JMGO V9 Review: An Intelligent Daily Use Projection System

JMGO V9 Projector Review

Every year more and more smart gadgets are adding to our daily routine. Today nearly all the home appliances are turning to be smart enough to control many functions from itself automatically. It combines both convenience and helps their users to save much of their valuable time. If we are considering a projector device, then there are many options for intelligent hardware available in the market. In this post, I will discuss my JMGO V9 projector review. So keep reading this article! You will come to know the configurations and performance characteristics of the projector device.

JMGO V9 Review

How Did I Review the JMGO V9 Projector?

First of all to make the review of V9 smart multimedia possible I would like to thank my friend Jassi. He is the operations manager at a well-renowned event management company. They usually use to get different multimedia projectors as per the needs of their clients.

Hence whenever I am in the mood to review a gadget, I usually contact him and ask for any new product to do some hands-on and prepare a review for the same. This time as well, yesterday I called him, and I came to know about the V9 home theatre intelligent projector system. Luckily the projector is free with him, so I rushed to his office and used the projector for about 2-3 hours.

Jmgo nut V9 projector

As per my habit, I always note down everything about whatever I observe about the product that I am reviewing. Thus this time as well I have some notes with me about the product to share with you all about the details and performance of the V9 portable projector. Hence let us get started!

How’s the Complete Look of the V9 Projector?

The complete design and look of the V9 smart home cinema projector are pretty impressive. You can easily keep it in any part of your room or an office. The dual tone blend of Black and Coffee Gold colors is something that can gain everyone’s intention towards itself. People will sure look towards the JMGO V9 intelligent multimedia projector every time while walking from nearby.

It is almost a cube-shaped projection hardware with a lens provided at the upper right portion of the front side of the projector device. The top cover of the projector is made up of metal gloss. A JMGO brand impression is there at the lower middle part of the same face of the projector.

V9 can make your guests to realize the fact that you do not only have a premium designed projector but also a branded multimedia device as well. If we look at it creatively then from far away, the design of the projector is looking like a head of a Robot with the only right eye! Just try to imagine if I am right or wrong!!!

The overall dimensions of the V9 smart projector are about 19.2cm x 19.2cm x 11.0cm as per its length x width x height respectively. Also, the net weight of the projector device is around 1.54kg. Therefore, the projector hardware can be considered as a compact device.

What are the Display Characteristics of the V9 Projector?

You can project an output display picture if size ranging from 30 inches to 300 inches using the projection device. It is possible by installing the JMGO V9 home theatre projector at a distance of about 0.5-4m in length from the projection screen or a wall. The projector device can be hoisted, which means you can adjust the vertical angle of projection output.

The V9 projector can consume a total power of about 85W. The projector hardware is based on DLP display technology. You can enjoy watching Full HD picture quality with detailed clarity on the same device. It is because the projector can support a maximum display resolution of 1920 x 1080dpi.

The V9 intelligent portable projector can support the keystone correction function. It can help the projector to display complete images on the display output screen. You will no more need to bother about the position of installing its hardware. You can correct up to ±40 degrees.

An RGB+B LED-based energy efficient lamp is capable of being used for about 30 thousand hours, or you can say it is having a shelf life of 10 years. The maximum contrast ratio that the V9 DLP 1080p projector can support lies within a range of 8001:1-10000:1.

What are the Facilities of V9 Projector to ensure Best Projection?

You can watch 3D format multimedia files with full effects on the V9 Full HD smart projector. However, if you lack in the 3D contents with you then do not worry. After all, the projector can convert your regular 2D videos in 3D and project the same on a more prominent display output.

The projector is capable enough to display about 1.07 billion colors on the output screen. The V9 intelligent small projector can project a higher brightness display output ranging from 1300 to 1500 ANSI lumens. The JMGO V9 DLP home cinema projection device can support both 16:9 and 4:3 aspect ratios.

It is based on HDR10 dynamic decoding technology to deliver enhanced colors outputs. Primarily it can restore more dark and light details as it is in the original picture to give an overall natural look of an image. Also thanks to the RGBB dual blue light four channel light source architecture inside the V9 Full HD projector. It has a big part in delivering high brightness darker output display.

There is a significant benefit of having this technology in the V9 projector. It is the fact that you can easily watch American and European movies on a considerable projection output. It is because such films are having most of the scenes with dark surroundings or dim light. In such case, there are more chances of loss in the details of the big output screen.

Exciting Specifications of the V9 Projector

A V9 projector is based on the Android operating system. You can interact with JMGO OS 3.0 user interface built to make the more straightforward operation of the JMGO V9 projector device both for kids and elder users as well in your home.

The V9 intelligent Full HD projector can support both dual-band (2.4GHz and 5GHz) Wi-Fi feature. You can also connect your smart gadgets with the projector using Bluetooth wireless connectivity. An Amlogic T968 quad-core processor chipset powers V9. The V9 home cinema projector is made up of 11 layers of innovatively added a sapphire glass lens with 99%light transmittance output.

At both the sides of the V9 smart 1080p projector device, you can find some air holes in a fashionable style to pass on the sound from the internal speakers. However, the exact position of the two speaker units is precisely at the front two corners of the projection hardware.

The JMGO V9 smart multimedia projector has an excellent facility to make sure that the hardware can perform smoothly. It does not matter what type of multimedia content you are projecting. It is possible due to the availability of 2GB RAM and 16GB of secondary storage facilities inside the V9 projector device.

Useful Features about the V9 Projector

1) To ensure a satisfying sound output JMGO has used two stereo speakers of 5W each inside the V9 projector hardware. The sound quality of the projector has been improved much as compared to the other JMGO projectors like J7 or so.

It can deliver rich bass effect. You can experience theatre-like sound effects with its four-way surround sound technology. You can turn your V9 projection device into a standalone Bluetooth speaker anytime within seconds to enjoy high-class music.

2) There are many options for you to connect external devices using cables through interface ports of V9. It includes an HDMI port, a USB 2.0 port, an S/PDIF port, a LAN port, a USB 3.0 port, a power port, and many more.

They are located at the upper back side of the V9 smart Full HD projector device. Also, you can find some air vents to control the heat dissipation. After all, the V9 projector hardware consists of two internal fans. They are present inside the device located in the back portion of the projector.

2 Major Qualities of V9 as an Intelligent Projector

JMGO V9 DLP portable projector is based on an Intelligent Projection technology. There are two main features of the projector that I do like the most among others. They are as follows:

  • You can use the V9 smart mini projector on both day and night time without the need to pull down the curtains or make the surroundings darker every time.
  • You can enjoy watching clear pictures on the bigger projected output display without any white pictures. They were commonly seen with traditional projector hardware.

Below are listed few pros and cons of the V9 1080p home theatre projector. I have collected them based on my personal experience also from the user’s product reviews on different online merchant sites.

What are some Pros of V9 Projector?

  • It can deliver good effect of trapezoidal correction.
  • Less stimulating projection to the eyesight
  • Beautiful hardware appearance
  • The sound effect is better than TV speakers
  • Easy to carry from one place to another

What are some Cons of V9 Projector?

  • The projector comes with fixed focus and zoom functionality.
  • In direct sunlight or considerably high room light you might not see all the details in the output projection.

Final words

At last, it is the time for my suggestion about the JMGO V9 intelligent Full HD projector after reviewing the same. Are you looking for a highly featured home theatre projector device for your daily use? If your budget is around ¥6888.00, then you should go for it.

The portable projection device can be installed easily at any part of your home to enhance the décor. Not only this, the design of the V9 DLP smart projector can make it comfortable for the professionals as well. It can help them to enhance their productivity by using a stylish multimedia gadget.

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