JMGO U1 vs JMGO S2: An Early Faceoff among Two Companions


I know it is too early to make a comparison between the two upcoming laser TV projectors from the family of JMGO, i.e. S2 and U1. So it is not wrong if I can call them companions together! But till now I got some rumours and details regarding both the projector hardware. It all enticed me to write this comparison post between JMGO U1 vs JMGO S2.

So kindly continue reading this post! Next, I will raise out some of the common doubts about the comparison between the two projector devices that might be going inside the mind of you all. I tried to answer those queries as per my collected details till now about both the JMGO S2 and JMGO U1 smart recently announced projectors. Let us start without waiting any time.

What are the Maximum Projection Output Sizes of the Projectors?

We can assume this comparison as a similarity between both the JMGO S2 and JMGO U1 devices. It is because you can project an output display of size ranging from 100 inches to 300 inches in length from both the projection hardware.

As I said, it is an assumption because someone has proved this similarity as wrong. By attaining the fact that the U1 smart multimedia projector can be able to display output of size about 500 inches in length. Really?

What are the Maximum Resolutions Supported by the Projectors?

The JMGO S2 home theatre projector is a Full HD projection device. You can project any multimedia content on S2 with clarity that supports a resolution of 1920 x 1080dpi. However, it has been rumoured that using the S2 projection hardware you can project the videos and pictures based on 2160P as well with fair quality.

The highest feature of the JMGO U1 smart small-sized projector is the fact that it can support 4k resolution multimedia content. Hence you can project a big display of 2D or 3D Movies, TV series, or Videos using the U1 with utmost clarity of 4096x2160dpi.

How is the Overall Look of both the Projector Devices?

The JMGO S2 compact smart projector can get its prime look with the Black and White dual tone color combinations on its metal body. The hardware of S2 is based on a three-layer design with upper and bottom layers are pure white, and the middle stuff is on the dark black side.

Similarly, if we can look at the hardware design of the JMGO U1 4k multimedia projector, then its body shape is entirely different from that of S2. The chassis of U1 is also featuring a dual tone color pattern. But this time the black is acquiring the top and bottom side leaving the silver finish on its middle area.

By the way, we are comparing both JMGO U1 vs JMGO S2. Thus U1 projector device has more shine on its body due to the ultimate black finish on its top as compared to the sober-looking hardware of S2. But different people have different choices, both of them are having the capability to add a premium look to the interiors.

Is there Any Facility to Hoist the Projectors?

It is a Yes for JMGO S2 projector since you can adjust its height using the two legs located at its bottom part with rubber pads. By referring to some Rumors, the JMGO U1 projector will not be going to “raise the head” when you want it to do so! However, it is not required! Both the projectors have been designed to perform at their best with the available hardware configurations.

How about Wireless Network Connectivity?

The JMGO S2 laser TV intelligent projector is based on 2.5/5 GHz dual-band Wi-Fi feature. Hence, you will get the best wireless network connectivity possible on the same projection device. Also, JMGO U1 portable 4k projector is also backed with the advanced Wi-Fi connectivity. However, whether it will be the dual band or not is still not clear, but possibly it is there.

What are the Display Capabilities of Both the Projectors?

The laser lamp of JMGO S2 projector can support more than 1 billion colors with the fluorescent color wheel. It also matches nearly 1024 grey scales. It facilitated various on-screen multimedia content includes Mango TV, Iqiyi, BesTV. S2 has an excellent collection of favourite films and TV programs.

The maximum brightness that S2 ultra-short throw home projector can support is about 2800 ANSI lumens. The laser light source lamp inside the S2 projection hardware can be used for more than ten years.

Also, the laser lens provided inside the S2 device is based on 14 lenses of optical structure design. It consists of many aspherical lenses combined with a super UD lens. All together they can improve the ability to pay for aberrations and avoid dispersion in the output display.

If we consider the display performance of JMGO U1 in mind, then it is also based on DLP projection technology. Here the similarity between both the S2 and U1 projectors considering a display in mind is the fact that both of them supports 1.07 billion colors.

However, U1 3D laser TV projector can rule over the S2 smart home projector regarding maximum display brightness. Thus U1 can project a display with a maximum brightness of more than 4000 lumens. So we can say U1 is stronger concerning projecting brighter pictures as compared to S2.

What about the Convenience of using Both the Projectors?

No doubt JMGO S2 is an Ultra-short throw laser projector with the throw ratio of 0.17:1. Hence the S2 smart projection device will hardly consume any space. Due to the same feature, you can install the projector device directly below or very near to the projection screen.

If we take the case of JMGO U1 4k 3D projector, then you can project a display output ranging from 100 inches to 500 inches in length. I am revealing this by my reference sources. You only need to place the U1 multimedia smart projection device about 4 cm to 46 cm away from the wall or projection screen to achieve much more significant display outputs.

What is the Ease of using Projector’s User Interfaces?

Now we will consider all the facts about both of our competitor projectors that can make sure to offer us ease in their use. You will not be fed up while dealing with their User Interfaces. Thus, in the case of JMGO S2, the projector is based on Android Operating System with JMGO 3.0 OS.

The user interface provided in the S2 ultra-short throw smart projector is intuitive. You can explore all the multimedia content with ease. Also, you can enjoy using the latest Android operating system on the JMGO U1 home theatre intelligent projector. So the overall experience of using the user interface of the U1 projector will be undeniably refreshing.

How was the Display Performance of the Projectors in Different Conditions?

Let us first do have a look at the response of the projection display output of JMGO S2 portable home theatre projector. Below I am going to share the results of the display performance of the S2 under different surrounding environment;

At Daytime with window curtains closed, picture brightness is excellent. The contrast and color saturation were somewhat on the higher sides. A pleasant overall look and feel experience.

Under Daytime with window curtains open, the picture quality is slightly reduced. But it gives a sufficient level of viewing experience. So the output projection of the S2 compatible device cannot get affected with the ambient light. The brightness seems uniform on all sides of the projection screen.

At night with room lights ON, the overall visual effect of the output projection display is wholly increased. It is more evident as compared to daytime results. It is because the ambient light has been decreased. If we can talk about the color reproduction and the delivery of brightness of the projector, then I have to say they are fascinating.

At last, the quality of display output from the S2 projector has been tested at night with no surrounding room lights. As an outcome, you can get the best visual experience of watching a projection output from the S2 smart ultra-short throw projector. The higher brightness and amazing colors are making the complete vision genuinely fantastic.

In the case of JMGO U1 Projector,

I already discussed before the output display performance of the U1 4k home theatre projector. The details are available in another post dedicated to the leaked facts about the same device. Kindly read it to know more about the U1 3D multimedia projector!

But since it is a comparison article between JMGO U1 vs JMGO S2, so I have to include the results of the expert tests performed on the U1 projector. To ultimately check the output projection performance of the same.

At daytime, with closed window curtains, the U1 projector has done a great job in producing the clearer and brighter display outputs. Also, the U1 smart 4k projector has been tested with half of the curtains open. As a result, it has been found out that there is the slight drop in the brightness of the overall picture quality. However, the display is still evident to the eyes.

At nights, the U1 device can project the crisp and clear pictures with a right balance of brightness and contrast ratio. It does not matter much about whether the room lights are in ON or OFF state. After all, every test has been performed by projecting a display of size 150 inches, and that is considerably huge.

How is the Sound Output?

JMGO S2 projector has two inbuilt 10W stereo speakers to give mesmerizing sound effects to its listeners while in action. The projector can be made as a standalone Bluetooth speaker. S2 also supports live music feature. At the back of the S2 compact laser TV projector their lies power connector, network interface, HDMI/ARC interface, S/PDIF interface.

Also, there are additional HDMI, USB 2.0 and USB 3.o ports on the left side of the S2 smart projection device to provide more suitability in its use. So you can connect any external audio device with the S2 projector via HDMI port located at its back. It can enhance the entire sound effect of your audio setup.

In case of JMGO U1 home theatre projector as well things are not clear about the configuration of the internal speaker setup provided on the same. However, I am sure the JMGO was planned something extraordinary in the sound department for its potential customers.

What are the Facilities for Multimedia Connectivity?

You can connect your mobile with the JMGO S2 ultra-short throw portable projector. Not only this you can also do connect PC, external speakers, or any other multimedia input or output sources with the S2. The device supports Bluetooth connectivity and the screen mirroring functionality.

Furthermore, like S2, JMGO U1 4k laser TV projector can also be considered as a potential option for Home Theater Setup. Hence, it is for sure that the new U1 intelligent projection device will also be featuring all the necessary interface ports. After all, they are required to increase the multimedia connectivity of the projector.

How much Productive are the Projectors?

The JMGO S2 projector has an inbuilt WPS and Office suite that can enhance the use and adds to your office productivity. You can also install other helpful Apps. S2 smart home theater projector can also aid you in connecting the projector with iOS, Android, and Windows-based computers.

If we talk about what all productivity APPs will be going to feature in the JMGO U1 projector, then it is a mystery. However from the U1 3D laser TV projector as well we are expecting the same offerings provided with the S2 projector. After all, they both belong to the same family!

What are the Facilities to Control the Heat Dissipation?

JMGO S2 projector can provide a good facility to dissipate the residual heat of the projector. There are six cooling fans provided inside the projector hardware with well-built air vents. It can assure you about the fact that the S2 Full HD multimedia projector can be used continuously for a long time span. There are large cooling vents located on both the side faces of the projector.

Now if we talk about the U1 smart 4k Projector then by looking its overall hardware design and shape, we can say only one thing. The heat dissipation functionality that the U1 will be going to have in it will be not going to let down your expectations from the same.

How much you need to pay?

There is not much difference between the prices of both the projectors that we are comparing in this article. You can buy the JMGO S2 ultra-short throw laser TV projector within a price range of 5000 to 7000 Yuan.

Also, if we talk about an approximate cost of the JMGO U1 projector, then it can also be available with a price range of 10000 Yuan. As per official sources, the U1 3D home theatre projector can be priced approximately 9000 Yuan.

What about the Projectors Noise?

You cannot identify any noise coming out of the JMGO S2 projector under natural room surroundings. Now to remind you that the S2 1080P intelligent projector has six inbuilt fans, but all together they are working quietly.

If we consider JMGO U1 projector, then it has not been cleared yet about how many internal fans the projector will be going to have in its hardware. But as per rumours, the U1 smart home cinema projector does an excellent job of working silently.


I hope my above comparison queries can be of any help to you. Now you can identify some similarities and differences between the newly announced JMGO S2 and JMGO U1 projectors. You can also plan further about for which of the JMGO projector model you should wait to buy or not. At last, Please consider my apology to you all regarding any mistake or wrong information till now in this post.

It will be much helpful for all of us if you have some more authorized information to share with us. Anything regarding both of our competitor projector devices either it can be a similar or dissimilarity. Hence please do write your views regarding JMGO U1 vs JMGO S2 in the comment section below!

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