Joyhero E08 Review: Another Compelling Budget Friendly Compact Sized Projector

Joyhero E08 Review

I hardly remember whether I had got any chance to spend some time with a projector model of Joyhero in the past. From last few years, I got to know much positive response about products of the same brand. I always wish to experience doing some hands-on with a multimedia projector device that belongs to Joyhero. Luckily, yesterday it was the day when my wish comes true. That too with the help of my friend who had recently bought a projector. And the model is Joyhero E08 portable multimedia projector.

Hence, this post is based on my review regarding the same device. By the way, my friend has bought E08 from a well-known online store at a discounted price of around $85. So let us start with the design and appearance of the external hardware. Further, I will share the details about the different features and specifications of the machine. I will also discuss my experience with the display performance. The article will also include some more information that one would want to know about the E08 compact home cinema projector.

How is the Design of Outer Hardware of Joyhero E08?

The E08 portable projector model is available in two different colors namely Black and White for one to choose. The external hardware is made up of ABS material with a matte finish on all the surfaces of the machine. At the front surface, there is a big lens that has been located on the left portion of the hardware.

The back surface of the E08 projector consists of an air ventilation facility located on the extreme left. It is a group of vertical strips of holes. They have been provided to pass on the internal heat from the system to outside environment. At the middle and right portion on the same surface of the Joyhero E08 , there are some interface ports. They are located on the upper part of the hardware. It includes a DC port, an AV port, a TF card slot, and an HDMI port. Not limited to this the device also includes a USB port, and a VGA port.

On the left surface of E08 towards the left portion there is a power input port. And on the right, there is a small set of long vertical ventilation grills. Similarly, on the right surface of the machine, there is a group of some air ventilation grills. They have been provided in the form of vertical strips of holes.

What are the Convenient Options Available on the Projector Hardware?

At the upper surface of the E08 hardware, the manufacturers have provided a small power button. It has been located to the left portion towards the back. There is an indicator light in front of the power button. It has been there to inform a user about the current status of the projector system. They both have been enclosed in a specific bit hollow circular area provided on top of the hardware.

Hence, even after not looking to the device a user can quickly identify the position of the power button on the machine. Also to the front just above the lens, there are two adjustable knobs. They have been provided to change the Focus and Keystone correction functionalities of the display output.

I like the protection that has been provided by the designers of E08 for the two adjustable knobs. That too in the form of the semicircular bulge at front and back of knobs on top of the hardware. Also, at the right portion towards, there is a brand impression of manufacturers. It has been located
at the front on top of the Joyhero E08 portable machine. The brand logo is facing towards the back side. However it is clear to read if a user is sitting at the back of the device while using the same.

Other than the external projector hardware there is a separate strong base that has been present beneath the same. It is of smaller in dimensions as compared to the upper main projector body. It works best to provide complete support to the whole machine. Also there are four rubber padding’s supplied on all the bottom corners of the device.

What are the Hardware Specifications of E08 Projector?

In this section, I will share with you the details regarding the specifications of the internal hardware of the projector unit. It can help you to uncover the potential of the machine to satisfy a user as per the requirements.

An efficient LED lamp has been used inside E08 that can be used for more than 30,000 hours. Thus, a user can take the best use of consuming the product for more than eight years. That too after using Joyhero E08 daily for minimum four to five hours.

E08 consists of many interface connectivity ports on the hardware. It includes a 3.5mm jack to connect an Earphone or External speakers
, an AV port, and a TF card slot. The list of ports also includes a VGA port a DC input port, an HDMI port, and a USB port. Hence, the machine has sufficient interface ports. They can help a user to connect personal smart devices, DVD/Blue-ray players, Desktops, Laptops, or Gaming consoles.

A user needs to provide an input power supply of 90-240V to the machine. It is helpful for the machine to work as it must be for years long. The total power that the device can consume on an average basis is around 48 watts.

How E08 is a Potential Home Cinema Projector?

An Inbuilt audio system has been used inside the projector having an 8-ohm 2W high fidelity speaker. The output quality of the sound coming out of the device is I would say it can satisfy many people. But for me, something is still missing.

And I know this gap can be covered or solved by connecting E08 with some external high-quality speaker system. A user can also use the sound bars with the machine. It is helpful to enhance the overall sound output that can suit a home theater requirement of a user.

I like the fact that the E08 portable projection device can produce very less noise while at the action. I have tested it after projecting some videos having background audios, images, and listen to some music files.

As a result, I did not find any disturbing noise coming out of the Joyhero E08 mini projection machine. It has been measured as 25dB. The net weight of E08 portable projector is approximately 0.9310 kilogram. Also, it is best to know about the dimensions of the product if you are interested to know more about the same.

Hence, the length, width, and height of the hardware have been measured as 7.87 inches x 5.91 inches x 2.95 inches or 20.00 cm x 15.00 cm x 7.50 cm. So we can say that E08 is light in weight to transfer the hardware from one place to another. Also, the device consumes less interior space due to the compact build quality of the machine.

What are Display Configurations of E08 Projector Device?

In this section, I will be going to share with you the details regarding my review of the performance of the display output of the projector. But before moving into it let me get you familiar with some of the configurations that are responsible behind the display screen of the device.

The maximum brightness with which the E08 can project a picture on the output screen is 2500 Lumens. Also, the machine is based on LCD technology. Joyhero E08 works at a native resolution of 800 x 480, but a user can enjoy watching a display output up to a maximum resolution of 1920 x 1080ppi.

E08 can reproduce the colors in projected pictures with a high contrast ratio of 1000:1. A user can project a multimedia file with the help of the device that supports both 4:3 and 16:9 aspect ratios. It is only because of the Manual focus that a user can enlarge the display output of a picture as and when required.

It is best to enjoy watching movies at home on the projector that is compatible with a Throw ratio of 1:1.33. So the machine takes very less space within a room to project a big screen on a wall or any other projection object.

How to Get the Best Quality Display Output from E08?

It is recommended to install the hardware at a distance of about 0.9 meters to 3 meters concerning a projector screen. As a result, it can help you to project a big screen of size ranging from 30 inches to 100 inches in diagonal length. However, to get the best quality of display output, it is best to keep the device within a distance of 2 meters to 2.5 meters from a projection object like a wall.

If I have to say anything about the overall display performance of the E08 machine, then the projected pictures are brighter. I also find the display clear even in the daytime but only under low surrounding ambient light. Joyhero E08 can do an excellent job to project a quality output even in medium room light, but it is not the best that you can get from the machine.

So it is highly suggested to use the hardware at nights or darker environments with little to no environment light. In such a case the projector can display crisp pictures. That too with complete details in them to be identified by a user even while the device is projecting with a native screen resolution.

What are the Multimedia Features of the E08 Projector Device?

Now let us do check how a projector system is a potential option for a home theater setup at home or at least to enjoy watching movies. First of all, I like the User interface of the projector system that supports more than one multinational languages. A user can access the contents with ease including the menu and settings options inside the same.

To project any photos using the machine it is necessary for one to know the compatible file formats. It includes .bmp, .jpeg, and .png based extension multimedia files. E08 supports .mp3, and .wma as the supportable audio formats. They can help one to listen to the music on the system with or without the help of external speakers as per the choice of a user.

There are many compatible video formats of the Joyhero E08 portable projector. Thus, a user can watch movie files that are based on one among H264, RMVB, MJPEG, D1VX, MP4, FLX, VC1, MOV, RM, MPEG4, MPEG2, and MPEG1 extension formats.

The device can deliver a new experience in case of projecting a mobile gameplay, slideshow, word file or so. After all, E08 is all set to not only entertain a user but also to help students to learn something with interest. It can also assist a professional to enhance the productivity.

How to Connect the Projector Machine with Other Smart Devices?

I would especially like to mention about my experience playing some games on the device. It has been possible by connecting E08 with the console using the HDMI interface port available on the machine hardware. Yes, I played some game title of my friend’s Xbox gaming console and project the display output of the projector machine.

I got stunned with my overall experience of projecting a big display screen on a not so bright wall. As an output, I got amazing results in the form of eye-catching visuals. Also, I am sure concerning the fact that the machine can do well even with Sony PS4 or any other high-end gaming console.

The Joyhero E08 projector can be connected to a smartphone, but a user needs a compatible wire or device to make it possible. Let us make it simple! I mean to say that in case a user has an Android gadget then a compatible MHL cable is required to make a wired connection between the phone and E08. However, in case of connecting either an iPhone or an iPad with the projection hardware a user needs a wireless HDMI adapter or a Wi-Fi display dongle.

Also, the machine can be connected with a PC having an operating system as Windows 8.1 or above with the help of Wi-Fi. So, a user can have the option to attach a suitable smart device available at home with the projector and enjoy enlarged output.

An Outlook on the Company Packaging Box of E08 Projector

The box packaging that has been supplied by the manufacturers of the projector includes a power plug. So that it has to be chosen by a user at the time of purchase. It can be one among US, UK, and EU as the available power plug options.

The overall weight of the original box package of the E08 portable projection device is around 1.2230 kilograms. And, the length, width, and height of the packaging box are about 23.50 cm x 24.50 cm x 10.50 cm / 9.25 inches x 9.65 inches x 4.13 inches respectively.

The list of available accessories that comes inside the Joyhero E08 packaging box comprises of many stuff. It includes a power adapter, an AV cable, an English Manual, a Remote Controller, an HDMI cable, and the main projector unit.

A remote controller that comes with the E08 machine as a package is long enough to grip within hands properly. It is pure black in appearance with an impressive wooden matte texture. The controller works on Infrared sensing technology. Also, it needs two AAA batteries for it to function correctly with the machine. However, the batteries are not included in the company package.

It consists of lots of buttons that can help a user to control nearly everything on the projector system by sitting at one place. Let me share with you all a quick list of all the buttons those are available on the remote control.

What Are All the Available Buttons on the Remote Controller of E08?

If we start from the top and moving towards the bottom then, first of all, we have a red power button at left and a green mute button on the right. Other than these two buttons on the remote, all the other buttons are grey. Also, other than the power button that has white, imprinted power indication all other buttons are having black texts printed on them.

Now the rest list of buttons on the remote controller of Joyhero E08 includes two vertical buttons. It is for forward/reverse and fast forward/fast reverse of the content inside the projector system. In the middle of them, there are Zoom and Mira cast buttons. Below them, there are four navigational buttons with an OK button at their center.

They have been surrounded by a menu, an input select, and two volume buttons. Next below to them, there are some numeric buttons from 0 to 9. They can be helpful to ease the multimedia operation under some instances. Rest of the buttons on the remote controller of the machine includes but not limited to an Esc button.


Finally, I would like to mention some of the main reasons why one should buy or not buy the E08 projector as per different usage conditions. First, let me share with you all some of the limitations that I got to know about the device. So, the machine does not support 4K resolution multimedia content, nor it is compatible with any 3D projection technology.

There is an absence of Bluetooth feature on the Joyhero E08 portable projection hardware, and it is disappointing for many of us. Also, I did not try but come to know about the fact that a user can not adjust the vertical height of the projector by using any tripod or so.

Now if we talk about the positive points of E08, then the machine is suitable for nearly all types of users. I already specified before the use of the projector for different users. Students can use it to display study materials due to the presence of Superior decoding of text outputs. Professionals can use the device for presentations or under regular meetings. It is a convenient option for them other than using a small Laptop screen to share any work based multimedia content with others.

And lastly, for a general home user, I can say E08 is the best option to be used for complete Home theater entertainment. It applies only if certain limitations of the projector can be neglected! After all, no single budget oriented projection device is perfect for all type of users. But Joyhero E08 can impress most of the daily multimedia consumers.

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