Siroflo C800S Mini Smart Projector Review

Siroflo C800S

As the technology is changing there are more and more available options appears to play for our entertainment. Nowadays watching a movie or music most of us have to either sit in front of PC or use our smartphones. Some of us also have projectors, but even for using them we have to sit in some place to use it. What if I will say now whole entertainment coming inside your pocket only. Here we are going to review about not an ordinary projector but a mini projector. The Siroflo C800S Mini DLP Smart Projector is not first of its kind but in case of configuration size and ease to use its a cut from the rest.

Mini projectors are going to change how we look up to our entertainment devices. Getting a smart device such as Siroflo C800S opens new possibility and changes the way how we use our system in a much smarter way. The Siroflo C800S is not just any mini projector.  It’s a personal movie theater in your pocket. The big projectors are useful, but even they have some drawbacks. You cant take your big projector anywhere you want to go and then set it up with a power source. Sometimes the power plug is not available or sometimes finding the best place for setting it up is not available. You will never know this kind of problem with Siroflo C800S. It works best in low lighting conditions without taking too much of your time for setting it up.

First Impression

The Siroflo C800S comes inbuilt with all the functions you can think of. It is really portable and comes with mobile technology and really high performance. It is one of the smallest projectors you can find in the market. In the last few years, we have seen significant advancement in the field of projectors. Just a few years back projector used to be bulky and mostly meant for the business or educational sites also, they were coming bearing high prices which were not affordable to the general people. Nowadays these things are of the past, and definitely, if you haven’t got a projector till now you should seriously think about getting one

Out of the box

Siroflo C800S

The Siroflo C800S comes packed in a high-quality, attractive packing box. The box can be a big deal as we have seen the box we can say it can be reused for a long time. It will keep the projector safe from usual shake or bump. The box and device both look and feel quite premium. With the projector, you will also get the power cable, the remote control and user manual with tripod stand for easy installation. The tripod is actually quite useable it is excellent for people who don’t want to mount their projector.

For this kind of mini projector tripod actually provides a nice touch. With the tripod, it becomes quite easy to place the mini projector in any even surface. It will provide a stable and elevated surface for better viewing. The remote which comes with the projector is a pretty basic one with only the essential features like volume control and power on-off etc. The design of remote is really simple and clean but utmost effective.


Siroflo C800S

Siroflo has changed quite a bit with the introduction of Siroflo C800S. Now projectors are not a big bulky machine that you cant carry along with you. Siroflo C800S comes with the dimension of 6.22 x 3.15 x 0.71in, The projector is same as a size of your palm and can be comfortably fit inside your pocket. This makes the Siroflo C800S portable and can be carried along with you anywhere you want to go. The small size makes Siroflo very easy to conceal means it can be set anywhere without any addition to your interior design.


Even after being such a little device performance of Siroflo C800S is excellent. It supports HD resolution, and with the latest DLP technology, it delivers razor-sharp image quality with vivid color reproduction. The high contrast provided by C800S  makes it best for home entertainment. One of the best features we liked about Siroflo C800S is its auto square image projection. The C800S uses a keystone correction technique. It enables the projector to correct the vertical keystone distortion in images automatically.

Screen size

The Siroflo C800S  has the capacity to display screen size upto 150 inches. If you have never used a projector at your home it quite hard to describe the experience we had with this tiny device. A 150 inches screen is quite a big one and is a revelation for your home set up. As you can sit near to the screen, it feels more immersive even more than a movie theater. For us, the resolution looked really lovely.


The Siroflo C800S uses the latest Unique DLP technology with High performance LED driver. It enables the lamp to shine 30% brighter and uses 60% less energy than the previous generations. What one of the main concern people have with mini projectors is about the lighting capacity. In our test, we find C800S quite, and in low lighting conditions it worked out pretty well with clear picture quality. The LED light used in the projector has a capacity of 3000 long hours. So it will be straightforward to get your hard earn money’s worth out.

Wireless Integration

Siroflo C800S

The Siroflo C800S features both WiFi and Bluetooth which means if you have a smartphone with you, the device can operate indeed on a wireless connection. The C800S  can also be connected with a wireless speaker with Bluetooth if you want more sound. The ability to attach with the wireless speaker is outstanding as most of the inbuilt speaker with projector fails to provide excellent sound while playing videos.

Built-in Android 7.1 OS ( support upgrade ) and 2.4G / 5G dual WiFi module features seamless integration with the smartphone. Since the projector itself works on Android, it becomes quite easy to connect with your android smartphone. The connectivity with Android smartphone opens up new ways to enjoy your smartphone. It enables us to stream online video directly or play any game directly from your phone to projector screen.

Siroflo C800S

Battery Life

The Siroflo C800S features a 4200MAH Lithium-ion Battery turning the mini projector into a real wireless device. After the full charge, the battery is enough to go on for a three-hour movie. While the battery is perfect, we would not recommend it to use for too long without the power source. With the power source plugged in the projector works much better without decreasing the brightness of the screen.

Auto Focus

For the people who have used many projectors know the projector have the tendency to get out of focus. The Siroflo C800S features Automatic keystone correction this ensure to have square projection by correction of the vertical keystone distortion. During our review, the autofocus worked like a charm.


The Siroflo C800S is excellently made and with all the features included it is like lilacs within the market of the low priced projector. The small device with wifi and Bluetooth compatibility makes Siroflo C800S one of the best projectors in the market. If you are looking for your first projector or a new mini projector that is capable of projecting of smartphone screen in 150 inches big screen Siroflo C800S is just the ticket.



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