JMGO X3, U1, S3: Advanced 4K Projection Machines! (Latest Update)


A recent JMGO conference has been held on 23 Aug 2018 at Beijing Jingyuan Art Center. It is indeed based on launching its three different upcoming 4K resolution home theater multimedia intelligent projectors. They are JMGO U1, JMGO S3 and JMGO X3 intelligent projector models.

I just got to know about this news and rush to write this post for you all dedicated to the same. However, I am already aware of the JMGO S3 and JMGO U1 devices, but this time my mind is leaned more towards JMGO X3.

The JMGO Company is claiming that all the three new 4k compatible projector models are capable with dynamic compensation. An advanced HDR high dynamic range technology feature is also present in those projection machines.

Also, at the latest official conference of the JMGO, we got to know some impressive facts. It is the details about the upcoming series of projectors that I am going to discuss in this post. So Stay tuned with me to uncover the exciting facts about the projector models.

JMGO S3: An Expensive Beast

I have already written a post regarding the configurations and performance of JMGO S3 smart laser projector. It is based on well-designed projection hardware to deliver a genuinely expressive output display.

It is made possible by projecting a screen with a maximum brightness capability of 3000 ANSI lumens. Thus JMGO S3 home theatre projector device is one of the best machines to be used for experiencing 3D movies with immersive effects.

An ultra-short throw laser TV S3 projector posses an intelligent AI and wide color gamut technologies. It also supports intelligent dimming, and HDR display technology features. A 4k ready, JMGO S3 multimedia 1080p projector consists of a high-quality Hi-Fi inbuilt audio system with rich bass effect.

JMGO U1: A Budgetary Projector

Few days before I have also written about some posts related to JMGO U1 intelligent laser TV projector device. Due to its interesting features, I have compared it with other projectors as well. It has been said that the U1 is a smaller version of the S3 projector device.

However, I do personally think there would be hardly any difference in the performance of both the projection machines. It can project an output display with a maximum limit of 2000 ANSI lumens.

JMGO U1 smart Full HD projector is based on dynamic multi-dimensional noise reduction technology. The U1 projector also consists of the wide color gamut of 116% and high audio quality features.

JMGO U1 LED projector is well versed with high dynamic range imaging technology and 3D support functionalities. The U1 projector can successfully reproduce all the natural colors of a picture by retaining the delicateness of the same. It is based on two DMD chips to achieve 8.29 million pixels.

Due to the ultra-short throw projection feature, the JMGO U1 smart ultra-short-throw projector can display a 100 inch larger output screen. All you need is to place the U1 projector hardware at a distance of only 20 cm from a wall or an output display object.

Based on Winger’s Futuristic Design,

A detachable dust filter has been used behind the so-called winger’s futuristic hardware design of the JMGO U1 home theatre projector. Not only the center but you can also see clear outputs on every edge of the projected output screen. It is possible due to the presence of nine high precision super lenses on the U1 intelligent portable projector device.

JMGO authorities have also announced the fact that they are manufacturing only five thousand units of the U1 Full HD LED projector. It is a bit shocking for some of you, but it is a part of their marketing strategy. So if you are dreaming of JMGO U1 smart laser TV projector machine in your home then get ready from now before it goes out of stock!

JMGO X3: An Economic Projector with Liberal Power

JMGO X3 can project a big display screen with a maximum brightness of up to 1500 ANSI lumens. The new JMGO’s intelligent projector is truly made for 4K projection due to its ultra-clear image quality on the output display.

The company has tried to increase the capability of delivering the brightest output display possible. It is successful in crossing the limit of 1000 – 1350 ANSI lumens till now that I common in its previous flagship devices. So no more issues of glares or any loss in the quality of projected output even in daylight even if all the curtains of a room are open.

The JMGO X3 intelligent portable projector will also be featuring a high-quality glass lens. Also, it features the MEMC motion compensation feature, and HDR 10 imaging technology with high dynamic range.

There lies a quad-core MSTAR CPU chip inside the X3 Full Hd 3D projector hardware. Also, the projector will be going to deliver a high-quality sound all because of the DTS and Dolby sound encoding technologies.

Lastly, about the JMGO X3, smart 4K projection machine is soon available to buy for usual customers at a price of about 6999 Yuan. Therefore, we can consider X3 as a further smaller version of the U1 device. JMGO X3 has almost all the similar features adopted with its predecessor projection models, i.e. S3 and U1.

JMGO: A Well Known Brand for Home Theater Lovers

By the way, the cost price of JMGO S3 in the market is around 29999 Yuan, and JMGO U1 is all set to be sold at a market price of 8999 Yuan. JMGO projectors are no doubt I can call them as home theatre projector devices.

It is because they can throw a good quality display output. That too with the higher brightness almost like a high-resolution TV set. But also has a good sound effect. You do not need to use any external speakers to enhance the quality of a home theatre setup audio output! I am sure that all the three new JMGO projector machines can bring a new revolution towards modern intelligent home projection!

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