Exquizon T5 Review: A Budget Oriented Projector with Classy Performance

ExquizOn T5 Projector

Today I have come with a review post about one more portable projector machine that is available online to buy within a budget of $100. A projector that I have chosen based on its overall features and configurations. Hence, this post is based on my latest review about Exquizon T5 projector device. It is available to buy on online e-commerce stores at a price of around $91.

How about the Company Packaging of Exquizon T5 Projector?

The outer packaging box of the T5 smart multimedia projector device is based on a simple briefcase style design. It is entirely black with white text and graphics. You can get all the essential details about the structure and specifications of the T5 projector on the company box packaging.

If we discuss the accessories then as a complete package, the manufacturers are supplying a power cable. Also, you will get a remote controller, a 3 in 1 AV cable, an HDMI cable, a Screw, and a User Manual with the main unit in the package.

The whole packaging box including the T5 intelligent home projector with its accessories weights to around 1.44 kg or 3.17 lb. The overall size of the package is about 11.62 inch x 7.87 inch x 4.33 inch (29.5 cm x 20 cm x 11 cm).

ExquizOn T5 Review

An Outlook on the Structure of T5 Projection Machine

At the front portion of the T5 home theatre cinema projector there lies an IR sensor. It has been provided to enhance the sensitivity of the remote controller supplied with the projector. Also, there is a particular facility for the projector users to clean the LCD screen whenever required.

It is possible by tearing the informative label provided at the bottom of the ExquizOn T5 smart office device. So T5 is a clean and dust free projection system using a closed loop exhaust ventilation system.

At the back of the T5 small smart projector device there lies another IR blaster with a VGA port. On the right face of the projector there lies a 3.5 mm headphone jack, two USB ports, an HDMI port, an AV port, and an SD card slot.

Also at the left portion on the same face of the T5 intelligent portable projector, there are some sir vents provided in a column. These vents can help the T5 to dissipate the internal heat to the outside environment using its newer upgraded cooling system.

The system uses a low noise cooling fan that gives high-efficiency output. The manufacturers are claiming that the innovative radiator cooling system inside T5 keeps the LED lamp to work cooler. It also cuts down the noise coming out of the internal cooling system to half as compared to other LED projectors in the market.

How about the Top and Bottom Surface of Exquizon T5 Projector Hardware?

At the top surface of the T5 home theatre projector right above the lens, there are two adjusting knobs. It has been provided to adjust the focus and keystone correction of the projected output manually.

At the left potion on the same surface, you will get some instructions written about the projector machine. Further on the lower portion on the same face, there is an ExquizOn brand impression provided on a black strip. The back portion of ExquizOn T5 projection device also has some manual buttons to control the operation of the projector device.

At the bottom part of the T5 smart cinema projector there lies a ceiling mount hole. Hence, T5 is an excellent choice to consider in mind, if you are planning to buy a projector to be used for an office meeting or conference halls.

The T5 portable home projector is an excellent choice especially in case you do not have enough space on the table. Mainly you do not want the projector’s light to disturb you while you are giving the presentations! The simple thing that you need to do is to mount the T5 smart office projector on a ceiling with the help of a mounting stand and get your job done!

How can T5 Projector add Convenience to your Home Theater Setup?

You can connect your Android or iOS-based smart device with the T5 intelligent small projector using a suitable wire or a lightning cable. Therefore, there is a surety for you that there will be no lag or possibility of loss in the connection. You can share the content of your gadget on the T5 multimedia intelligent projector with ease.

Following are some performance facts about the T5 machine grouped as per different aspects of the projector device. I am presenting them as my overall review about ExquizOn T5 mini-projector device only because of one fact. It is together they can prove that the T5 is a highly convenient home theatre projection system to be used within a limited budget.

Display Characteristics,

T5 portable cinema is based on TFT LCD projection technology and can reproduce about 16.7k colors on the output screen. Thus, you can identify nearly all the natural colors on a big display output projected from the T5 smart projection hardware.

The projector can support to display an output projection with a maximum brightness of up to 1500 Lumens. After all, the T5 office multimedia projector is based on an advanced optical LED light technology. T5 as a modern home theatre projection machine works on a standard display resolution of 800 x 480.

However, the T5 portable smart projector can support a maximum resolution of up to 1080p, i.e. Full HD. I can see the brighter pictures both at day and night time without having any whiteness in the projected output display.

The ExquizOnT5 projection machine supports the keystone correction functionality of approximately ±15°. Hence you can adjust the display angle as per your needs to get a straight TV screen like output either on walls or a projection screen.

Exquizon T5: A Projector having Qualities of Highly Featured Projector Devices

You can use the T5 LED Full HD projector’s lamp for more than 30 thousand hours. The lens of the T5 projector is made up of a multi-chip coated lens with F-125 and having a throw ratio of about 1.4:1. Altogether the projector is a complete package to deliver you the best quality output possible in a limited budget!

You can visualize both the white and black colors in the output display screen with clarity. You can identify different shades of a specific color in T5 multimedia projector since it can supports to display a picture with a contrast ratio of 1000:1. The t5 device can help to project the display in both 16:9 and 4:3 aspect ratios. It is good to watch both larger than life action movies and thriller shows at home at your convenience.

The T5 1080p home projector can be placed at a distance within a range of 1.5 m to 5.2 m in length from the projection screen. It is helpful to get more significant display outputs ranging from 50 inches to 176 inches in size.

However, it is suggested to project an output display of size 120 inch using the T5 LED smart projection machine. It is helpful while watching any movie on ExquizOn T5 projection machine to get the best visual experience.

Multimedia Features,

You can play various multimedia file formats on the T5 home theatre intelligent projector device. The compatible video files are one that is available in one among MP4, AVI, RMVB, MKV, and RM extensions.

Similarly, to project an image or photos, you must have them in either BMP, JPEG or PNG format. So it almost supports all commonly available multimedia file formats to enjoy at your quality time without any annoyance.

Hardware Features,

A highly efficient glass lens is provided at the right portion on the front face of the T5 smart cinema projector device. It can help you to display a big output screen with higher brightness. The ExquizOn T5projector has a 5V USB port to connect it with a smartphone or any other smart gadget and enjoy multi-screen big display output.

Also to add more convenience in using the using T5 projector you can use the same port to charge your gadgets via a USB cable directly like a power bank. Therefore you will never run out of your phone or tablet’s battery.

The T5 LED multimedia projector is based on a portable design due to its both size and weight. You can carry it while traveling from one place to another and hold it in hands for a long time interval without much hassle.

Overall dimensions of the T5 projector measures to around 19cm x 15cm x 8cm (7.48-inch x 5.91inch x 3.15 inch) as per its Length x Width x Height respectively. Also the T5 portable Full HD projector device weights to about 2.18lb or 0.99kg.

Sound Features,

T5 projector hardware is having built in two 2W 8Ω stereo high magnetic surround sound speakers. It can provide a better enjoyment of acoustic output from the ExquizOn T5projection system with the complete pleasure of listening. You can play many audio supportive files on the T5 LED 1080p projector to use the same as a dedicated speaker unit such as MP3, OGG, WMA, FLAC, AAC, APE, and WAV.

By the way, you can connect external stereo or home theatre speakers as well to the T5 smart home projector. You will experience something different something better. You can connect different dedicated multimedia sources like DVD, Blue-ray players with the T5 projector. No more limits of using a projector with only PC, tablet or a smartphone.

Some of those multimedia source devices are having separate interface ports on their hardware. Hence you can connect external home theatre speakers with them directly. Finally, you can boost the audio performance of T5 office portable projector as your big display multimedia enjoyment.

By the way, to connect an external device with the projector, a separate source button is provided on the hardware. It is helpful to select the required multimedia playing source to project its display on a big screen ultimately.

Summary of My Review of Exquizon T5 Projector

If I have to say anything about the performance of the T5 LED smart projector, then I can tell ExquizOn T5 projection device is a value for money product! Again it is a good option to go for among the different projector models available to buy within a price of $100.

The display of the T5 home cinema projection machine is good, to be frank, it is made to perform excellent on dark environments! But it will not let you down while using the same with lights on. The sound of the T5 intelligent office projector is satisfactory in a medium-sized room if you are not an audio freak!

The look and feel of T5 multimedia smart projection device are also impressive. And lastly, the complete performance of T5 as a projection machine is something that you will not regret after buying the same.

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