JVC LX UH1BC Review: An Intelligent 4K HDR Entertainment Projector


JVC, you might be familiar with this brand! They are well-known manufacturers of high-resolution projectors. People from different areas of the world are admiring their machines and recommending them to others. In this post, I am going to review JVC LX UH1BC projector that has been launched recently. Keep reading to uncover every single detail. I will cover almost everything about the features, specifications and performance figures of the same. So let us start!

How is the Hardware Appearance of the JVC LX UH1BC Projection Machine?

The complete hardware of the LX UH1BC projector has been designed to have a portable body. The overall dimensions of the projector can be measured as 333mm x 332mm x 135mm as per the width x depth x height of the device respectively.

Not only the size but the new weight of the LX UH1BC projector is convenient near to 5 kilograms. Hence, a user can easily lift it using both his hands and transfer the device from one place to another without any issues.

JVC is offering the device in black and white dual tone colors. The overall look of the projector hardware is remarkable and can be kept in a desk or a shelf as per the requirement. Also, it is a highly convenient machine for the people those who want to use the device in different places.

Both the adjustable knobs provided at the top of the projector works smoothly and includes better damping during use. The best part is the projector can save your time! How? Because after adjusting the focus if you will change the zoom then it will not going to affect the setting of focus in the output projected display.

What are the Available Interface Ports on the JVC LX UH1BC Device?

JVC has always given a good option of having enough interface connectivity ports in its projector machines. We can say most of those projectors comes under the category of home theater projection machines.

There are two HDMI input ports provided by the JVC on the LX UH1BC projector machine. One among them is compatible with full speed 2.0 bandwidth and ordinarily capable of transferring 18 Gbps of data. However, up to the maximum LX UH1BC projector can transfer 60p HDR or 4K signals.

One of the HDMI interface port is MHL compatible. The projector also consists of a USB type A port. It is useful for supplying power to smartphones or other multimedia gadgets to charge them when required.

Also, there is a Mini USB port useful when the basic wired connectivity needed with other devices. There is an RS232 port, a computer input port, and a 12v power input port on the LX UH1BC projector machine. A user can connect smartphones, computers, tablets and other different gadgets with the projector unit.

Let me start reviewing the LX UH1BC projector right from the start. I should better start this article with an unboxing of the device from its company supplied packaging box. But let us try something different and open the box after getting some idea about the product.

A Detailed Unboxing of JVC LX UH1BC

The outer packaging of the JVC LX UH1BC projector is a standard cardboard-like box. The packaging comes with many electronic appliances or with any big electronic gadget. On each side of the projector’s packaging box, the brand logo has been imprinted in bigger fonts.

Next, on the sides of the packaging box, I can see many details regarding the LX UH1BC projector. It has been printed outside that the product inside the same is a DLP based projector and supports HDMI connectivity. Other than that the package has other necessary details to place and handle the device with care and many more stuff to read.

Moving ahead after opening the top four flaps of the projector’s packaging box I can see the LX UH1BC is safely wrapped with a protective cover. The hardware has been placed almost at the center of the box with the support of two customized packaging stands.

I am impressed with the overall box packaging of the LX UH1BC hardware offered by the JVC. There are little chances of any damage to happen on the device and the accessories supplied with it while traveling or so. No tension of any wear and tear that can occur by courier guys if you are planning to send the projector package to some other place.

What Are All Accessories Available in the Box Packaging?

Now after taking out all the internal stuff from the packaging box first let us have a look at the attachments that come with the projector. First of all like every product JVC LX UH1BC projection machine also comes with a quick start guide or user manual.

Some people find it a piece of junk but believe me you need to keep it safe with you even if you have all idea about how to use the device or so. It is because many times a user stuck while using the device and searching here and there to find the solution but it is printed on the guide.

Also, many companies are supplying warranty cards enclosed inside the user manuals of their products. Those are very important to claim for any type of issue under product warranty period. I know many of you guys have the idea about the same but still, some people do not care about it while unboxing their products. After some time they will be missing it at the time of facing any issues on the product after some time.

JVC has provided a separate CD that includes a demo or audio-visual user manual. It is useful for those people who do not like to read a single sentence in the provided quick start booklet. It is suggested never to try to use the device on their own even without any knowledge or practice before.

How is the Remote Controller?

There is a remote controller with limited buttons but well customized to control nearly all the functions of the projector. All rectangular in design and black in color with some grey buttons. Seems not much premium but neither that of cheap quality as well.

A brand logo has been imprinted at the front in the lower portion of the controller. It can help you to find the right remote for the projector if it has been placed between the remote controllers of other appliances in your home. It is a common situation to have on the house and find it difficult to pick a right remote among others.

However, the JVC designers have made the controller to fit comfortably on hands and give a simple and beautiful look to the same. A user can easily use the controller at night or darker surroundings. It is due to the blue backlight on the buttons, but not dazzling yellow light provided on some other remote controllers of the JVC projector models.

Additional Accessories,

The accessories provided with LX UH1BC also includes a power cable. It can be directly attached to the projector machine without the need to connect a power adapter in between or so which is a nice thing for a user.

Among the accessories of JVC LX UH1BC projector, there are two small-sized batteries for the remote controller. At least I am happy by looking at those little power cylinders provided by JVC. After all, most of the time users are not having separate batteries available with them while unboxing the product. As a matter of which they need to rush to the market to buy them before starting the device! It sounds bit silly but it the real fact that might happen to you as well before.

After starting the device, it welcomes you with a large JVC word. You can project a big screen of size ranging from 60 inches to 300 inches in diagonally size. There are precise, simple, basic and advanced adjustments functions that can be accessed from the easy to use menu settings.

How is the Design of the Projector Hardware?

Let us do have a quick look at all the sides of the projector hardware and try to find what all things are there to consider and use. The front side of LX UH1BC only has a big lens in a chamber located at the left corner.

At the back of the projector device, all the interface connectivity ports are provided with power input port. The bottom surface of the machine has three rubber pads that can help the LX UH1BC to be stable in one place. Also, a mounting hole has been provided to that can fix the projector device on a stand at a certain height or ceiling.

At the top on the back portion of the projector hardware, there are some navigation buttons. It includes power, input, menu, and other control buttons same like a remote controller. Also, there are some indicators to check the status of power, temperature, and lamp condition. Further above the lens, there are two adjustable rings to control the focus and zoom of the output display.

On sides, there are air vents of big size to pass on the internal residual heat outside. Also, we can see a cooling fan assembly clearly from the vents. The chances are the light coming from its internal light source can leak from this area. However, the designers have made it sure that it would not disturb the projection screen at its front.

How Does the Display work?

JVC is known to produce 4K projectors that include pixel jitter technology those work with low resolution. As per JVC, it is known as e-shift. In this case, each pixel in the display moves quickly among two positions that looks two different pixels on the screen.

The process doubles the number of pixels from 2 million to 4 million on the output screen. But the actual amount of pixels are still half as compared to a true ultra HD screen. LX UH1BC is based on TRP (tilt and roll pixels, the name given by the developer of DLP technology) pixel dithering technology.

The JVC LX UH1BC projector is using an advanced 0.47-inch DLP chip that works with 4 million pixels and doubles it to 8 million when required. It can project a higher resolution content on a bigger display screen similar to a Full UHD panel. By the way, DLP is a well-known and the best in class projection technology for the films. Many Dolby and IMAX cinemas are using this technology.

The projector can reproduce natural colors very well and a good contender to be used for home theater. The overall picture output produced by the LX UH1BC projector device is impressive. A great mix of high sharpness, smooth transitions, rich color, and strong details.

How is the Display Performance?

To ensure cinematic and realistic picture quality the LX UH1BC projector is loaded with HDR support (HLG and HDR10). Also, the device supports 100% REC.709 (Compatible with BT.2020) Color Gamut. Also, it is backed by auto iris technology. The maximum brightness that the projector can attain is about 2000 lumens.

The projector supports to display pictures on the output screen with maximum 4K resolution, i.e., 3840*2160. It is equipped with Texas Instruments 0.47″ TRP DMD technology. The device supports a dynamic contrast ratio of 100000:1.

You can adjust the output display from the settings options but be careful in doing so. The improper adjustment of color enhancement and similar settings can disturb the display output. The projector can make sure that the resultant projected picture will not do not have any distortions.

3 Helpful Features of using the JVC LX UH1BC

I got less time to experience with using the LX UH1BC projector. Hence, I cannot find any negatives in the device, but I have pointed out some of the positive things about the same. Following I am going to list down five useful features of the LX UH1BC projector that can impress its users;

  • It supports 30% automatic trapezoidal correction function with a 1.6x short-focus lens. The lens can be adjusted both upwards and downwards by a factor of 60% and 23% respectively.
  • There is a slight gap between the lens and the projector hardware. It has been provided to make it easier for the lens to be adjusted as per the requirement.
  • There are many in-built modes provided in the LX UH1BC projector device such as dynamic, cinema, custom, and natural mode. Among them, you do not need to make any adjustments in cinema mode and is highly preferable to watch videos or movies on the projector. The Dynamic mode includes a higher temperature of default color and more light output hence there is much white balance in the blue light. It is suitable to be used under less shading conditions. Rest theater mode and nature mode are very much similar.

My Words Regarding the Projector

You can easily use the JVC LX UH1BC projector either at your home, workplace or anywhere else. The machine generates less noise that can be measured within 29dB while in action. It needs a good power supply of 100 to 240 volts supplied at 50/60 Hz. The hardware consumes the total power of 370W.

I have gone through many critical online reviews regarding the LX UH1BC projector. One common thing that I found out among all is that the device can perform better as per its configurations. Also, it has a better lens and better color correction as compared to many other 4K home theater projector machines available in the market.

The LX UH1BC projector is not having automatic focus or zoom adjustment functionalities. We can find such in many other projector models from JVC. But you can manually adjust them. By controlling the separate adjustable rings with ease provided on the hardware for the same purpose. It is much similar like adjusting the lens of a camera. It can be a disadvantage of LX UH1BC for many projector users. But I find it a small limitation on the part of the device that can be neglected up to a certain extent.


To conclude here, I would say that I have found stereoscopic appearance and color richness in the projected output of the LX UH1BC projector. Also, the display performance of the device works well to produce clear black and white levels on a big screen.

The performance of the internal cooling system of the projector is good. It is better than the heat dissipation facility of other high-resolution projector models on the market. Also, LX UH1BC can project better image quality and bright pictures as compared to other old JVC projector models.

The interior lamp provided in the LX UH1BC portable cinema projector can be used for more than ten thousand hours. Both the sound and display output performance of the device is excellent. Do let me know if you have any experience or feedback regarding the projector in the comment section below!

JVC LX UH1BC multimedia projector is priced around 28000 yuan. Hence, we can consider it a 4K UHD home theater projector. Thus, at last, I have to say that if your budget allows then definitely you should try to buy LX UH1BC home theater 4K projection machine. It will hardly let you down, or better to say a worth product for the Price!

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