same in white. Also, you will get the necessary details about the S6 ultra portable home theater projector on the packaging box.

By the way, the Excelvan is supplying an HDMI cable, and a power cable with the S6 LED ultra-mini projector hardware. Also, there is a mini tripod inside the package that can be adjusted both vertically (height) and horizontally (angle).

The ExquizOn S6 smart multimedia projector device also comes with a power adapter, a user manual, a micro HDMI connector, and a remote controller. The size of the Official box packaging of the S6 home cinema ultra-portable projector machine measures to about 17.2cm x 17.2cm x 6.4cm. It has been measured as per the length x width x height of the same respectively.

How is the Remote Controller Supplied with the Projector Machine?

The genuine remote supplied with the S6 DLP cinema projector device by Excelvan is suitable to be used in hands. It is long, and the most important the buttons are bigger and placed at a fair distance from each other. Hence after using it for some time, you can easily control the S6 multimedia LED projector hardware. It can be done without any effort with the help of the remote controller. Also, you will no more need to watch towards the same. You will get a clear idea about the location of the buttons provided on it. It contains buttons to control the volume, directional buttons with an OK button at their center.

There are buttons to enter into the menu option of the ExquizOn smart ultra-mini S6 projector hardware. Also, there is an Exit button provided to come out of the Menu or end any process. There are some forward, rewind, fast forward, fast rewind buttons as well equipped on the remote controller of S6 smart LED projector. And worth to mention there are separate buttons on the same. All helpful to control the multimedia operations projecting with the help of an S6 machine.

What are the Configurations of S6 Projection?

S6 ultra-portable home theater projector is designed in an ultra-mini cubic sized hardware. All the four sides of the S6 multimedia Pico projector hardware are fully black. A silver line is going through all the sides both at the top and from the upper middle part of its four sides. It adds to the complete look of the S6 smart mini projector device as a small premium design.

The front face of the S6 cinema home projector machine consists of a lens at its top portion with a brand impression of ExquizOn besides the same. The left side of the projector device has some air vents and a Micro SD card slot interface.

At the back portion of the ExquizOn S6 projection hardware there lies three interface ports. It includes a DC port, an HDMI port, and a 3.5 mm Headphone jack. On the right face there lies some adjustment options. They are helpful to control the basic functionalities of the S6 LED DLP projector device. On the bottom side of the S6 projector, there is a mounting hole. It has been provided to connect the machine with a tripod.

How is the S6 Projector a Good Source of Entertainment?

You can enjoy watching different multimedia formats while projecting them on a big screen display from the S6 mini projector. To enjoy watching movies, you must have them on one among FLV, MOV, MPG, TRP, WMB, DAT, MKV, MP4, RM, TS, and RMVB file formats.

To enjoy listening to the audio tracks you can play anyone from among many commonly available file formats on S6 smart projector. It includes FLAC, OGG, WAV, AAC, M4A, MP3, and WMA. Also not to forget the real experience of watching the favorite captured moments on a big display is something more than amazing. So anyone can project image files on the S6 ultra-portable cinema projector those are available in either .bmp, .jpg, .png, or .jpeg formats.

The ExquizOn S6 LED DLP projector is DLNA certified product and supports AirPlay connectivity for iOS devices. Are you an owner of any Android gadget? If the answer is yes, then you can also take the benefit of using the Miracast feature on the S6 smart ultra-mini projector device. It supports digital keystone correction functionality.

What are Some Good Points that I Do like about the S6?

Following I am going to list down some of the impressive things that I do like about the S6 ultra-small intelligent projector hardware. Also, there are some I have taken from online reviews of its genuine users;

  1. S6 is a projector device of ultra- mini size with a negligible weight that can fit on hands easily.
  2. It can project clear pictures on the output screen.
  3. You can identify vivid colors on its display.
  4. The charger cord is longer and can be used without using any further extensions.
  5. S6 Pico smart projector machine is well made to watch any multimedia content with 720p resolution.
  6. Easy to carry and set up the projection machine anywhere.
  7. The ExquizOn S6 projector can project brighter pictures in 1080p at 60Hz.
  8. All the corners of the photos are simultaneously focused entirely.
  9. S6 multimedia ultra-mini projection hardware has easy to use friendly user interface.

What are the Limitations of using S6 Projector Hardware?

The audio generated by the internal speaker system of the S6 home theater mini-projector device is suitable up to a certain extent. Also that too for specific multimedia content. Otherwise, you need to connect external powered speakers. S6 can help you to experience home theater using an ultra-portable projection machine.

It is suggested to use the S6 smart LED projection device from a far distance than the output projection object. It is required to get a pleasant viewing experience and if you want to focus the display using the same projection hardware.

The S6 DLP mini projector does not support manual keystone correction adjustments. It might be because the small design of the S6 does not have sufficient room to use and provide the necessary hardware for such functionality. But you can avoid it! By installing or setting up the S6 small home projector machine in the right place. Also at a right angle as per the required display output.

As per the user’s feedback, it has been found out that after certain hours of usage the ExquizOn S6 projector turns out to be hot. It also do produce some noise. However, a user can solve them by using the S6 multimedia ultra-mini projector hardware on a tripod. It performs best at a reasonable volume of sound output.

Bottom Line about the S6 Projector

S6 Pico intelligent projector device is available to buy online at an approximate price lies within a range of $200 to $250. Also if you will be lucky then you can be the owner of the S6 ultra-mini cinema projector machine at much more discounts as well!

Not sure whether it is the final price or you need to bear extra shipping and handling charges as well. But I always recommend you to do in-depth research about the pricing, and originality of a product before buying one. It can help you to avoid any after purchase issues later.

I agree with the manufacturer’s statement that S6 is an ultra-portable sized home theater projector. Thus, you do not need to think much for using the same to fulfill the home entertainment needs. However, it depends upon your need and uses regarding whether you can use the ExquizOn S6 smart LED product in an office or not.

Hence are you desiring a small projector that you can handle easily in hands? Also, Do you want to keep the same on a backpack or pocket while touring? Do you not want to compromise much with the quality of projected display output? If yes then S6 as an intelligent ultra- mini projector machine is the one that has been made for you!

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