EZCast J2 DLP Review, a portable projector with the latest technology

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Devices with smart functions are already the standard of day to day. It is common to see them from telephones to lamps and even televisions. However, in this last pillar of entertainment, many prefer a more spectacular experience, with dimensions that can overcome the absurd. This is where the projectors stand out from the audiovisual average since they manage to emit broader images and sometimes even better quality. Some even are portable! And today we will focus on one that brings all these qualities together. The EZCast J2 DLP, a device of great design and a series of interesting features that enjoys excellent portability. Join us to discover all its features.

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EZCast J2 DLP: Packaging

EZCast J2 DLP - Content7

Let’s start with a very important point of the EZCast J2 DLP: its design. The first thing that can be mentioned when talking about this is that it has a package consisting of a white half with the brand’s name and a blue half where we will find the peripherals. It has dimensions of 14.10×14.10×10.00cm (as we can see, it has a width of approximately one hand) and a total weight of 0.70Kg, this being quite light despite all its content:

  • 1 x Projector
  • 1 x Remote control
  • 1 x Support
  • 1 x Bag
  • 1 x Power adapter
  • 1 x Manual in English

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EZCast J2 DLP: Design

Once the corresponding protective plastic packaging has been removed, we have an ergonomic EZCast J2 DLP with a matt white finish. I start with some technical specifications regarding its measurements, which has dimensions of 11.50×11.50×3.30cm and has a weight of 0.40Kg. We are facing a portable product, which can be carried everywhere (with a bag included for convenience).

EZCast J2 DLP - Design

The projector lens and speaker are located at the front. The top part will be our control center, where we can use the different buttons to control the functions of the projector, as well as adjust the focus of the lens. The power button has been located on the left side, and the ports have been positioned on the rear side (One USB, one HDMI, one 3.5mm and the DC Port, in total 4). The lower part has a knob that will allow us to adjust the projection angle if we are going to place it on a flat surface.

EZCast J2 DLP - Front Side

EZCast J2 DLP: Specifications

My experience with the EZCast J2 DLP has had its ups and downs; these last ones alien to the dimensions of the device. However, the use, in general, has been of high quality.

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Let’s start with the technical part of the projector. First of all, the EZCast J2 DLP can work through a wired or wireless connection depending on our needs (Bluetooth excluded). It projects a 150 ANSI DLP screen which, depending on how close or far the wall projector is, the image size will be larger or smaller, varying from 30 to 100 inches (this is a distance that ranges between 50cm and the 3 meters). It has a built-in 3000mAh lithium battery, which offers a duration of more than 2 hours. The cast image will scale uniformly in a 16:9 aspect ratio, while it will have a 1.3:1 throw ratio.

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An important detail is the image’s quality. Although the projector allows us to operate with an HD image in the input, the output resolution is only 854 x 480p. It has the ability to adapt to any type of environment in which it is used since it has different smart corrections for pixels at different angles. Its LED lamp has up to 20000 hours of useful life. It has the ability to run files through multimedia protocols such as Mirror Cast or DLNA. It also has the ability to support direct connections with Android or iOS smartphones, among other options that we will see later.

EZCast J2 DLP: Projection Quality

It is time to indicate how my experience with the EZCast J2 DLP has been. We must remember that part of the premise of it is its wide compatibility, so I have done the test with 3 different devices and using a tripod (this is totally optional since the projector includes different adjustment functions for different angles). Here my impressions:

(NOTE: the projector does not emit noise when reproducing the images; these are inherent in the photographs)

Computer projection

I started with the basic link of the projectors: the computer. For the test, I used a wired connection to the HDMI port. The reproduction is done as one would expect at a maximum resolution of 480p. After going through the different settings menus, I got an optimal result for its use.

EZCast J2 DLP - PC Preparation

In low light environments the results are good, in addition, the projector does not heat up. The frame rate per second is seen at 30, and there is no delay with respect to the image played on the computer.

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In the following images, we see the results of the reproduction of contrasting videos, where both cases (bright and opaque colors) have a very good performance.

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Smartphone projection

In the Smartphone’s case, I decided to test the wireless connection by using the EZCast J2 DLP’s APP. My test was shorter, but I could see that the emission quality was very good within its limitations.

However, in this section, I noticed a small inconvenience with the projector’s reaction time. There was some delay in the image with respect to what was seen on my Smartphone. Maybe this was due to the Wi-Fi connection, so there is a possibility that when connected with a cable this delay would disappear (I did not experience any with the computer).

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Nintendo Switch projection

It is common that those who have a video game console want to experience the image in its maximum glory. In my case, I decided to test the projection quality with the Nintendo Switch.

The output resolution is perfectly adapted to that of the console. Being a wired connection I have not had any problems with delays, having an excellent response in the controls. As easy as connecting it to the Dock and configuring the image to our liking and that’s it.

EZCast J2 DLP - Switch Preparation

Although I have been eager to hear the epic soundtrack in a better way since the speaker is not very powerful or clear with the sounds, but it was expected some sacrifice in quality to ensure portability.

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Pros & Cons



Wide device compatibility
High portability
Acceptable performance – Good projection distance



Its sound quality could be better

Its max output resolution is 480p

EZCast J2 DLP: Verdict

The EZCast J2 DLP is all that is expected of a portable projector. The image and sound quality are not the best due to their space limitations, but they also meet a relatively high standard with respect to similar projectors. A device that does not heat up, does not make noise when working and has such wide compatibility with the devices, it is worth it for the price at which it can be obtained. In general terms, my experience has been positive and within the foreseen.

EZCast J2 DLP: Where to buy it?

This device is currently available on the online sales page Gearbest for a price of only $209.99 (183.09 euros). But, for a limited time, if you use this special coupon: HPM0XXG010, you can acquire it for just $205.99!

 You can buy the EZCast J2 DLP on Gearbest at just $205.99 

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