JMGO X3 Review: Best Quality Experience from a Premium 4K Projector

JMGO X3 Review

Not more than three to four months before JMGO as a well-renowned projector manufacturer has launched their new products. It has been shown to the public with two other high-end company items at JMGO 2018 autumn product launch event. They are JMGO U1 4K Laser TV, X3 smart 4K portable projector,and JMGO S3 4K laser projector. In this post, I am going to present my recent JMGO X3 Review after my personal hands on with the device.

You might find one thing common in between them. It is their 4K resolution support. Hence, this time the company has targeted a particular premium segment. A nice gadget to look for if you are one among the people who are desiring to buy 4K multimedia smart devices.

After checking out the name, you might have already got some idea about the qualities available in the projector. For a start let me list out the topmost features of the projector quickly. Hence, you will get 4K resolution display output with MEMC (motion estimation and motion compensation).

Not just this, X3 also supports DTS sound, and Dolby Atmos surround sound and HDR 10 technology features. Now let me share with you every single aspect of the device unveiled till now regarding the X3 projection machine. Please read this post entirely if you are excited to know what JMGO has to offer with their newly launched products.

What are the Design Aspects of JMGO X3 Projector?

Let us start with the design factors of the X3 portable multimedia projector. Thus, the overall design of the projector is much similar to many of the older JMGO projector models. However, you can identify X3 among all if placed together with them. Because JMGO X3 has got a different touch on the design of top and sides of the body.

The physical appearance of the X3 hardware in simple terms is something that has a dual tone black and silver colored body with a square design. Let me start sharing the details of the overall hardware design of the X3 starting from the Top surface of the device.

There is only one power button located at the center and nothing else as we had seen in many predecessors of X3. Also this time a leather touch has been given on the top surface of the X3 projector other than glossy aluminum finish.

I liked the curved edges provided in all sides both at the top and bottom surfaces of the projector. It not only gives a premium look to the device but also make it safer for a user while handling the machine.

How similar is the Hardware Design of JMGO X3 with its Predecessors?

At the front side of X3, to the upper portion on the same surface, the JMGO X3 projector has a toughened glass. Behind it, there lies a big lens located to the part at the center of the projector hardware. Also, we can see above the glass something is written on both the upper front left and right corners of the device.

On right corner, an HDR and on left Home Theater has been imprinted. Now the lower area at the front face of the projector is made of same body material nothing is there other than a big brand impression at the lower center.

Both the sides of the X3 are slightly curved, and there are the minute set of holes at the lower portions. If you have seen any JMGO projector before, then you can identify for what these holes are provided. Yes, you might guess right, it is to dissipate high-quality surround sound coming from the internal audio system of the X3.

What are the impressive Facts Concerning the Projector Hardware?

I am impressed with the fact that the side coverings are entirely detachable from the main projector body. You can take out the three different layers of attachment for cleaning purposes or so. This type of design adds to the convenience on the part of projector user.

At the back side of the X3 projector, there are big air vents provided for the internal cooling system of the device. As per my experience, it works excellently to control the internal heat of the projector. It is must to have active management of air cooling system inside a highly configured projector. It can help theJMGO X3 machine to avoid any damage to the internal hardware of the same.

At the upper portion on the same surface of X3, there present some interface connectivity ports in a row. It includes an RJ45 port, two HDMI ports, a SPDIF port, and a power supply connector. So, ultimately you have sufficient options to connect the X3 with external devices, or speakers whenever required. That too with the help of only a single wire to establish a strong connection.

What are the Display Configurations of JMGO X3?

You can take the full benefit of watching movies on a bigger screen considerably 100 inches in length at night hours. Also on dark surroundings or at daytime with curtains closed the display work excellent. It can be compared to a cinema hall experience with far better color reproduction as compared to other high-end projector models.

I like the fact that whenever the X3 projector has been powered on it only takes some seconds to adjust the display automatically. The device no more needs any human intervention to change the display focus.

I can say this because X3 comprises of HDR10 instant Auto Focus with HLG (Hybrid Log Gamma). The best thing to know about the projector is the 4K projection resolution support with HEVC H.265 decoding technology. Also, there is 3-speed adjustable motion compensation technology to avoid smears in the videos. It works well to play games or while watching a sports game onJMGO X3 projector.

The device features 1500 ANSI lumens of display brightness. It is much high other than other flagship projectors available in the market of other well-renowned brands. One thing is sure that now you do not need to worry about closing the curtains or so even in daytime with direct sunlight coming from the windows on the room. The brightness is higher than the effect of any ambient light in the surroundings of the X3 projector.

What are the impressive Facts Concerning the Projector Display Output?

A user need not to think more for installing the projector machine anywhere in a room or a hall. Due to the presence of Keystone correction function on X3 all you need is to power on the device and get ready to be amazed in less time. The device support Throw ratio of 1.2:1. Hence, you do need a big hall or so to enjoy the visuals on the significant display output of the projector.

By the way, the projector can project sharp and colorful pictures with a high level of details. The projector supports 8.92 million pixels. It is comparable four times to the display output of projector models that supports Full HD resolution.

A Glass lens has been incorporated on theJMGO X3 projection machine to ensure minimal dispersion. Hence, even after prolonged use, the lens will not appear as out of focus, or so that is common in the resin lens.

X3 projector is capable of producing life-like visuals on the output display screen. Due to 27 colors enhancement technology and REC.709 standard adjustment features. You can find a separate tiny camera that has been providing to the right side of the X3 projector. It helps the device to adjust the autofocus functionality for the output display.

To ensure more convenience of use X3 features 45-degree trapezoidal correction. I checked about the same for both horizontal and vertical directions to get upright pictures on the projection screen or a wall. There is also a provision of custom projection correction.

What are the Basic Specifications there in JMGO X3 Projection Machine?

In this section, I am going to list down some of the hardware specifications of X3. They are essential to make a projector machine powerful. After knowing them it can help you to decide on whether you should buy the projector device or not as per your requirements;

  • Total weight of the projector machine is around 4.2 kilograms.
  • There are four processing chips provided in the X3 device. It consists of a 64-bit MStar CPU, one FPG, and two DLP hardware processors.
  • An inbuilt DDRR3 RAM of 2 GB has been provided inside the X3 projector.
  • Due to the presence of 16 GB eMMC internal secondary storage, it is easy to keep many multimedia files in JMGO X3 for quick playback.
  • X3 is compatible with dual-band Wi-Fi connectivity of 2.4 GHz + 5GHz bands. Thus, it is much easier for a user to enjoy video streaming services even on a slow network.
  • You can place the projector hardware within a range of 1 meter to 4.5 meters in the distance from the wall or a projection screen. As a result, it can project a display screen of size ranging from 40 inches to 100 inches in diagonal size.
  • The system is based on the Android operating system. You can install any third party applications on X3 like games, video streaming services, music streaming, etc.

What are the Impressive Features of JMGO X3 as a Projector?

I like the twin turbine cooling fans inside X3 that works as a system to control the internal hardware temperature. At least I can take the risk of using the projector for a long time without much thinking about any hardware issues due to overheating. A user can set the front and inverted projection methods of the X3 projection device.

X3 can deliver high-quality sound output from the inbuilt 5W dual horns. They support high-temperature resistance. It is because of the High compliant composite diaphragm that the JMGO X3projector can restore original sound. And like many other portable multimedia projectors available in the market X3 can be connected with smart gadgets. It can work as a standalone Bluetooth device.

Good news for the professionals or business people is the fact that X3 comes with inbuilt office software. Hence, it will be a more than fun to watch slides while giving the presentations both as a presenter and as an audience. And everything is possible with connect and play feature.

I like the screen mirroring support of X3. It is an excellent feature to enhance a small smartphone screen to a more prominent display output screen. That too with the enjoyment of high resolution and brightness. You can dream it as gameplay in a cinema hall.

What will an Owner get in a Package?

If you are interested to be the owner of X3 projector, then you can order it online at a price of 5999 yuan. At that price, the company box packaging of the X3 projector comes with many useful accessories. It includes but not limited to a power cord, a power adapter, instruction manual, warranty card with the mainJMGO X3 unit.

I would like to specially mention about an accessory provided on the company packaging of the projector. It is the dual seven cell batteries for running the remote controller that comes with the X3. The complete design of the remote controller is beautiful and can fit comfortably in hands.

It has the pure black appearance and can be identified with a big circular hollowed out navigational button design. There are limited buttons available on the remote, but they are bigger and separated from each other. So, a user will not feel any discomfort or so while using the same.


X3 can be a potential option for a complete high-quality projector at home. An economical way to watch bigger display screen of size more than 70 inches in diagonal size. It is generally not affordable for many people to spend the high price on the big television screens. So it is too far to consider the screens that support 4K resolution display technology. By the way, we should not forget the fact that X3 can produce good stereo sound effects.

So, the sound performance of the X3 projector is much better than most of the premium projectors available in the market of the same budget range. You do not need to connect any external surround or home theater speakers with the machine. The JMGO X3 device has a high sound profile to boost the quality of overall sound output from the projector.

Thanks to the two leading audio decoding technologies present inside the X3, i.e., DTS audio and Dolby. Now all you need is to switch on the device and sit on a couch to enjoy a real theater-like experience at your room with high-quality sound and visuals. And this time not only movies but you can feel free to experience your favorite music videos on a big screen display output. Imagine game plays, watching programs or online streaming videos on a home theater without any disturbance.

6 thoughts on “JMGO X3 Review: Best Quality Experience from a Premium 4K Projector

  1. mengfei says:

    nice review, is this HDCP 2.2 compatible? how bout the gaming lag? Also how do this compare with xgimi’s Lune 4K & does the HDR really work?


    • YU KA PUI GILBERT says:

      I don’t think so, when it play ULTRA Blu-ray, it will down scale to 1080/60p HDR not native 2160/60p HDR. It also happens with Netflix…… All need HDCP2.2

  2. YU KA PUI GILBERT says:

    I don’t think so, when it play ULTRA Blu-ray, it will down scale to 1080/60p HDR not native 2160/60p HDR. It also happens with Netflix…… All need HDCP2.2

  3. Gilbert says:

    I got the latest firmware updated 13 DEC 2018 and they claimed to improve the compatibility of HDMI. Now the issues were solved. Now I can play 4K/60p HDR mode with Ultra blue-ray disc and steaming 4K contents in Netflix. Thanks to all technical support in JMGO.

    • mengfei says:

      hi Gilbert,
      is it HDCP2.2 compatible?
      can you compare the X3 with other 4K or 1080p & can you see the difference?
      I hope it’s also OK with gaming with the Xbox One

  4. Johnson says:

    There are many typos in this review, and some info is wrong, the total pixel is 8.29 million, not 8.92
    Please correct all these misleading info, thanks

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