JMGO W730 Review: A Multimedia Projector that lacks in Blemishes

Nut W730 Reviews

In this post, I will be going to present my experience with one of a well performing JMGO projector machines I have ever seen in my life. Only two days before writing this post I got the chance to do a JMGO W730 projector review with the help of my friend who is residing in China.

Recently he came to my native place for a meetup with different gadget suppliers nearby. I am not related to their profession. However, he called me so that we can meet with each other there itself. Also, he knows about my love towards different gadgets that he is professionally dealing.


The best part is he also bought an excellent JMGO projector with him for his conference purpose that helped me to have some hands on the device. Hence I planned to review the W730 multimedia portable projector. Also, I am prepared to note down everything possible about the configurations and performance aspects of the same.

After the conference, I met my friend and also requested him to allow me some time to spend with his W730 projector. Sometimes I feel that I am dating different projector devices every time, well jokes apart! So I need your patience to read this article thoroughly. It can help you to get enough idea about the W730 smart small projector device that we are taken into consideration in this post. Let us get started!

Nut projector w730

What about the Hardware Configurations of JMGO W730 Projector?

The overall body size considering the length, width and height of the JMGO W730 home cinema projector device. It measures around 19.9cm × 19.6cm × 11.3cm respectively. The best part regarding the hardware of the W70 multimedia intelligent projector is the fact that you can hoist the same. It means you can adjust the vertical projection angle of the same device.

An inbuilt Lamp provided inside the W730 home theatre projector is capable of projecting a display for more than 30 thousand hours. The total power consumed by the projector’s lamp is about 85w. The projector includes a high-performance quad-core AMLOGIC processor chip.

Nut W730 Reviews

The W730 small smart projector device comes with a one-button autofocus display functionality. It can save your time in adjusting the display output of the projector. Also with the help of it, you can observe every single detail on the projected multimedia content.

Get Portability with Power,

To ensure support for ample of storage in the W730 smart home projector device JMGO has provided a 2GB DDR3 RAM and a 16GB of eMMC internal memory. There is a facility of dual-band Wi-Fi wireless connectivity in the W730 intelligent projector hardware.

You can use the W730 projector for a long time without any heating issues or so. It is because the JMGO has provided two fans located at the back of the JMGO W730 home theatre small projector device. They are found internally to dissipate the residual heat inside the projector hardware.

There is an exciting part to consider while discussing the internal speakers of the W730 portable projector. It is the fact that they can produce a louder sound that can be further controlled in a certain limit based on low, mid and high-frequency ranges.

JMGO has taken reasonable care to make the W730 smart multimedia projector powerful and portable hardware. The projector device comes with a stylish designed remote controller. It is both imposing and can be used easily while operating or controlling the W730 home cinema projector from far away.

What about the Display Configurations of W730 Projector?

You can project a big display of size ranging from 30 to 300 inches in length using the W730 Wi-Fi portable projector. It can be done by installing the projector at a distance of about 0.5m to 4m from the output projection screen or wall. W730 is based on DLP display technology. It supports a standard output projection resolution of 1920x1080dpi.

You can adjust the more prominent display of the W730 DLP smart projector as per the requirement. It can help you to get a flat picture without any loss of its projected output. It is possible with the help of ±40 degrees keystone correction functionality available on JMGO W730 DLP small projector. After all, it is one among the fundamental requirements inside all the small-sized projectors

An LED light bulb has been provided inside the projector device to gain maximum efficiency in the output display. The W730 intelligent home projector can display an output picture with an impressive contrast ratio ranging from 8001:1 to 10000:1.

It can support about 1.07 billion different colors to display a clear output projection. The W730 DLP home theatre projector can help to project with a maximum brightness of 1375 lumens. W730 projection device can support both 16:9 and 4:3 aspect ratios to project multimedia content on a bigger screen.

Experience the Real Lifelike Pictures,

A modern diffuse reflection imaging technology is present inside the W730 Full HD DLP projector. It can help the projector viewers to enjoy long-term viewing of big projection screen without any serious effect on the vision. The W730 multimedia smart projector device can support a display output having projection ratio as 1.2:1.

The JMGO W730 portable home theatre projector is based on HDR10 decoding display technology. You can identify the different shades of black and white colors in its output projected display. The W730 small 1080p projector can reproduce every color to project a real life like picture output.

The W730 projector has an inbuilt TI good quality digital light processing chip. It can support NTSC color gamut to restore the true colors of a picture. The projector’s lens is made up of 11 sets of glass lenses having high strength anti-scarring protection capability. The lens inside W730 smart multimedia projector also ensures to project pure imaging due to the added sapphire material.

You cannot find any jaggedness on the edges of output picture projections of W730 home cinema projection device. It is there due to the availability of square pixel-based image processing scheme. The W730 small DLP projector device also ensures to project the complete details with clear and smooth transitions.

What about the Multimedia Possibilities of JMGO W730 Projector?

The W730 home theatre projection device comes with an easy to operate JMGO OS3.0 operating system factory installed based on Android. There are many options for a user’s entertainment available inside the user interface of the W730 projector device. It includes shows for both children and adults, rich library of videos, music, games, movies and many more.

You will not get bored after having a vast multimedia resource of more than 20 thousand HD movies inside W730 DLP multimedia projector. The JMGO W730 small 1080p projector is also having more than 100 thousand episodes of TV programs and other online resources.

If you are familiar with iQiyi, BesTV, and, Mango TV the W730 Full HD intelligent projector will not going to let you down. You can also use the essential multi-screen interactive function of the W730 projector hardware.

Convert your Home into a Theater,

There is the availability of common interface ports on the W730 home cinema portable projector. You can connect your smartphones and other multimedia smart gadgets with the same. Also, you can take the benefit of connecting external speakers to enhance the overall audio output of the projector.

It can improve the complete sound experience of W730 DLP projector device especially while using it as a standalone audio system. Thus, the projector consists of a USB 2.0 port, an HDMI port, a USB 3.0 port, a port to connect the network cable, an S/PDIF port, a power supply port, and so on.

W730 smart home projector is well capable of displaying 3D multimedia contents clearly on a bigger output screen. You can convert 2D multimedia content into 3D to enjoy full visual effects from your favorite 2d videos and movies.

You can also enjoy the experience of watching 4k content with a complete home theatre experience on JMGO W730 small 1080p projector. It is because the projector can support RGB+B dual blue light display technology. You cannot find any more whiteness in the projected display output from the W730 intelligent multimedia device. All thanks to the four channel LED scheme.

How about the Design of W730 Projector?

First of all the design of the W730 smart office projector hardware gives a premium look to the overall projector device. It does not matter if you are looking at it from top, front or sides. At the top of W730 DLP home theatre projector, you get a beautiful leather finish with a small circular button located at the almost center of the same.

On both the metal-based sides of the projector device, there are grills to pass on some air from inside the projector. It also acts as an outer covering to the two symmetrical speakers of 5W present inside the W730 Full HD small projector. Each of them is located at the front portion on both the sides of the W730 projector hardware.

Easy to Clean Projection Device,

The best part to know about the hardware design of the W730 projector is the fact that on both sides there are three layers of detachable coverings. It acts as a protection to prevent the inside components of the projector not only from dust and debris to settle down or any accidental damages.

Finally, at the front portion of W730 home theatre projector, you can see toughened back glass. It adds to the beauty of the JMGO W730 projector device with a small logo imprinted on its centre downside. At the right portion of the same, you can observe a small opening for the lens.

So one thing is sure about the complete design of the W730 portable intelligent projector device. It is the fact that not only the lens but JMGO has taken reasonable care to protect the other delicate components of a projection system hardware.

A Good Mix of Quality Display and Sound

You can get the best experience of quality and color from the output projected display via W730 smart DLP projector. But it is recommended to turn off the surrounding lights. It can help you to project crystal clear and sharp pictures that are much better as compared to the bigger LCD screens.

Both the display and sound quality of the W730 Full HD home theatre projection device is impressive. W730 is durable projector hardware having good textures and cross-border fusion design on metal side panels.

The market cost of the W730 intelligent multimedia projector is about ¥ 5199.00, but you can buy it at a discounted price of ¥ 4799.00 via online stores. My friend is happily using the same projector while travelling from one place to another and it never let him down!

Final words

As per my experience with the W730 small sized 1080p projector, I have to say one thing. It is the fact that W730 has everything to provide the convenience that a projector’s user can expect from hardware to maintain and use it for a long time.

At last, since I reviewed the W730 Wi-Fi portable projector in a short period, so I hardly found any cons regarding the same. Also till now my friend as a product user also would not see any significant problem in using the same device.

So I will appreciate if you will share your thoughts, about the JMGO W730 smart home theatre projector. Any pros or cons that you or your known ones have used and detected in W730 projection device!

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