JMGO W700 Review: A Stout Small Projector Device worth the Money

JMGO W700 Review

In this post, I am going to talk about the performances characteristics of a JMGO projector. I have recently got a projection machine that is of small size, robust in performance and is of high value. It is no other but JMGO W700 smart portable projector. So stay tuned while reading this post to get my review regarding the same projection device!

The W700 multimedia intelligent projector device is convenient in use. It is because the net weight of the overall projector device is only around 1 kilogram. It sizes to about 83.9 mm x 176 mm x 155 mm considering its length x width x height respectively. The body of the W700 home theatre projector is made up of Metal and ABS materials.

You can project a big screen of size ranging from 40 inches to 300 inches in length using the W700 smart home projector device. However, to get the best quality of output display, it is recommended by the manufacturers to project a picture within a range of 60-120 inches in size.

What are the Display Characteristics of the JMGO W700 Projector?

The maximum brightness with which the W700 small office projector can display the output is around 550-750ANSI lumens. After all, the projector is based on an energy efficient LED light source lamp. W700 can display output with a maximum contrast ratio of about 1000:1. The projector can support RGB+B, 4LED based display output.

It is based on NUNAI Android-based operating system. It is sure W700 home cinema projector can deliver a fresh user interface experience to the projector users. You can watch a significant amount of entertainment content like popular programs targeted for all age groups. W700 can recommend customized content to its users based on their past viewing habits.

The projection ratio that W700 intelligent projection device can support is 1.2:1. You can enjoy local music, discovery channel, Mango TV, PPTV, YoukuTudou, iQiyi, and many more. You can search for a desired one from a mass database of entertainment options inside the W700 LED home projector. An excellent facility to install third-party applications and can do multitasking whenever necessary.

What are the Design Characteristics of the W700 Projector?

If I have to discuss something about the overall design and look of the JMGO W700 smart cinema projector, then I can say only one thing ‘Beauty’. Yes, the projector has a simple rectangular shaped hardware with curved corners.

The device is looking shiny at the same time the dual tone black, and silver finishes are beautiful. The part that I like the most in W700 and other similar design projectors is the presence of a black toughened glass at its front.

It can not only provide a nice look but also act as a big help to its user to take care of the projector’s lens. Especially not only dust and debris but also from any accidental damages or so. A fantastic part of the W700 multimedia LED projector is the fact that you will not find any loss in the output display coming out of the projector’s lamp. It is because of a black glass provided in between the lens and projection object or so.

Many times you are in a hurry to project your favorite TV show. Especially while not have the time to clear your dirty table before placing the W700 small-sized projector device on the same then do not worry! The projector does come with small legs or stands that can work at their best to keep the projector’s bottom clean.

W700: A Portable Home Based Projector Machine for Everyday Use

The rubber legs of the W700 home theatre projector also makes sure that the projector cannot slip on any smooth surface or so. Not just this, you can also use the bottom knob to control the horizontal angle of the projector’s body. Hence you can raise the body of W700 without using any other means to increase the projection screen if required.

Also, the design of the JMGO W700 smart cinema projector’s lens is pretty exciting and unique. It is located right at the center position on the front side of the W700 device. At the top surface, right at the center, there lies a big circular button with a circular LED ring. Also at the front corners of the W700 home theatre projector, you can see both JMGO and NUNAI branding.

On both sides of the W700 multimedia small projector, you can see the complete mesh of small holes. Not limited to this, you can also watch what is there inside the W700 LED intelligent projector and further clean the same using soft, clean cloth. No need to waste time in unscrewing any bots or so to detach the sides of the projector hardware!

There are smoothly detachable sides in two layers that can further be attached or installed in seconds. They also work as big air vents to dissipate the residual heat from inside the W700 office multimedia projector device. The system can help the projector hardware to remain cool while in action.

Experience 4k Resolution Content on a Bigger Display Output

The W700 small cinema projector can support a native display resolution of 1920 x 1080dpi. Good news for you, if you love to watch higher resolution multimedia content. JMGO has made W700 compatible to project a big screen that can display every detail even in 4k resolution multimedia content. All thanks to a highly capacitive eight-core graphics processing unit chip. It has been integrated within the JMGO W700 Full HD smart projector hardware.

W700 projector also consists of a powerful Quad-core Amlogic processor chip. It can make every process that has been executed inside the projector in a smoother way possible. To support a better processing power of the W700 device there lies 2GB of RAM and 8GB of eMMC secondary memory inside the projector hardware. The W700 1080p intelligent projector is based on 0.33 DMD DLP display technology.

A Well Performance Projector Lens

The lens of the W700 DLP LED projector is made up of a mix of 2 layers of aspherical leans and eight layers of glass solution with the permeability of 99%. The W700 projector is stable in transmitting light, and the imaging effect.

It also works well in balancing thermal stability all around the year especially in summer. The Lens of W700 smart home projector is much better as compared to conventional lenses used in the projector devices.

So you can use the W700 projector for a long time even in 30 to 40 degree Celsius without any possibility of the projection to go out of focus. It can project high light with more than 95 per cent of illumination uniformity.

What are the Exciting Characteristics of the JMGO W700 Projector?

W700 can reproduce nearly all the colors of the real image since the device can detect and display about 16.7 million different colors. You can see complete picture in the output display of W700 4k LED projector like the way you have found in any bigger LED TV screen. It is because the W700 projector can support to display output pictures with 16:9 aspect ratio.

Also, you will not find any distortion or improper pictures on the output projection of W700 Full HD multimedia projector device. Due to its support of the vertical keystone correction feature with all electric adjustments. In fact, it is commonly available in highly featured smart projectors nowadays.

The W700 DLP portable projector can support dual-band Wi-Fi connectivity, i.e. 2.4G and 5G. W700 is also compatible with Bluetooth wireless connectivity. You can not only transfer your files but also play your favourite songs via the JMGO W700 smart LED projector as a dedicated Bluetooth speaker.

And the most beneficial use is to connect the Bluetooth enabled gaming controllers via the W700 projector. It can help users to play high-end games available in its user interface almost with a console-like experience. By the way, you can play many simple games using the remote controller provided with the W700 DLP 1080p projector.

W700: A Multimedia Rich Projector for both Home and Office Use

There are many helpful interface options provided on the back side of the projector device. It can help W700 smart home theatre projector to connect with other external multimedia source and output devices. Therefore, the W700 projector consists of a USB port, an S/PDIF port, an HDMI port, and many more. The W700 portable home projection machine needs a regular power supply of DC 19.5V at 5.13A. The total power consumes by the projector is around 80W.

To ensure good quality of sound output the designing team of JMGO has done a good job. They have provided an internal stereo sound system inside the W700 LED DLP projector that consists of two speakers of 3W each. Like many other modern JMGO projector machines, W700 is also having the speakers provided at the front portions on both of its sides. They together deliver good mid-bass and louder treble effects.

What are the Upsides of the W700 Projector Device?

  1. The W700 intelligent Full HD projector device has been designed with having complete dust proof body. There is a facility for you to clean the internal components of the JMGO W700 device regularly and save them from any wear and tear in future.
  2. W700 4k LED projector works silently while in use. It is because its maximum noise level is less than 30db. You will hardly identify any noise that is coming out of the projector while sitting in your home and watching a movie on the same.
  3. You can take the benefit of screen mirroring interaction function using the W700 projection device. A 5-inch display can be converted into a 100-inch projection output in a few seconds isn’t it magic for your guests to share yours with them? It is also a good option if you are fed up of playing mobile games on a small inch screen.
  4. The W700 smart home projector can play 3D compatible files while showing full effects on a big output display. Nothing is best than projecting a 3D cinema with the high-resolution output. That too with a home theatre setup using external speakers with good sound effects while connecting them with the W700 DLP LED projector.

Whether there are Any Downsides in the JMGO W700 Projector?

  1. The output display of W700 home theatre Full HD projector is non-scalable. However, it is not required since the W700 projector can project a more prominent display of size 300 inches that is itself highly scalable.
  2. W700 smart office projector does not support 2D-3D display functionality. By the way, you can only take the full enjoyment of watching a video in 3D effects just if they were filmed in 3D and you are playing a dedicated 3D file format. Otherwise, it is just a good time pass!
  3. The trapezoidal correction function provided in W700 is for vertical adjustments by 45 degrees. There is no facility for horizontal trapezoidal adjustments in W700 LED portable projector. Well, to be frank, horizontal correction is almost not necessary. By because generally, we place the projector device on a tabletop or any other flat surface. Thus, you will hardly need any horizontal adjustments in such case.

My Final Words Regarding the W700 Projector Device

It is effortless to set up and start using the W700 home theatre projector. Due to the presence of an auto-focus functionality inside the W700 projector device. No more time wasted in manually focusing the projected display. It is because the W700 intelligent 4k projector posses an auto-focus algorithm. It suits well with the high-sensitivity lens of the same projection device to give quality output.

The W700 3D multimedia projector can display clear pictures both at day and night times. You can visualize and get the effect of every character in the output display at daytime with all the curtains open. Due to the 27 color enhancement technology available in the projector to optimize color module. Also at nights, the display output of the W700 home theatre DLP projector is good even as compared to an HDTV.

You can easily find depth in the bigger picture outputs of the JMGO W700 smart cinema projector. I hope many of you have got some interest in looking forward to the W700 projector. After sharing all the above information, I can say that the W700 projector is useful both for office and home users. I can tell it by considering the design, build quality, and the available features in the W700 LED portable projector.

W700 3D 4k Projector Device: Should you buy it?

It all depends on how much you would like to invest! After all, JMGO is a well-recognized brand in the field of projectors, so nothing to worry about anything. Now I have something for the people who already have prepared themselves to buy the W700 DLP 1080p projector. It is the details to keep in mind about the product packaging helpful for the people who would possibly carry the box from one place to another.

First of all inside the W700 3D Full HD projector’s box packaging you can get a power adapter, and a remote controller. There is also a user manual having warranty information with the main unit. Also, the overall dimensions regarding the outer packaging of the W700 LED cinema projector is 275mm x 251mm x 180mm. It has been measured while considering the length x width x height of the W700 device respectively.

Also, the outer packaging of JMGO W700 home theatre LED projector weights to about 2.5 kilograms. So, it is not very clumsy to handle. At last and the most important, the W700 smart 3d projector comes with diffuse reflection imaging technology. It helps users to project an output that is a safer option for our eyes to avoid any fatigue or loss in sightedness of you or your loved ones in future!

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