JMGO SA Review: A Funky yet Intelligent Laser Projector

JMGO SA Review

The growing interest of the people on projectors in their daily life has made the experts work more on the projector design and technology. Hence all with an ultimate aim to enhance the use of the smart projection device! Today we can purchase laser projectors to be used both for our homes and offices. This post is dedicated to my JmGO SA ultra-short throw laser projector review. They are best for us to ever have in the history of projector technology.

A laser projector can display a projection output nearly same as like that of watching a big screen TV. But this time you can project a more prominent display at every corner of your home without doing any time waste or hard work in hardware setup or so.

JmGO SA Smart Laser Projector

Application of JmGO SA Laser Projector

We all know the importance of going to school while we are growing up at our early age! A school has a significant impact on everyone’s life. It plays a considerable role in forming up the manner in which we can talk, walk, speak, communicate with others, eat food, and many other things.

There are still some countries in the world where most of its population of children are not going to the schools. However, the government is also helping them by assisting them with some concessions on tuition fee or with any other program.

JmGo SA smartprojector

So I want to say a school or any institution should be well managed and executed so that a child can be shaped appropriately up to live a good life ahead. It is like a mold to prepare a perfect shaped candle! After all our behavior is like a candle, the way in which our parents and teachers mold it, we behave as per!

One of the best means to improve the way of teaching or education in schools or any other institutions is Smart Class. It is a classroom well set up and equipped with smart gadgets. It room comprises a computer, projector, big projection screen or a wall and other different things to make the class fully hi-tech!

JmGO SA Ultra Short Throw Laser Projector

My Experience,

Human tends to be biased towards the technology and quickly adapts to its changing trends and advancements. Next, I am going to share with you a story based on my experience with one of a smart class. It has impressed me much especially the projector that has been used there.

The day before yesterday I went to a middle school with my friend Lijo. He is a hardware technician on a well-recognized IT company, i.e., HCL. They have a tie-up with many middle and high schools to take care of all the hardware and software setups there installed by them. So my friend needs to go to different schools as a company representative regularly. Generally to check and troubleshoot the problems occur there.

SA laser projector

On that day I was at Lijo’s house in the morning. We are chatting about our families. In between, he got a call from his office asking him to go to the St. Mary’s Middle School to solve some network issue there. He asked me to come with him since he is sure about the fact that it will not be going to be taking much time. Further, I agreed, and we both rush to reach the school.

After we had reached there, my friend asked me to wait for him in the waiting area, and he moved to his working spot. I sat there for about 10 minutes but after then got bored! I wanted to walk around and explore more about the school like its infrastructure, etc.

JmGO SA Portable laser projector

A Smart Class,

Therefore, I started walking and noticing everything right from the basement heading towards up floor. By the way, it is a building of about two floors. So when I reached the 2nd floor, i.e., the topmost floor, I saw there is an empty class, but the door was open. I move ahead and peek through by opening the door half.

I saw a peon is moping the floor of the classroom, but I had also noticed something else. The class is having a complete setup of having a desktop computer. A projector was installed on the ceiling, and a big white colored wall was there to project the projector display. Also, there were nice designed benches for the students. They are looking like children can comfortably sit on it having sufficient space to place their laptops as well! I am impressed really!

JmGO SA laser projectors

But since I am tech freak so I wanted to know more about the hardware setup at that room. Who would be the right person to get all such information other than my friend! So I wander here and there at the school for about half an hour and go back to sit in the waiting hall. After a few minutes my friend had come, and we both move back to Lijo’s home.

After reaching his Home,

I asked my friend about that smart class setup. He said that it is a sample prototype. All with the aim of the school management, who is planning to change their every classroom into smart setups completely. Currently, they are testing on a sample setup room. Also, he said that their company is trying to install laser projectors instead of standard ceiling mounted ones.

JmGO SA Laser Projector

After listening to him, I asked him about the reason for the same. He said that he has one laser projector for testing at his home as well. It is no other, but JmGo SA Ultra Short throw intelligent portable laser projector. The management of the school was very much impressed with the performance and convenience of using a laser projector in place of a normal one.

I requested him to let me do some hands-on with the laser projector that he is having. He agreed and went to his storeroom to get the projector. He came back with the complete packaging box including the projector with all the accessories inside the box.

So I got the opportunity to experience looking for everything on the projector. It is the same feeling much like I bought and unboxed the projector. Next, I am going to present you my experience right from unboxing the product to details and reviewing the same. So keep reading!

Unboxing the JmGO SA Ultra Short Throw Laser Projector:

Lijo was handover the complete packaging to me. I can unbox the SA portable laser projector and uncover its features and specifications from my own. The weight of the packaging is around 9 kg while the dimensions of the packaging is (H x L x W): 14.00 x 45.00 x 35.00 cm / 5.51 x 17.72 x 13.78 inches. After opening the box I have found 1 x JMGO Laser Projector, 1 x Remote Control, 1 x Power Cable, and 1 x English User Manual in the same.

A Tour on the Hardware and Design of the JmGO SA Smart Laser Projector

JmGO SA is a nicely well designed, portable and nice looking smart projector. Its body is made up of Aluminum Alloy. The device needs a power supply of 100-240V to work correctly. Total weight of the laser projector is about seven kilograms.

The size of the projector is around 30.00 x 9.00 x 41.00 cm / 11.81 inches x 3.54 inches x 16.14 inches considering width x height x length respectively. SA laser projector can support many functions like Bluetooth 4.0, Speaker, 3D, DVB-T, and Wi-Fi.

The device is compatible with nearly all types of contemporary gaming consoles like Xbox and Sony PS4. Unfortunately, there is no DVB-T support on the SA smart multimedia laser projector. But yes you can watch and enjoy 3D multimedia content on the same.

The maximum life of the projector lamp is about 30,000 hours. You can connect the projector with the internet wirelessly using Wi-Fi 802.11 b/n/g/ac. The SA laser projector is also supporting the external subtitles.

Amazing Sound,

The laser projector is having a built-in speaker with the excellent sound output. You can listen to music via various audio files those are available in different formats. You can play mp3, WMA, aac, FLAC, rm, ogg, ac-3, MPEG audio, DTS, AMR, MPEG-1, cooker, Ogg Vorbis, and pcm on SA compact laser projector. The device produces a noise of about 30dB.

You can connect external devices to the SA intelligent laser projector. There are many interface connectivity options on the device such as HDMI port, SPDIF, 3.5mm audio jack, RJ45 port, and USB interface.

An Outlook on the Display and Performance of the Laser Projector

JmGO SA projector can support a native resolution of 1920 x 1080, i.e., full HD. However, you can watch the output projection display at a maximum of up to 4k resolution. The Lamp of the laser projector is producing a display output with an extreme brightness of around 7000 Lumens.

You can keep the laser projector at a distance of about 0.1 to 0.5m to project an image of size ranging from 100-150 inches. The SA projector supports the DLP display technology with a throw ration of around 0.233:1. You can watch movies or any other content with an output display contrast ratio of about 4000:1.

You can watch pictures on the SA portable laser projector available with you in various formats such as PNG, JPG, and BMP. SA smart laser projector can also support an image scale of both 4:3 and 16:9. You can play video files to watch them on a bigger screen in various formats such avi, dat, div, mkv, rmvb, njpeg, trp, asf, mpg, VOB, MOV, rm, mp4, ts, WMV, and flv.

An Overview on the Features of the JmGO SA Compact Intelligent Laser Projector:

Following are some of the features that you should know about if you are dreaming of buying SA Laser Projector;

  • JmGo SA projector offers smooth and stable performance. After all, it is based on a quad-core Amlogic processor chipset.
  • The SA small laser projector can display a clear image, all thanks to its high transparency coated lens.
  • SA laser projector can support a fast internet connection since it can help a 100Mbps Ethernet.
  • The convenient laser projector has all the features that can make it fit to be used as a home theater projector.
  • No worries about whether the SA laser projector will be going to harm your eyes or so! Even because the projector has high brightness display, but still it can take care of your eyes from any harm.
  • The device comes with a handy remote controller to control nearly everything on the SA projector from far away. You need to install two AAA batteries on the remote to make it function.

Highly Featured,

  1. SA projector is backed up with a 2 GB DDR3 RAM for the smooth performance of the laser projector. You can also store many files on its internal storage of up to 16GB eMMC.
  2. The projector has a 45 degree vertical and horizontal keystone correction option. It helps the user to get a clear image and proper casual placement of the projector regardless of your sitting position.
  3. You can use the convenient network accession on SA laser projector with the help of a dual-band Wi-Fi supporting both 5GHz and 2.4GHz bands.
  4. The experience of listening to the music or any sound on the SA laser projector will not let you down in any way. The compact smart projector device is delivering Hi-Fi sound quality output.

My Review Regarding JmGO SA Portable Ultra Short Throw Laser Projector:

After using the SA laser projector for about 2 hours, I have to say many things from my perspective. Yes, I have used the device for a pretty long time by testing the performance of the same while projecting different images, movies, and videos. The projector is available in deep brown color, and you can buy it at a price of around $3300.

The projector can project brighter images with ambient light from a laser light source with nearly instant on/off. The laser projector is based on a maintenance free light source hardware. SA compact intelligent laser projector runs on an Android operating system with Aptoide TV. You can download many Apps possible including Hulu, Spotify, Amazon Prime Video, Netflix, YouTube, Plex, and Kodi.

You can enjoy watching crystal evident cinema standard viewing experience. The project can allow you to connect Amazon Fire TV, Google Chromecast, or Apple TV on the projector. The JmGo SA laser projector can deliver a high-quality image without any distracting shadows and glare. The projected image remains regular and square shaped. All because of the intelligent keystone correction technology.

The projector is well optimized. It has dual 5-watt high-frequency speakers who start working when the SA compact laser projector is powered ON. Additionally, the device has full frequency dual speakers of 10 watts each to produce rich and realistic audio. It has complete audio setup to deliver stronger and fuller treble sound output loaded with DTS and Dolby surround sound features.

Final Words,

Not only my friend and his company but for me as well, we all are sure about the fact that the students at St. Mary’s Middle school will soon be going to be hi-tech. And I am satisfied to think about the fact that their future will be brighter. Ultimately they will learn with fun other than the traditional chalk and board based learning method!

I am not sure about whether you liked the features and specifications of the projector, but one thing is guaranteed. It is the fact that you will be going to impress with the technology that has been used in the design of JmGo SA smart laser projector. One you will turn on the projector the top cover of the same slightly slides back, and the two tweeters lift up. The sight is awe-inspiring!!!

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