GP1S Review: One among Competent Mini Projectors for Personal Use

GP1S Review

I am writing this post by having a mini projection device placed on my left. Yes from the morning I am using the same and got to know much performance facts about it. I cannot stop myself to write this post based on it. Thus, in this review article, I will explain the performance of the GP1S mini DLP portable hand-held projector.

Therefore, from the next section, we will check out the performance of the machine. That too by going through different aspects of the same. So, I request you to kindly read this post thoroughly and get complete idea about the device.

Further, I will explain you all the contents and specifications about the company packaging box and the projector. However, before that do let me share with you about how much money a user needs to spend to own the same. Hence, as per a popular e-commerce site the product is currently listed at a price of about $186.

Yes, I think GP1S is a bit expensive because the machine has got mini hardware. However, we cannot decide without correctly uncovering the truths about the performance of the device. So let us get started!

A Brief Look on the Complete Projector Package?

The outer packaging of the hardware is around 0.5950 kilograms. Even the whole dimensions of the Box measure to around 7.48 x 4.72 x 2.36 inches. In other words, they are 19.00 x 12.00 x 6.00 cm. It has been measured regarding length, width, and height of the hardware respectively.

Other than the main projector unit the list of accessories includes One AV Adapter, One Power Plug, and One English Manual. A user might feel happy to get One Remote Controller, One Bracket, and One Cloth Bag as well within the packaging box. Among them, the remote controller of GP1S is based on Infrared sensing technology.

As per my experience with using the same, I would say the remote works well with the projector. It responds quickly for every command of a user who is sitting at the back of the device. However, I think a user will hardly need the remote to control the device while installing the hardware on any nearby position.

You can use the Tripod with the hardware that has been made for it. However, you need to be careful in using the same since it is very fragile. It is because the Tripod is made of plastic. Also sometimes a user might need to face some issues in setting it up with the projector.

What are the Hardware Interfaces available on the Exterior of GP1S?

The outer design of the machine is such that it appears Rectangular and has got a nice matte White finish. It gives a nice feeling of sober look to the complete nearby interiors of a surrounding. The outer appearance of the projector is such that the makers have designed the product to have small pocket-sized hardware.

You can easily lift it using your one hand or keep it on your palm. The top surface of the machine is having a brand logo of DLP Texas Instruments. It has been imprinted on the lower left corner. Further, to the right corner on the lower side, there are some control options for the projector.

Except for the power button that is present at the center all the other system control hardware user interfaces of GP1S are touch panels. The list includes directional touch buttons, a back, and a menu touch panel.

On the front surface of the projector with reference to the top, the company has provided some user interface ports. It includes an AV port, a 3.5mm jack, a DC input port, a standard USB port, a mini USB port, an HDMI port, and an IR sensor.

So the projector has sufficient hardware interface connectivity options. It can help a user to connect different external multimedia devices with the machine. It can be a smartphone, PC, gaming console, headphone, speakers, and many more to list here.

What is the convenience of using the GP1S Projection Machine?

The projector has been designed in a way such that a user by keeping the device in one hand can access it using another hand without any issues. Due to mini size, one can carry it from one place to another on a pocket or a carry bag. Also, it is straightforward for a user to install and use the machine in any area.

On the left surface concerning the top of the projector machine towards the right portion, there is a manual adjustment switch. Adjusting the focus of the output display can be much helpful for a user. Also, there is an On/Off button that has been provided at the same surface and located on the left part. At the right surface, the hardware has got an SD card slot. It has been found in the right portion of the same surface.

Now on the upper surface concerning the top of the GP1S projection device, there is a lens provided towards the left portion. Also, there are some vents at the center to dissipate the sound that has been produced by the internal speakers of the projector system. So directly we can say that this surface is the front area of the projection machine.

Further at the bottom area of the product, there is a mount hole present probably at the center. It fits suitably with a tripod or a stand and can be mounted as well on a wall or a ceiling using a suitable bracket.

What are the Hardware Specifications of the Projector?

An LED lamp of 38W has been used inside the machine that can be used for more than 20 thousand hours. It has been estimated as per an average daily usage of seven to eight hours of a user. A user needs to supply an input power of 5V to the GP1S mini DLP multimedia projector. It can make the product to function well and enhance the performance stability of the internal components.

The audio system that has been provided by the manufacturers inside the product is of 8 Ohm and 1 Watt. The overall sound output of the device is fair as per the dimensions of the hardware. But similarly, it is not sufficient for watching videos with a theater-like experience.

I am impressed by the truth that the projector machine comprises of an internal Li-ion Battery of size 2500mAh. As per my test, it works well to give a backup of more than 3 hours. So at least a user can enjoy watching one or two full movies at any outdoor location. That too without being depending on the power supply to set up the machine.

The average weight of the GP1S portable entertainment projector is around 0.2000 kilogram. If we discuss the overall dimensions of the hardware, then it measures to about 5.12 inches x 3.15 inches x 0.79 inches. In another way, the length, width, and height of the device are 13.00 cm x 8.00 cm x 2.00 cm respectively.

A Mini Projector with Massive Display Screen

The maximum brightness of the device is 500 Lumens. So one thing is sure here that I want to share with you all about the same is the fact that the intensity of display output is not for every time use.

I mean to say at the day hours a user needs to make sure to block all the sunlight to enter into the room. Also, we need to protect the display screen of the device from any other type of ambient light that is present in the surroundings. It applies the same at night time as well. All in all the product can only display bright pictures on the output screen in case of the utterly dark environment.

The native resolution of GP1S mini DLP smart projector is 800 x 600ppi. However, it can project a clear picture with a maximum resolution of Full HD, i.e., 1920 x 1080p on the output display screen. It is good to have a mini portable projection machine in our pocket every time. To be fair something that can be connected and enhance the display output of a mobile anywhere anytime.

A user can project a big screen is having a contrast ratio of 3000:1. I saw the big difference between the light and dark shades of a single color having almost natural reproduced details. One can adjust the output screen of the GP1S mini intelligent projector among 4:3 and 16:9 aspect ratios.

It is suggested by the product manufacturers to install the device within a distance of 0.23 meters to 3.5 meters as per the output projection object. As a result, the device can generate a big display screen of size ranging from 12 inches to 150 inches in diagonal length.

What Multimedia Features Do we Expect from the Mini Projector?

Many people are thinking only about the multimedia features available in a device before buying one. In the case of our review product, i.e., GP1S I can say it is also rich in multimedia connectivity. The machine has got much interface ports to connect external storage devices that may consist of multimedia files. So that one can play such files directly on the product.

The device is compatible with BMP, PNG, JPEG, GIF, and TIF based image formats. A user can project different supportable video formats. It includes one among RM, WMV, RMVB, AV, and FLV. That too, the machine can play one among WMA, MP3, AAC, APE, and FLAC extensions based audio files.

Unfortunately, there is no Wi-Fi connectivity feature available inside the product. Hence, a user cannot connect the hardware with a wireless network and enjoy online streaming of multimedia files.


By ending my review here about the product, I can say if you are planning to buy a mini handheld projector then definitely you can try GP1S. However, you need to agree with the fact that it is not a high-intensity output device.

Also, a user needs to connect some external amplified speakers with the hardware to get mesmerizing output from the machine. But considering a medium sized room, the display works well to project sharp and crisp images on walls or a projection screen.

For now, by keeping in mind, the device is budget friendly for many of us we cannot blame much about any limitations of the same. By the way, the portable multimedia projector has many good things related to it that can impress anyone.

First of all is the truth that the GP1S projection machine has been certified by the FCC, CE, and RoHS renowned authorities. It is easy for a user to access the simple Menu function of the device to access the multimedia files or to adjust the audio-video settings of the same.

After referring to few genuine user reviews about the product, it is suggested that hardware should not be used for office purposes. It might be due to less output brightness and incompatibility of the device to project text or presentation slides.

However, it does not means that we should completely ban the machine on a workplace. After all, the mini DLP smart projector can display pictures in Full HD resolution. Finally, above all the lightweight hardware of GP1S can fit into any small area or can be kept as a personal smartphone while traveling!

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