JmGO T6 Review: High definition comes in a small size

People’s living standards are getting higher and higher, and smart projection is no longer a new thing. It is normal for a family to sit at home and watch a big movie after dinner. Most of the projection products give us the feeling that it is inconvenient to carry, poor sound performance, complicated connection, high noise and high heat. Although the current intelligent projection products have improved in all aspects, they still have not got rid of the above shortcomings. But when I got this JmGO T6 smart projection, I found that the above problems were solved perfectly.


The first thing that impresses about JmGO T6 is the size of it! It is too thin, it is not like a box of projection equipment, it is even bigger than the iPad box. The fuselage actually only accounted for half of the size of the box. The body is very light, for a 6-year-old child, it is not difficult to play in your hand.

Now let’s focus on the console. The body of the JmGO T6 is very small, 270 mm long, 104 mm wide, and 34 mm thick, it is easy to carry, one-handed, and can be easily loaded into a briefcase. This device is different from most of the smart projectors on the market. The whole machine adopts the metal appearance, it looks simple and fashionable and is very scientific and technological.

The lens door is equipped with a dust-proof mirror, which can be turned on by opening the slide cover, which is very convenient to operate. There is a hanging hole in the bottom of the fuselage, and the bracket can be used.

At the same time, the grid of the fuselage can also play a role of heat dissipation at the same time, and it can kill two birds with one stone.

The side of the fuselage is also made of metal, concentric round polished, excellent workmanship.


In terms of interface, the JmGO T6 also has a simple handling, only one USB2.0 and one HDMI interface, built-in 16G storage space.

The JmGO T6 has a built-in high-capacity battery that guarantees long battery life and can be used away from the charger, which greatly enhances the portable use of this smart projection.

Open the slide and the projection is turned on. This opening method is too simple, and there is really no difficulty in using it.

Using the remote control, each button on the remote control has a graphic representation of its function, so for a child, as long as you explain it once, you can master the method of use.


Even though the JmGO T6 is small, the projected ratio is not small at all. The projection is 3 meters from the wall, the height of the son is 1.4 meters, the projected area is enough for family viewing, and if there is a farther projection distance (such as outdoor), the picture will increase, but the picture quality can still be guaranteed.

Under such a large picture, the resolution of 1280*720P is still delicate and rich in color, without distortion, and the contrast is super high.

Operating system

This JmGO T6 operating system is also based on Android custom JmGO OS 3.0, simple operation, clear module classification, clear operation instructions for each step, even the first time you contact such equipment users can easily get started.

The various applications in the app store are very rich and can be installed and used by users.


The JmGO T6 hardware is configured as a quad-core Mstar processor, 1G RAM memory, 16G of internal storage. Powerful hardware configuration provides powerful performance. Video playback is extremely smooth, and 2 high-power speakers inside the T6 bring cinema to the movie. The level of Dolby sound, the audio-visual feeling is unusually shocking.

3D function

A very useful feature of the JmGO T6 is a one-button 3D. Using the mainstream DLP-3D display technology, the effect is real. Of course, this also requires a set of 3D glasses, with which you can watch 3D movies at home.

Just press the 3D button on the remote control to automatically recognize the 3D source and adjust the picture to 3D mode. When you wear 3D glasses, you can watch the 3D movie.

The specific playback effect can’t be expressed by taking pictures because you can simply show the picture in the glasses (the actual effect is better than the picture because you can only shoot one lens, you can’t take the shock effect).

Suitable for children

In fact, the smart projection has another use, which is to play the bedtime cartoons for children. There is no cable tie, so it is convenient to put the JmGO T6 at an appropriate angle and put the picture directly on the ceiling. Motorized focus with a high-precision remote control to adjust the picture to the best possible resolution.

Unlike the direct illumination of the TV, the projected picture should be softer and less dazzling. Personally, compared to the TV, the projection should have less eye damage to the children. I don’t know if this is right.

Outdoor performance

Now the weather is getting hotter and hotter. At night, taking the JmGO T6 to the outside and watching the movie while grilling.

Looking for an empty wall outside, the best white background, so there will be better viewing effect. This time the projection distance is about 6 meters; it can be said that it is very large in size and is comparable in size to an open-air cinema. Even at a long distance, you can have a good viewing experience.

This clarity, there is no problem with watching from a distance

Inside the box

The accessories are very simple, except for the mainframe, there is only one remote control and one charger.

The charger works very well, and the plug can be stowed inside the charger when not in use.

The shape of the remote control is a bit special, and the middle direction buttons are impressive.


The deepest impression of this JmGO T6 is that it is light and thin, can be held with one hand, can be easily put into a briefcase, and then the sound quality is really not blowing, high-power stereo speakers bring a powerful sound quality.

Then it is easy to use, the lens protection cover can protect the lens on the one hand, and it is easy to use on the other hand by sliding the boot.

The brightness of 400 lumens is fully qualified for home use. The large-capacity battery allows the projection to be used independently from the power supply. It greatly expands the use of the projection. Whether it is for home entertainment or office applications this can be easily used.




  • Simple and elegant design
  • Suitable for children


  • Only 400 Lumens

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