Houzetek M17 Review: A Classy New Generation $100 Portable Projector

Houzetek M17

From last few weeks, I am on a mission. To hunt the best performance budget friendly projection machines for you all. In the meantime whenever I will get the chance to do some hands-on with any high-end projection device, then I will review it for sure. Hence, in this post, I am going to share the details of my recent review of Houzetek M17 smart portable multimedia entertainment projector.

By the way, I am targeting to review the models that are highly liked on e-commerce sites. However, on the other side they are still rare between most of the consumer electronics community. Especially the products whose user or test reviews are hard to be found anywhere else on the Internet. Now coming back to our topic of focus for this post. The market price of the budget-oriented projector is around $100. So without wasting any more minutes let me start!

How is the Outer Packaging Box including Accessories of the Projector?

Total weight of the outer packaging box of the projection machine weights to around 1.6000 kg. Hence, it is easy to lift the complete package that can be given as a gift to others. The overall dimensions of the box are around 12.2 inches x 8.27 inches x 4.92 inches.

In another way, it can be said that the length, width, and height of the Houzetek M17 projector are 31.00 cm x 21.00 cm x 12.50 cm respectively. A buyer can receive one video cable, one remote controller, an English manual, and a power cord with the main unit.

The outer box packaging of the projector that has been supplied by the manufacturers is having a cute digital print on all sides. It is something impressive other than merely a rectangular cardboard box. It has appeared in dual color with Blue on the front and top surfaces while Black on sides.

A small upper right portion of the box has an image of the Houzetek projection device. Also, a statement has been written there as a new generation projector. And a small mark of HD at a lower right corner. A user can find the details about the features and specifications about the machine. They are available on different surfaces of the packaging box.

How Convenient is to Use the Remote Controller of the Projector?

The remote control that comes as one among company supplied accessories within the package has a long and sleek design. It has got a black matte finish. Due to the built quality, it feels comfortable to hold the remote on hands.

Also, the placement of buttons on the controller are in a convenient way. A user can easily access all of them by using a single hand. By the way, there are many control buttons available on the remote for the Houzetek M17 projector.

The list includes a red power and a black mute button right at the top. Below them, there is a play/pause, a source select, and a menu button. Below to them, there is a big circular button. It can be pressed on all four sides to act as one complete button for navigation.

The right and left navigation buttons can also be used to control the overall volume output of the projector. There is an OK button located at the center of them. Next, below to the navigational buttons there lies forward, reverse, and back buttons. There is one long horizontal button that can be used for both fast rewind and fast forward functionalities.

A Quick Tour on the Complete Design of the Houzetek M17 Projector Hardware

I am impressed with the overall look and feel of the machine. The company has given a nice finish of black to most part of the hardware. However, the two left and right sides are having a greyish silver finish.

At the top of the projector on both the left and right edges, we can see glossy pure black finish with slope design. However, the rest portions of the machine have got the matte light black finish. Both the front and back top edges of Houzetek projection device are having a rounded finish. It is something different from what has been provided on the side edges.

By looking at the external projector hardware from the front surface, a big lens has been offered at the left portion of the same. However, on the right part, nothing is there except a design of matrix imprinted on the outer body. Also, the top and below edges of the front face of the device have been provided with rounded corners.

At the back surface of the Houzetek M17 projector hardware towards the left, there are vents. The air holes at the rear surface are probably to release the sound generated by the internal audio system of the device. At the left top corner of the same, there is a small IR sensor. It has been provided to pair and catch the signal of the remote controller with the projector.

What are the User Interface Options on the Hardware of the Machine?

At the left surface concerning the back side of the hardware towards the front portion, there are some air vents. But the rest portion has a design of some parallel lines imprinted on the external device of the machine.

Also on the same surface at the top of Houzetek projector, there is a row of interface connectivity ports. It consists of an SD card port, an AV port, and a 3.5mm audio output port. Also there is an HDMI port, and a USB port available on the outer hardware of the device. On the right surface concerning the back portion of the machine, the whole section consists of air vents.

At the top surface of the projector just above the lens, the designers have provided two manual adjustable knobs. One has been made to adjust the keystone correction and another to control the output focus of a picture.

Both the knobs have been placed in a combined enclosure that has been provided on the exterior hardware. On the right portion by referring the front surface, there is a brand logo of Houzetek M17. It has been imprinted by facing towards the back. Finally, at the back portion towards the right there lies manual projector control buttons on the top of external hardware.

The list includes a menu, a source, a power, a play/pause, four directional buttons and an OK button at their center. These buttons have got a beautiful white appearance with black text on them. Therefore, a user can see them even in darker surroundings or access them with ease.

How Virtuous is the Output Display Performance of the Machine?

The projector works at a native resolution of 1280 x 720ppi. However, the maximum resolution of the output display screen is about Full HD, i.e. 1920 x 1080p. A user can enjoy watching lots of commonly available HD multimedia content by projecting the same on a big display screen using the device. The output compatible aspect ratios of Houzetek M17 projection machine are 16:9, and 4:3 respectively.

The maximum output brightness of the projected pictures using the hardware is about 1800 lumens. It means the projector can display sharp images on the output screen. That too even in daytime with all the window curtains having an open position inside a room.

In other words, the display works great. The device can show clear and bright pictures on the screen. That too in the presence of average surrounding ambient light. According to per my experience with watching the display output of the Houzetek projector at night hours I have to say the screen looks fantastic. It gives a similar feeling to watching a big LED TV panel.

Next, the maximum contrast ratio with which the machine can reproduce a picture is around 1500:1. It is satisfying for most of the conditions. At least the color levels in the projected output are evident to our eyes. Also, the device is capable to project a big picture on a wall or a projection screen. That too having 70% of the color gamut.

How to get the Best Results from the Display Screen of the Device?

As the manufacturers are saying that the Houzetek M17 projector hardware is based on an improved LED light technology. Yes, it can be true since LED lamps are efficient solutions other than any other means of the light source for the projection machines. They consume less power at the same time producing brighter pictures as compared to the traditional mechanisms.

It is suggested by the company to install the projector within a distance of 1.5 meters to 6 meters away from the output projection object. As a result of which the product can generate a big display screen of diagonal size ranging from thirty inches to one hundred and fifty inches.

Among all the best position to set up the Houzetek projector hardware and get the optimal quality of display output is 2.5 meters. It can help you to project a 50 inches screen that is considerably more than sufficient for a medium-sized room of a house.

A user can take the benefit of using ±15 degree manual keystone correction that is available in the device. It is much beneficial to adjust the output display screen in case the projector has been booted up after changing the position of the same.

Unfortunately, there is no zoom feature on the Houzetek projection device. So the only technique to adjust the zooming effect on the product is to move the hardware back and forth and get the desired output result. But, one good news for 3D content lovers is the fact that the machine supports to project full 3D visual effects on a big output display screen.

What all we can expect from the Hardware of Houzetek M17?

The active cooling system adequately protects the internal hardware components of the projector. That too a user will be going to be impressed with the performance of the internal fans that works silently. Now anyone can enjoy watching the favorite TV programs or a movie with a family or friends even at low volume.

By having an extra provision of attaching a 64GB SD card a user can expand the total memory capacity of the device. The complete hardware of Houzetek projector has been designed to be less in weight that has been measured to around 1.18 kilograms.

An LED lamp that has been used inside the machine can be used for more than 50000 hours life. It is considerably higher even as compared to many high-end projector machines. On an average, a user can use the device for a minimum of about ten to twelve years by running it daily on an average basis of seven to eight hours every day.

Whether the Product is made for Daily Use?

I do not like the sound quality of the internal audio system of the Houzetek M17 projector machine. It is not too louder as well. But we have a better solution to deal with such limitation of the product. Thus, it is best to use external speakers with the projector as per requirement.

For example, in the case of professional use, one can connect the device with two speakers to form a simple stereo system. Also to set up a home theater a user can use some amplified speakers or an audio system with the projector. One thing you need to keep in mind is the fact that the external audio setup can produce some high-quality sound output.

A user can supply an input power of 110-220V to the Houzetek projection hardware. I am impressed with the fact that even a teenage user can lift the machine using a single hand. It is possible due to the less weight of the hardware that has been measured as 1.1 kilogram.

As a result, the output power consumption of the projector is about 58 watts. The net dimensions of the length, width, and height of the product are around 8.78 inches x 6.61 inches x 3.35 inches. In another way, they are 22.30 cm x 16.80 cm x 8.50 cm respectively.

The Bottom Line

By concluding my review article about the Houzetek M17 smart portable LED projector here, I have to say it is a real value for cost item. I have spent about five to six hours while using the device at the office of my friend yesterday itself. And I hardly found a few low points about the system that I have already mentioned above in their respective sections.

So if you are having a similar budget and planning to buy a new projection device for yourself or to gift someone, then you can feel free to go with it. By the way, the Houzetek projector device is capable enough to fulfill the basic multimedia need of office or home users.I am saying it because I can test the performance of the machine. It is possible by playing almost all the commonly available file formats of images, and videos on the same and it works well.

Not limited to it the device can project PPT or presentation multimedia formats as well on a big output projection display object of choice. Houzetek has come up with a projector that can be used in any outdoor or indoor environments except under direct sunlight. We can say it is a smart all-rounder multimedia entertainment product.

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