Houzetek M5 Review: An Economic Portable LED Projector with Brighter Output

Houzetek M5 Review

Days before I got the chance to review the Houzetek M5 projector. It was possible with the help of one of my friends whose another friend had bought the device months before. I have experienced using the M5 projector for about five to six hours and got good initial impressions of its performance. Hence, this post is dedicated to the details regarding the same product. Such as the features, specifications, and other applications of the M5 projector device.

I will give you a quick tour of the complete designing of the M5 projector hardware. Also, I am going to share with you all about the performance facts of the machine that I came to know. You will get a clear idea regarding its output quality of display and sound. Finally, I will present my personal review of the projector device. So let us start!!!

Why is M5 the Best Choice for All?

I am experiencing one situation many times with most of the people whom I know. It is common whenever I have gone to meet them in their house either they are my friends or relatives they usually use to have TV screens at their homes.

Most of the people typically start their TV sets for me so that I will not get bored after chatting with them for a long time. In between some of them began to showing me their memorable captured moments or pictures.

Either on the smaller screens of their smartphones or tablets or any big screen available with them. Some people who do not have smart Television screens at their home need to use some tricks to play their favorite internet content on TV screens.

They either do it by connecting their display screens via smart media streaming devices or computer machine. Every time in such situation I remind of only about one thing that is a portable home entertainment projector.

If such people can have a nice compact projection machine at their home, then they do not need to depend on more than one gadgets or devices. Hence, it will be easy to watch or share any multimedia content that is available with them in different formats or on different mediums.

What are the Display Configurations of the Projector Device?

Following are the five main specifications to know about regarding the display of the M5 projector hardware;

  • Houzetek M5 can support to project output with a default display resolution of 1280 x 768P up to maximum Full HD resolution.
  • The projector can reproduce the dark scenes very well by generating a picture having a maximum contrast ratio of 3000:1. I did not find any black bars or any other type of disturbance in the output display screen.
  • The LED bulb inside the M5 projector can be used for up to fifty thousand hours. Thus, no worries on the part of the user regarding the maintenance of a lamp or so after some time.
  • One among the best features of the M5 projection hardware is it can support to display 3D content on a more significant projection output. Yes, you can enjoy the breathtaking 3D movies and videos on the device with your family members on holidays.
  • The maximum brightness with which a projector can project an output display screen is 4000 lumens. We can imagine how powerful the machine would be in generating clear pictures even under daytime conditions. By the way, you can feel free to use Houzetek M5 projection gadget at outdoors on movie nights. This type of devices guarantees one thing. It is the fact that a user will no more need to apply pressure and affect your eyes anymore while watching big display screens.

How is the Display Performance of M5 Projector?

If I have to say anything about the display performance of the M5 projector, then I have a few words! First of all, it can produce crystal-clear images both on walls and projection screens. The overall brightness that has been generated by the M5 projector works at its best at nights.

Also, on day hours you need to take care of the surrounding light present in the area where you are installing or using the projector device. It is good to have an ambient light inside a room that should be either of medium level or can be almost nil. It can help you to experience breathtaking contrast within the colors of the output projected pictures.

The source of the light, i.e. lamp of the M5 projector is based on an energy efficient LED. Hence, it makes sure that you do not need to pay high electricity bills even if you use it daily at your home or office.

One good thing that I appreciate about the M5 is the fact that it cannot only project images, videos in the output display screen. But the projector also works great to generate an enhanced screen of presentation slides. It is highly required for co-corporate users to show their work or ideas in front of a large number of people.

How is the Sound Output of the Houzetek M5 Projector Device?

To deliver crisp and clear audio experience from a portable projector, the M5 consists of two internal speakers of 3W each. Now my review regarding the performance of the overall sound output from the stereo speakers of the M5 projector is imposing. Do you have any experience of using the M5 projector in the past? If the answer is a Yes then you will agree with me with the fact that the audio output of the device is impressive. The audio output of M5 can be comparable to many portable speaker systems available in the market at present.

How much Space Does M5 needs for Quality Projection?

The M5 can be used on a hall or a big room to get the best visual experience that the projector can deliver. It needs a minimum of 1.5 meters to 5.5 meters of space from the output projection object to generate a proper display screen. In this throw range, the Houzetek M5 projector can produce big display screens of different sizes. It is ranging from 45 inches (in diagonal length) to 200 inches (in diagonal length).

The M5 projection system supports quick connectivity. You can connect any commonly used external devices available in their homes and workplaces. It includes USB sticks, TV screens, Laptops, Desktops, Smartphones, external speakers, etc.

A Quick Look on the Remote Controller

The remote controller of the M5 projector can work excellent with the device within a range of 33 feet’s or say 10 meters in the straight line direction. You need to fix two AAA sized batteries inside the remote controller of the M5 projector to make it work flawlessly. You can sit on a couch and explore anything on the internet and play your desired multimedia file as per your personalized settings from one place.

How much Convenient is the Hardware and its Packaging?

The net weight of the M5 projector is around three kilograms. Hence, the machine is not much more cumbersome for a person to lift and carry it from one area to other without any hassle.

Are you interested in and planning to buy the M5 projector from any local store in your nearby area? If yes then you need to have an idea about the dimensions and weight of the overall packaging box of the Houzetek M5 projection device.

The outer packaging of M5 weights to less than four kilograms having the projector hardware and accessories included in the box. The outer dimensions of the box are 13.27 x 12.8 x 5.91 inches or 33.70 x 32.50 x 15.00 cm measured as per the size of its length x width x height.

However, the overall dimensions of only the M5 projector device measures to about 11.93 x 8.86 x 4.53 inches or 30.30 x 22.50 x 11.50 cm. It has been measured by keeping in mind the size of the projector’s length, width and height respectively.

Under the packaging box supplied by Houzetek of the M5 projector, you will get a remote controller (without batteries). You will also get a power cable, a power adapter, a warranty card and a user manual in English.

A Tour about the Design of the Houzetek M5 Projector

The M5 projector is available in a Black colored body with a subtle grey texture finishing at its Top surface. At the front surface of the M5 projector to its ultimate left, there is a big lens with manual focus adjustment functionality.

Next, to lens, there is a significant net covering both the center and right area on the front face of the projector hardware. Under which internal speakers have been placed. So the projector can throw the audio output towards the front of the device or in other words towards the projection screen output.

Also at the top probably on the right side on the same surface of the machine, there is an IR receiver. It helps the projector to receive the signals and work with the supplied infrared remote controller.

At the top surface of the projector hardware to the left and on the back portion there are many manual control buttons. It includes a return key, a menu key, a power key, a source key, an OK key, with some directional buttons. In the same line right to the front portion of the top their lies a keystone adjustment knob.

And to the right portion near to the front face of the Houzetek M5 projector, there is a small impression of Brand. It gives an authentic look to the overall outer appearance of the M5 projection machine.

What are the Hardware Interface connectivity Options?

Now coming at the back side of the M5 projector that is generally facing towards the users. To the right side on the same surface, there is a big cavity that includes all the interface ports to connect external devices with the projector. It includes two HDMI ports, an audio output port, an audio input port, a PC RGB port, a video output, and two USN input ports.

Also behind them, there is another IR blaster. Therefore you can easily place the device between you and the projection screen. Further, you can access it from one place by sending the signals directly with the remote controller. It is necessary to avoid any disturbance while enjoying watching a bigger screen. Also on M5 there to the left portion on the same face there lies another small cavity to include a power switch and a power input supply port.

Remaining both the sides of the M5 projector are having some air vents. They can help the hardware to pass on internal residual heat outside with the help of the internal cooling system. Finally, at the bottom surface, there are some bottom supportable cladding. At the front side on the bottom, there is a facility to adjust the height of the feet of the projector device for the user. It will result in changing the height of the projected display screen from the M5 hardware.

My Review Regarding the Projector Machine

First of all, I would like to say that Houzetek M5 is an affordable projector at an economical price. The big benefit of using the device is its capability to display pictures with high brightness. Due to the portability of the projector hardware, it is effortless for a user to install it at one place either on a table, a stand or can fix it with a ceiling.

Also, the internal heat dissipation system works very well. The outer body of the M5 projector is at average room temperature even after using the device continuously for a long time. One disadvantage that I found in the M5 projector is the fact that its hardware produces some noise while working. It is not much louder and found out to be within 54 decibels under official tests.

It works well to produce sharp images with the vibrant color output. M5 can be a good alternative according to me for an expensive big sized TV screen. You can connect the projector with good quality external speakers having rich sound effects. This setup can help you to convert your room into a home theater easily.

M5: A Complete Multimedia Home Entertainment Projector

You can use the Houzetek M5 projection hardware as a standalone audio system whenever you are not in a mood to sit and watch any video. And yes not to forget M5 is a great projector to enhance the visual experience of watching high-resolution movies or heavy Game Titles! It is straightforward to set up the display screen on the output object within less time.

The M5 projector is compatible to display a big screen of size nearly 200 inches in diagonal length. Hence, it is pretty more considerable enough to cover a significant portion on the wall of a big room. Hence, the M5 projection device is a complete package to deliver a high level of enjoying rich multimedia resources at home.

Where to Buy the Product?

You can buy the projector online at a price of about $200. However, if eligible you can also opt for discounts in the final cost to crack the deal. Also, it depends on your delivery area that how much you might need to pay some extra amount as shipping and handling charges.

It is all about patience since if you buy it online, it will take around seven to ten days for them to deliver the product at your doorstep. On the other hand, if you buy the Houzetek M5 projector machine via any offline store, then you will get the product on your hands on the same day. However, in case you are not active in doing negotiations then you might not get the right price for the same.

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