JMGO E9 Review: A Projector with Power and Distinctive Disc like Structure


.At present many people do not prefer to go to theaters for watching a movie! What do you think that can be the main reason behind the same? It is because today in the market we can find many high resolution big sized TV panels and high-end portable projectors! But wait, I have another big reason! It is due to the disturbance in cinema halls. By the way, this post is dedicated to my review about JMGO E9 projector machine. I will explain to you about the performance of the device from every perspective. For you all I am sharing the details about its features and specifications.

My Detailed Review on JMGO E9

If you had ever gone to watch a movie before on theater halls, you might have experienced it at least once. After all, it is a public hall where more than on people can sit and enjoy a film on a big screen. Obviously, chances are some children make noises, and some people talk on their mobile phones in between, some people comments, etc.

It really not matters if you are going to a cinema hall alone, with a partner or with a complete family. For me, the real enjoyment of watching a movie is to watch it with full focus. By listening and feeling the sounds and watching each frame on the screen. Well, whatever is the case the best alternative to a cinema hall is to watch a movie at your home with a complete home theater setup.

Next, I am going to talk about my experience using a projector, i.e., JMGO E9. It can work best to solve the above problem at the same time enhancing the decor of your assets. So I will first start with sharing the details of the hardware design then we will look at some hardware configurations. So kindly continue reading this article! I am also going to include the details about display and system UI performance and other essential facts of E9 projector hardware.

A Detailed Tour on the Hardware Presence of the E9 Projector Machine

The E9 projector has been designed in a complete circular design like a disc. It has a big button at the center of its top surface for power on/off function of the system. E9 comes in golden color and also reflects a great shine.

A small but noticeable brand logo has been imprinted on the same surface above the position of the lens. The complete body of E9 is made up of metal material with flat surfaces at its top and bottom sides.

After first sight, anyone can think about the fact that the shiny surface of the E9 projector can attract fingerprints on its body. However, it not the case! It is because JMGO has provided an anti-fingerprint coating to the surface of its hardware.

Hence making the device easy to be used for daily purposes without the need to wipe it off every time using a clean soft cloth or so! Huh, time saver, isn’t it? It is good to see acoustic knit black fabric wrap on sides. It matches the gold metal texture of the E9 projector’s body but also protects the circular side from any shock or scratches to happen.

How much User-Friendly is the Hardware?

Even after having the complete circular design I feel it could be not easier for anyone to locate its front side. Better to say the position of the lens on the JMGO E9 projector. The lens has been provided on the side of the device. Hence, the projector body can rest on a circular bottom. A big base gives the device more grip in comparison to a rectangular or cubic shaped projector hardware.

So first of all as I said earlier, there is a JMGO brand logo imprinted on one corner at the top of the device. Hence the lens is located just below the same. So the brand logo at the top surface of the projector can be taken as a good reference to find the position of its lens in less visibility. Other than that the lens face is flat. Thus, a user can also see the location of the lens by referring to one small flat portion on the circular side of the E9 projector.

Well, it can be a glitch only for some new users once you get used to the E9 projector hardware then finding the lens will not be any more problem for you. By the way, many smart new users even do not find any difficulty while locating the lens or so!

What Do We Get at Front and Back of the E9 Projector?

The lens of E9 has been protected with the help of a transparent closed glass section. The tough protective glass works best to reduce the rate of any damage that can happen to the inside lens of the E9 projector machine. The protective small glass film is not only scratch resistant but is of both high toughness and optical clarity.

The big circular button at the center of the top of the E9 hardware also has a multi-color LED ring. It is there to update user about the different status of projector under different conditions. For example, It shows red when the JMGO E9 projector device has been powered on and turns to white after a normal boot of the system.

At the opposite side of the E9 projector, i.e., at the back side of the device at the top portion of the same, you can find many interface connectivity ports. The lower part of the same surface consists of air vents for heat dissipation from inside the projector device. The manufacturers have provided a power supply input port and an HDMI port. You can also find a 2 USB ports (one USB 2.0 and another USB 3.0), an Ethernet port, an S/PDIF audio port, and some other useful ones on the E9 projector.

How convenient is the Projector Device?

At the bottom surface of the E9 projector right at the center, you will find a hole. It is useful to connect the projector with a tripod or fix it on ceiling or walls using the appropriate supportive stands. By the way, there is much rubber padding provided at the bottom of the projector hardware to make it an anti-slip device up to a great extent.

Hence, there are nearly all types of facility for a user to connect external devices with the E9 projector. Either you can use it to convert your bedroom into a home theater or add more productivity peripherals that can help you to ease the office work.

At the bottom part of the JMGO E9 projector device there, I found many details that have been imprinted regarding the properties of the same. It also includes specific important warning and usage directions about the projector machine.

There I came to know that the E9 projection machine is compatible with Bluetooth wireless connectivity. It can project 3D content as well. Also there it has been mentioned that E9 is based on DLP based display technology.

What to Expect from the Display Performance of the E9 Projector?

E9 is based on RGB+B four-channel LED light source and is capable of projecting the picture with a maximum brightness of 900 ANSI lumens. Thus, no matter whether it is day or night the output projection from the E9 projector is clear to our eyes and with adequate brightness.

You will get faster imaging and clear pictures on the projection screen. All with the help of an E9 projector that has been provided with a highly sensitive top quality camera. One of the best features for the users to have in the projector is its autofocus functionality. Hence whenever you move the device, it can automatically detect and adjusts its focus. A user does not need to manually change the same every time that is currently a common practice mostly in case of having child users at home.

The projector is compatible to project Full HD pictures in the output projection screen or a wall. For better viewing effect the projector supports 110% NTSC higher wide color gamut. At maximum, the E9 projector can project an output picture is having a contrast ratio of 5000:1. The projector can do an excellent job in reproducing the natural colors with vivid pictures even on a bigger sized display screen.

JMGO E9: A Productive Machine

You can project a big display screen of size 300 inches up to the maximum using E9 projection machine. However, the recommended size is within a range of 100-140 inches. A pretty larger screen from the projector can also deliver astonishing viewing effects. The device can be placed at a distance of 2.65 meters from the output projection object to display a big 100-inch high definition screen.

The projector is suitable for PPT presentations because it can project both the text and images visibly on output objects. Therefore, you can use the device to work with some text files by viewing the fonts on a bigger projected panel.

You can use the quadrilateral trapezoidal correction functionality of the E9 projector device. It is helpful to adjust its output projection screen within ±45° of left, right, up and down. The output projected pictures are compensated and corrected by software and chip algorithm.

It is beneficial in case the output projection screen is improper. There is square pixels projection effect available in the E9 projector other than diamond pixels. It guarantees that the user will always enjoy watching complete pictures in the output screen. However, it might not work in case of screen mirroring or casting from any other gadget.

How Beneficial is the JMGO E9 Projector Machine for a User?

JMGO has made E9 an energy-efficient projector machine that supports 1.2:1 projection ratio. The E9 projector has FPGA image processing technology prepared by the Texas Instruments. It works to deliver superior picture quality and rich color via FPGA decoding in the projected output.

All thanks to the principle of diffuse reflection in the E9 intelligent projector our eyes will be safer from direct light. The technology works opposite to what is generally found in any modern TV panels. The light from most of the television screens has been reflected toward its viewers hence can affect their health. I hope it is a big satisfaction for you after knowing the fact that at least your eyes will be safe if you are planning to buy the E9 projector.

At daytime, the projected output display from the E9 projector looks slightly white. But you will not find any disturbance in viewing the picture. And I have only one thing to say concerning the display performance of the device at night hours, outstanding!

What are the Design Facets of the Projector?

The overall design of the projector hardware is awe-inspiring at the same time user-friendly. The knitted acoustic fabric that has been used on all sides can offer many advantages. For instance, it helps the E9 hardware to produce the improved sound output and also works as dust resistant for the same.

It has been said that E9 projector is an advanced or upgraded version of JMGO G7 projector. So there are many things common in their hardware design and appearance. However, E9 has been presented with the more durable artistic body. The brushed metal top cover of the JMGO E9 projection gadget is having the thickness of 2.2mm.

A seven layer high-passivity glass has been used to make the lens of the E9 projector. Hence, the lens can resist much heat and will not be deformed for a long time. Many projector users want the lens of their projector device to be adjusted vertically. And many well-known brands are already providing it in most of their projector models.

In the case of E9, it will also not let down such type of users. It is since the two anti-slip brackets located at the bottom front portion of the device can be adjusted in height. Hence, it can help you to project a display at a certain height other than standard horizontal display.

What are the Hardware Capabilities of the Device?

In the standby state, the E9 projector can be connected to the smartphones wirelessly within seconds. You can use the machine as a good quality Bluetooth speaker. Let me tell you one thing that just below the lens there are some holes to pass on the sound coming from its internal audio system.

The E9 projector is powered by a 2 GB of RAM and 16GB of internal memory. Now I would like to talk about the hardware performance of the system. It runs smoother even while playing larger multimedia files, games or running heavy software apps. A user can do multitasking on the JMGO E9 system while switching between the different programs without any anomalies.

If you think this much is all about the E9 projector hardware, then wait there are still more exciting stuff to uncover regarding the same. First of all, a well-designed remote controller that has been supplied by the JMGO as a package with the E9 projector device.

A Brief Look on the Remote Controller

The remote controller has fewer control buttons. But all together they can help to adjust nearly everything in the E9 projector. I do like the circular navigational button with a gold outer rim on its top.

It gives a perfect grip to the fingers while using the same and feels truly comfortable on hands even if you will hold it for a long time. I am sure E9 will going to be a premium looking projection machine. No matter whether you are keeping both the projector and its remote controller together at any corner of your home or office.

The remote controller runs on two cell batteries and works on the principle of infrared signals. By the way, if you hate remote controllers in this digital age then do not worry you can control all functions of the E9 projector using the JMGO App as well.

How is the User Interface of the E9 Projector?

After going through the hardware appearance and overall design aspects now let us power on the JMGO E9 projector. It is the time to dig into the details and performance of the system’s user interface. The UI is based on JMGO 3.0 operating system. You can enjoy BesTV, iQiyi, and Mango TV in the same.

You can also select one from about thousands of high definition movies. Also, there are more than tens of thousands of TV programs. For children, the E9 supports many entertainment resource options. It includes animations, learning documentaries, and parenting videos. A user can find new online content with an update every day.

Not only children but elderly users can also take the best use of the resources available inside the E9 projector system. A user can install any supportive third-party software application with ease via the app store.

How can E9 enhance the Display of your Gadget?

You can mirror the display output of your Android and iOS-based gadgets on the JMGO E9 projector. E9 can be connected to a PC without concerning about whether it runs on Windows, iOS, MAC, or anything else.

In case of any doubt, a user can refer to the video tutorials provided for the same. The system takes very less time to show the content available in any other connected device. It is highly useful for office presentations or quick home entertainment needs.

You can imagine, not only the projector’s resources but your personal gadget’s entertainment content can also be the part of the projector. No limitation on projecting anything on a big display screen.

You need to make sure that your connected smartphone or PC is having access to a reliable internet connection. It is necessary to make the smooth online streaming or gameplay possible on the projected output.

Talking about the gaming options within the JMGO E9 projector device then yes you will get access to many inbuilt games to enjoy in your free time. If you are bored of playing them again and again, then you can download and install some more titles from the online gaming resources.

The company supplied remote controller can be used to play most of the games. You can also enhance your regular gameplay experience by connecting the gaming console with the projector via HDMI port.


JMGO is providing a good quality protective packaging for the E9 projector. The device comes in a premium box, and it can amaze anyone at first sight. After design, display and hardware also I would like to add my review of the sound performance of the device.

The JMGO E9 multimedia projector has two 5W internal speakers that deliver full surround sound effect. Many people wonder how it is possible in such compact hardware. But the internal sound system of the E9 projector has been tuned by the engineers.

By upgrading the capacity of the symmetrical design long stroke strong neodymium magnet horn speaker. It has been optimized from 40 calibers to 50 calibers. E9 can deliver full cinematic audio-visual effects to the users. It is because the product has been passed by the Dolby Laboratories based in the United States.

Also, I have noticed one limitation of E9 hardware for its users. It is there are no control buttons provided on the projector hardware. Hence the system is to be used only via a remote or a supportable App.

At last, I can say the E9 projector is a complete family entertainer. It is only because the clarity of its projected texts E9 can be an excellent choice to be used for multi-purposes. And the best thing among all is the hardware presence of the JMGO E9 projector. It is something that can definitely turn the heads of your guests for sure!

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