iCODIS RD 818 Review: Is it Worth to Buy Portable Pico Projector?

iCodis RD818 Review

Portability is the need for any gadget to get the attention of its users! I can say this by considering my own experience with lots of my known people. They generally prefer to buy a new gadget that is more portable than its counterparts. This post is all about iCODIS RD 818 portable Pico projector. I am going to include all the features and specifications of the mini projector including their value of performance.

RD-818 Mini Smart Projector

The Chance to Review iCODIS RD 818 Mini Smart Projector

I got the chance to review the RD-818 projection device with the help of my friend named Shami. He was one among my juniors while we were at college, but we had a great bonding together continuing till now. Recently he has purchased the RD-818 projector from an online offer. At a special price of around $250 with a projector screen of about $30(not in the projector package).

So when we recently chatted on Facebook, I came to know about his new projector. Further, I had expressed my eagerness towards doing a personal review of his projector. He didn’t refuse me. Ultimately, he cannot since I am his senior!

iCODIS RD-818 Portable LED Projector

Well, on a serious note, I am thankful to him for giving me the opportunity to try my hands on the iCODIS RD 818 projector. Two days before writing this article I have reviewed RD-818 and noted down all the things to be shared with you!

Are you excited to know more about the RD-818 projector and whether it is worth for a user or not? If you are not even then, I do suggest you to kindly continue reading this post as my complete review of RD-818. It will be of much help to you to get some idea about the performance of the RD-818 mini projector.

iCodis Portable Pico Projectors

Portable DLP LED Multimedia Projector

With the ease in use of lightweight smartphones in our pockets and easy to carry laptops, we need other gadgets to be convenient in use as well. Many of the smart users are buying a device only to use it for more than one purpose. If we consider projectors in mind, then the latest technology has something unexceptional to deliver its users.

Today we can carry a projector in our pocket and use it to project the pictures anywhere. It was a dream before when we use to operate some bulkier projection hardware looking like big machines. And yes they are more inefficient and difficult to control as compared to the modern alternatives.

iCodis Portable Pico Projector

Now coming back to our topic, i.e. about reviewing iCODIS RD 818. I have to say that it is not a highly featured device but sufficient enough to impress its user. Please do not consider me in the wrong way here.

I am not biased towards the RD-818 projecting device and only going to talk about its positive points or so in this post. However, I feel it is interesting to me to share with others. Also, I have identified few downsides about the same that I am going to discuss with you in between reviewing the RD-818 projector.

iCODIS RD-818 Mini Projector

My Experience with RD-818 Intelligent Pico Projector

We start with the display output. A durable and high-performance light source backs the projector. Yes, RD-818 is powered by an LED light source that can last for up to 30 thousand hours of use. The display chip is of 0.2 inch DMD LED Quad-core 1.5 GHz. The projector is using the German’s Osram LED technology for the light source. RD-818 can project a more precise display output with the brightness of about 2000 Lumens.

The projector has a native resolution of 480p, and it can support maximum Full HD, i.e. 1080p input. You can enjoy watching an immersive visual experience via the projector at nights or dark surroundings. Due to its size and design, the RD-818 projector can be set up anywhere.

iCodis RD818

No doubt you can easily carry the projection device using your single hand fingers like a wallet. There are three manual buttons available on the projector hardware. It can help you to operate the equipment by using a remote like the power button, mode switch, and volume button.

The iCODIS RD 818 projector can support a maximum contrast ratio of around 2000:1 and a throw ratio of 1.2:1. The product sizes to about 1 x 6.6 x 4.2 x inches as Height x Length x Width respectively. RD-818 portable projector weights to around 0.77 IB.


RD-818 Small Sized Projector: How much Convenient?

The projector allows its users to connect various external devices with its hardware and enhance its usability. After all, it possesses a USB port, a TF port, a 3.5 mm jack and an HDMI port. Hence, the interface options’ are sufficient to connect either a PC, gaming consoles or additional speakers.

It can help you know the real feeling of playing games on a big screen that too with good sound effect. The manufacturers of RD-818 is claiming that the device comes with a sound enhancement technology. The overall sound performance is good but not excellent if you are a heavy listener.

RD-818 Best Mini Projectors

It is a fact that the inbuilt speaker available inside the projector is not sufficient for you. In case you desire for a high-class audio quality performance from the same. But you can listen to the sound output if you are within a hall of not more than 50 feet or so.

Also, you have the option to connect high-quality external speakers to the iCODIS RD 818 to fulfil your needs. You can also connect your Android or iOS-based smartphone or a tablet with the projector. However, you need an Apple Lightning digital AV adapter to connect your iPhone with RD-818 via an HDMI port.

RD-818 Mini Projector

Bigger Display Output

The size of the RD-818 projector does not matter to the output projector much. The company is claiming that the projector can be able to display an image of size up to 150’’. However, you can view a more significant sized projection output of about 120 inches clearly for sure.

The tested figures say that to project an image of 60 inches, or so you need to place the projector device at about 7 feet away from the projection screen. You can also project an image of size 110 inches using iCODIS RD 818 projector. For the same, you need to keep the projector at a distance of about 10 feet away from the wall or a projection screen to get the best viewing experience.

You do not need to bother about the fact that whether you will get proper projected images or not via RD-818. It is because the projector device has an automatic keystone correction functionality. So it does not matter exactly where you are installing the projector to display the output either on a wall or a big screen. RD-818 smart projector can auto-detect the defective projected outputs and correct them.

Portable: Is it justified?

If we are considering the focus adjustment functionality, then you need to do it manually. Also, a significant benefit is the fact that the projector runs quietly while producing noise of less than 30dB. It means you will not find any annoying noise coming out from the internal fan of the projector.

A Portable Pico projector can be of no use if it does not have any battery to be recharged and used at any place without the need to depend on the power supply. RD-818 ensures this need and comes with an inbuilt 4200mAh battery that can be used continuously ranging from 90 minutes to two hours.

Therefore, it builds your confidence to use the projector device even out of your home or office. The projector has an excellent heat dissipation facility. Consequently, you can freely use RD-818 by carrying it either on your hands or keeping it on your lap while the device is running without any risk of heat. By the way, the iCODIS RD 818 can perform very well while using the same with a suitable tripod.

What will you get as a Package?

If we look at its box packaging, then the RD-818 projector comes in a simple but impressive designing black box. You can get a rough idea about the design of the projector without un-boxing the same!

Yes, there is a sketch of the projector imprinted on the upper surface of the packaging. There is also a brand logo of iCODIS mentioned both on the upper surface and on the side of the projector’s packaging box.

After uncovering the box, you can see RD-818 provided with various basis accessories inside the same. Hence, other than the projector device you will get an HDMI cable, charging cable, and a charging adapter. Not only these, the manufacturers also providing a remote controller, product guides and related documents, and a Tripod as a package!


Finally, I would like to share the best thing that I liked the most about the RD-818 projector. It is the fact that its Display Quality is better as compared to an LCD projector at the same time considering its size in mind. Similarly, one thing that I miss in the same is the fact that there are not many options for display settings.

Hence, if you are also in search of a well-designed, light weighted and handy Pico projector, then iCODIS RD 818 projector can be the best choice for you. You can buy it in less than its maximum retail price online as an offer price ranging from $245 to $300.

I am sure that this new gadget will help you to confuse your friends if you are using headphones with the same. The projector device is almost looking like a compact DVD or a multimedia player, kindly excuse about its front lens!

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