GoSho Review: Is it an Influential Mini Projector?

GoSho Projector Review

This product review post will be going to be an entirely new one for you all! I am saying it because of the reason today we will look at the details and performance of a projector that is currently in the production stage.

The projector is available as a fundraising project and soon going to be delivered to its prospective consumers. It is no other but GoSho Mini Smart Portable Projector. It is a product of 1byone brand. Hence keep reading this post to know every single detail about the projector.

GoSho Review

The Idea to Review the 1byone Projector

Today I decided to discuss the projector from 1byone and review it as per the official details and other users or critics views. I am writing this review post as a special request from one of my friend. He wanted his other friends to get some idea about the new 1byone’s mini smart projector those who were looking for nice projection hardware.

He is not right in English to explain his friends everything as his recommendation. It is because he knew the habit of his friends very well! If he shares the official URL of the fundraising project of the GoSho projector, then none of their friends will consider it seriously.


Also after knowing about the projector, I also do want to write about it as an informational help to others. So let us get started! First, let us check the configurations and performance statistics of the mini intelligent projector first. Further, we will also have a look at the history of product manufacturers.


An interesting fact about the 1byone’s Mini projector is the fact that its operating system is based on Linux. Yes, the home cinema projector will be coming with GoSho 1.0 OS. It will be having a unique user interface designed to make the content navigation easy and quick for its users.

GoSho Projector

The projector is available in pure Black and white colors. However, the company has also decided on Walnut color as a limited edition offer. It has been inspired from the wood that has generally been used to build instruments for the musicians.

It is based on a building material walnut wood that is not only close to nature, but it has proven to work well while performing with acoustics as well. You can find the outer body of many speakers is made up of wood. Not only it can offer its users a facility to enjoy a vibrant and clear sound output but also helps in amplifying the audio output with less distortion.

GoSho Mini HD


1byone’s smart HD projector will be going to be very small in size, i.e. around 3.5 inches so that it has been designated as a mini projector. Not just size but also the hardware of the projector can prove itself to be lightest among other mini projectors.

The net weight of the 1byone’s mini home theatre projector device is around 434g / 15.3oz. The total dimensions of the projector hardware are about 91 x 90 x91 as per length x height x width respectively.

GoSho Mini Projector

The projector has been designed with two internal speakers of 3Watts each. It can help to boost the sound output of GoSho projector, and there is also a 15W stereo audio amplifier that comes with a bass diaphragm.

The designers of the new 1byone’s mini projector have installed a Mstar881 internal CPU chip inside the projector hardware. It can make sure that the projector can work smoother while working with a Mali450MP4 GPU processor.

It has been tested that the 1byone’s portable Mini projector will perform quietly within a noise level of 30dB. GoSho needs a general power supply of AC100-240V at 5-/60Hz and consumes an average power of 25W.

GoSho Mini HD Projector Review


It is best to connect the 1byone’s intelligent multimedia projector with any other external device both via wired and wireless modes. You can pair the projector with personal home assistants like Google Assistant, Alexa and other smart devices. It can help you to control and use the projector device using your voice without any manual intervention.

Enjoy streaming your favorite movies or videos directly from your gadgets like PCs and smartphones. You can mirror either your Android or iOS device with the mini home theatre projector.

The two useful interface ports provided in the projector hardware are USB and HDMI. There is also a DC power supply port. Not only this you can also do connect the GoSho with any streaming sticks or TV set-top boxes to enjoy your regular TV programs and shows.

It has a built-in dual band 2.4 GHz + 5 GHz WI-Fi feature. Also, the projector can be wirelessly paired with any other gadget in your home via BLE or Bluetooth 4.0 that consumes less power while in action.

GoSho HD Projector


The 1byone’s smart home theatre projector is based on 0.2’DMD DLP RGB-LED display technology. You can not only view Full HD multimedia content on the projector, but it can also project the display with 2k resolution at maximum.

Hence you can identify every detail in the output projected display. The maximum contrast ratio that you can observe in the projector is about 8000:01:00. The projector includes a high transmission coated lens and an LED lamp with a luminance uniformity of 98%.

You can use the projector’s lamp for more than 20 thousand hours. The optical resolution of the GoSho projection hardware is maximum 854×480 DLP. You can enjoy projecting an output display screen of size ranging from 20 inches to 200 inches in size.

The mini intelligent projector can support manual zoom and focus. You can get an adaptive aperture on the projector hardware with a compatible throw ratio of 1.2:1. The device can support a 100% image offset.

The projector can have the capability to project a brighter display of about 180 ANSI Lumens. As per the Manufactures, their new projector can surpass the performance of all the other Mini projectors available in the market.

Well, let us see whether it can prove itself to display pictures with high clarity, contrast levels and satisfying brightness. With the help of 1byone’s newer projector, you can project a bigger picture of about 200 inches on the walls or a projector screen.


As per the official sources, the GoSho projector will be going to have a big 11000mAh battery included inside its hardware. It can make sure that you can use the projector device continuously for 4 hours or so depend on the display brightness.

The projector can support its patented automatic vertical keystone correction functionality of ±45°. By the way, it is a necessity to function to have in a small-sized projector. It is a fact that a user has the freedom to place mini projector hardware anywhere either on a lap, on the bed, and as you know that the sky is no limit.

In this case generally, the images can be displayed with an improperly placed projector. Due to which the photos will look distorted or get stretched in the projection output screen. I am sure that the projector can cope up with a lot of such issues.

After all, it is also having an inbuilt 15-degree Kickstand provided beneath the intelligent Full HD projector device. You can use both the convenient features of the GoSho projector to project the desired output regardless of where do you sit or setup the device.

GoSho projector elevation

User Tests:

After specific user’s tests on upcoming 1byone’s 1080p LED projector, it has been found out that:

  • The small projector can project brighter images at nights or dark surroundings. The photos are explicit on walls and projection screens in the daytime even if the curtains are not entirely closed.
  • It has been found out that the Mini projector can produce a better sound experience considering it is small hardware. The overall audio output is pretty louder.
  • A big immersive display, A satisfying sound, What else do you need? You can completely involve while playing your favorite games. A great option to achieve it is to connect your gaming console with the projector and some external speakers.

What is the Current Status of the Projector?

GoSho DLP LED projector is currently in the production stage. As per the official announcement that they will start shipping the product from the next month, i.e. August. I have an impressive thing to share with others about the product.

It is the fact that the time taken for the manufacturers to conceptualize the product and start its delivery is less than one year. Let me make their process more clearly to you. It was in October 2017 that the idea to build the smart mini projector had been finalized.

However, in September 2017 the team has started working on the prototype of the projector. Further in the same year by the end of October, the projector has been ready for the user testing. In Feb 2018, the project has completed its product optimization process.

On March 18, the manufacturers have started testing about the performance of the projector. Finally, on May 18, the GoSho home theatre intelligent projector has been launched at Indiegogo as a fundraising project. On June 18, the product has gone some improvements as per the user’s feedback. And now on July 18, the projector is currently in its mass production process.

About the Manufacturers

The projector has been conceptualized and announced as a fundraising project on Indiegogo by a team of 1byone. It is a recently formed brand based on Loz Angeles. It has a group of skilled and experienced people.

They include team members those who are having past working experience in many successful firms. It includes brands like Motorola, Microsoft, Intel and so on. Right from 2011 to now the brand has made its prominent presence in the field of creating record players and TV antennas/Digital set-top boxes in the US.

Finally, they come up with GoSho as their dream plan on which they were working from the past four years. The R&D and testing engineers of the home theatre portable projector are from Shenzhen, China. However, 1byone’s designing and marketing team is located in Ontario, L.A.

What is the After Sales Guarantee?

As per the official statements of the 1byone brand, in case you will receive a damaged or faulty product. They are ready to replace it with a new one if their stocks are ready otherwise they will directly refund the whole money to their customers.

1byone is ready to ship its new mini DLP LED projector to its worldwide consumers at a flat shipping charge of $19. And rest they will manage from their own to deliver the product to your home. However, the shipping charge is without including the extra taxes and duties that will be imposed by the consumer’s country.

How can you get it?

After looking to every aspect of the projector, I can say only one thing for now. The Mini multimedia projector from the 1byone brand will be a useful, entertaining option for its users. So, if you are interested in ordering the GoSho projector, then you can select one from the three different perks offered by 1byone on Indiegogo. They are as follows:

The first perk is available at a discounted price of $319 other than USD 499. The package includes an infrared-based remote controller and a user manual. A quick charge wall adapter has also been supplied with the 1byone’s mini HD projector.

GoSho Mini HD Projector

The second perk that is also known as the travel bundle of the projector is available at a price point of $329 other than a total price of USD 529. The package includes a travel pouch in addition to all the accessories offered in the first perk.

The third perk is a combo pack of two units of GoSho smart portable LED projectors. You can receive all the accessories those are available in the first perk in double amount. The total price for this perk has been set at a discounted rate of $599 in place of the actual USD 998.

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