JMGO 1895S LED, a classic projector turned into a device of the present

JMGO 1895S - Featured

There is currently a truth that no one can deny, and it is that technology is advancing faster every day, it is for these reasons that new devices are constantly coming onto the market and the old ones are left in oblivion, without taking into account the true incredible that those devices were at the time. It turns out that, to recall this past, a projector with a classic design, but with features of a modern gadget, has come onto the market. This is the JMGO 1895S, a projector to enjoy the best old movies, but with the quality that technology currently offers, both image and sound.

JMGO 1895S

JMGO 1895S: Design

Its design is that of a professional projector of high quality, has a suitcase that has dimensions of 53.00×42.00×25.00cm and a total weight of 9.5000Kg, this case is made of calf leather, so it is extremely resistant and elegant. Of course, as it is an old device with new product qualities, so the package comes with the following:

  • 1 x Projector
  • 1 x Remote control
  • 1 x Power adapter
  • 1 x Manual

This brings us to the dimensions of the device as such, which are 47.97×36.20×16.50cm and its weight is 4.5000Kg, as such in its design, it has two rotating discs in which by means of a button you can start or stop the movie, in addition to being able to adjust the volume. Additionally, it has a small lever that allows modifying the way in which the movie will be viewed on the television, that is, in case the user wants to see it through USB, HDMI or AV. As it is a projector, you can also adjust the central focus to give more clarity to the images, in addition to having a switch that is where the device is turned on or off respectively.

JMGO 1895S - Suitcase

It has an adjustable base, that can be moved both upwards and downwards to determine the direction in which the projector will point the film to be transmitted. As mentioned above, it has a large slot where you can modify the volume from a minimum to a maximum but also has other 3 small levers, which each one modifies the sound level.

JMGO 1895S: Features

The JMGO 1895S is a device with a classic design that has a series of features that only modern devices count on, making it a combination of the best of many years with the best of today. This projector has the ability to be manually focused, so you can control the clarity of the film, as well as the center of focus of the same. You can manually modify the source of the signal and the angle of the projection vertically. As an aggregate, it has an instrument panel, showing heat dissipation and operation. It has the ability to connect to a dual 2.4 + 5GHz WiFi network. Moreover, to avoid overheating, it has a good integrated cooling system.

JMGO 1895S - Design

The sound experience is guaranteed thanks to its independent loudspeakers and a stereo sound system so that it resembles the cinema as much as possible, but it also supports wireless duplication of mobile phone/tablet. The projector lamp is LED and has a native 1920x1080p resolution, but can reach 4K with an image size that varies between 80” to 300 “depending on the distance the projector is from the projection surface, the minimum recommended is 2 meters and the maximum is 7.3 meters. It has a capacity of 2GB of RAM and 16GB of ROM that can be expanded up to 64GB. In addition to all this, it can be connected to Bluetooth 4.0 and the remote control is operated by means of 2 AAA batteries. It has two formats to show the pixels on the screen, square or in the form of diamonds (which eliminate the edges of most images).

JMGO 1895S: Where to buy it?

This amazing device that mixes the analog world with the digital one can be acquired in Gearbest for a price of $1199.99, so you should not miss this unique opportunity.

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