JMGO N7 Review: A Powerful Portable Projector with High Brightness


Few days before I got the opportunity to spend some time with a projector. At front upper part on the device there written -“smart home theater” has been mentioned. It is a well-known machine from the house of JMGO, i.e., N7. I have taken complete benefit of it and checked the performance of the device from different aspects. This post is based on a whole discussion on my experience as a user regarding the projector! Kindly read this article thoroughly to uncover all the details regarding my recent JMGO N7 Review.

N7 features an Android-based customized operating system. Hence, you can install any supportable third-party applications on the system. It includes popular YouTube, Hulu, etc. Also, you can enjoy video streaming services such as Amazon prime videos, Netflix, and many more.

Also at the bottom of the N7 projector, you can find some nice design. Hence, you will not feel awkward by looking from the bottom especially if you will fix the device at a ceiling or a higher height of a Room. Let me share with you everything regarding the projector one by one in a systematic way.

What are the Display Features of JMGO N7 Projector?

N7 is based on DLP display technology. The projector supports Full HD display projection technology. Also, a user can play 4K resolution video files on the same. It is best to have an Auto Focus feature so that you do not need to mess up with the settings every time you boot the JMGO N7device.

The device works on a native resolution of 1920 x 1080ppi. N7 works well to enhance the output visuals since the projector has been provided with HDR10 video decoding technology. There are 27 PET and RGGB four channel optical path design to project the output screen. It also supports Rec.709 color gamut reproduction.

A user will get the Auto Keystone Correction function on N7 to adjust the output display if you are not getting the proper screen. Hence, the 45 degrees keystone correction supports both the vertical and horizontal adjustments. An LED lamp provided inside the projector machine as a light source. It can be used for more than 30 hours even after using it daily within a limit of 8 hours per day.

N7 can project a display having a maximum brightness of 1300 ANSI. So you do not need to compromise with the quality of the display on JMGO N7 like whiteness or so even at high surrounding light. It is easy to figure out different shades of color especially black and white. All because of a maximum contrast ratio of 8000:1 to 9000:1 in N7.

Built for both Small and Big Sized Rooms

You can project the output screen of different sizes ranging from 50 inches to 300 inches in the diagonal length. That too by placing the projector hardware within a range of 1 meter to 5 meters in the distance from the projection screen or a wall. N7 supports a throw ratio of 1.1:1. The projector is compatible with the aspect ratio of both 16:9 and 4:3.

There is an LED light source that consumes a maximum power of 13W inbuilt inside the projector machine. N7 is compatible with projecting 3D videos with effects and movies on a significant display output. However, the recommended size is to project a display screen of not more than 120 inches in diagonal length.

What are the Design Configurations of N7?

The N7 projector is available in a combination of Silver and Black dual tone colors all over the body. Also, the projector hardware is made up of a combination of aluminum and ABS plastic. At both the sides of the projector, there are some small holes. They are provided to transfer the sound coming from the internal stereo speakers of the projector system.

At the front surface of the N7 projector hardware on the upper part, there is a glass section with an enclosed lens. It is located on the right side on the same surface. The lower portion is a part of the main body. There is a brand impression imprinted on the middle lower portion of the JMGO N7 projector device.

The N7 has a glossy finished Top and consists of nothing to discuss. At the back surface of the projector hardware on the upper part, there is a row of interface connectivity ports. Further on the lower portion on the same face, there are some air vents to dissipate the residual heat from within the projector machine.

Lastly, at the bottom portion of the projector machine, there are four rubber parts to provide proper grip to the device. Also right at the center, there is a small hole considerably to connect the machine with a tripod or stand.

What are the Hardware Specifications of the Projector?

In this section I am going to list down the essential hardware aspects of the N7 projector;

  • N7 consists of a Stereo Auto Lens Cap.
  • The device can produce a High-quality sound output, all thanks to the two 5W speakers provided inside the projector.
  • The JMGO N7 projector works on an Android 5.1 based operating system.
  • A quad-core processor chip of Amlogic T968 has been used inside the N7 projector hardware
  • The projector consists of internal 2 GB of RAM and a 16 GB of eMMC secondary storage. Hence, it is easy for one to install third-party applications on the system interface of the device.

  • A dual-band Wi-Fi network connectivity of 2.4GHz and 5GHz has been featured on N7. I tested the device on a slow network, and I am satisfied with its performance.
  • The projector is ready to support Apple Airplay, Screen Mirroring, and Miracast functionalities. Thus, N7 is available for screen mirroring of your smartphone or any other gadget.
  • The device supports fast Bluetooth V4.0 for quick connect and share.
  • All you need to give N7 is a power supply of 100 to 220V generally available at our home and offices. It can be 19V at 7.9A.
  • Total noise that has been produced by the projector is under 32dB up to the maximum. It is under the limit and hard to hear any uncomfortable sound directly from ears in general use.

What are the Multimedia Configurations of JMGO N7?

N7 is an entirely portable multimedia projector! It is because you can play different multimedia file formats on the device. It can be done either directly from the internal storage or with the help of an external device.

Hence, you can enjoy watching movies and videos on the N7 projector those are available with you on one among the device compatible formats. It includes H.264, HDR, H.265, AVI, DAT, MPG, VOB, MOV, DIV, MKV, RMVB, RM, MP4, TS, MJPEG, TRP, ASF, WMV, and FLV.

Further, you can project your favorite captured moments in the form of images on a big screen using N7. To make it possible you need to make sure that the photos should be in one among .png, .mpo,.jpeg,.bmp, and .gif formats.

Next, if we talk about the compatible audio formats of the projector, then you can play many formats. It includes .wma, MPEG 1, MPEG 2, .mp3, and .lpcm. We already talk about the display performance of the projector. Now I would like to share one thing about the audio quality of N7 as well that make it a complete multimedia device.

Internal speakers of the projector do come with large size closed sound chamber. Also, there is a diaphragm of composite material, long-stroke, and large-diameter voice coil. Altogether a user can experience Smoother Bass effects on the audio output of the projector.

An Outlook on the Noticeable Features of N7

You have the option to connect the N7 projector machine with your smartphone, PC or tablet either without or with wires as per your convenience. It is because the device offers a screen mirroring function. Also, there are USB and HDMI ports on JMGO N7 that can ease the plug and play of an external device.

A highly sensitive camera has made it possible for the N7 to achieve a good response for the autofocus function. All thanks to the diffuse reflectance imaging technology present on the N7. Now a user does not need to think much about the wellbeing of the viewers.

The home page of the user interface of the projector system consists of four thumbnails. It includes settings, input source, media player, and screen mirroring. You can upgrade the firmware of the device from the network configuration options present inside the settings menu. There regarding the display settings, you can adjust only brightness, contrast hue, and color saturation.

N7 can be used in four different modes namely economic, bright, normal, and personalized. Also, JMGO uses three OSRAM LED light sources inside the projector hardware to produce the three standard colors, i.e., RGB. Hence, the device can display natural, lifelike pictures with proper color reproduction.

A Discussion on the Company Box Packaging of the Projector

Inside the packing box of N7 supplied from JMGO, you will find some useful genuine accessories used with the projector. It includes a power adapter, an English manual, a power cord, and a remote controller with the JMGO N7 projector unit. A user needs to place two AAA sized batteries inside the remote controller supplied with the projector by the JMGO. However, the batteries are not available as a part of the packaging.

The net weight of the projector machine is around 1.8 kilograms. After all, overall dimensions of the N7 measures to approximately 7.56 x 7.56 x 4.33 inches or 19.20 x 19.20 x 11.00 cm. It has been measured as per the length, width, and height of the device hardware. An electrical cable has been supplied with the projector machine by the company that supports European plugs

The complete package of the N7 projector is about 3 kilograms in weight including the projector with all the genuine accessories in it. The length, width, and height of the outer packaging box having projector machine with accessories in it are 9.06 x 9.06 x 7.48 inches and 23.00 x 23.00 x 19.00 cm. Measurements are considered as per the length, width, and height of the company packing box respectively.

  • 0.47 inch DMD + DLP display chip for clear images
  • High transparency Glasses Lenses
  • Motion Compensation
  • Front, Ceiling, and Rear projection methods
  • Can support 4K or UHD Video Playback
  • Active 3D Direct Reading
  • Both Auto and Electrical Focus
  • Wide color gamut
  • Even light flux
  • Good stability of color temperature
  • No mechanical lens shifting mechanism for image placement
  • No optical digital zoom function


Now let me conclude my review in this section! As the manufacturers are saying, N7 is an all in one smart device. It is a fact! The device functions like a Bluetooth speaker with good sound output. Also, JMGO N7 can act as an HD TV box to watch programs and online videos, and yes not to forget a smart portable projector. I got a bit delay while playing online games like CoD on the projector. However, I cannot say if it is a downside of the device or not.

You need special glasses to watch 3D movies on N7. However, the brightness of the display output in such case is slightly reduced because 3D glasses have a bandwidth of 38-40 percent. However, considering N7 as a home theater projector, it can be neglected.

At first startup, it gives tips on how the initial setup the device like time, language, and Wi-Fi. You might get some blurred image for some seconds on the output display at the boot of the device. But it is temporary since the projector can adjust the sharpness and make the output display itself for vibrant visuals.

If you are interested in configurations of N7, then you can buy it! The device can be used for both home and professional use. By the way, you can buy the JMGO N7 projector at much less price around $899 via online stores than its original market cost which is $1046. The price is excluding the handling fees if applied!

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