HTLL HD Review: A Reasonable Home Theater Projector in a Low Budget

HTLL HD Review

It is easy to do shopping if you have a reasonable budget and similarly robust in case you are less in money! Do you agree with me? Well, I thought so. I can stick to this as per my personal experience. Now I want to share one fact with you about me that till now I have helped about more than 50 people in purchasing a new projector. I always notice the buyer’s behaviour and interest whenever I am working or helping others. At the time while searching or finding a suitable product on a budget. This article is based on my HTLL HD video home theatre projector review.

HTLL HD Projector Review

HTLL HD Smart Compact Projector in Budget

I have noticed one thing that is difficult and happens to me always. Every time whenever I have to suggest a best home theatre projector at a price of $200 as compared to an amount above than that. At first, I thought it might be my misconception, but today I can admit to my words.

I am discussing all these things with you only because next I am going to talk about the performance of HTLL convenient, intelligent projector. It is currently available in the market at a price of less than $200. So in future, if anyone asks me to suggest him or her a well-featured home theatre projector then definitely I am going to suggest HTLL.


But why I am so biased towards the projector? Do I pay to advertise about the same? The answer is a big NO from my side. Please continue reading to get complete idea about why I am suggesting the budget-oriented HTLL home theatre projector to others.

An Application of HTLL HD Small Sized LED Projector

I saw the HTLL HD smart home theater projector for the first time at a high school laboratory. Recently due to some official work, I have gone to St. Josephs High School located about 20 kilometres away from my residence. I was there to inquire about the admission procedure regarding one of my uncle’s son.

HTLL Home Theater Projectors

Few days before they have been relocated to our native place and are planning to stay here itself for a long time ahead. My uncle asked me to inquire about the admission procedure of his son as a help since he is busy with his construction work all the time.

So after my complete survey, I decided to take a round of that high school to see what all the infrastructure and facilities provided there. Hence while wandering there, I saw a group of students in a chemistry laboratory were sitting on chairs quietly.

At first, I would think that they might be listening to the lecture of their trainer. But when I carefully look at their activity, I saw their teacher was also sitting with them right in the front row. All were watching a demo video about a chemical reaction on a bigger screen.

I Got Chance to Review HTLL HD DLP Multimedia Projector

I got impressed with the technology that the high school management is using to upgrade their teaching skills. From there I had straight gone to my uncle’s house and informed him of everything about that school. He got impressed and agreed to admit his son to the same high school.

HTLL Home Cinema Mini Projector

I have shared my above story with you only because of a fact. The day when I had visited the high school, I had benefited much. On that day not only I have come to know about the school and its admission process. But also I got the chance to do a quick review of the projector used in that laboratory, i.e. HTLL intelligent projector.

So I have noted down everything about the projector that I am going to share next in this post. Before moving ahead, I would like to thank the administration of the school. School staff who gave me the opportunity to review their lab projector. Therefore, I can help other people like you to share the real facts about the projector.

HTLL Home Theater Projector

My Reason to Continue Reviewing HTLL Home Theater Projector

While testing the HTLL smart DLP projector luckily, I have my pen drive loaded with different multimedia content. I generally use it to check the performance of any multimedia gadget I am reviewing by watching my desired content on the same.

So I connected my USB drive with the projector hardware and projected a video clipping with some pictures. I had done all these things at evening hours probably after sunset when all the students were gone to their homes. So the surrounding of that lab is relatively darker. Now about my initial experience, I have to say that the projection output is somewhat brighter.

I can see the beautiful colours on the projection screen. I created my mind in a way that if I do not like the initial impressions of the HTLL HD projector, then I will not review it further. It is because I do not want to waste the time of a school staff who is there with me all the time while I was reviewing the projector. But my personal feeling is reasonable to continue ahead!

HTLL HD Intelligent Projector: Design and Look

Now let us talk about how the projector responded to me while I was testing the quality of its features and specifications. Regarding the design of HTLL LED HD projector, it is good but not a premium one as per me. Its design is almost like a stack of two different sized boxed keeping the smaller one on the top of another.

HTLL HD Video Projector

Anyone can identify the hardware of HTLL home theater projector with ease even while looking the same from as far away as possible. At its front, there is a big lens on its right side and an HTLL logo imprinted on its left upper part.

At the back portion of the projector, there are all the connectivity ports available. They can help you to connect the projector with external devices. At the upper front part of the HTLL smart DLP projector, there are some buttons provided to control the different activities of the device.

For example, you have a power button, a mode button, all four directional buttons, a back button, a settings button, an OK button. Other than that there is only a brand logo imprinted on the upper surface of the HTLL HD intelligent projector.

Small Sized Projector with Bigger Screen HD Output

HTLL projector as the name specifies that the projector can support a native resolution of 1280*800. You can experience watching sharper and brighter pictures on the projector. All because of the innovative LED light technology available inside the projector hardware.

It consumes less energy as compared to a traditional projector. And the best part is you can use the lamp for up to 30 thousand hours with the slow colour loss. You can watch every corner of the output projected display.

You can project an output image of size ranging from 55 inches to 300 inches in size. To do so, you only need to place the projector at a distance of 1 to 7.5 meters away from the projector. HTLL LED home theater projector can allow a small degree of keystone correction functionality, i.e. of about 15 degrees

HD Video Projector feature

HTLL portable intelligent projector has an impressive 10 level Zoom adjustment functionality. Hence you can use the device far away from the projection screen or can be mount on the ceiling.

How can the Projector meet Home Theater Needs?

To meet up with your home theatre needs the HTLL HD projector is provided with an inbuilt speaker of about 5W and 4Ω. It sounds louder by considering in mind that it has been installed inside a medium sized room. Also, you will not feel any irritating noise coming out of the internal fan of the projector while in use.

Ultimately you cannot connect the projector directly either with an Android or an iOS device. But do not let down yourself since it can be possible indirectly. Yes, all you need is a wireless HDMI dongle. Otherwise, you can also use an HDMI converter to connect the projector with an iOS gadget. Similarly, you can connect the HTLL compact home theater projector with an Android smart device using an MHL cable.

The project can provide you with many interface connectivity options such as 2 USB ports, an HDMI, a VGA, and an AV port. You can use the HTLL smart projector with nearly all type of multimedia devices. It can be a gaming console, PC, Laptop, CD/DVD player, Smartphone, Chromebook, Set Top Box or anything else.

What is in the Package?

The dimensions of the HTLL portable intelligent projector is about 6 x 10 x 15 inches measured as Height x Width x Length respectively. And the product weights to about 1.16 lbs.

If we discuss the accessories provided by the company with the projector as a package, then we can get all the necessary stuff. You will get a user manual, an HDMI cable, a remote controller, an audio cable, and a VGA cable with the HTLL HD projector unit as a package.

We have to agree with one fact about buying any smart gadget. It is the quality of the product that you want to buy is directly proportional to how much you are going to spend on it. The pricier item you buy then probably you will get a branded or more quality product.

But still, some of us are greedy we want everything in less. Also, the designers and technology experts are having the idea about the same. And because of that, today you can see many options in any gadget considering any budget in mind.

What can I suggest to you?

There is much competition to choose one from the available choices even in low price segments. It can put you in more confusion at the same time support you with many options to pick one. Well, somethings will never be going to be solved, but every product is designed and made by considering a specific user in mind. And your task is to identify the right product made for you!

In case of HTLL as well I think it is made for the users those who want an impressive compact entertainer at a low price. If you are one among the people, who got to know about the HTLL smart multimedia projector for the first time through this post.

I can say for such people that they can try the projector without bothering about anything. After all, you will be covered with three months of money back and one year of replacement warranty. So try HTLL HD intelligent home theater projector without any risk. I hope it can meet up with your needs!

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  1. Robert says:

    This projector sucks because their customer service sucks, like there is none. I bought this projector and after a month, it was cloudy and gray. I have been trying to contact customer support for 2 weeks with no response. Wish they would at least fix the problem. But they don’t. So as of now I suggest you not buy this product.

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