Houzetek Projector Screen 120 inch Review: A Worthy yet Inexpensive 16:9 Foldable Projector Curtain

Houzetek Projector Screen 120 inch Review

Many people are striving in their life to get the best output from their projector machine. I know some people who upgrade their devices after every two to three years. To get better experience as compared to the display outputs of previous hardware. But the truth is every product comes with some advantages and limitations. One can get a good quality display output from a screen. It is possible by taking care of two things while installing the device. First is the position of the hardware and second is the output projection object. This post is based on my review regarding Houzetek Projector Screen 120 inch. It can be used with any projection machine.

Before mentioning the details, I would say the product is one of the useful accessories. It can be used to get the optimum display output of a projector. But why I am stating it? Definitely, I am not promoting the product so keep this article entirely to get more idea regarding the same.

The foldable Houzetek curtain is available online at a discount price of $37 other than original price i.e. $50. I would recommend all the projector owners to get a budget-friendly convenient projection screen. It applies same for the people those who are planning for ordering a new projection machine. It is an excellent option to have. Especially, in cases when the selected output display object is not compatible to project quality pictures.

What are the Benefits of using the Screen for a User?

Following are some of the advantages of using the Houzetek Projector Screen 120 inch curtain with any projector device;

  • A big curtain is always an added advantage to project a theater like display screen at home or any other place.
  • The product is available in white color. It is mostly the first choice for professionals or home users who cannot compromise with the display output. One can use the screen either with low-end projectors that are not having much bright output or high-end machines to get the best out of them.
  • It is based on a portable tabletop projection screen. The curtain can be folded and stored in a place when not in use.
  • The product is based on a compact and lightweight design so that a user can carry it from one place to another without bothering about the weight or so.
  • A lockable system has been provided by the manufacturers in the projector system. It can expand in less time when required for installation.
  • The curtain is a valuable product for a user such that it can help one to avoid any penetration of light. It is due to the presence of white and black screen PVC material on the screen cloth.
  • The screen is made up of soft white fabric in 16:9 aspect ratio, i.e., rectangular shape. It helps a consumer to enjoy watching the full widescreen multimedia content that is common at present.

What are the Impressive Facts about the Houzetek Projector Screen 120 inch?

The net weight of the product is less than 2 kilograms. Besides the diagonal size of the screen (120 inches) the length, width, and height of the curtain are 104.57 inches x 58.82 inches x 0.2 inches respectively.

If we consider them differently, then the measurements are 265.60 cm x 149.40 cm x 0.50 cm in the same order. So in total, the Houzetek Projector Screen 120 inch curtain has been designed to have light and compact configurations.

The borders are stitched with a black colored cloth having holes in between at a certain distance. It is all over helpful for a user to fix the screen to a wall or any other object tightly. Also, the presence of well-stitched rounded holes with a protection ring around them can add to the build quality of the product. It can avoid any chances of wear and tear while installing or removing the curtain from a place on a regular basis.

I have used the product for about five to nine hours by testing it with two to three different projector units. As per my experience of the same I can say that the curtain is fit to be used for many applications.

It includes Quick presentations, Small meetings, Exhibitions, Conventions, and Home Theater setups. Thus, not only for a typical home user but the screen is also useful for the business person, working professional, education needs, and many more.

How is the Company Box Packaging of the Curtain?

The weight of the outer packaging box of the screen is around 2 kilograms. Total dimensions of the box are 11.54 inches x 8.58 inches x 1.77 inches. It has been calculated as per the length, weight, and height of the packaging container, i.e., 29.30 cm x 21.80 cm x 4.50 cm respectively. By the way, the package consists of three adhesive hooks, an English user manual and a projector screen.

The product comes in a nice colored packaging box. After uncovering the outer package, there is a folded curtain under the plastic wrap. Many people complaints that the screen fabric has got some wrinkles after discovering the same from the outer packaging box.

However, I did not face the same with the product that is an advantage of the fabric that has been used to create the screen. It can be taken as a benefit for a consumer in case the screen has been stored for a long time in a folded way. So that no more tension of wrinkles or any marks on the projection curtains in case of immediate use in front of any guests after a long time of usage.

How to Get the Best Experience from the Projection Screen?

If you are worried about installing the Houzetek Projector Screen 120 inch, then let me assure you the fact that it is easy to set up and use the same. All one need is to use the set of hooks, screws, and thread (if required) to fix the curtain on one position for a permanent basis.

However, to make a temporary fix one can use some threads or any other means to quickly tighten the curtain on a wall or any other object. You can also take the help of my previous written reviews based on other sized projection screens.

It is recommended for a user to follow specific guidelines while fixing the screen at a proper place. As a tip always try to set it on a flat plane surface. It can be either on a wall, stand or any panel. Before installing the curtains permanently on a position, one could create specific indications. It can be done using markers for placing the screws for fixing the hanging hooks on the surface.

After installing the same, the next job is to tighten the curtain from all the corners and edges. It can be possible using proper threads so that the screen will not move while projecting anything on it. A big help for a user as well to avoid any wrinkles to form on the product while watching any movie on it.

It does not matter whether it is a quick fix or a permanent installation but most important is the stability and flat finish of the screen while at work. No one would never like to get disturbed while watching your favorite source of multimedia entertainment on the curtain.

My Views Regarding the Houzetek Projector Screen 120 inch Foldable Projector Curtain

Now I would like to share my experience with the Performance of the Houzetek Projector Screen 120 inch. That too for displaying the projected content of not so high-end projectors. For my test, I have used three different projection devices.

I do not want to disclose their name. But for a reference one of them is of 1000 lumens, another is of 1500 lumens, and the third one is of 3000 lumens. In the case of 1500 and 3000 lumens machines, the screen has got a tremendous high brightness projected signal from the projectors itself. Thus, here the curtain is only working to complement their displays.

A 1000 lumens device can project not such bright pictures on the output. It is common mostly in case of any high level of surrounding ambient light. But in this case, as well the curtain has done a great job. It helps to get the best from the potential of projected signals from the device. As a result, I am satisfied with the display output of each of them.

Due to the build quality, it is easy for a user to clean the screen anytime. However, I would recommend everyone to use a soft and clean microfiber cloth. It is useful to wipe off the screen every time before using the same. No need to wash the curtain using water neither it is suggested to apply any chemical to the product.


At last, if anyone would ask me about whether I will recommend the projector or not to others then as a reply, it would be a big yes from my side. I can say this by looking to all the features and specifications of the 120-inch foldable projection screen.

The product is rich in reproducing brilliant colors on the screen. The curtain has a bigger surface and is accessible to clean and washable. A user can experience the best visuals from a 16:9 bigger surface projection screen.

A must-have accessory if you already have a projector at home or a workplace. After all, the primary purpose of using Houzetek Projector Screen 120 inch is to enhance the output quality of portable projectors.

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