JMGO P2 Review: A Projector Intended to Perform Beyond Expectations

JMGO P2 Review

I mostly saw bass tubes on some of my friend’s car hoods. However, recently I saw the same at one of my relative’s home. It is small or says portable in size. When I asked my relative, he further asked me to observe it since it is not a bass tube but a projector machine. I got stunned after listening to him. I went near to the device and saw it has a lens on its surface and yes it is a projector device! This post is based on my review on JMGO P2 projector.

I have to say the fact that this was the first time when I saw a portable cylindrical shaped projector device. It was P2 intelligent portable projector machine from a well-recognized JMGO brand. Further, I got the chance to review the same and get enough content to share with you all about the P2 smart small projector hardware in this review post. So kindly read this full article to know everything about another JMGO projector model.

An Outlook on the Box Packaging of P2 Projector

The outer packaging of the P2 stylish multimedia projector device from a famous JMGO brand is in simple black design. It has Brand impressions on its both sides. A partial look of the projector device is imprinted at the front or say the top surface of the packaging box that resembles its actual design. The P2 home theater cinema projection machine is almost built in a square-shaped design.

After opening the top cover, we can see the projector resting at one side of the P2’s packaging box. The other side is covered with an envelope like the cover. After opening this part there, I saw two sections. One is having a magnetic base for the projector, and another one has the remote controller to be used with the P2 device.

Removing this section further from the box packaging we can get some more accessories provided by the JMGO. It includes but not limited to a power adapter with cable, a user manual, and warranty card.

What is the Convenience of Accessing the P2 Projector?

Next coming to the remote controller supplied with the JMGO P2 smart cinema projector device. It has a premium appearance that matches with the projector design all dark color. It includes limited but helpful buttons to control the functionalities of the projector device.

Not only this you can also control the P2 multimedia office projector hardware using a compatible mobile app. An infrared sensor is located at the lower left side of the lens in the form of a raised black button. It helps the P2 smart small projector machine to receive the control commands from the remote controller device.

P2 Projector: Design at a Glance

The P2 home theater portable projector device is designed in a cylindrical shape. You might wonder about the fact that the projector hardware can roll on any uneven surface. Due to the same reason that the company is supplying a magnetic base that can act as a stand for the P2 multimedia entertainment projector device. It helps the projector to be stick at one position even in case of any external jerk or movement on its body.

The JMGO P2 smart movie projector machine has got dual tone colors including silver and black. Both the ends of the projector are made of shiny black with a strip that goes almost to the right portion from the mid of the P2 projector hardware. Rest all are matte silver metal.

There are brand impressions and a quote of “smart portable theater” printed in grey on the front face beside the lens that is hidden in that black strip. The outer shell of the P2 intelligent office projector is wholly made of sturdy and light anodized aluminum material.

P2 weights to only around one kilograms and sizes to around 572.5px x 180px regarding the length and height of the projector respectively. You can without any issues carry the P2 home theater portable projector device while traveling or use it on outdoor. Get the benefit of not only impressing others with the big projected display but also with the style statement of the P2 projector hardware.

What are the Different Connectivity Options on the P2 Projector?

At the back portion of the P2 smart cinema projector machine there lies only three interface ports. It includes a power input port, a USB port, an HDMI port, and a facility to reset the projector. All these are present on the silver face. On the black strip there lies an ON/Off button with some details about the projector hardware imprinted on the same.

You can attach the magnetic base or stand provided with the P2 intelligent home projector device. It is also designed with Matt silver finish and provided two black magnets at its both ends. It not only matches with the look but also adds to the beauty of the complete JMGO P2 portable multimedia projector machine.

There is one more benefit of using the magnetic base that comes with the P2 small home theater projector hardware. It is the fact that you can attach it above the lens area to cover it from any scratch or damages while the projector is not in use. It can even help the P2 intelligent entertainment projector users to protect the lens from dust or water up to a great extent.

How to Wirelessly Connect the P2 Projector with other Devices?

The P2 home theater smart projector device supports an efficient Bluetooth 4.0/BLE technology. You can connect the Bluetooth enabled gamepads with it, headsets or any other devices. Also, you can convert P2 projector into a dedicated wireless Bluetooth speaker system as it looks like a “Bluetooth Bass Tube” I would say again. You can connect the P2 smart multimedia projector with the Wi-Fi network using its dual-band support, i.e., 2.5GHz and 5GHz with 802.11 a/c modules.

The P2 portable office projector is compatible with Miracast and Airplay connectivity technology. Whether your smartphone supports the screen mirroring functionality? If yes then you can watch the multiple displays of your phone screen. With the help of a compatible APP.

A Powerful Sound System

Like I said P2 home theater projector device resembles almost like a bass tube but in reality it is! Yes, the two ends of the JMGO P2 projector are covered with grills to protect the internal speakers provided on both sides of the projector. Each of the internal speakers of P2 smart multimedia projector hardware is of 4W. Hence the projector can deliver a powerful stereo effect sound output. It will ultimately give you an immersive audio listening experience.

The speakers of P2 small intelligent projector device are based on delivering high-fidelity Hi-Fi sound. Hence, you can use it on outdoors even without connecting any external speakers with the projector device. Also, the P2 smart home projection machine can be used in Bluetooth speaker mode by pressing the power button once in the OFF state. It can make the projector to work as a standalone speaker tube.

Not only speakers but there lies two air vents as well at both the sides of the P2 movie night portable projector hardware. They can help the device to take the fresh air from outside and release the heated air from inside the P2 multimedia home theater projector device. This strategy is best to see in any projector device I ever saw before. It greatly helped the designers to make the overall body of the P2 to be compact as much as possible.

How P2 is based on Noise Reduction Technology?

Ultimately the JMGO P2 smart office projector machine is based on noise reduction technology. How is it possible? It is only due to its facility to dissipate the heat from left and right next to the speakers other than having it on front and rear side.

So the noise coming in the process of air intake and heat dispersion can be reduced much. All because of the aside sound effect from the internal speaker units of P2 home theater cinema projector hardware.

There are many qualitative improvements in the internal structure of the P2 device as compared to the old projector models. It can help much to enhance the thermal performance of the P2 portable multimedia projector machine.

As per a test after two hours of continuous usage, the body temperature measured using an infrared thermometer is below 40 degree Celsius. JMGO has got a considerable success in controlling the overall noise coming out of the P2 small home projector device. It has made possible from its internal cooling fan by masking it with the sound effects of the adjacent speakers.

What are the Display Aspects of the P2 Projector Device?

The P2 smart, stylish projector hardware is based on an advanced DMD chipset. It can project a display screen with a resolution of 1280 x 720p through a highly transparent coated lens. P2 projection device can support to project output with the nominal brightness of 250 ANSI lumens.

You can project a big display of maximum 180 inches measured diagonally using the JMGO P2 projector. The P2 home theater movie projector machine can able to deliver a brightness uniformity of 98%. The maximum contrast ratio with which a projector can able to provide output is 1000:1.

P2 smart portable projector hardware supports more than 120% of NTSC color gamut and a zoom ratio of 1.47:1. By keeping the projector at a distance of 1.9m from the display object, you can get a screen output of 60 inches in length diagonally. The P2 home cinema projector can achieve to display output with high brightness having good color saturation.

You can identify strong color layering, high contrast output, and bright colors on the output picture. We can see slight blue tones in the P2 multimedia home projector output as compared to the original images. P2 as a smart projection machine can project a display both in 4:3 and 16:9 aspect ratios. It can support various modes of the front and rear projection.

What are the Hardware Specifications of P2 Projector Device?

There is a powerful lithium-ion battery of size 15600mAh that has been used inside the JMGO P2 home theater projector device. Therefore, it makes sure that its user can get 140 minutes of continues battery backup but it can also be used for up to 300 minutes in an energy saving mode.

The P2 portable office projector machine comprises an MStar-6A628VX TV-class processor chip. It also includes a powerful Mali-450MP2 graphics processor. There lies one GB of RAM and 8GB of eMMC in addition to 8GB of TF card inbuilt storage facility on P2 smart multimedia projector hardware. The projector is based on a custom JMGO operating system adopted from Android 4.4.

Also, there is an excellent facility for video decoding and a high level of response from the P2 small entertainment projector device. A high light transmission coated lens has been used inside the projector machine. The boot time has been increased as compared to its predecessor projector models from the same branding.

JMGO has made sure that the viewers of the P2 projector are free of any damage to their eyes while getting in direct contact with the projector light. It is especially helpful while watching a projected display for an extended period. It is due to the diffuse reflection principle imaging technology inside the P2 smart home projector device.

An Overview about the User Interface of JMGO P2 Projector

To ensure safety and user’s personal preference at every restart a user need to login to the P2 home theater intelligent projector machine. It can be done by registering for a new account, using an existing account, or login in as a visitor.

In the visitor’s mode, i.e., a standard user’s mode you can see different options available on the home screen of the P2 movie night small projector device. If we discuss them then from left to right, you will get many options. It includes but not limited to search option, personal center, message option, and my collection. Next to it are the signal source, network, settings, power supply, etc.

You can take the benefit of one-click optimization feature available on the user interface of the P2 home portable projector. It can help you to clear the garbage or unwanted files from the projector device and enhance the efficiency of the machine.

A Complete Entertainment Gadget

There is a great collection of entertainment options on P2 smart office projector that are updating with time. It can give you a nice choice of the complete entertainment. You can enjoy watching 3D movies, animations, TV programs, movies, and many more on P2 multimedia cinema projector device. There are 26 different categories available on the JMGO P2 projector system.

You can also download some third party supportable APPs on the user interface of the P2 intelligent home projector hardware. Hence, explore more multimedia resources available online to be projected with the P2 projector.

Among all the categories the Gaming and Cloud Disk are impressive ones to access regularly. Among them, under the game lobby, there are many games ready to play hence you do not need to download and install your favorite game every time.

Next, in the cloud disk feature, it consists of well-known 360 cloud disk and Baidu cloud. After login in into the same, you can explore search from a big variety of resources that are stored in a cloud disk.

What are the Upsides of using the P2 Projector?

Following are some of the good things that I have noted regarding the JMGO P2 smart entertainment projector machine;

  1. There is a vertical ±40 degree keystone correction functionality supported by the P2 projector device. The best part is you can both manually and automatically do adjust the trapezoidal correction. It is also compatible with digital Zoom functionality up to 50%. You can remotely change the output focus of the P2 intelligent multimedia projector hardware. It is possible using a focus button provided on the remote controller supplied with the projector.
  2. The projector can achieve a clear and beautiful picture on the output display within seconds.
  3. It is easy to adjust the aspect ratio, volume, signal source, zoom, 3D switching, video quality, 3D to 2D and other functionalities of the P2 projector. It is possible either with a Menu control button or using the remote controller provided with the JMGO P2 projector hardware.
  4. The P2 home theater projector device can display 3D contents with full effect on a big output screen. You can also convert the 3D videos into 2D if you do not like to wear 3D glasses to watch the same. However, it is good for those entertainment geeks who are desiring for a 2D to 3D multimedia conversion functionality. They need to wait for a little more as the company might implement or add this feature via a system update shortly.
  5. P2 is a light and portable projection hardware so we can say a combination of both the intelligence and beauty in a powerful projection machine.

What all Things you will Miss in P2 Projection Machine?

I have noted down some of the downsides in the P2 multimedia office projector as well, here are they:

  • The projector lacks the horizontal keystone correction functionality. It is necessary mostly in case of complex situations of installing the P2 projection machine.
  • P2 is always best to have an auto-focus adjustment functionality in a projector device. It can not only save your time but also add convenience on the part of its users.
  • The overall hardware configuration of P2 intelligent portable projector could be better if possible. So that it can make the JMGO P2 a more powerful projection machine and beautiful hardware to be used only for the decorative purpose.
  • There is no short throw projection technology in the P2 smart home projector device. It has already been a successful approach to use a projector for indoor use. A short-range projection machine can project a larger sized display screen as compared to a normal one.
  • The speakers have been placed very near to the heat dissipation system of the P2 small cinema projector hardware. Suppressing noise coming out of the internal cooling system is helpful. However, in reality, you cannot get the actual sound effects from the internal speakers of the P2 projector due to the same arrangement.

My Final Words about P2 Projector Device

The P2 home theater portable stylish portable projector machine is available to buy online at a price range of $550 to $800. If your budget is in between the same to buy a projector gadget, then you should definitely try the P2 from JMGO. As the company says, it is a small-sized portable projector device for user’s complete home theater entertainment needs. P2 is sturdy projector hardware made for movie enjoyment with the whole family.

Not only in homes but the P2 projector is fully compatible to be used in workstations for different purposes. First of all its appearance might entice the office colleagues to join every meeting. The JMGO P2 multimedia intelligent projector device has built-in WPS application. It helps the users to control business documents available in commonly used file formats like PPT, Word, and Excel.

By the way, you can use an HDMI adapter cable to project your laptop or desktop screen. That too on a big output display in front of others in the office. It is also of much help for the people those who are related to the teaching field. Today it is a good practice to use the projector in a teaching method. It can help the teachers to enhance the interest of their students. Also, students can easily understand the topics by using the smart multimedia gadgets.

Enjoy Gaming with High-End Consoles,

Are you got bored of or do not want to play the games available inside the P2 small home theater projector system? If you are desiring of playing graphics favorite games like those of Xbox or PlayStation ones highly, then you can achieve it! Yes, it is possible to play your favorite games by projecting them via P2 movie night entertainment projector.

All you need is to connect wireless gamepads either via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth. You can download some of the world’s popular gaming titles in the P2 intelligent portable projector device. It can be one among Plants vs. Zombies HD, Eagles, Alloys X, Wild Cars 8, Super Mario and many others.

But remember the P2 projector is not dedicatedly made for the gaming needs so you might face some form of stuttering with highly featured games. The best option is to play a game on a nicely configured laptop or PC. To do so connect it with the JMGO P2 smart cinema projector hardware to project its display on a big screen and get a fantastic experience of gameplay.

At last, I think the primary intention of the P2 intelligent multimedia projector designer’s was to control the projector’s noise. In place of enhancing the overall sound quality of the same. After all, as it says “Portable Home Theater” well the sound quality is still impressive but can be improved!

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