LED 33 Review: Delightful yet Budget Friendly Handy Projector Machine

LED 33 review

A typical behavior that I found among most of the people who buy a projector for any commercial use is to not bother about the high-end features in it. They always target to get a good quality item in low budget possible. It is different than what we generally have in mind while purchasing any projection machine for our homes or so! Days before I got the chance to spend some of my valuable time while trying my hands on a similarly low budget portable projector. It is no other but LED 33.

Hence, this article will be going to be truly dedicated to my review of the same product. So let me start! We will see the features and specifications of the device as well. It can help you to get complete idea about whether the machine is worth for the money spent or not! You can also come to know about whether the device can be only suited to the commercial needs or ever more than that!

An Outlook on the Display Configurations of the Device

The projector is based on a 5 inches LCD technology. It can project an output display with around 2600 Lumens of light intensity. The outer display resolution of the machine is SVGA. I am a bit disappointed! After knowing the fact that the device can generate an display screen having brightness uniformity of only 57%.

In other words, LED 33 works with a native output resolution of 854 x 540ppi. However, up to the maximum, a user can enjoy watching some clear pictures that support Full HD. In other words 1920 x 1080ppi display resolution.

If we discuss the maximum compatible contrast ratio of the hardware, then it is around 3000:1. The projector can display a big screen having about 16.7 million full colors. A user can take the benefit of projecting a picture in both 4:3 and 16:9 compatible aspect ratios on the output display screen.

One can also configure the output screen every time. It is necessary whenever the device has been placed at any angular position concerning the projection screen or a wall. By the way, the hardware supports 15 degrees vertical Keystone correction. It has been provided to avoid trapezoidal errors from the display output.

How can a User get the Best Visual Experience from LED 33?

There is no zoom function provided on the projector. Hence we need to move the machine physically towards the back and forth concerning the output screen. It helps a user to get enough enhancement of a picture on the projected display screen. A user can use the manual focus function provided in the device. In a way such that it supports edge to edge focus. That too, the complete display screen can be focused all together from top to bottom.

A user can experience the best visuals from the projector. It is possible by installing the hardware within a distance of 1.2 meters to 2.5 meters from the output projection object. Also, the maximum capability of the device to project a big screen is only 120 inches in diagonal length.

By the way, for your information, the LED 33 can be placed within a limited distance of 1.2 meters to 4 meters. As a result, it can project an output screen of size ranging from minimum 32 inches to maximum 120 inches in their diagonal size. The output throw ratio of a picture on the machine is around 1:1.6.

How is the Display Performance of the Machine?

Now let me share with you all some of my views regarding the output display performance of the projector. First of all the product can reproduce bright pictures on the output screen even in average ambient light.

The contrast ratio is something that can be acceptable. However, sometimes a user might face problem to identify the details on the projected output. Especially, in the presence of high surrounding light. So, it is advisable to keep the environment light as dim as possible to enjoy every frame of a movie. The best technique is to close the window curtains at daytime and take care of room lights at nights.

We cannot say that the display quality of the product is not impressive. It is because we cannot expect higher from a budget-oriented projector. However, one thing is sure that the device can beat the display output performance of many branded high-end machines. Those are available in the market at much higher prices as compared to the product that we are reviewing here.

The device can reproduce reasonable colors on the projection screen. We can find much difference between the gray and back shades. Also while playing video files, I found the smoother performance of the same.

How to Improve the Display Output Performance of LED 33?

I have seen some genuine online reviews from the users of the machine. Especially of those people who are facing some problem with the display output of the projector. I have to say it by adjusting a few display settings from the menu option. Almost all types of issues can be solved related to the projected output quality of the machine.

For example, the default odd bluish cast on the screen can be removed by changing the color temperature of the device. It can be adjusted from medium to warm. Also, the excessive enhancements on the edges of a picture can be removed by adjusting the display sharpness to zero.

A user can adjust color saturation, contrast, brightness, and sharpness of the projected pictures. Not limited to it one can also customize the single-axis control over white balance. It can be done by using the display settings option of the projector. A much helpful feature to have in the device in case of any inconvenience while watching a picture on the projected big display output.

I want to share one limitation of concerning the LED 33 projected output display screen. It is the relative levels of green, red, and blue colors on the pictures can be controlled. However, it cannot be distributed among low and high standards.

A Brief Look on the Hardware Capabilities of the Device

Let me give you a brief look at the hardware specifications of the machine. It appears in all white color that gives an altogether premium look to the appearance of the device. A user can take the benefit of having a sufficient number of interface ports on the projector. It includes an Audio in, an Audio out, a DC port, an AV, a USB, an HDMI, and a VGA port.

An efficient LED lamp has been used inside the machine. The internal light source is having the capability to be used for more than twenty thousand hours. So a user can use the device for more than nine to ten years. That too by using the product at a rate of on average five to eight hours daily. The Lamp consumes an output power of 100 watts. It is nearly around the total power consumption of the whole projector machine, i.e., around 120 watts.

is having the capability to be used for more than twenty thousand hours. So a user can use the device for more than nine to ten years by using the product at a rate of on average five to eight hours daily. The Lamp consumes an output power of 100 watts as compared to the total power consumption of the whole projector machine, i.e., around 120 watts.

The manufacturers have requested their LED 33 users to provide a regular power supply of 110-240V at 50-60Hz. This can ensure the stable performance of the device for a long interval of time. It also secures the internal hardware components of the machine from any damage due to the improper power supply.

How is the Look and Feel of Top?

I like the smooth finish that has been provided by the manufacturers on the top surface of the projector. Also on the top just above the lens, i.e., towards the front, there are two adjustable knobs. One can be used to adjust the keystone correction, and another one is to control the focus adjustment. And both the features are fully manual.

On the back portion towards the left regarding the back surface of the projector, there are some hardware buttons. They are provided to ease the task of a user. It is helpful to access the multimedia files and also to give necessary commands to the system for it to react likewise.

At the top of the power button, there is a small indicator light to display the actual status of the machine to the user. The list of buttons includes a power, a back, menu, and a mode select button. The top of the LED 33 projector also consists of directional buttons in a circular shape. There is an Ok button at their center.

The sloped edges of the top surface have got a nice glossy finish with rounded corners. It will not be going to hurt any one’s hand. Especially while lifting it or carrying the hardware from one place to another for a long distance.

A Tour on Different Surfaces of the Projector Hardware

The bottom surface of the machine is having four rubber pads those are located at each corner of the device. Also towards the front near to the middle area of the machine the company has provided a height adjustment screen.

It can help a user to lift the front part of the hardware upward as per requirement. As an aim to adjust the vertical height of projecting a display screen. At the front surface of the projector, there are some ventilation holes provided at the center of the hardware. Just beside it, i.e., to the right side by looking at the device from the front there lies a big lens.

Also on the other side that is towards the left of air vents to the bottom portion, there is a remote controller sensor. It is located precisely beside the vents. The rest portion of the LED 33 hardware has been filled up with a beautiful design of some tilted horizontal lines. They are imprinted on the exterior body of the device.

What is Behind the Projector LED 33?

After looking to the machine from the rear side, we can see there is a separate rectangular hollow section. It has been provided to place all the hardware interface buttons in it securely. Next on the leftmost part on the same surface of the product, there is a black switch to power on/off the device. Below to it, there is a socket to connect the external power cord supplied with the machine as an accessory. Both the power switch and sockets have been highlighted with a black background.

Now looking to the projector machine from the rear, the right surface regarding it consists of air vents located both at the right and left sides. Not only is this the right side also having some air vents situated to the back portion of the same surface. On both the left and right surfaces of the machine similar designs have been provided that matches with that of the front surface of the hardware. However, the back surface has got a straightforward matte finish.

What is inside the Box Packaging of the Projector?

The company is supplying a Remote control, a Power adapter, a User manual, an AV cable, and a Lens clean paper with LED 33 as a complete package. All you need is to buy two AAA sized batteries separately for an infrared-based remote controller to work with the main projector unit.

The overall weight of the original box packaging that has been supplied with the device is around 2.5 kilograms. Yes, it is a bit heavy but can be handled easily by an adult. The complete dimensions of the package are around 31.50 cm x 15.50 cm x 27.00 cm / 12.4 inches x 6.1 inches x 10.63 inches. However, the measurements are as per the length, width, and height of the Box respectively.

Now among them, the net weight of the projector is only 1.839 kilograms and sizes to about 10.24 inches x 7.48 inches x 2.95 inches. In other words, the complete measurements of external hardware of the device are approximately 26.00 cm x 19.00 cm x 7.50 cm. The dimensions are as per the length, width, and height of the product respectively.

How is the Genuine Remote Controller Supplied with the Projector?

The remote control that comes with the product nearly resembles like the one that we have seen with Excelvan RD 802 projection device. I hope you have read the review of the same product that I recently posted. However, the remote controllers of both the machines are not the same.

To be specific, the hardware of remote that comes with the LED 33 projector has got a big shaped thin body. Hence. It is very comfortable for a user to hold it in hands with a proper grip such that there are lesser chances of hardware failure due to an accidental slip.

Most of the buttons provided in the remote are having a black appearance with white text or indications imprinted on them. The designers have taken proper care to bring the best use of big sized hardware of remote. It is because the remote consist of numerical buttons with other helpful buttons to handle the projector functions.

I do not know why the navigational buttons with a center OK button have red-colored indications. It is because it might create a problem for a user while using the device at night or possibly darker environments.

At the top surface of the machine, there is a red power button and a black mute button. Also, the second most row from the top of remote consist of four different colored buttons. It includes a red, a green, a yellow and a blue button. They are striking for the eyes and can be accessed quickly when in need.

What are the Compatible Multimedia Media Formats of the Projector?

I have to say that the budget-oriented projection machine that we are reviewing in this section is rich in multimedia features. The internal system of LED 33 is based on Multi-language OEM. The compatible image formats of the product are .gif, .png, .lpg, and .jpeg. A user can play only WAN, and MP3 extensions based audio formats on the projector.

Also, I had tried to play and check the performance of the machine while playing different compatible video playback formats. As a result, the device can successfully run the AVI, WMV, RMVB, MP4, and FLV based audio-video file formats.

The manufacturers have provided an internal audio system on the machine. My feedback on it is such that the sound output of the projector is loud. It is better than others projection models available in the market on similar price range. But I found some distortion in the quality of audio output at higher volume levels.

So as I am always saying the best solution to deal with this type of limitation of projection hardware is to use some external audio system. Among all high quality amplified speakers would be the best choice to be used with the device.

What are the Impressive Features of the Machine?

It has been noted that the projector can produce some noise while at work. The internal cooling fans are the main reason behind it. As per the company, the level of output noise is around 40 dB. So to be frank, you will not find any irritating noise coming out from the machine while keeping the volume levels higher. But on low volume levels, a user might feel some humming noise from the heating dissipation system provided inside the hardware.

I used the projector for about 5 hours. In the meantime, I had connected it with different types of both old-fashioned and modern gaming consoles available with my friend and me. The device performs strikingly well! I can still remember the visuals that I have saw on a 100 inch projected output screen on the wall of my friend’s office.

A big bonus for the multimedia fanatics is the fact that LED 33 is compatible to project Red/Blue 3D based media formats. But to enjoy the full effects of a 3D visual a user need proper 3D glasses to be used with the machine.

What to Consider while using the Projector?

A user needs to be a bit careful while handling the device after some hours of use. It is because there are vents located on all the sides and it might be possible that our fingers could get in touch of them. Also as per a user review, I came to know that the internal fans stop working immediately after the device has been shut down.

However, by using external cooling fans directed towards the air vents a user can deal with such problems. I need to clear one thing here that I didn’t face such a challenge, but I thought it would be best to share such facts with you about the projector.

The display performance of the machine is impressive. But as I discussed earlier, a user needs to take care of proper settings to generate the best details of pictures on the projected screen. Also, it is best to use the device within a specific range of distance from the output projection object. In the absence of which a user might sure get to see Individual pixels on the display screen of projected pictures from a near distance.

These are some of the limitations that can be controlled by following proper guidelines. But I still think there are many merits in the account of the projector as compared to the limitations of the same.


At last, I would like to conclude here my review of the LED 33 handy entertainment projection device. Before it, do let me share some more truths about the performance of the machine that I had left to mention in the above sections.

Are considering the projector to be used for home theater setup? If yes then I hope you are aware of the fact that the machine has no great internal speaker system as I discussed earlier. But it can be tackled by using some tricks.

An additional benefit would be a user can use the Cell phone as a remote controller for the machine. It can be possible by downloading and installing a compatible App on the smartphone or a tablet. Another significant benefit is the price of the device. I already said earlier in this article that our review machine is a budget-oriented projector. Thus the average cost price of the product as of now is about $131 as per what I saw in different online stores.

And yes since I have related LED 33 to the one that has been highly used for commercial purposes. Hence, I can say it can perform better for such an application. Not limited to it the device can also impress the users while using the projector at homes or for personal education needs.

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