GP 9 Review: A Low-Cost Handy Cinema Projector with Rich Display Output

GP 9 Review

Today morning I woke up with a call from my friend who asked me to come to his home as soon as possible! I tried to inquire with him about the reason, but he kept it secret and told me to be prepared for a happy surprise. After I reached his home, I got to know that he has arranged a projection machine for me to do a review. It was GP 9 portable home cinema projector.

I know for some of you it is a new product to hear about ever before. However, still, I request you to read this post thoroughly to know some interesting facts regarding the device. By the way, the machine that I have reviewed belongs to another friend of my friend. So I like to thank both of the guys for giving me the opportunity to discuss a new projector model that I had never seen before.

Hence, this post will be indeed going to be based on my review regarding the product. At present, the machine is available to buy online at a discounted price of $80. However, you might need to bear some extra charges as applicable for shipping and handling the device.

How is the Outer Presence of the Projector?

The overall machine is based on an Easy to carry fashionable design. One can choose from two different color options to buy the device, i.e., Black and White. By the way, the designers have provided a nice matte finish on all the surfaces of the machine that adds a decent look to it.

At the top surface of the hardware, there is a pair of adjustable knobs. It has been located at the left portion towards the front and just above the lens. One among them is to control Keystone correction manually and other is to adjust the focus of the projected display output.

Also at the top of GP 9 on the left side towards the back portion, there are some projector control hardware buttons. It includes a signal source and a menu that are very much helpful to set up the device for use after boot up.

Additionally, there are navigational buttons with an OK button at their center. They are helpful to access the user interface and multimedia contents of the device. The top surface of the machine also consists of a back button and a power button with a status indicator light above it. At the left surface of the hardware on the back side, there is a power input port.

Now, towards the front portion on left of projector, there are a group of horizontal strip holes that work as air ventilation holes. On the right surface of the machine towards the front, there is a group of some small strips of horizontal holes. They work as air ventilation holes. Also on the rest of the upper and right portions on the same surface, there are interface connectivity ports.

What are the Opportune Facilities of Hardware Design?

At the front surface of the projector on the left side, there is a big lens. It is available with a black outer circumference ring that works as a protection for the glass. The rest part on the front surface has some design impressions available on the external hardware of the device.

On the back surface of the GP 9 projection machine to the extreme left at the upper corner, there is an IR sensor. It helps the remote controller to be paired with and get the commands from the machine. It is surrounded by some air ventilation holes that are a group of small horizontal strips.

At the right portion on the same surface, there is a hexagonal vent probably that works as a speaker grill. Again like the front on all the side surfaces of the machine, there is a typical design of parallel horizontal lines of fine deepness. Together they give a stack type of look to the overall hardware.

The bottom surface of the projector has been designed by providing a separate hardware base. It is of small in dimensions as compared to the upper main machine body. However, it is there to give sufficient balance to the whole device.

It also helps the hardware to resist any damage that may happen due to wobble by accidental jerks or forces. By the way, the manufacturers have provided four circular rubbing pads at each corner of the projector base. They ensure a firm grip of the hardware with the ground or the bottom surface.

What are the Hardware specifications of GP 9?

Sooner in this section, I will be discussing the build quality of the device. But before it let me first share with you all the details regarding the hardware specifications of the machine. First I would start with a powerful small lens located at the front. It is big enough to project sufficient light from the internal lamp as required to display a bright image on the output screen.

I have to appreciate the manufacturers for providing a lens cover that is made of plastic on projector. It works best to protect the lens from dirt and debris to be settled on it while placing the machine at any place. Not just this the outer cover is also a big help for the lens to avoid any scratches or damages. It may happen due to certain accidental outside touch.

The device has rich interface connectivity options. The list of available interface ports on the hardware includes a 3.5mm headphone jack and a USB port. Not limited to it there is a DC port, an SD card slot, a VGA, and an HDMI port as well on the hardware.

All the GP 9 projector need is a recommended Input power supply of about 110 – 240V at 50 – 60Hz. An efficient LED lamp is there inside the machine that consumes about 15W power. However, if we consider the whole device, then it consumes an average total power of 55 watts.

The manufacturers have provided a speaker system inside the hardware. So the audio system of the device can deliver complete audio-visual effects to a user while projecting any multimedia content on it.

How is the Performance of the Machine as per the Configurations?

Total weight of the projector is about 0.9390 kilograms. The overall dimensions of the length, width, and height of the device are 21.00 cm x 16.50 cm x 8.50 cm or 8.27 inches x 6.5 inches x 3.35 inches respectively.

Now let me discuss with you all my views on the above-stated hardware specifications. First I am impressed to see a USB port on the device that can support 5V 500mA output power. Hence, a user can use it to charge any smartphone or a tablet in case of an emergency. Rest all the interface connectivity ports works well to connect almost all types of multimedia devices with the machine.

The GP 9 projector has been designed to have a compact and light body that can be transferred with ease from one place to another. Also, I would say as per the specifications and features the machine is not consuming much output power. So, in other words, it is a reliable product.

My review regarding the internal audio system that comes inbuilt with the device is such that the sound is clear but not breathtaking. The sound output that the machine is generating can do justice for an average sized room up to an extent but not enough for halls.

Thus if you will order the projector for a home theater setup then definitely you need to have additional external speakers. You can connect them with the device to get an overall quality sound output. After joining the machine with a high-end audio system, I have felt the whole effect of watching a cinema on big screen output.

What are the Display Specifications of the Machine?

In this section, I will present my review about the display performance of the projector by related configurations. As specified in the previous section the device possess an efficient LED lamp that can project a bright light. That too without affecting the eyes of the viewers, After all, the life of the light source is more than 20 thousand hours.

Hence, a user can use the lamp for more than four years by using the device for a minimum of five to eight hours daily. So till the time the lamp will get expire a consumer had already get the best use of the money spent on the device.

By the way, the GP 9 can project output with a maximum intensity of 2000 lumens. I have to say a portable low budget projector that is having such an excellent brightness output is rare to be seen. The displayed pictures are crisp and sharper.

A user can see the display screen having clarity even in daytime with windows curtains open. However, the quality of the output screen of the device can be enhanced. It is possible by reducing the surrounding light as much as possible.

So at nights or darker areas, the projected output of the projector can give a real theater-like experience. Also under dim environment lights or low ambient light, the output display looks like watching a picture on a TV panel.

How can the Device Project Rich Display Outputs?

The native resolution of the projector is 800 x 480ppi. However, up to the maximum, it can support to project a multimedia content that supports 1920 x 1080 resolution, i.e., Full HD. So the device does not support 4K resolution content. But at least a user can enjoy watching lots of entertaining multimedia content that are available in Full HD on the machine.

A user can take the benefit of using the GP 9 for different modes of projection. The compatible ones are Orthographic, Hoisting and Rear projections. It is a convenient facility for a user to have in a budget-oriented portable projection machine. That can be helpful for using the device on workplaces or under different scenarios.

The projector is based on LCD panel projection. That too with the help of an available multichip coated lens having F=125. So it can also be a reason why I said earlier the fact that a user can feel TV like experience while watching the output display screen.

A life like clear pictures can be reproduced on walls or any other projection object by the device. It is possible due to the maximum compatible contrast ratio of the machine that is about 2000:1. I saw complete difference among the dark and lights colors on the projected high-quality images with the projector. By the way, I had tested the same by using the product on a low ambient surrounding light.

What are the Advanced Display Features of the Machine?

The machine is capable enough to reproduce rich colors with strong layers on the output display screen. It is because of the ACC image additive technology that has been featured on the device. It is there to enhance the colors of a projected multimedia file. After all, while reproducing any picture, the GP 9 projector is compatible with projecting about 16.7K full, accurate colors.

One more reason behind producing high-quality pictures is due to an advanced display feature available on the device. It is the image on the device has been processed through 18 dual channel image enhancement technology. Hence, this is the process of enhancing the details in a photo before being projected on a wall or so.

Not only for images but the device also has an advanced feature to enhance the projected video outputs. Therefore, a user can enjoy the real cinema experience due to the photosensitive noise reduction technology. It is available inside the machine and works well to optimize the display quality of video playback. Unfortunately, a user cannot enjoy watching 3D movies with full effects on the projector.

How can a User get the Best Quality of Display Output?

The GP 9 projection device supports an output projection ratio of 1.4:1. That too with a throw ratio of 1.32:1. Thus, a user can install the hardware within a distance of one to three meters from the output projection object.

As a result, the projector can project a big display screen of diagonal size ranging from 32 inches to 120 inches in length. It is best to take the benefit of multiple zoom modes available on the product. It can be a helpful feature for projecting different sizes of output display screens than expected.

A user can enjoy watching impressive picture outputs with anyone among the compatible aspect ratios of 16:9 and 4:3. There is a ±15 degree of manual vertical keystone correction provided on the machine. It has been provided by the manufacturers to avoid any distortion from the projected display outputs.

What are the Multimedia Aspects of the
GP 9 Projection Machine?

A user can watch nearly all types of multimedia content on the GP 9 projector. It is possible by connecting the device with an external USB stick or hard drive that consists of the required files to be displayed. It is possible due to a fast plug and plays connectivity.

Not limited to this a user can join a PC or any other smart gadget with the machine using compatible wired connectivity. Also, a user can connect external speakers, gaming consoles, Media players, and many other devices using the same technique.

The product is not compatible with Bluetooth connectivity. A bit disappointment here! After all, a user cannot take the benefit of connecting the projector with any other device using a conventional wireless option.

The compatible image formats of the machine are .gif, .jpg, .png, and .jpeg. Similarly the product supports only .wav, and .mp3 as the supportable audio file extensions to play music in leisure time. Lastly, a user can play .avi, .wmv, .rmvb, .mp4, and .flv as the device friendly video formats.

An Outlook on the Company Packaging Box

In a complete company supplied box packaging of GP 9 a buyer will get a power cable, a remote controller, and an RCA cable. There is also a helpful user manual in English that comes with the main unit within the box. One can choose from the available UK, EU, and US power plug options that fit the country standards of a user.

The projectorremote has got stylish looks with all white in appearance. A user can use the single finger probably the thumb to access all the buttons with ease. It is possible all because of the design and builds quality.

The overall weight of the packaging box including all the stuff in it is about 1.4700 kilogram. As well as the whole dimensions as per the length, width and height of the machine are 25.00 x 11.50 x 24.50 cm or 9.84 x 4.53 x 9.65 inches respectively.

How is the Remote Controller of GP 9?

A highly sensible remote controller that comes in the package is of medium size that feels comfortable on hand while holding it even for a long time. It has many buttons that can be used for different projector functions or to access the multimedia files on the system.

I like the two columns of buttons having oval shaped buttons placed in tilted positions. It gives a new feel and looks to the remote. I feel it provides something unique presence than what we generally see with others in our daily life.

By the way, the list of buttons includes but not limited to power, mute, volume control, and forward/reverse for video playback. The list also includes navigational buttons with an OK button at their center. They have been surrounded by a play/pause button, settings, menu, and exit button. These buttons are located at the four outer corners of the directional buttons of the remote controller.

At last, there are three small circular buttons for pic, sound, and freeze. A zoom button of the same small circular size has been provided right at the top. And yes I would like to especially mention the colors that have been provided for three buttons, i.e., mute, power and listen. After all, they are separately highlighted from the rest of the grey colored buttons.

Hence, a user can identify those buttons from a far place or in a dark environment as well. All because of their green, red and blue appearance respectively. However irrespective of the color of a button the text and indications are in black only in all the buttons of the remote controller.


You may already get the idea of my views regarding the different aspects of the projector. I have previously specified them in their respective sections. However, still, I can summarize everything in this section and give my final verdict on the device. It is helpful for those who have skipped the above sections and came here directly to know a brief about the performance of the device.

The useful facts about GP 9 include Great quality effects of the projected pictures. Also, I do like the design of the small size hardware having light in durable weight body. All in all, it is a value for money product!

On the other side, if I need to share something about any other limitation of the projector than specified before then, I had noticed one. I identified the noise that came from the internal cooling fans of the device. However, I did not highlight the same on any of the above sections. It can be a reason being the fact that it is a general issue that we found in almost all the projection machines. It can be neglected under high sound volume.

Finally, if anyone will ask me about whether I will recommend the GP 9 to others, then my answer is a Yes. Anybody who wants to buy a projector gives first preference to the performance of display output or so.

It is because the other limitations of the device can be fulfilled by using specific techniques. So the most significant benefit of having the machine at home or workplace is the quality of enlarged pictures on the projected output. That too within a budget of $100.

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