JMGO U1: 18 Facts Revealed Regarding the Laser TV Projector

JMGO U1 Laser TV Projector

I have great news for you all! JMGO will be soon going to launch its U1 4K 3D Laser TV Projector. Many of you guys might be already aware of the same but very few of you are having enough idea about its features and specifications. In this post, I will be going to share with you all every such detail regarding the JMGO U1 smart Full HD laser TV projector.

I am also going to include the results of some tests performed on the projector! So keep reading! It might help you to clear your doubt further! About whether you should wait for the product or it is better to buy any other model of the projector that is there in your mind!

I was exploring some news articles from different official sources today morning. In the meantime got to know about the U1 laser TV projector. I have noted down all the details possible or leaked until now about the projector and want to present them in front of you later in this article.

Let us Share and Care Each Other,

However, before moving ahead let me remind you that this is not my review article about any product. Therefore I do not have any personal experience with the U1 smart multimedia projector. However, my main aim is to update you all with something new to know about the upcoming product from the JMGO brand.

Also kindly excuse me for any mistake or incorrect information that you will find about the projector in this article. But again to remind you that I have collected the right information possible! And your comments and suggestions are always welcome.

So anyone from among you are also having any idea about the JMGO U1 laser TV projector or information that will be missing in this article. In such case, please feel free to share it with me and others in the comments section below! It will be much appreciated!

JMGO U1 Laser TV Projector: An Outlook on some Features and Specifications

In this section I will list down all the features and specifications that I came to know till now about the upcoming U1 smart Full HD projector;

1) An impressive fact about the U1 home theatre projector is the maximum screen size of the projection output display. The projector can project a big display output of various sizes ranging from 100 inches to 300 inches in size.

2) U1 as an intelligent laser projector can support 1.07 billion colors. It sounds good for now that the U1 home theatre projector can identify and project different layers of colors with clarity. However, the theory is to be proved only after experts tests.

3) No doubt you might have got some idea from the name of the projector itself about the display technology used behind the same. The JMGO U1 smart portable projector is based on laser light source display technology.

The best part of the U1 portable projector is the fact that the projector hardware will be going to have an inbuilt DLP display chip. It guarantees to deliver the best projection performance to its users.

4) You can generally project any multimedia content on Full HD using the U1 laser TV projector either on walls or on the projector screen. However, the maximum resolution that the projector can support is of 40966 x 2160 dpi or in simple terms 4k resolution.

Facts Regarding Convenience of using the JMGO U1 Portable Projector,

5) You can use the Wi-Fi functionality featured inside the U1 intelligent laser TV projector hardware. I hope it will support all the latest frequency bands. It is required to connect the projector to different Wi-Fi hotspots available in different countries.

6) If we consider the overall dimensions of the projector body then the JMGO DLP U1 laser TV projector measures to about 52.3 cm x 39.9 cm x 15.3 cm. So we can say that the U1 projector is considerably compact. The metrics are listed considering its length x width x height respectively.

7) U1 smart Laser TV projector offers vertical trapezoidal correction functionality to its users. Therefore making it easy to install every time after moving the projector hardware from one place to another.

8) U1 is compatible with not only 3D multimedia content, but you can also do project any 2D content by converting them into 3D. So the JMGO U1 smart multimedia projector can help you to enjoy any of your favorite videos or movies available to you with new 3D effects.

9) It has been found out that the U1 3D DLP projector device can be placed at a distance ranging from 4cm to 46cm to the projection output screen. As a result, it will provide the best quality of output.

Facts that can make the JMGO U1 a Complete Home Entertainer Projector,

10) U1 smart portable projector is based on fixed focus zoom functionality. You will hardly need a zoom functionality if you have a projector that can display a projection output of size 300 inches.

11) The U1 4K laser TV projector is compatible to project an output display having a brightness of more than 4000 lumens. In any case, it is required. It is because the U1 projector has been designed to project more significant display outputs of a size large than 100 inches. Thus it should deliver a brighter output to balance everything and get the best visual experience.

12) You can get the maximum contrast ratio of 10000:1 with the help of U1 4k laser TV projector. Again it is required because JMGO U1 is a laser TV projector and planned to be used both on indoor and outdoor conditions.

13) U1 projector can support a maximum scaling ratio of 0.625:1. It can be a helpful factor for many of the projectors geeks those who need perfection in the quality of projected output display.

14) The U1 home theatre projector lamp can be used for more than 30000 hours. And the maximum power consumed by the U1 projector device is about 300 Watts.

Facts that Anyone Should Know About U1 Laser TV Projector,

15) There is no facility to hoist the U1 home theatre projector system. Hence ultimately you cannot lift the projector vertically. Or in other words, cannot adjust the vertical height of the projection display.

16) U1 laser TV projector will be going to be based on the latest Android operating system. It is the essential requirement for a new hardware to work on a commonly used OS. Even though people do already have much familiarity with the user interfaces those were built over android platforms.

17) The U1 projector can support keystone correction functionality of ±40 degrees. Hence at least you can be sure to project any multimedia content on the output regardless of your sitting position. Also, you do not need to care about where you have installed the U1 4k Laser TV projector hardware. You can adjust the output display until you can get a flat projection output.

18) Lastly, you may have some doubt about the price of the JMGO’s next projection machine! Till now I got to know that the JMGO U1 3D multimedia projector can be priced around 9000 Yuan.

An Outlook on JMGO

JMGO is a highly recognized industry based in Shenzhen City, China. They were established in 2011. Till now with their best efforts currently, they are expanding their market of innovatory technology. They always impress their target customers all over the world with the new cutting-edge smart projectors.

It is because of their best R&D team. They are offering many laser TVs and intelligent multimedia home theatre projectors in various areas of the world. As per a company statement, they have been sold more than 300,000 units of their different projector models around the world in the year of 2016 only.

After all, many official sources have announced JMGO as the number one smart home theatre company in China. Many authoritative Media have already praised the JMGO as a brand. The brand has already been renowned in the form of “Most Innovative Enterprise”, “Editor’s Most Recommended Top Products”, and so on. It has also won the “World’s Most Innovative Intelligent Hardware Products” award during the CES 2016.

Thus after knowing all such things about the JMGO Brand we all are expecting something impressive from its next release. We need something innovative, or something exciting product to be used both on our homes and offices. Now our expectations are also getting higher in the case of U1 4k multimedia DLP projector as well!

How is the Performance of the JmGO U1 Laser TV Projector?

Various tests have been performed on the U1 4k home theatre projector. The main aim is to check how the projector will be going to respond under different situations. So let us have an outlook on the results of few of such test cases;

1) Display Test,

The U1 Laser TV projector has been tested to project an output display of 150 inches inside a room. It has been found out that the projector has done a great job in producing a brighter and clear output display under the dark surrounding light.

However, when the same display has been tested under the standard room lights, then the display effect have been dropped. Also in case of daylight condition the U1 smart 3D projector has done a fair job in displaying a more significant projection output of 150 inches.

2) Sound Test,

From the above facts regarding the U1 projector, we got enough idea about the main features and specifications of the projector. So we can say that the U1 intelligent multimedia projection hardware has been highly featured. All of them can help the U1 device to project more significant display outputs, 3D content, and 4K content to keep in mind for now.

Now all of such facts can directly or indirectly make the U1 4k projector hardware a good option for a complete home theatre system. But wait a minute one thing is missing here, and it is the Sound! Yes, the next thing that has been tested about the JMGO U1 3D laser TV projector is no other but the sound quality of its internal speaker.

Some of you are already having or experienced using the multimedia projectors from the house of JMGO. Those are doing well for you in producing the sound effects like surround and bass that generally people do like the most. Therefore the audio performance of the U1 home theatre projector device has been tested on the same room.

After checking its sound performance, it has been found out that the overall audio volume is impressively high. The U1 smart multimedia projector has done a great job in delivering an impressive sound effect!


Till now from all the above details I hope you can identify about the fact that how the U1 home theatre projector will be going to perform as a complete home theatre projector!

Well, I am sure some of the required specs that we usually find in other projectors will also be available on U1 DLP 3D projector device. It should include primary interface ports, support to common multimedia formats, etc.

Also, both the above facts regarding the U1 intelligent laser TV projector were the results of a single test. That too performed under a particular surrounding environment. I am sure that the JMGO U1 smart laser TV projector hardware will be having more mysteries to be explored in the coming future!

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