JMGO N7L Review: Does it Justice as a Smart Home Theater Projector?

JMGO N7L Review

Recently I have seen a projector that can be controlled using a mobile APP. Also, I like the remote controller supplied with the device that works very well to control nearly everything on the device by sitting at one place. It is JMGO N7L projector. Hence, this post is dedicated to my review regarding the same.

You can buy the projector online at a discounted price of about $520 excluding the shipping charges if applicable to your country. However, the actual market price of the device is around $680.

N7L works quietly since the maximum noise generated by the device is within 28dB. It is an excellent feature to have inside a projector unit made for home theater use. A user can display images or watch cinema on a low sound profile without being disturbed by the fan noise or so! There are much more interesting facts to know about the projector. Let me share them with you one by one ahead in this article.

What are the Display Features of N7L?

N7L can project an output display of size ranging from 60 inches to 150 inches in diagonal length. It is possible by installing the projector hardware within a distance of 2 meters to 5 meters from the output display object.

The device ensures stable images at the output screen. It is due to the availability of Autofocus technology inside the JMGO N7L projector. I like the Automatic Focus adjustment feature of the display output of the projector. It can save much of our time to set up a display screen output.

The device supports a throw ratio of 1.2:1. Therefore, you can get a larger image output by placing the projector device not too far from the walls or a projection screen. You can use the device in a small room with ease.

You will get a 45 Degree Keystone Correction function on the projector that too both horizontal and vertical. Thus, no more tension about placing the device only at certain places to get the desired results in the output screen. You can feel free to sit anywhere irrespective of the placement of the projector hardware.

N7L is based on DLP display technology. To ensure high brightness output JMGO has included a four channel efficient LED lamp inside the projector hardware. The device can project an output display with supportable aspect ratios of both 4:3 and 16:9.

My Review on the Display Performance of the JMGO N7L Projector

The maximum brightness of the N7L projector is 700 ANSI Lumen. I have tested the display performance of the product under daylight. Believe me, and it works best to give a remarkable visual experience of watching a projected display even at daytime.

The projector can display an output screen having a native resolution of 1280 x 800ppi. However, to the maximum N7L can project multimedia content with a resolution of 1080p. The N7L machine can reach a color contrast ratio of 2000:1 in the projected output. The device can also play 4K content well.

By the way, N7L can project 3D movies with full effects. I did not have the compatible 3D glasses with me while testing the device. Therefore, I cannot tell the exact performance of the device while displaying 3D content. The projector can display 3D movies with active shutter mode.

The projector is compatible with Xbox and Sony PS4 gaming consoles. I have played some high-end games as well by connecting the N7L with the PS4 console. I enjoyed the gameplay well under no surrounding light. However, after lighting up the room light, I found the display performance of N7L is much similar to a flat TV panel.

What are the Top Specifications of the Device?

Following are some of the basic configurations of JMGO N7L projector about which everyone should know;

  • A quad-core processor chip of AMLOGIC Cortex A9 has been used inside the projector hardware.
  • There is a built-in RAM chip of size 2 GB present on the projector device.
  • A secondary storage facility of 16GB eMMC has been available inside the N7L.
  • The projector supports the 2.4GHz + 5GHz dual-band Wi-Fi connectivity feature. Streaming online videos from any media streaming App is beneficial.
  • The projector supports Bluetooth functionality.
  • A glass lens has been provided on the hardware to ensure the safety and durability of the same.
  • The user interface of the device is based on a customized JMGO android based operating system.
  • You can install different online video and audio streaming apps. By the way, you can get many pre-installed apps on the device. It includes but not limited to file manager, media player, app store, and options to access online movie libraries.
  • The user can adjust the deformations that are appearing in a picture of display output via easy to navigate settings menu.
  • You need to provide a total power supply of 19V or 5A to the projector hardware. The lamp consumes an average power of 30W. Also, the internal light source can be used for more than thirty thousand hours.

How N7L is a Home Theater Projector?

You can connect any external device and speakers with N7L. Thus, it is a useful feature that can prove helpful both for home and professional needs. There lies a USB 3.0, an SV, an HDMI, a 3.5mm Audio, a USB 2.0, an RJ45, and a DC port on the device hardware.

A user can use a suitable media player on the projector and play music, movies, and videos of different file formats. The supportable image formats of the N7L are .jpg, .bmp, .png, .jpeg, and .gif.

You can play videos files available with you on different formats on the JMGO N7L projector. It includes .mpg, .ts, .mkv, .mp4, .av, .mov, .dat, and .vob. To play audio files on the N7L you can use one among .dts, .mp2, .wma, .mp3, .mp1, and .mp3 formats.

In standby mode, the projector can work as a Bluetooth speaker device. As per the company saying the N7L projector consists of built-in dual Bluetooth speakers for Hi-Fi sound. In other words, there is an integrated stereo speaker system on N7L. So I tried listening to different genres of music and also watched some videos and movies.

As a result, I found the overall audio output of the projector is clear to my ears. I saw good quality of vocals that can be suitable for a small presentation hall. But, for high multimedia needs, you can connect the projector with high-quality external speakers.

An Outlook on the Outer Box Packaging

The projector comes in a well packaged outer box with proper support to the device and accessories from any jerk or mishandling. Overall dimensions of the outer packaging of N7L are 11.02 x 11.02 x 4.72 inches or 28.00 x 28.00 x 12.00 cm. It has been mentioned considering the length, width, and height of the projector hardware respectively.

As a complete package of N7L, the company is supplying many essential accessories. It comprises of a power adapter, an English manual, a 2.4 GHz wireless remote controller with the main JMGO N7L projector unit.

The device comes with two different options of the power adapter to choose from namely EU plug and US plug (2-pin). So, a user needs to take proper care while ordering the device online. Be sure to select the suitable adapter as per your country standards.

Also, you need to use two AAA sized batteries on the remote controller supplied with the projector machine. And yes you need to manage the batteries separately since they are not available in the company package.

How is the Design of the N7L Projector Hardware?

To be frank! One fact is true about N7L that it is based on Dust-free design. The device has been made with Aluminum Alloy. The projector is available in dual tone look, i.e., Silver color on Top and Black on the side.

N7L has been designed in all circular shape with glory silver finish at its top end. The top of the projector only has a big power button at its center. There is a brand impression on the same surface located right above the position of projector’s lens. The complete look of the JMGO N7L projector can for sure mesmerize anyone.

Hence, the lens is present at the side portion of the machine. Also, there is an excellent black layer of Black protection available on the side of the hardware with matt finish. It can help the projector to avoid any damage due to the outer impact.

The net weight of the NFL projector is around 1.2 kilograms. However, the weight of the company’s packaging box including all the accessories in it is about 2.5 kilograms. If we talk about the product dimensions then the length, width, and height of the projector are considered portable. Hence, they are 8.43 x 8.43 x 2.07 inches or 21.40 x 21.40 x 5.27 cm.

What are the Benefits of Hardware Design?

Below the N7L projector to the front part, there are two adjustable legs to adjust the height of the output display screen. Hence, the bottom legs can not only giving proper support and balance to the device but also useful for hoisting.

It is a helpful feature to have in the projection device. After all, a user can with ease adjust the height of projecting a display. Almost in case, the hardware has been placed at a much lower height than the display screen.

At the back side of the JMGO N7L projector that is the surface opposite to the lens at its top portion there lies some interface connectivity ports. We have already discussed them before. Next, below the ports, there are some air vents to dissipate the internal heat of the device.

The N7L projector can bear front and back shocks very well. It is because of a well-constructed body. The machine can withstand different external forces without leaving any damage internally. The design of the device not only gives a premium look to our room but also ensures a long time use even while using the projector in rough conditions.

  • Display works excellent at night
  • Easy to use
  • Economic price
  • Safer for eyes
  • A less noisy cooling system
  • Good contrast ratio
  • Pictures are apparent in average ambient light.
  • Screen Mirroring in less time

  • App services are mostly in the Chinese language.
  • Need 3D glasses that support active shutter technology.


Before summarizing my review of JMGO N7L here, I would like to thank my colleague. It is due to his help that I got the opportunity to review his N7L projector. I have tried to uncover the details about the behavior of the projector under different usage conditions.

Also, I had gone through some of the reviews and feedbacks of the product from genuine users. It helps me much to not only collect the details regarding the feature and specifications of the N7L but also to know the highs and lows of the projector.

I am impressed by the hardware look of N7L. Especially the presence of small power button at the top surrounded by the LED right that acts as a status indicator of the projector. I find this feature helpful at nights. At least you will come to know the projector is either in On, in Bluetooth mode or Off state in case you forget about using the Device after a long interval.

You can buy and use a proper stand with the N7L projector. It comes with an adjustable height and hidden wires that have been made with the dustproof design. You can also use a tripod with the JMGO N7L because the hardware consists of a ¼ screw hole at the bottom.

At last, I can only say one thing! N7L is a small home theater projector that can outperform not only in homes but also on workplaces. A potential gadget for video conferencing, creative presentations, and meetings.

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