QUMI Q3 HOME Review: Vivitek pico projector

As a representative brand of micro projectors, Vivitek recently introduced the QUMI Q3 HOME.  This projector can fully demonstrate the many advantages of the new generation of pico projectors. It is a fun and practical personal audio-visual entertainment micro-projection.

Since the home projector arrives in the high-definition era, with the breakthrough development of display chip and light source technology. Nowadays more and more ordinary household users opt for this option of portable projectors.

Now, the important branch of the so-called home projector is mainly for personalization and diversity.

The portable micro-projector made good progress in these years. It does not only greatly enhanced in terms of image shaping, such as a qualitative leap in output brightness and contrast compared to the past, the 80-inch screen has been able to get good results, and it has been further expanded in terms of application functions.

Many of these devices have a built-in powerful CPU and an intelligent operating system and support Wi-Fi wireless connection, which can be directly realized through the Internet. A variety of video entertainment features, no need to rely on the HDMI interface to receive high-definition video and audio signals.

A high-quality fixed-focus lens with sliding lens cover to ensure good sharpness when shooting large screens.

 Pocket-type pico projector based on proven display and light source solutions

Although the pico projector is already a branch of the home projector, in fact, they can be further divided into two types according to the difference in volume and power supply mode:

  • Household
  • Personal

The QUMI Q3 HOME comes in four colors: black, red, white, and gold. It has only a slightly larger size than the palm of your hand. The thickness is only 27.6mm, and the weight is less than 500g. Plus, it has a built-in 8000 mAh large-capacity battery, in which the projection time can reach 2 hours. So, considering its size it can be classified as a personal pico projector.

Vivitek QUMI Q3 HOME available colors
The overall picture setup menu is intuitive and equipped with adjustments including picture and sound.

The QUMI Q3 HOME uses a 0.3-inch WXGA DMD solution for display. The resolution of the screen is 1280×800 high-definition. It has a good picture fineness when projecting 60-80 inches of large screen. With LED solid-state light source, it has a brightness output of 550 lumens and a contrast ratio of 10000:1.

In the process of use, only a little attention to the environment can be used to show sufficient detail reduction. The color style tends to be bright and full, especially in the red level transition is more prominent.

Practical high-quality lens configuration, familiar Android smart system

To get enough sharp detail, the quality of the optical lens is the key to not being overlooked. The QUMI Q3 HOME comes with a fixed focus lens with a projection ratio of 1.66:1. It can project a large screen of 100 inches at a distance of 2.6m, and it is also satisfactory for large screen projections of 60-80 inches. This device projects such sharp pictures. The automatic keystone correction function also greatly reduces the user’s manual installation and adjustment work.

Integrating intelligent systems into pico projectors has become a trend. The QUMI Q3 HOME is not the exception. This projector comes with a 4-core 1.5GHz CPU but also has a built-in 4.42 version of the Android system.

After connecting it to the Internet via a wireless network connection, it is very convenient to implement various audio and video entertainment experiences through the installed application software. Of course, the QUMI Q3 HOME also has:

  • HDMI interface
  • USB ports
  • MicroSD external storage expansion interface

All these on the back of the fuselage. So that, users can use it under different environments and requirements, such as support for full HD blue light input. In addition, the built-in two 2W output stereo speakers also allow users to create large-screen audio and video entertainment systems anytime, anywhere.

In addition to the HDMI interface, the back of the fuselage also includes two USB and microSD external storage expansion interfaces.

A very detailed picture adjustment function, praiseworthy silent design

In the past, it was difficult to make a more in-depth picture adjustment of the pico projector. The main reason is that there are a few functions that can’t be adjusted for this type of projector. However, this time I found a high-order gray in the QUMI Q3 HOME.

The white balance adjustment function, which is the full manual color temperature adjustment, allows advanced players to correct the white balance. It has some special color adjustment tools to obtain a more accurate skin tone reduction. In addition, because the fuselage adopts a silent design, in the standard mode, the working noise is less than 33dB. This fact greatly reduces the interference in the actual application process, which is very rare.

In the display mode, you can find basic picture adjustment functions, including contrast, brightness, color, and sharpness, etc.
About the color temperature adjustment function, there is a red, green and blue color adjustment function, which is a single-point grayscale white balance adjustment method.
Vivitek Qumi Q3 Home intuitive interface
Since the built-in operating system belongs to the Android system that everyone is quite familiar with, basically there is no difficulty for ordinary players.

To sum up

With the sleek shape of QUMI Q3 HOME, the overall picture performance can still maintain a level of relaxation on the 60-80 inch screen. The color is brighter than usual by matching the LED light source with wider color gamut. The home theater projector with built-in high-pressure mercury light source is more prominent, especially in the outdoor natural environment, the rich colors are more attractive

Pico projector


You can purchase this projector on Amazon or BestBuy. Considering all the features that QUMI Q3 HOME has: super compact design, Android operating system, 8000 mAh built-in battery, and a high definition screen, the US $ 350 don’t seem too much. However, the competition on the projectors market is fierce. So you will want to evaluate the relation cost/device before any purchase.

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