RD-814 Review: A Value for Money Mini LED Projector Gadget

RD-814 Review

I woke up at four o’ clock early in the morning today and went to my friend’s house. He told me once that he has the RD-814 projector device. I knew the fact that he bought it only for doing some fun with projecting some big display screens with a probability of once or twice every month. After all, this post is based on my review regarding the same low priced RD-814 mini smart projector hardware.

Are you interested to know about the performance of a low priced projector device? Are you looking to buy a low priced projection machine? If yes then kindly read this complete article.

RD-814 Projector ReviewHow had it been Possible?

Last night I was active on some tech forums. I am going through some of the active threads on them based on the discussions about low priced projector devices. Some people are interested in buying the same but are having various doubts in their mind to choose one suitable model. Also, I have seen their many people are giving their suggestions to others not to buy any low priced projector device.

They are saying it is just a waste of money to purchase such gadgets. I do not know whether they had personal experience the same or not! Well, god knows. By the way, I want to personally try to use a low priced projector once and get the experience from the same so that I can suggest others in such matters.

RD-814 ReviewsI was Keen to Review the RD-814 portable intelligent Projector

I knew the fact that my friend leaves his home to reach the office early in the morning. Thus, I do not want to get him late due to my interest in reviewing his projector. Thus, after reaching his house without wasting any time I asked him for the same. At first, he got shocked by having me on its doorstep on an early morning!

However, he allowed me to enter his home and given his projector to me that he had kept in a drawer. So I have spent about an hour to review the same and also discussed with my friend to take his feedback as a long-term user of the projector device. Keep reading this post, since you will get all such details that you want to know about a low priced projector.

What can we expect from the Display Output of the Projector?

My friend’s smart small projector machine can project a display with a maximum brightness of 30 lumens. The RD-814 mini home projector is based on LED projection technology. It can reproduce the natural colors very well both on walls and a projector screen with all the curtains closed. You can get saturate and more abundant colors in the output display.

The intelligent LED projector hardware can project output with a maximum contrast ratio of 1000:1. An energy efficient Lamp provided inside the mini multimedia projector device can be used for up to twenty thousand hours. You can project a big projection screen of various sizes ranging from 25 inches to 80 inches in diagonal length.

The RD-814 smart office projector device is capable of displaying output in Full HD resolution. The night display output experience is excellent. You will get clear and super-rich colors on the output display screen with low surrounding ambient light.

A Tour of the Overall Design of the Projector Hardware

At the right side of the RD-814 mini cinema projector machine there lies a USB port. Also, there is an AV port, a 3.5mm headphone jack, a TF card slot, and a 5V 2A port that can be used as a power bank to charge any smartphone or other devices.

At the front side of the projector, there is a big lens located at its left portion. To its right, there are an input ventilation grills to take in fresh winds. The remaining surface of the RD-814 smart portable projector is having some designs integrated on its body.

At the top of the LED mini projector hardware there lies a focus ring right above the lens that can be adjusted manually. To the right portion on the same surface, there are some buttons organized in a column or vertical row.

The hardware consists of all the control of smaller buttons using which we can operate the RD-814 Full HD LED projector device. Starting from the top to the bottom it comprises of a big power button, then an OK, a Left, a Right, a Menu and a Back button.

How is the Projector Convenient for its Users?

At the back of the smart home projector machine on the upper right corner of the same, there lies a battery switch. It also includes an IR sensor for remote control operation and an adapter connection port.

On the lower middle part, the designers have provided a dust-proof filter. Next, on the lower left portion, there are speaker grills. And on the right portion next opposite to it there is an output ventilation grill to dissipate the internal hot winds of the projector.

At the bottom surface of the RD-814 mini LED projector, there is a stand hole to attach the projector with a tripod and use it with added convenience. Also, you can find a diagonal section that has been tightened using two small screws. It is a cover from where you can access the battery inside the multimedia small-sized projector machine.

An Outlook on the Remote Controller Supplied with the Projector

The remote controller supplied with the mini office projector device is of small and simple design. It has dual tone colors with borders in black, and the rest part is white except some buttons those are blue and a red power button.

By the way, the font and the graphics are all imprinted in white on the buttons. That too there are sufficient buttons on the remote to control almost all the RD-814 projector functionalities. It includes power, mute, media select, play/pause, forward, rewind, fast forward, fast rewind, and all four directional buttons.

Not limited to this there lies an OK button at the center of the directional buttons. Also, some more buttons can completely ease in the way we can use a projector today by sitting in one place.

It includes a button to enter into the menu and settings options. Not just this there is a button to choose an external multimedia source device to use the same with the portable home projector hardware. There is also a button to control the output aspect ratio on the display screen, volume up, volume, down, flip, and an Exit button.

How is the Projector a Maintenance Free Device?

The company is saying that you do not need to face any after sales service issues with their mini cinema projector hardware shortly. It is because the RD-814 small office projector is based on an advanced internal cooling system. Now It works faster to disperse the internal heat and make the small home theater projector components to work cooler. It is a good thing to have in a portable smart projection machine.

By the way, I know many of my friends those who had already faced specific issues with their projector devices due to overheating problems. Hence, an excellent heat dissipation system is must have in an intelligent mini projector it not matters if the device is portable or not. A user only needs some simple hardware tools those are mostly available in homes as well to clean the dust or rusts from inside the projector device.

What the Benefits of having a Projector?

Below are the five good things I do like about the RD-814 1080p LED projector device;

  • Not only for home but you can use the mini LED projector on outdoors as well. The best benefit of the smart portable projector is its overall size and weight. No doubt it is easier for you to keep the projector device with you every time while you are traveling from one place to another.
  • The small intelligent projector comes with stereo speakers to deliver a good sound effect. So with the two internal speakers available in the projector, a user can not only get more powerful sound but enough clarity as well.

  • Overall length, width, and height of the portable LED projector device is around 12 cm, 8.5 cm, and 4.5 cm respectively. Therefore, the RD-814 intelligent, smart projector is based on a highly efficient and portable design
  • The manufacturers have taken good care to make the hardware of the mini home theater projector completely dust proof.
  • You cannot connect any external devices with the projector it can be either a PC or mobile device via any means other than USB connectivity. But a proper converter or an adapter cable can make it possible. However, make sure to inquire about its compatibility with the devices before using one with the projector.


Before concluding my review post of the projector let me share with you the market price of the same that I have borrowed from my friend. RD-814 mini home projector device costs to around $30 or so.

You can buy it online to get some discounts. But remember that the actual price to order the projector from their warehouse and get it to deliver at your doorstep may vary. After all, it depends upon the shipping and handling charges, etc.

As a package, the company is supplying a power adapter, a user manual, and a remote controller. The company box packaging also includes an RCA to 3.5 mm jack multimedia cable with the main mini intelligent projector unit as a complete package. The lightweight RD-814 home cinema projector machine is available in two color options namely Black and White.

My Opinion about the RD-814 Projector

So whatever I do experience with my friend’s low priced projector and as per my friend’s feedback about his product, I have to say one thing. I am always judging any gadget as per its price. Hence the display of the projector device is satisfying. Also, my friend does not have any big complaint with the same concerning his budget and purpose in mind.

At a low price, you will get a Full HD compatible, a LED-based portable projector that can do a good job both your home and office work as per an absolute limit. It does not mean that all the low priced projector models are well fit to be used for a long span of time otherwise no will buy the premium segment models. So the decision must be yours.

It is a good option if you will not going to use a projector device regularly, or want to gift a small gadget to someone. RD-814 portable LED projector hardware is the best projection machine to try your hands on if you are having a limited budget!

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  1. Mopnang says:

    I bought RD-814 projector in September 2018.
    Since it was purchased, the projector cannot be used. After power on, it goes to standby mode

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