OBE V1 Plus Review – Something Incredibly Compact & Premium, Powered By JBL

OBE V1 Plus Review - front view

People might say that a large-sized projector offers the best projection experience. Well, let us prove them wrong in this new OBE V1 Plus review. This is the 21st century and gone are those days when projectors used to be a size of a room. The manufacturers are coming up with excellent innovation and ideas, and OBE V1 Plus is born from such incredible ideas and we can see that just by looking at it.

OBE V1 Plus Review - featured 1

Innovation is what inspires and attracts us, and OBE V1 Plus is that innovation in the Chinese projectors

You might think that this projector might just not be good because of the size. Despite, it’s small size DLP projector, everything sounds perfect about the projector. You can’t expect 1500 lumens, built-in dedicated JBL speaker, custom Android, 3D support, built-in battery, and a perfect leather and metal housing combination, from a projector which is barely the size of a portable speaker or a small lunch box. No doubt, OBE V1 Plus is the most premium small-sized projector that ever existed on the planet which comes at an affordable price of 2000 yuan ($293).

Let’s dive into the details of this little projector, and know everything about it in this OBE V1 Plus review:

OBE V1 Plus Review – When Size Doesn’t Determine A Projector Anymore

The Unboxing

Starting the OBE V1 Plus review with the unboxing, the OBE V1 Plus comes inside an elegant black colored cube box with only the lens layout on the front and JBL logo on the right. The box is not too big or heavy. You will know that how compact the projector is just by looking at the box size.

OBE V1 Plus Review - Featured

Furthermore, the box is divided into upper and lower layers. The top lid sides to open and you can see the OBE V1 Plus resting in the box. The first impression of the projector is excellent.

OBE V1 Plus Review - first impression box
OBE V1 Plus First Impression

There are various accessories underneath the projector. The bubble frame where the projector rest is soft, which provides protection to it. The accessories are quite limited, including:

  • 1 x Remote Control
  • 1 x Power cord
  • User manual
  • 2 x AAA batteries

OBE V1 Plus Review - Accessories

That’s all! There’s no wall bracket to set the projector and you will have to buy that separately. The manufacturer is generous with the accessories by providing the two AAA batteries, also the projector features, itself, for a price range under $300 are generous as well.


OBE V1 Plus Review - Accessories 1

Remote Control

The remote control is elegantly black and convenient to use. It reminds us of the remote controls of TV Boxes such as Mi Box series. Getting in details, there are very few buttons on the remote control. In addition to the necessary power, home page, return, menu, volume and direction keys, there is only one projection setting button, which can quickly enter settings, adjust screens, and connect with source.

OBE V1 Plus Review - Remote Control

In addition, there’s a little curvature on each side of the remote control. The rear is even more curved making the control a semi-circle in design. All these curves allow the user to have a perfect grip on the remote control as well as a premium feel. At last, is the battery section and those two batteries are meant for the remote control, nothing else.

OBE V1 Plus Review - Remote Control Design

Design & Appearance

The design is the selling point of this product and the most attractive aspect of this OBE V1 Plus review. Like previously said, it’s all about innovation. Even during the crowdfunding, it quickly went hit and received many funds. The projector a perfect cube. It is born with a lovely temperament. The square may also be the most reasonable shape for the final comprehensive consideration. Furthermore, we have the strap as the handle, reflecting it as a small lantern. The edges are not pointed but highly curved similar to the remote control.

OBE V1 Plus Review - Front

This cube-shaped projector occupies a space of 130x130x130mm and weighs about 2 kg. Sure, in comparison to the size, the projector is relatively heavy. However, that’s where the fine quality of this product stands. Moreover, it can easily fit in your backpack and a 2 kg weight isn’t that much to feel as a burden.

OBE V1 Plus Review - Side view

The design has many highlights. First is the choice of materials. Besides the metal speaker openings on both sides, the whole body is covered with leather having a unique texture. This gives it the best visual and holding experience we have ever witnessed while testing projectors. A perfect combination of retro taste and modern design.


OBE V1 Plus Review - Belt

OBE V1 Plus is a perfect blend of unique texture leather and metal

The second highlight is the use of metal which has improved the overall durability of the projection. Though you might usually get attracted by the leather skin, but there’s a lot of metal on the chassis as well. The left and right openings are pure metal. Even the bezels surrounding the speakers proves that CNC process has been used to forge and reshape metal. The hook of the belt is metal with a CD design. Last but not least, the protective ring of the lens is also metal. That’s where most of the weight comes from. A JBL-certified logo is also printed on one side.

OBE V1 Plus Review - Speaker

The appearance of the lens on the front is similar to OBE V1. The lens is enormous considering the size of the projector and that’s the second aspect you notice after the leather-textured skin. A high light transmission coated lens, 1500 lumens brightness, 1280*720 resolution, ≥120% color gamut, force us to look forward to the performance and picture quality.

OBE V1 Plus Review - top view

The bottom of the DLP projector is rubberized to increase the friction with the surface of the object. There is a metal bracket opening in the middle. It can be used for the bracket. Because the OBE V1 Plus is also very light, the projector can be racked up without using a large bracket.

OBE V1 Plus Review - Speaker 1

As far as the belt hanging the projector is concerned, it’s pure leather. It’s soft and durable. A daily use of it won’t damage it or produce any wrinkles on it. If you don’t need the belt at certain times, then you can bend back a little and it won’t rotate to cover the lens.

OBE V1 Plus Review - Belt OBE V1 Plus Review - belt 1

In short, as said previously, the design is rather the most appealing aspect what we liked in this OBE V1 Plus review. A premium feel, robust and vintage materials, and a portable design make this project a quick sell under $300.

OBE V1 Plus Review - rear view

Connectivity and Features

Moving to the connectivity, we have divided this section into two further sub-section: Wired and wireless. We don’t have that much wired-interface except for the essential ones including a 3.5mm audio jack, HDMI port, USB 3.0 and the charging port, all situated at the back. Moreover, there’s the power button on the back as well along with two LEDs. Since the projector is modern, it doesn’t have the traditional VGA port and the Ethernet port.

OBE V1 Plus Review - Connectivity ports

Meanwhile, for the wireless connectivity, we have the WiFi and the Bluetooth module, which runs on the Android OS on the projector.

Here are the following features of the projector:

Feature: Autofocus + trapezoidal calibration

The autofocus and trapezoidal calibration enhance the quality of the picture. Since the project is portable and lightweight, these features are necessary. OBE V1 Plus automatically focuses when the machine is turned on, and the picture and projector automatically move immediately.

OBE V1 Plus Review - Autofocus

We remember that before using the projection, you need to manually focus. As long as you need to adjust it once, the most troublesome is the adjustment of the trapezoidal calibration. Although most projections have this function, manual trapezoidal calibration is really troublesome and used in order to make the screen square. The display must be moved once. However, that’s not the case with this projector. V1 PLUS’s autofocus and 4D keystone correction solve this problem perfectly.


Every focus and adjustment is very fast and takes only 2 seconds. After the automatic adjust there’s no need to adjust anything. If the screen is not enough, you can change that by going into the settings of the projector OS. If the projection position is fixed and the screen is fixed, the automatic function can also be turned off, which allows faster access to the system.

UI (OS) & Sound Quality

OBE V1 Plus runs on a customized Android OS. Now all of the projectors have the UI which is totally dependent on remote control. Press the buttons on the remote control to move between apps and menus. This is something not convenient as from the touchscreen of the smartphone. This projector’s UI is no exception. However, the customized Android OS is still remarkable. The only feeling you can experience while using this OS can be said in one word which is ‘Light’. The UI is extremely light. There’s no delaying at all, apart from the 2 secs delay if you turn on the automatic focus from the settings.

OBE V1 Plus Review - OS UI App TV Live
Homescreen of OBE V1 Plus

OBE V1 Plus Review - OS UI Homescreen

Unlike many video apps, it displays the whole content available on one page. OBE’s homepage only consists of four main apps including:

  1. TV Live
  2. Flim & Television
  3. K music
  4. 3D video

The combination of colored blocks is also very interesting and varies in size, making it easy to distinguish between different content and operations. Left and right scrolling and fixed module mixing, only 3 to 4 content is recommended, no mess and the interface is refreshing and simple.

OBE V1 Plus Review - OS UI Homepage

Diving in the details, those four main APPs are third-party APPs.  The TV live broadcast is a TV home. This app is very easy to use, highly simulates the TV control, and the arrow keys can control channel changing. The film and television adopt Youku’s client, and there is no doubt about the film and television resources. K music is on the Scorpio K music client, and 3D video is on the 3D broadcast. In short, all the multimedia available is in Chinese, including Chinese songs, TV shows, etc. Though the language can be changed for the interface in settings but it won’t affect the multimedia.

OBE V1 Plus Review – APP Store
OBE V1 Plus Review – APP Store 3

In OBE V1 Plus’ 3D, the video is side-by-side by default.

OBE V1 Plus Review – 3D Sample 1
OBE V1 Plus Review – 3D Sample

Dedicated App Support – The Mobile Remote Control

The OBE V1 Plus Projector can be connected and operated in other ways. You can control the projector with your smartphone through its dedicated app. It’s not simply Airplay but it completely replaces the physical remote control and brings it on the smartphone. You can get one via OBE’s WeChat by searching “大眼橙手机遥控”. If in case your remote control runs out of battery, is lost, or broken, you can use this mobile remote control.

OBE V1 Plus Review - Mobile Remote control

Sound Quality – The Best Sound On the Projector

The speakers of the projectors are certified by JBL. So you can determine the sound quality yourself just by seeing the JBL logo. The speakers have to be good, right? The sound yielding from the JBL speakers is simply stunning and soft. Even though there’s no app (apart from K music) for listening music in the OS but you can download a third-party client.

OBE V1 Plus Review - OS UI K music

The speakers on the left and right sides can sound at the same time, so you can hear the stereo sound. The quality of sound can easily compete with a 1000 yuan ($150+) Bluetooth speaker, with no flaws from the double-sided speaker design.

OBE V1 Plus Review - Side view 1

V1 PLUS speakers have a particularly good bass performance, and the thickness of the sound is satisfactory, especially the layering of the mixed-sound instrument is particularly strong. Although it might not be as good as a home theater, still, it can meet the basic needs of audio and video.

Battery Life & Projection

The last section of our OBE V1 Plus review is the battery life and projection which are the most important aspects of projectors. Interestingly, OBE V1 Plus features in-built non-removable battery which is also rechargeable. It’s your choice to run the projector on direct power or on battery. Anyways, you can watch a 2.5-hour movie on a single charge and not more than that. We should still be grateful as most projectors can only run for 1 hours on battery. The V1 Plus is truly exceptional. Both the price and the size doesn’t define that much of the battery timing.

OBE V1 Plus Review - OS UI K music

The projection projected from OBE V1 Plus is amazing. We might not find a projector under $300 which is capable of producing 1500 lumens on picture brightness and bright colors. The picture is large and easily focused. This projector’s image can easily compete with the $500+ high-end projectors, though it’s only HD.

Pros & Cons


  • Innovative and Unique Built
  • Highly portable and lightweight
  • Leather + Metal Housing
  • Automatic fast Autofocus and 4D Keystone correction
  • 2.5 hours of battery life
  • Dedicated stereo speakers by JBL
  • 1500 lumens provides stunning HD resolution even in daylight


  • All Chinese Apps
  • The mobile app only has the remote control, no airplay

Our Verdict

Concluding our OBE V1 Plus review, we can say that this projector has all the mainstream features of the current ideal smart projector. The stupendously low price and the relatively compact size never defined its image and sound quality. 1500 lumens is high for a 2000 yuan flagship and definitely helps to view the projection in daylight. Furthermore, the 2.5 hours battery backup along with a custom Android UI is something rare that we don’t see in modern projectors under $300.

If you are comfortable with the Chinese multimedia and live streaming, though that’s not this projector is all about, and want an easy to use, compact, and innovative projector, OBE V1 Plus is your ultimate choice.

OBE V1 Plus Review – Price & Availability

In China, the price of OBE V1 Plus Projector is 2000 yuan ($293). The projector is new and not available for global purchase at the moment. However, we will update you when it’s ready for global purchase.

We hope you loved our OBE V1 Plus review. Missing something in this OBE V1 Plus review? Let us know in the comment section.

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