JMGO S1 Review: Revealing Smart Laser Projector from 7 Different Aspects

JMGO S1 Review

The projector is one among the smart gadgets available today. It can attract the attention of anyone regardless of the place where they have been used! People always pretend the projection output as a theater like display and start remembering the same. Projectors those are used in movie theaters are usually utilized in dark halls. However, the situation is different for the commercial portable smart projectors useful for home and office. A modern compact laser projector can have the capability to work on both in dark and light conditions! In this post, we will discuss my JmGO S1 ultra short throw smart laser projector review.

My First Encounter with JmGO S1 Compact Smart Laser Projector

Some of you might not believe but the place at which I very first saw the application of S1 intelligent laser projector is no other but a Hair Salon! I am not kidding!!! Even I am got surprised when I entered a high-class salon in Singapore.

It is a matter of about more than a year ago, but I remember about S1 laser projector recently when while surfing the internet I got to know about the JmGO S1 Pro. But this article is about my experience with S1 laser projector. I was in Singapore to attend a tech conference there and had gone to a hair salon with one of my colleagues.

I never pretended that a hair salon could also use a smart projector. So at first, I was very keen to know about for which purpose they are using a projector. We sat on a couch while waiting for our number to do a haircut. I have to say that salon was doing well since it was having a good rush of its customers. After all well maintained!

Use of JmGO S1 Smart Laser Projector,

I saw they were projecting some short video clips about their unique haircuts, facials, spa and other services. They want people to know whatever services they can uniquely offer to their customers. Also, I saw they were displaying some animations on how to wash and take good care of our hairs for males.

JmGO S1 Smart Laser Projector

And yes they are there for the business so in between such video clippings they were also projecting some advertisements. The ADs are regarding other shops in their locality and even the Ads for the products they are using in their salon. Impressive is it? For me it is!!!

One thing that I want to add here. It is what makes me keener to know more about the projector. The fact that even the Hair Salon has moderate LED lighting everywhere in the hall. But still, the projector is doing a great job of displaying brighter and clearer pictures. I am sure many people might assume it as a TV instead of a projector screen since the screen has been placed on a wall far away from us!

JmGO S1 DLP Projector

My Hands on with JmGO S1 Intelligent DLP Projector,

After my haircut, I went to the manager of that Salon and asked him about the details of the projector installed there! He said it is JmGO S1 small intelligent laser projector. He also added the fact that they had already used an LED projector before S1 to test the performance and use of the projector in their Salon.

However, after using it for some time, they were not satisfied and replace it with a projector that supports both LED and Laser projection. Finally, they get brighter projection display output so that their customers can easily watch it even from a long distance away.

JmGO S1 Smart Projector

Finally, I asked the salon’s manager to give me a chance to do some hands-on with the S1 projector hardware. At first, he refused, but I committed him about one thing that I was impressed with its salon and its services. Also, I will be going to write some good review about their salon on the Internet.

After listening to my words, he agreed and asked me to come on their weekly off day, i.e., Tuesday. At which they can allow me to use the device for some time!

An Outlook on JmGO S1 Intelligent Laser Projector

For more than an hour, I got the chance to check the hardware od the projector directly from my eyes. I had also tested S1 DLP laser projector with some of the multimedia content that is always available with me on a USB pen drive. I do not know when I will get any chance to try and use any smart gadget!

Next, I will be going to list down all the essential things those I had listed down about the JmGO S1 laser projector. I hope it can help many people those who are looking ahead or ever heard anything about the S1 projector.

S1 ultra short throw laser projector

1. Hardware and Design:

The outer body of the S1 smart laser projector is made up of magnesium alloy and Engineering Plastics. It also consists of a metal fuselage with carbon fiber cover. S1 DLP laser projector is based on DLP display technology with both LED and Laser light source.

The projector has a unique design. It gives a premium look to your home either you are placing it in your dining hall or kitchen room. If you do not like dusting your home regularly then what would be your reaction if you come to know that S1 projector is dust proof? Yes, it is!

You can choose one from different color options available to buy the JmGO S1 projector. It is available online in Sky Blue, Orange, Light Green, Army Green, Chocolate Color, Light Grey, and Official Standard colors.

2. Display:

The projector can support to project the multimedia content at a native resolution of about 1920 x 1080. Not limited to this, the projector supports about 10.7 billion colors as per different laboratory tests.

You can also watch 4K movies and can play your favorite high-resolution games by projecting them on a big screen using S1 laser projector. The maximum brightness of the display output that you can get from the S1 intelligent laser projector is about 3000 ANSI lumens.

S1 laser TV quality effect

You can project your favorite images, or any other content using the S1 multimedia compact laser projector with an output contrast ratio of 10,001: 1-20,000: 1. The S1 intelligent projector can offer a throw ratio of about 0.25:1. The projector can support a 16:9 image scale or aspect ratio.

You can set up the S1 Full HD laser projector at a distance of up to 0.3 – 1.7m from the projection screen to get the output projection of size 50-300 inches. However, the recommended size is of 90-120 inches.

3. Connectivity:

As an option to interface ports, the S1 ultra-short throw laser projector can allow you to connect an external device. Connect either smartphones or speakers via 3.5mm Audio, RJ45, HDMI 1.4, HDMI 2.0, AV, USB 2.0, Micro USB, and SPDIF.

The intelligent multimedia projector can support Bluetooth 4.0 that is one among our basic needs to have in smart gadgets. The laser projector can be connected with all the popular gaming consoles available in the market. It can be a Sony’s PlayStation or a Microsoft’s Xbox.

4. Entertainment:

S1 multimedia smart DLP laser projector is a multi-functional smart laser projector. No doubt, you can watch 3D contents via the projector. The S1 projector is powered by two asymmetrical audio speakers (2 bass and two treble) provided at the left and right of the hardware. JmGO S1 is a well-designed projector with good quality built-in two 3.5 inches 20W speakers.

You can project a JPG, BMP or PNG image on walls using the S1 compact Full HD laser projector. There is no limit on which video file you can play to watch a movie or so on big screen output. You can watch a video based on FLV, WMV, TS, MP4, RM, MOV, VOB, MPG, ASF, TRP, MJPEG, RMVB, MKV, DIV, DAT, and AVI formats.

To enjoy a different experience you can use the S1 small intelligent short throw laser projector as a standalone multimedia speaker. Therefore you can play various audio files on the device those are based on one among common formats. For example, OGG VORBIS, COOKER, MPEG-1, AC-3, OGG, RM, AAC, PCM, AMR, DTS, MPEG Audio, FLAC, WMA, and MP3.

5. Convenience:

The device does not need any particular power supply requirement. Hence you can use the S1 ultra-short throw laser projector at your home or office at a balanced power supply of 100-240V. Also, it hardly consumes 450W power.

You cannot find any loud noise coming out of the S1 multimedia small laser projector while it is running. After all, the gadget produces a noise of only 30dB. You can use the S1 short throw laser projector for a long time! The manufacturers are ensuring us that the lamp of the projector can be used for more than 30,000 hours.

The projector device supports a display scanning frequency of about 60 Hz. The average weight of the projector itself is about 13 kilograms and its sizes to approximately 37mm x 68mm x 14mm regarding Width x Length x Height respectively.

If you are fed up with sitting and watching a TV or a projector’s output from your couch, then JmGo S1 laser projector has the solution for you. Yes, you can keep it in at any angle, anywhere regardless of your sitting position.

Finally, you can take the help of the +-40 degree keystone correction function provided with the projector. It can help users to adjust the display angle and watch the complete picture without any tilt or so.

6. Performance:

There is a guarantee of steady performance of the JmGO S1 intelligent projector because it is based on an MStar 64 bit quad-core processor chip. The device also has a Mali 450 six core GPU for the smooth performance in playing high-resolution videos.

To project the content on walls and projector screen JmGO has taken care of the clarity of output display coming out of the S1 smart laser projector. All thanks to the high transmittance coated lens used as a part of its hardware.

S1 DLP laser projector supports projection magnification and digital focus. The device is also having a significant trapezoidal correction and other convenient features. The projector is powered with 2GB of DDR3 RAM and internal storage of 16GB eMMC FLASH. Therefore you can be assured to save or watch multimedia files either small or significant without any glitches.

7. Best for Family Enjoyment,

You can also go for an updated version of JmGO S1 laser projector it is S1 Pro. It is made more potent with more brightness, and contrast ratio. To get a convenient network accession, you have dual-band Wi-Fi options in the S1 Pro projector supporting both the 2.4GHz and 5GHz bands.

There are many interesting factors regarding the S1 smart multimedia laser projector. Hence making it entirely fit hardware to be used if you are planning to convert your drawing hall into a home theater. It has many features that can both add convenience and save much of your pocket.

For instance, the internal speaker of the projector can deliver Hi-Fi sound output. The S1 laser projector offers High brightness display with uniformity >98% that too free of harm to our eyes, Big-projection display and many more. Ultimately I have to say that S1 intelligent DLP laser projector is an all in one multimedia device. The smart projector device is enough for the entertainment needs of your complete family!

What can you get as a Package?

As a complete package, JmGO is offering an S1 Laser Projector, 1 x Remote Control, 1 x Power Cable, 1 x English User Manual. You will also get 1 x Antenna Isolator, 1 x 3d Glasses, 1 x Wrench, 1 x Certificate of approval in the company packaging box.

JmGO S1 laser TV packing

The remote of S1 1080p multimedia laser projector needs two AAA sized batteries to run that has not been provided in the box packaging. The remote controller has been designed to fit in your hands comfortably with voice and touch functions. You can also convert your smartphone as a remote controller using the APP.

Now we can talk about the weight of the complete packaging box including the projector unit with all the accessories. So it weights to around 20 kilograms. The size of the projector’s company packaging is 410cm x 700cm x 170cm (161.42in x 275.59in x 66.93in) as Width x Length x Height respectively.

My Final Words:

JmGO S1 smart DLP laser projector is an all in one low power consumption projector that can be used as a standalone Bluetooth speaker and a long-life Full HD TV box. It has a nicely designed user interface built by customizing the Android.

If you ask me about whether I would recommend S1 smart ultra-short throw compact laser projector to anyone else, then my answer is a yes. Use Happycast to mirror a screen on the projector. You can use many helpful Apps on the smart projector device, for instance, you can download and install YouTube, Netflix, Facebook, etc.

I would like to thank that Salon’s management for giving me the opportunity to check out S1 intelligent laser projector. But I am not writing the post to promote or market any service or a product so I cannot reveal the name of that salon or so. This post was only composed with the purpose of a review about a laser projector, and so it is.

If you are one among the staff of that Salon about which I was discussed in this article, then I am sure you should be proud of your shop. However, I never break my commitments so regarding the review of that salon on the Internet I will sure post it on a right Platform! Excuse me for now!!!

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