Nebula Mars vs. XGIMI H2: 16 Test Factors to Decide the Best


I always engage in reviewing different smart gadgets whenever I see or got to know about them for the first time! Talking about the intelligent projectors then you can find many of my product reviews and comparison posts on this site. Today I suddenly thought about the mentality of people! I got the inspiration from the same to compose this post based on a comparison between Nebula Mars vs. XGIMI H2.

It can help us to decide the best among both the small-sized yet smart modern projection hardware’s! Back to the topic! I am referring to the people those who are migrating their mode of entertainment. Especially from their traditional TV-based entertainment to the modern projectors. What do you think? What would be the main reason behind the same?

I hope some of you are among the people those who have already adopted a projector in place of a TV as a part of your routine. Also, a few others might be planning or in doubt about using a smart portable projector gadget in their homes. A general thought like whether it is a good idea to switch towards a projector other than an unremitting habit of watching television sets.

Projector for Home Theater,

You might be having an answer to my above question. But after meeting with and knowing about the personal experiences of so many projector users I can answer! It can be to enjoy “Theater like Entertainment in Home.”

I am sure about a fact! IT is that 90-95% of people those who like to watch multimedia content would also want to enjoy watching movies on theater halls. The content can be anything like movies, videos, TV programs, etc.

It would be the biggest reason why people prefer projectors in place of TV sets. After all, you can buy one among the various options of good quality compact projectors available in the market. These devices can not only project high-resolution videos, i.e., up to 4k but also provide the best sound output as a package. A small projector box can serve you better, then why you need to think about TV sets!

Keeping this thing in mind, in this post I am going to compare Nebula Mars and XGIMI H2. I got these two small sized cinema projectors for a day with the help of my friend to perform a comparison. He is working as a sales manager on an electronic shop, and on special request he allowed me to test both of the projector demo models.

Nebula Mars vs. XGIMI H2: A Faceoff

Recently I have taken the benefit of the same and performed a faceoff between Nebula Mars and XGIMI H2 handy projector units. I have noted down all the details, their similarities, dissimilarities, pros, cons, etc. that I am going to share with you next in this article. Kindly be with me, and keep reading this post!

Also, I will find out the best projector based on overall performance on different parameters. Not to forget I am pretending myself as a new buyer who wants to choose one between them for my home theater need!!

So let us get started by comparing every factor that we as a user can check before buying any product. It will include both features and specifications of the two projector models that we have chosen to test against each other! I will give a score to the winner after every comparison that we will sum up to get the ultimate winner regarding overall performance!

1) Display Size:

The very first thing in a projector that can impress any user is its maximum output display size. In my test I have found that they both can produce a maximum display screen of size 300’’. Therefore, it’s a tie between the two, and I can assign one as a score to each of our competitor devices based on their display size.

2) Native Resolution:

Whether the size is the only thing to decide about the quality of a projector display? Obviously no! We also need to check the native resolution of both the projectors that can help us to get some idea about the quality of their output projection. So Nebula Mars smart cum compact projector has the native resolution of 1280 x 800P, on the other hand, XGIMI H2 home cinema projector can display output with native resolution as 1920 x 1080P, i.e., Full HD. So regarding display resolution, the winner will be H2.

3) Display Brightness:

Sometimes the display size and resolution are also not sufficient. Mainly to decide on the actual performance of a projector in different surrounding conditions. For example, dark, daylight, mid-day light, direct sunlight or so. In such a case, the maximum brightness of the output that a projector can project is the deciding factor.

Hence, Nebula Mars cinema projector can produce a display brightness of 500 ANSI lumens. At the same time, XGIMI H2 Full HD projector can provide an output brightness of around 1350 ANSI lumens. So the total score of both the projectors as of now is Nebula Mars – 1, XGIMI H2 – 3.

4) Power:

In comparing Nebula Mars vs. XGIMI H2 projector units we have to keep in mind one thing. It is a fact that Nebula Mars is small projection device (same like the size of a tiffin box) as compared to XGIMI H2. Here if we look into the required power supply source for both the projector units, then Nebula Mars tiny projector runs on the 19V power supply. It also consists of a rechargeable Li-Polymer battery with a capacity of 19500 mAh 3.8V.

You can charge it fully and can run the projector continuously for up to 3 hours. At the same time, XGIMI H2 multimedia modern projector needs standard 100-240V, 50-60Hz power supply. So by considering the portability and safety in mind for me, Nebula Mars can lead here.

5) Connectivity:

Both the Nebula Mars vs. XGIMI H2 portable smart projector models are compatible with Bluetooth V4. However, there is a small difference between their Wi-Fi connectivity. Nebula Mars handy home theater smart compact projector can support, i.e., 2.4G/5G IEEE 802.11b/g/n.

XGIMI H2 1080P small size intelligent projector model can help the same dual-band Wi-Fi of 2.4G/5G. But provide more connectivity options, i.e., IEEE 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac as compared to its competitor in our Faceoff. So here the leader will be an H2 multimedia projector.

6) Display Specs:

The two main detailing factors that can help us to decide upon the ultimate performance of a projector are Throw ratio and Contrast Ratio. Well concerning throw ratio both the models can perform neck to neck with 1.2:1 but have a significant difference concerning another factor. The contrast ratio of Nebula Mars home theater grade projector is 1000:1 and H2 is 20000:1. Therefore, XGIMI H2 cinema Full HD projector can produce brighter and darker pictures as compared to its comparison participant.

7) Maximum Display Resolution:

This factor is most important for those who love to watch movies and videos in high resolution. Today we have gaming consoles and set-top boxes those are supporting 4k resolution multimedia content. So it is must to know what will be the highest resolution of a multimedia item. I feel it happy to say that both of our test projector models are 4k ready. So the score should be one all.

8) 3D Content Support:

We all do like watching 3D movies so if we are planning to convert our bedroom to a home projector then why not think about enjoying a 3D film or a video every weekend on the same. So once again both the intelligent projector models can project 3D content, but the story does not end here for the XGIMI H2.

In H2 Full HD projector, you can also convert standard 2D videos to 3D and enjoy them on a bigger screen. And I have to add here that H2 hardware is also configured by a Mali-T820 GPU chipset that ensures smooth performance of the multimedia device. So among both of our test projector models, i.e., Nebula Mars vs. XGIMI H2 who should be the winner here?

9) Overall Hardware Performance:

Next, we will check and compare the overall performance of both the projector units. In this section, I have included the amount of RAM, ROM, and processor of the projection hardware units. In case of Nebula Mars smart tiny projector, it consists of 1 GB of RAM, 8 GB of ROM, and 1.5GHz 64bit Quad-core ARM CPU chip.

If we talk about XGIMI H2well featured projector, then it is having 2 GB of RAM, 16 GB of ROM, and Mstar 838 64 bit processor chipset. In this section, regarding both storage and hardware performance, I would like to pick H2 among both of our comparison projector models.

10) Sound:

Since we are comparing Nebula Mars vs. XGIMI H2 the two projector models based on our criteria to select one best as per our Home theater needs. So we cannot skip the type of internal speakers provided in them and the quality of sound produced in both the projector models. In Nebula Mars small size projector, it has Dual 10W speakers. They deliver a high-fidelity sound which is pretty impressive considering its small hardware design.

On the other hand, XGIMI H2 smart home theater projector has Dual 7.5 W sub-woofer speakers with 45mm driver unit. Here I have to appreciate the sound performance of the smallest one among the two for delivering a mesmerizing sound output.

11) Projection Source:

The primary source of both the projector lamps is RGB LED. However, there is a bit different in the size of their projection if we compare both of our competitor projection units. In case of Nebula Mars intelligent projector, it is having 0.45’’ DLP display based projection technology. However, in the case of XGIMI H2 home cinema projector, its hardware is based on 0.47’’ DLP based projection technology. Summing up the score of both the projector models till now we have Nebula Mars – 4, XGIMI H2 – 9.

12) Power Consumption:

We cannot directly compare the power consumption of both the Nebula Mars vs. XGIMI H2 projector models. After all, they are based on different sources of input and also differ in their hardware size. But we can focus on the efficient one among both by looking to their maximum power consumed by each of the projectors.

In case of Nebula Mars DLP LED projector, It can consume a maximum power of 57W in running mode and less than 0.5 in standby mode. Not to forget, as discussed before that the projector is also equipped with a rechargeable battery. It is based on Anker’s advanced battery technology to make the projector run for longer even in heavy usage.

Ultimately having a battery can save much! On the other side, XGIMI H2 smart, the convenient projector needs a constant power supply and consume maximum 100-135W of power. So no doubt the former projector model is the leader here.

13) Convenience:

In this section, I am grouping three different factors. It can directly or indirectly affect the satisfaction of using a projector device. They are an operating system, a remote controller, and keystone correction functionality.

Let us first see the metrics of Nebula Mars home cinema grade projector based on all such aspects. It is based on Android 4.4 operating system. The smart device comes with a full-functioned remote controller. It runs on two CR2032 batteries, and it supports the ±40° keystone correction technology.

After testing the XGIMI H2 1080p DLP projector based on all such factors. As a result, we can get an Android-based operating system with GMUI user interface on the projector. It also comes with an easy to operate remote controller that runs on Bluetooth connectivity.

And yes it also has the keystone correction functionality. But in H2 you have more possibilities to adjust the display as per your needs regardless of where you are sitting. So we need to appreciate H2 here.

14) Appearance:

In this section, I will discuss two main factors that can help us decide whether we can carry a specific projector or not! They are the device’s size and weight. Looking first on the overall appearance of the Nebula Mars multimedia DLP projector. It sizes to about 5.43 in x 7.01 x 4.8 as height x length x width respectively and weights to about 3.95 lbs.

On the other side the dimensions of the XGIMI H2 hardware measures to around 135 x 201 x 201mm as height x length x width respectively. The total weight of the H2 multimedia intelligent projector is 2.5 kilograms. Do I need to mention the winner of this section? It is the one whose name is inspired by a planet of the universe.

15) Hardware Interface:

It is not enough for entertainment lovers to have only a good multimedia projector. If we are planning to set up a home theater, then we also do need to consider connecting the projector with external speakers. Also, you might need to connect the device with Laptop, Computer, Smartphone, Gaming Consoles, or any other smart device.

We cannot connect everything using Bluetooth. Hence the necessary hardware interfaces like HDMI, USB, and Headphone jack are must be present in a projector hardware unit. If we consider Nebula Mars travel-friendly projector, then it consists of a 3.5mm jack, a USB 3.0 port, and an HDMI port without ARC support.

It means you cannot get the audio output via HDMI cable. In the case of XGIMI H2 modern LED projector, it also has a 3.5mm jack, dual USB ports( 1 x 2.0, 1 x 3.0), and an HDMI port with ARC support. Therefore, the winner must be H2.

16) Price:

It is the primary and most important factor to consider while looking for any desired projector. It can change one’s mind anytime. Hence I decided to list this factor at last. Ultimately you do not need to worry about the price before looking over other details and performance factors of both the two projector models.

Now before declaring the price let us first sum up the score of both the projectors, we have Nebula Mars at 6 and XGIMI H2 at 11. From here the overall winner is H2, but I am not done yet. As I said, earlier the primary deciding factor is the budget of a user!

So the price of the H2 home theater projector is more than 1000 US dollars as per online sources, but you can buy a Nebula Mars projector in less than that! So in one hand, you have Nebula Mars multimedia intelligent projector. It is compact and cheaper as compared to XGIMI H2 cinema projector which is rich in features and specs!

Are you still confused about what to choose?

If yes, then give me one more chance to clear the things for you! Next, I will be going to list down some Pros and Cons of both the projector devices that we are considering to compare in this post. I hope this can help you to prioritize your needs and choose the best projection hardware to build your desired home theater.

Pros of Nebula Mars Smart DLP Projector:

  • Elegant and robust hardware design
  • Both auto and manual focus
  • Bright display quality
  • Crip and clear picture
  • The Internal fan is quiet and revs up at shutdown to cool down the hardware
  • It delivers good Sound output from its inbuilt JBL speaker
  • No lag while gaming
  • It entices an advanced color management system
  • Impressive sound considering the size of the projector

Cons of Nebula Mars Multimedia Projector

  • No Chromecast support
  • The problem of audio lag in comparison to video while using the projector with external speakers linked via Bluetooth
  • N0 Windows Miracast support
  • Problem with using Wi-Fi especially while using the same with Bluetooth.
  • Brightness is not suitable for daylight
  • The device needs a bug free software update
  • Need to take the help of Mars apps to view copyrighted content from Netflix, Hulu, and other similar services.

Pros of XGIMI H2 Home Cinema Projector:

  • Wireless HDMI
  • 16:9 aspect ratio
  • Table Top and ceiling projection
  • Good Sound from inbuilt Harman Kardon speaker
  • Support Aptoid, Google Play, YouTube, Chrome, Kodi, Netflix, HBO, CBS, QuickSupport, Hulu services.
  • HDR 10 Functionality
  • SPDIF and LAN interface

Cons of XGIMI H2 Portable Full HD Projector:

  • Partial English support for essential items
  • Not good performance in highly intense surrounding light

Final Words

I hope the above comparison between Nebula Mars vs. XGIMI H2 projectors can be of any help for you or your known ones. Now the final decision is on you! If you are one among the people, who are desiring to buy a portable yet highly configured projector set for complete family entertainment!

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