Joyhero GP 12 Review: A Reasonable Movie Night Multimedia Portable Projector

Joyhero GP 12 Review

You might be interested in reading this post by reading the Title! And you should. I am saying this because in this post I will be going to discuss with you my review about Joyhero GP 12. By spending an average time of about six to seven hours while testing the device, I can state the fact that it is a budget-friendly portable projector. That too it is a good choice to be used for Movie nights either on indoors or outside the house with family and friends.

After all, in this post am focusing on a night movie topic only. Also, I will test the GP 12 as per the same requirement of a user. It is because I know many people those who had purchased a projection machine only to enjoy cinema every weekend and nothing else. Are you also searching for a mini projector device that can do justice to enhance your home cinema experience? If yes then GP 12 is the one that you should check out ones.

The product at present is available to order online at a discounted price of about $73. A consumer might need to pay some extra shipping costs that differ concerning a country while buying the device. By the way, the original market price of the model is approximately $82. So let us move ahead and uncover the potential of the machine from different aspects of testing the performance quality of the device!

How is the Output Display Performance of the Projector?

Let us have a look at the main display specifications of GP 12. First I will start with output screen resolution. So the device is compatible to project a picture with a native resolution off 800 x 480ppi. However, the maximum level of display screen resolution that the machine can project is Full HD.

Next, the projector has a maximum brightness output of 2000 lumens. As per my experience, the device can display bright and clear pictures even in daytime with window curtains closed. And regarding the display performance at nights, I can say it can impress anyone. It is because at darker surroundings the GP 12 is having the capability to project an output display that can almost resemble a big screen TV panel.

The Joyhero GP 12 mini projector supports 3D projection technology. Hence, a user can enjoy the benefit of watching breathtaking visuals on their walls by wearing a suitable pair of 3D glasses. The device supports two different types of output screen ratios, i.e., 16:9, and 4:3.

GP 12 can reproduce and display a picture on an output projection object with a maximum contrast ratio of 800:1. I have seen every detail in the reproduced colors on the output display of the device on a projection screen.

The portable projector system can support and project millions of different colors in a natural way. By the way, I have tested the output results of the machine while projecting about a 100-inch display. That too with the help of a multimedia file that supports 1920 x 1080p resolution.

How can a User Get Good Quality Display Screen with Comfort?

I like that fact that GP 12 is not only based on portable hardware but also takes very less space to install the device within a room. The output throw ratio of the machine is 1.32:1. A user only needs to keep the portable projector within a distance of one meter to three meters from the output projection object. It can result in displaying a big display screen of diagonal size ranging from 32 inches to 120 inches in length.

A user can always get a square image display while projecting the same on the device. It does not matter about what is the angle of projection. It is all due to the presence of manual keystone correction feature that is available in the machine.

The Joyhero GP 12 mini projector supports an aspect ratio of 16:9 to display a picture output on a big screen. It is better to watch movies or TV shows. After all, almost all modern TV models are made to have screen panels that suit the same aspect ratio.

What are the Specifications of the Portable Projector Hardware?

The product manufacturers have provided an LED lamp inside GP 12. The lamp is having a life of more than 20 hours of life. Also on an average, the light source can generate a maximum output power of 24 watts.

I agree to what company is saying that the device consists of an innovative cooling system. I agree to it up to a certain extent. It is because I had a small experience of using the machine. In due course, I found the exterior body of the projector is at room temperate even after using the device for about four to five hours.

So I can say Joyhero has provided an excellent facility for dissipating the internal residual heat of GP 12. But a limitation of the device is the fact that the machine is producing some noise while at work. It has been measured around 35 decibels.

However, one need not worry about it much! It is because a user can enjoy a cinema with their loved ones. That too without been concerned about any irritating noise that can be generated from the mini projector hardware. Yes, it is possible either by keeping the sound volume of the device on the higher side or using some high-quality external speakers with the same.

How Joyhero GP 12 is User-Friendly?

There are many interface ports available on the Joyhero GP 12 machine that can be helpful for a user. It consists of a DC input port, an SD card slot, a 3.5mm headphone jack, an HDMI port, and a USB port. A user can connect nearly every device available in a home or a workplace to enhance the use of the machine.

One thing that I would like to add here, GP 12 is having an internal audio system that can deliver quality sound. Overall the product consumes an output power of 60 watts. However, it needs an input power supply of 110-240V that is common in households.

The overall hardware dimensions of portable GP 12 are 20.90 cm x 15.90 cm x 7.90 cm / 8.23 inches x 6.26 inches x 3.11 inches projector size. They can be measured as per the length, width, and height of the product respectively. The net weight of the device is only 0.9440 kg. So the machine is much lighter not only to lift it and hold on hands but also to carry the product from one place to another without any problem.

How is the Front Appearance of Joyhero GP 12 Portable Projector?

The product is available in the market either in all Black or all White Color as an option. So a user can choose the one that can fit best to the interiors of an area. It can be a house, guests lobby, restaurants, office, and many more applications.

At the front surface of GP 12 at the left, there is a big lens. That too with an outer circular ring on the circumference of the same. It helps the projector to throw light with more focus on a targeted area of the output projection screen.

Also, it works as a protective agent to avoid any damage up to a certain extent to happen on the lens. It can be possible due to accidental contact of an external object with the Joyhero GP 12. The complete look of the lens on the machine is almost looking like the lens of a digital camera. On both the right and left areas of the lens there is an unusual design. It has been provided in the form of waves as a group of horizontal shallow imprinted strips on the exterior hardware body.

The top surface has been extended from all the three sides of the GP 12 portable projector other than front up to some millimeters. Further, the ends have been tilted downwards with smooth edges at the corners to give a premium look to the machine.

By the way, at the top surface, there are two manual adjustable knobs. They are located above the lens towards the front portion of the product. It includes one for focus and another for keystone correction adjustments.

What are the Available Options for a User on the Machine?

To the left portion of GP 12 towards the front on the same surface, there is a logo of Joyhero. At the back portion on top of the device, there are some projector control hardware buttons. They are located on the left towards the back of the GP 12 machine. The list of available buttons includes power, back, menu, OK, signal source and navigational buttons.

I like the long-sized buttons that have been provided on top of the mini projector. The buttons add to the unique design of the product, and they have been enclosed inside a separate enclosure. Also towards the back side, there is a small design of some tilted shallow hollow lines imprinted on the external body of the machine.

On the left surface of GP 12 to the back side, there is a power input plug. Also, there are some air vents provided at the front portion on the same surface. Also, on the right surface of the machine to the front portion, there are some designer vents for the internal cooling system of the projector. Behind the same on the upper part, there is a separate section that consists of hardware interface connectivity ports. It includes two USB ports one among them is having 5V output.

So a benefit to the user is the fact that a user can charge a smartphone using the Joyhero GP 12 machine in case of no other power supply. The list of hardware ports also includes an SD port, an HDMI port, a 3.5mm audio port, and an AV video input.

How Joyhero GP 12 is a Fashionable Projection Device?

I am impressed with the finish that has been provided on all the three sides of the projector. It is something different from what we can find on the front of the device. They are in the form of horizontal shallow imprinted waves. All together on a matte finish these stylish designs gives an attractive look and feel to the hardware.

At the back surface of the machine on the upper left portion, there is an IR sensor. It works with the remote controller with ease while a user is accessing the device remotely by sitting behind the same.

Also on the left part towards the back surface of GP 12, there are some air vents. On the right portion, there are two big designer vents to dissipate sound output from the internal speakers of the machine. These vents have been provided on the portable projector hardware by the designers in almost circular.

There is a separate base that is of smaller in dimensions as compared to the main upper exterior body. It has been provided to give the necessary balance to the main GP 12 hardware. The base consists of four rubber paddings located at the bottom on each corner of the machine. Also on the separate base section at the back surface of the product, there is a VGA port. It has been provided on the left portion of the device.

How convenient is GP 12 to Project Multimedia Content?

The projector that we are reviewing in this article is rich in multimedia capability. A user can connect many smart devices with Joyhero GP 12 to experience a different level of entertainment from the same. The list of compatible devices includes but not limited to a digital camera, and a high-end gaming console. The portable projector can also be connected with desktop, Blue-ray player, tablet, smartphone and much more.

I am a little upset with the manufacturers for not providing the Bluetooth feature on GP 12. So one cannot think about connecting a phone or a gaming controller with any smart device wirelessly via Bluetooth. A user can project WAV and MP3 audio formats on the machine that have been stored on any USB storage device or an external hard drive.

The compatible image extension files of the machine are .png, .jpeg, .gif, and .jpg. So a user can use almost all the commonly available formats of a photo on the device to share them with others on big screen output. GP 12 as a portable multimedia home cinema projector can display videos and movies on different supportable file formats. It includes AVI, WMV, RMVB, MP4, and FLV.

How about the Packaging Box and Accessories?

The company is supplying one power cable, a user manual in English, and a remote controller with GP 12 as a package. Also, a consumer will get an AV cable, a VGA cable, and an HDMI cable in the box packaging with the main machine unit.

A user can choose from the currently available EU and UK power plug options while ordering the Joyhero GP 12 mini projector online. The power cable that comes as a package is of 150 cm in length. Net weight of the box is around 1.6500 kilogram.

Total dimensions of the outer packaging box of GP 12 are about 25.20 cm x 24.50 cm x 11.70 cm or 9.92 inches x 9.65 inches x 4.61 inches package size. After all, the measurements are as per the length, width, and height of the Box respectively. A genuine remote that comes in the packing box with the machine is designed with all white looks having grey buttons.

How is the Remote Controller Supplied with GP 12?

There are three buttons namely power, mute and listen that have been colored as red, green and blue on the remote of the projector. They have been located at the top of the remote. Also at the top, there is a small button to control the zoom feature of the device.

The rest list of buttons that have been provided on the remote includes but not limited to volume control buttons. It also features a forward, a reverse, a fast forward, and a fast reverse button. They can be helpful to control a video playback while the device is in action.

Below to them, there are four navigational buttons with an OK button at the center. Also, there is a source select, menu, exit and a play/pause button located on all the outer corners of the directional buttons. At the bottom of remote of GP 12, there are three special small buttons, and they are zoom for pic, sound, and freeze.

All the text and indications have been printed in black. Do you have already read my past review about GP 9 projector? If yes then you can find the remote controller of both the machines are probably similar in design and appearance!

I am satisfied with the performance of the Remote controller with the projector that reacts with every action. Also, the remote needs two AAA batteries that have not been included in the Box Packaging.


It is the time for me to end my review about GP 12 mini projector in this section! I have shared my views about the performance of the device from different aspects already on their respective sections.

If anyone would ask me about my suggestion about the product, then I would say a yes. I will recommend the device to those who are looking for a low-cost projector device. It is a potential projection machine to fulfill anyone’s productivity or entertainment needs.

I can say it by considering many good things about the GP 12. A user can get the best experience of watching movies and TV programs on the device. However, to achieve it a user needs to follow specific guidelines of use and agree to adjust with some limitations of the device.

I like the overall sound effects that the Joyhero GP 12 portable projector can produce. It is decent at home but needs external speakers for using the device at outdoors. To enjoy a complete home theater experience a user can connect some additional high-quality speakers with the machine.

GP 12 is based on Sturdy hardware that can withstand the daily needs of any user. It can be either a student, a professional, a businessman, or a home user. The projector is capable enough produce nice color saturation even on a big display screen of more than 100 inches of diagonal size.

That too with Bright projected pictures with decent contrast effects under dim ambient light! I am sure a consumer will not be having any complaints against the performance of GP 12 while enjoying movie nights.

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