Lenovo T1 Pro Review: A Fully Loaded Projection System that Touches Heart

Lenovo T1 Pro Review

The future of big screen Televisions is at Risk! As the time is passing this sentence is proving itself to be true. At one time it is just an imagination of someone who got the right idea about the potential and future of smart modern age computers. I have recently experienced a similar case with one of my ex-colleague named Maria. This post is based on the same. In this article, I will be going to present my complete Lenovo T1 Pro projector review with you all.

T1 Pro is an updated version of the Lenovo T1 smart projector. Lenovo has realised the need of improvements both in the hardware and software specifications of T1 Projector. I am impressed with the fact that the Lenovo has considered its critics and users feedbacks and finally came up with T1 Pro.

Lenovo T1 Pro

My First Experience with the Projector,

It was one among the luckier days for me when I first saw a white beauty at the house of my friend Maria. Recently I have gone to meet her and his husband at their home to wish for their marriage anniversary. It was the day when I first saw the T1 Pro projector in front of me.

I had a great experience while reviewing the projector at Maria’s house itself. I cannot stop myself to explore as much as I can about beautifully designed projector hardware. Before moving ahead, I would like to thank Maria and his spouse for giving me the opportunity to review their projector. Hence, keep reading this article! It will help you to explore more about not only the configurations but also the performance factors of the Lenovo T1 Pro projector.

Lenovo T1

Luckily Maria’s kid has the habit to collect some crazy stuff with him, and one of them is the projector’s outer packaging box. Hence, it helped me a lot to make this review more knowledgeable for you all. So let us first start with a discussion about the outer packaging and accessories provided with Lenovo T1 Pro projector.

An Outlook on the Projector’s Packaging Box

At first look, the outer packaging box of the T1 Pro projector is looking awesome. It feels like some premium gadget is waiting for us inside the same. At the top of the box right at its centre, there is a T1 Pro brand logo with some blue concentric matrix around the same.

It could entice you to keep the packing box always with you safely to view it again and again after specific time intervals. I am sure some people might find it bit unusual behaviour. However, like Maria’s child, I know some more people to whom even a gadget’s packaging box is like a precious jewellery case.

An impressive part about the packaging box of the projector is the fact that there is a drawer at the bottom part of the box. You can slide it towards out and see it consists of different kinds of stuff provided with the projector device.

The overall dimensions of the projector’s packaging box are around 25.2cm x 25.2cm x 13.1cm considering the length x width x height of the packaging Box. Also the package weights to about 3.11kg.

If we talk about the genuine accessories provided by the company inside the box packaging, then it consists of an easy to read the user manual. Also their lies a remote controller, a power adapter, one power cord, one product warranty card, and two button batteries with the projector.

How about the Design of the Projector?

The Lenovo T1 Pro projector is entirely in square-shaped design. To be more precise the projector is available in dual tone Ivory and Champaign gold colours. The design of the T1 Pro is inspired from a sandwich structure.

Both the top and bottom parts are made with plastic material while the middle section is more of metal. There is a soft touch skin-like coating provided on the plastic surface of the projector hardware. It adds to both the quality and looks of the projector device.

There are many useful facts about the projector’s lens that can make T1 Pro durable to use for its consumers. It is due to the dustproof, high light transmittance and scratch resistance build quality of the lens. It is to make the projector hardware free of any residual heat, and there are heat dissipation vents provided on both the sides and the front part of the same.

ThinkPad thermal designing team has designed the complete cooling system of the Lenovo T1 Pro projector. You will hardly find any noise coming out of the projector while in use. The hardware is installed with eagle-wing fan structure that results in the relatively silent device.

A Tour of Projector’s Outer Body,

At the top surface of the projector, there is a big rounded button that can work differently during the short press and long press of the same. The front face of the projector hardware consists of a lens made up of imported Schott glass material. It is located at its right side, and a designer meshes at the left.

At the back side of the projector hardware, there are many convenient options regarding the interface connectivity of the Lenovo T1 Pro projector. It includes a USB 2.0 port, RJ-45, two HDMI 2.0 ports, one USB 3.0 port and a 3.5mm Jack. Both the HDMI ports are capable of supporting MHL and ARC signals compatibility.

The bottom surface of the projector also has M6 screw holes. It can meet the standard specifications to install the projector either on the ceiling or wall brackets. The projector device also consists of stereo speakers located on both sides of the device.

You can identify the position of speakers inside the projector. It can be observed due to the presence of creative hexagonal shaped grids for sound output. I have used the term creative because while looking at the projector from far away these speaker grids are almost looking like wheels. It can make the device to start moving anytime!

What is the Convenience of using the Projection Device?

The T1 Pro projector can support automatically adjustable keystone correction functionality. To be more precise you can adjust the four corners of the projector horizontally by 35 degrees. Also at the same time, the projection machine can be aligned vertically by 10 degrees.

The actual dimensions of the Lenovo T1 Pro projector itself are about 200 x 200 x 65.8mm as per its length x width x height respectively. The projector weights to around 1.5 kilograms. Hence, it is relatively a lightweight, portable highly specified projector device.

One more convenience to the users of T1 Pro projector is the provision of a base stand provided beneath the projector hardware. It adds to the beauty of the overall appearance of the projector. However, the primary use of the base stand is to adjust it as plus or minus degrees vertically to meet up the proper display requirements.

How is the Performance of Projector’s Display Output?

T1 Pro is based on a LED-based projection light source. The projection hardware uses a successful DLP display technology. It supports a standard display resolution of 1280x800dpi. The projector can support a standard screen aspect ratio of 16:10.

T1 Pro projector has many useful features for its users like automatic trapezoidal correction. The hardware also supports brightness adjustment, front projection, and sound mode. There is a good facility of manual focus, and reverse projection within the projector. You can use the inbuilt lamp for about 20000 hours. The Lenovo T1 Pro projector can support a standard throw ratio of 1.2:1.

The maximum capability of brightness with which the projector can deliver the output is 750 ANSI lumens. T1 Pro projector has done a nice job to display clear images on daylight with window curtains open. The maximum contrast ratio that T1 Pro projector hardware can support is around 3001-5000:1.

The projector uses a 0.45 DMD display chip having a flip angle of 12 degrees and produces less stray light possible. The overall contrast, colour saturation and sharpness of the picture are good in darker surroundings.

Project Bigger Display with Easy Installation,

You can project a display output of size around 150 inches. It is possible by placing the projector hardware at a distance of 3 meters away from the projection screen or a wall. Also when the projector device has been placed only 2 meters away from the projection output, you can get a big display of size 120 inches.

The projector device can support a fixed focus functionality to project any multimedia content. You can project a relatively more significant display output of size ranging from 30 inches to 300 inches in length. You can get better visuals either on a good quality large projector screen or walls. T1 Pro supports the image adjustment functionality, and that is entirely electric.

Experience IMAX Theater at your Home,

You can not only enjoy watching 3D multimedia content on T1 Pro but the projector device. It can also give you the facility to convert any of your desired 2D multimedia content into 3D and enjoy the visuals with an entirely new experience.

The projector has different convenient features for its users. It includes Bluetooth connectivity and 4k multimedia content support. An essential thing to know about the T1 Pro is the fact that the projector can support 5G network connectivity. So ultimately all these configurations of the Lenovo projector can make it a future-ready entertainment gadget.

The projector has an excellent dynamic decoding capability to project 4k videos with full effects. You can play anyone among the commonly used high definition encoding video formats like H264 and H265. You cannot identify any smear or dropped frames on the projected output display.

The actual projection playback effect is nearly comparable to the same visual experience of watching a movie on an IMAX theatre. After all why not if the T1 Pro projector can be able also to project 3D movies or videos. You can feel the stereo surround sound effect from the inbuilt titanium diaphragm and high-end amplifier of T1 Pro.

What are the Impressive Hardware Specifications of Lenovo T1 Pro?

Following are some of the configurations of the T1 Pro that can make it both compelling and productive projection hardware;

  • A quad-core 1.4GHz Cortex-A53 processor chip has been used inside the projector hardware.
  • There is also a Mali-450 MP4 GPU chip integrated inside the Lenovo T1 Pro projector hardware.
  • T1 Pro projector consists of a 2GB RAM and 16GB eMMC internal memory.
  • You will get easy to navigate user interface that is running on an Android 5.1 operating system of the T1 Pro projector.
  • The projector can support wireless connectivity with Airplay and DLNA.
  • You can connect the projector device via the internet using a dual-band Wi-Fi feature 2.4GHz+5GHz.
  • T1 Pro can also be of much help to its office users since it can support wireless screen mirroring functionality. It can help much to project any mobile content quickly to a more prominent display. Also, there is a facility of WPS to make the professional tasks easier possible.

How is the Remote Controller of Lenovo T1 Pro Projector?

The remote controller supplied by the Lenovo with the T1 Pro works on Bluetooth connectivity. You no more need to align the remote straight to the infrared sensor of a gadget. But the remote controller needs a universal CR2032 battery to get the required power to work with the projector device.

The plus and minus button can be used for both volumes and focus adjustments. If you are having a bad habit of keeping the remote controllers anywhere and forget about them after some time, then T1 Pro has a good solution for you. The remote controller can be magnetically attached to the top of the projector hardware.

Therefore you do not need to worry about where to keep the remote controller of the projector hardware. No need to bother about any possibility of damage due to slipping or so. With the help of remote controller, you can turn your projector device into a standalone Bluetooth speaker.

What are all the Entertainment Options?

For home users, the projector has copyrights of many video streaming platforms. You can also watch your latest movies, TV series, News, Sports or any other Multimedia content to get a visual treat from the Lenovo T1 Pro projector.

I got to know about a particular facility for children available in the T1 Pro projector with the help of Maria. The parents can set the time to watch any animation or cartoon films. Also, there are some educational games and resources for the kids to learn while enjoyment.

There is a unique setting inside the user interface to keep the eye sightedness of the children protected. You can also connect a wireless mouse that supports a signal frequency of 2.4GHz with the projector. It can help users to access and control different educational software available in the projector. The part of enjoying is to project the same on a big screen output especially for kids.

You can install a variety of Apps based on Fitness, General Information, Games, Karaoke, Social, Shopping, etc. on the projector system.


Unfortunately, Maria and his family do not have any idea about the actual cost of the projector device that they are using in their home. It is because her husband had won it as a prize of a contest winner.

As per some Chinese e-commerce sites, the T1 Pro projector device is ready to be purchased online at a price of approximately 2800 Yuan. But you can also get it at a discounted price of about 2500 Yuan. T1 Pro will enhance the beauty of the room wherever it has been set up while offering much more entertainment options to spend your time.

The projector has a rich interface and connectivity configuration options. It can help you to connect nearly all the external smart gadgets available in the home with the device. Now you can have the power to go beyond the visual impact of big TV screens. All you need is to only replace them with flexible projector screens with relatively more significant display outputs.

Due to the diffuse reflection imaging functionality of Lenovo T1 Pro projector, we can protect our eyes from getting fatigued. It can also protect us from losing the eye sightedness as compared to watching a big TV screen.

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