JMGO S3 Review: A Prospective Future Ready Laser TV Projector

JMGO S3 Review

JMGO is a well-renowned company in producing smart and highly featured home theatre projectors. All of its products were focused on fulfilling the requirements of their potential customers. Not only in theories but practically as well. JMGO as a brand has received various awards based on the performance of its past released projectors. The company is continuously growing their boundaries and serving in different nations. Therefore, all these facts can make projector freaks to always look forward to the newer releases of JMGO. Also, this post is dedicated to news about one of the recently announced product from the JMGO house. It is the new JMGO S3 ultra-short throw laser TV projector.

How Did I Come to Know about the S3 Smart Home Theater Projector?

I was inspired to write this article from one of an incident happened to me in the past. I together with one of my colleagues named Jane had gone to watch a morning show of SKYSCRAPER. We both are the fans of Dwayne Johnson right from the time when he used to fight on world wrestling arenas.

After watching the movie, we were talking about the real enjoyment of watching a movie in a theatre hall. Further, we have gone to a restaurant to take the meals. In the meantime, I noticed one fact on the face of my friend that he was in deep thinking about something. Therefore, during our lunch, I asked him the reason behind the same. He said the matter is related to its home.

For a long time, he was trying to search for a right option to replace his old TV in his drawing room. It has been shared among all the members of his big joint family. He said there is only one TV installed at his home and that too was running in a repair mode. It needs to be changed sooner, but my friend is in a search for a compelling yet less costly option for the same.

In Search of a Convenient Option,

So my friend Jane was trying to search for a portable TV. A single product that can be installed quickly and could be used on more than one room. Ultimately his family members can take the benefit of it. They no more need to spend too much on buying different multimedia output devices for each of their rooms separately. And finally, he can help himself to solve some of the disputes from happening within his family members due to the same!

Further, I questioned him what about if someone from his family needs to watch any TV program and movie at the same time but in different rooms. How can all manage with just one product in such cases? He replied his family members are casual viewers of a TV program.

All the working days of the week they are watching the TV at different time intervals as per their choices. His family TV programs schedules are in a way that none of their enjoyment clashes with the other one. At present they use to move out of their rooms, kitchens, washrooms and need to come to the main hall to watch a program and that he was trying to solve.

JMGO S3: The Best Choice among Others

After listening to him, I found nothing can be the best option other than suggesting to him to buy a portable projector. I already know my friend Jane very well that he was not aware of projectors or so. Therefore I told him everything that he should know about the use of a projector device at homes and offices.

Finally, he agreed with me, but he gave his task to search for the best projector device to me. Also, he asked me to find an excellent product for him that will be future ready. He means it should possess all the latest technologies that can make the projector suitable to be used for a relatively long span of time in the future.

So after searching for about all the new highly featured list of projectors I have concluded to finalize JMGO S3 smart laser TV projector. After all, I am on a mission to search for the best modern projector device for my friend Jane. Luckily I also got the chance to do some research about the same product. So keep reading this post! Next, I am going to share with you all the details available with me till now about the recently announced S3 portable multimedia projector.

20 Reasons about Why I have chosen S3 for my Friend

Following are some of the reasons or details regarding the S3 laser TV intelligent projector. They are the fundamental factors that enticed me to choose S3 multimedia 3D projector the best option to solve my friend’s problem.

Kindly go through them thoroughly. It will help you to get enough idea about the features and specifications of the S3 projector as per different aspects. By the end of his article, I am sure you can judge the performance of the projector.

Ultra Short Throw Laser Projector

1) JMGO S3 DLP smart projector that can project an output projection of size ranging from 100 inches to 300 inches in size. However to get the best quality of viewing experience it has been suggested to use a hard projector screen other than a soft one. The S3 portable multimedia projector also can project brighter pictures on walls as well.

2) The S3 laser TV home theater projector is based on an ultra-short throw focus effect. Hence it ensures you one thing about the same device. It is the fact that the S3 projector will not be going to consume much space to set up its hardware or so.

You only need to place the S3 portable intelligent projector very near to the wall or projection screen to display its output. Also, the most significant benefit is you will not get disturbed from any light or so coming out of a projector. In case if you are standing in between the projector and its display screen to perform any activity.

A Future Ready Projection System

3) There lies one more benefit of S3 projection device that can help my friend to complete his requirement. It is the highest capability of the projector to display the output. S3 is future ready since it can support a maximum projection resolution of 4096x2160dpi, i.e. 4k.

4) The internal speaker of the S3 4K home theatre projector hardware delivers excellent quality of sound output. I have gone through many user reviews about the product. Out of them, many have confirmed that the projector can produce high-quality Hi-fi audio production with rich bass effect.

5) One more feature of the S3 smart projector that can make it entirely future ready is its support towards the 3D multimedia content. You can enjoy watching the complete experience of 3D movies, pics or videos on JMGO S3 Full HD Wi-Fi projector. It is memorable to watch a 3D film on a more significant display output with immersive sound effects.

All you need is to get a pair of 3D glasses that you can put to convert the SBS or HSBS format 3D files into one complete motion picture. So nothing will be best other than projecting a multimedia file that supports the 4k resolution and is based on the 3D format on the walls of your home.

Multimedia Interface Connectivity Options

6) S3 3D 4K projector will be featuring many multimedia interface ports like HDMI, USB, Network, AV and many more. So a user has the option to take the best use of the projector by connecting the same with smartphones. You can also connect S3 via computers, tablets, external speakers or any other multimedia input or output sources.

Hence, the most significant benefit that my friend will gain after buying the S3 laser TV intelligent projector is the convenience. I hope his family can use only one portable projector device in different rooms. As per my friend, various places in his house have different multimedia devices. Such as in a room there is a PC, in another room subwoofer and surround speakers, and so on.

So it is just about disconnecting the wires, moving to a different room, need to plug the cables in their right position. They are right to enjoy a significant screen experience at the same time utilizing the old multimedia resources. It can also provide a different experience of using multimedia gadgets with and from the projector device.

Capability to Project Better Visuals

7) JMGO S3 4K ultra-short throw projector is based on an intelligent diffuse reflection imaging. It means you will No more need to face any visual fatigue and it cannot hurt the eyes while viewing the display.

8) It has been noted that the S3 projector can project an output display with the maximum brightness of more than 3000 lumens. It is the main reason why you can also use the projector without seeing any significant effect in the viewing experience. Either you are inside a room with surround lights or at daytime with open windows curtains.

9) You can use the S3 3D laser TV projector at outdoors or even inside the room with all the curtains open. Hence under the direct sunlight, you might find some differences in the quality of output display. A significant change is the brightness of the projection output has been affected or to be frank decreased.

However, you can get the best experience of using the S3 smart home theatre projector inside a room with all the curtains closed. In such a case, you can see clear and brighter pictures on the projection screen without any glitches even in the daytime.

No Need of Ample Space

10) You only need to keep the JMGO S3 projector device at a distance of about 4 cm to 46 cm away from the projection screen or output display wall. It can help you to display an excellent quality of projection output with its size ranging from 100 inches to 500 inches in size. You can see even brightness at the centre and on edges of the display.

11) It does not matter whether the available space to keep the S3 Wi-Fi home cinema projector is very limited or in another case uneven. You can place the projector at any angle. No more need for you to keep the hardware with its projection lights facing 90 degrees to the output screen or walls.

It is because the JMGO has provided the functionality of ±40 degree keystone correction inside the projector. You can adjust or correct the display output as per your requirement to get a flat and crystal clear display and avoid distortion.

12) There is no problem regarding at what height you are placing the projector concerning the projection screen or the level of display output. After all, to solve this as well JMGO has given a solution of vertical trapezoidal correction feature.

Hardware Aspects of JMGO S3 Projector

13) I am also impressed with the overall design of the S3 ultra-short throw laser TV projector. It gives a premium feel and definitely will be going to provide a new modern styling of a home or office décor. Like the past releases, the JMGO has done an excellent job in giving an excellent anti-slip feature on the device. It is possible with the help of stable rubber pads located at the bottom of the projector legs. The overall dimensions of the S3 smart multimedia projector with metrics as 52.3 cm x 39.9 cm x 15.3 cm concerning the length x width x height respectively.

So I can say that the projector is portable in size. Also, I am sure the JMGO designers have also made the projector lighter as much as possible to move it from one place to another whenever needed. Well after referring to the various user reviews I found one thing common in between their comments. It is the statement that the S3 DLP laser TV projector is convenient and straightforward in use.

What are the Reviews of other Users about JMGO S3 Projector?

I have gone through some of the user feedback on different projector based threads at forums or blog posts. I got some common information regarding the display quality of the S3 smart ultra-short throw projector. Now I am sharing with you all in the next section that most of the product users have mentioned.

  • First of all many people have not visualized any glaring effect on the projection screen even after using the product for a long time.
  • The S3 projector has done a great job in reproducing the colors in the relatively accurate manner possible. Users can appropriately identify the different layers of the colors from the output display.
  • Some of the users do not like one thing about the S3 Full HD 4K projector. It is the fact that the S3 home theatre projector is not compatible with Zoom functionality. The projector device is based on fixed focus projection technology. However, since the JMGO S3 is a smart ultra-short throw projection device, so I think that it is not necessary but yes if it would be then its best.

Necessary Specifications of the S3 Laser TV Projector

14) JMGO has used DLP based projection technology on S3 laser TV 3D projector device. Also, the projector can project nearly 1.07 billion colors in the output display.

15) The lamp used inside the S3 projector is rated to consume a maximum power of 300W. Also, the company has used a durable lamp that is having the capability to be used for more than 30 thousand hours.

16) S3 ultra short throw smart projector hardware can support the projection ratio of 0.625:1. The maximum contrast output that you can get in the output display of S3 is around 10000:1.

17) You can play different multimedia file formats on the S3 portable Wi-Fi projector without any hassle with an output screen or aspect ratio of 16:9. I am sure that the S3 intelligent home theatre projector can support all the commonly used multimedia file formats. It can be either an audio, video or image files.

18) The S3 4K home theater projector is based on the Android-based operating system. I am having many expectations with the JMGO S3 one would be that it should have the latest version of the same.

Realities that you should know regarding S3 4K 3D Projection Hardware

19) You can use the S3 projector like a standalone Bluetooth speaker as well. By this sentence, you might have got the idea that the S3 laser TV 3D projector can support Bluetooth connectivity. So if you are bored of listening to the micro-sized speakers of your smartphone, then S3 can be the best colleague for you.

It can refresh your mood by listening to the same music with excellent sound effects. And it will not be going to take much of your time! You need to start the projector, connect your smartphone with the projector via Bluetooth and you are good to go!

20) As per specific user tests it has been uncovered that the overall quality of output projection display of JMGO S3 projector is impressive. The effect is same on both day and night time. You will not find any difference between the two either you are projecting an image on a white or grey wall or a projection screen.

I came to know one downside about the S3 ultra-short throw laser TV projector. It is the fact that the projector cannot be hoisted or merely saying there is no functionality for the users to lift the face of the projector or so. But considering the truth that S3 is an ultra-short throw laser projector, so we do not need to bother much about such thing.

My Suggestion

I will suggest the S3 3D Wi-Fi projector to the people those who are trying to find the latest multimedia rich source of Projector. It has everything to impress its user but as you know gadgets are made while considering a specific group of people in mind. So JMGO S3 DLP home theatre projector also has few downsides. Thus it is up to you to decide whether such facts will be going to matter a lot for you!

I want to inform you that Jane is impressed after knowing about the details of the S3 3D multimedia projector and are planning to buy the same. The original price of the S3 home theatre projector is around 15000 Yuan, but it can be purchased at a discounted price range of 8000 to 9000 Yuan.

I did not have much information about what all are the accessories or components the company can supply with the projector as a package. But since S3 is a JMGO product, so we do not need to think much about the same. It is because the JMGO Company always understands its customers and taking nice care of their requirements. JMGO always include accessories like remote control, user manual, and power adapter with its projectors.


Till now you might be familiar with all the features and specifications about the JMGO S3 4K smart projector. I hope now you are having much idea about the actual performance of the projector. You can compare the projector details with your needs. In case you are also in search of the next JMGO or any highly featured future active projector device like that of my friend Jane.

In fact, JMGO has made an extensive database of its happy customers till now. Whenever JMGO launches its new product, they start trending on social media and e-commerce sites. By the way, I am here to talk about the JMGO, but these are some facts about why people have trust on this not so old Brand. Hence, I am sure about one thing that my choice will be right for my friend!!!

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