5 Best Projectors for Gaming in 2018 (Updated List)

Today many advanced portable multimedia projectors are available in the market. So there is a good amount of options for the people those who want to turn their walls into a big screen entertainment that too within a budget.

However, this was not possible few years before when still there were big sized pricy flat TV panels. At present as well, they are costly for most of the entertainment geeks! In this post, I am going to share with you all the top 5 projectors of 2018 that are found to be the better machines than their counterparts for gamers.

So stay tuned and kindly read this article thoroughly. Further, in this post, you will get the idea about the model names of the best projectors for gaming. Also get an idea about the factors based on which we can decide they can be the best projection machines for gaming than others.

But wait, Are you running out of time? If yes then scroll down directly to the “Top 5 Best Projectors For Gaming” section of this article. There you can access the details concerning all the five mysterious gaming projectors.

The Best Option of Display for Gaming

You might have had good memories while playing some video games on your old CRT TV monitors not more than 10 to 12 years before. Now try to compare that experience with today’s availability of high-end games. Games those are based on high-resolution graphics and needs powerful machines to get the complete enjoyment of them.

So if you love to play games then how you would prefer to play your favorite game? Where on a PC or dedicated gaming consoles like PlayStation and Xbox. Whatever is your choice but one thing is guaranteed that you need a good display screen to live your gameplay. Almost all of us would like to have big sized display screens on our homes either it is a TV screen, a computer display screen or a projector screen.

What to Look for Before Buying a Gaming Projector?

Before writing this post, I have gone through many online recommendations of various experts to select a display for gaming. I came to know about what are the different important factors to look for in a display screen before finalizing one!

After going through all such content, I have to dig some common facts regarding the same from their articles. Hence, there are three most important specifications to check for in a device before buying a display screen. They are Resolution, Contrast Ratio, and Accuracy of Color Reproduction in the output screen.

Therefore, as a gamer, you need to focus on these three things first. They can ease your task to decide upon a nice gaming display screen that can be capable of showing natural like engaging pictures.

Projector: The Solution

Among all the different display options I would suggest you go with a Projector. Those are not only having the capability to process your game smoothly but can also display it on bigger sized screens.

Some hardware can cover a big area of the wall or so at your home itself! And the best part is you can project a display of the games on a big screen those are already downloaded in your PCs or laptops. Also if you only like playing games via gaming consoles, then you can connect all such devices with a projector easily.

Do you want to compromise with the feel and quality of the output visuals while playing your favorite games on a big screen? If not then allow me to help you out in such matter in the next section.

What are the Other Factors that can affect the Projected Display?

There are some facets to keep in mind to buy a gaming projector without any compromise. You need to look for other things as well then only focusing on the three primary specifications that I have stated before in this post.

You need to check out the size of your room and the ambient light that is usually present in it. Both of them can directly or indirectly affect the overall quality of display from projector hardware. For example, if your projector can project with a limited brightness of light that is measured in lumens. Thus, under the high ambient light, the output will screen look dull or washed out.

You may not find much difference and details in black and whites on the projected pictures. Also, the other colors will not look vivid and clear to our eyes. Therefore, if your room is having a high ambient light or surrounding light, then you must choose a bright projector. It is good to pick one that can display an output picture with a brightness of at least 2500 lumens.

On the other side if the room is free from or having medium surrounding ambient light, then you can choose a projector that supports 1500 to 2000 lumens. All after, it is recommended to protect your projected display from any unnecessary light that can hit on the screen directly.

What is the Importance of Output Projection Objects?

Do you think the search ends here? No, because there is one another vital concern to look for to decide upon buying a powerful gaming machine. It is required with the three necessary specifications of a projector device and surrounding ambient light. It is the type of projection display object or a surface. People prefer to project on walls at their homes but do you think it can generate the best quality of output?

Well, it depends on many facts. Are you always projecting the display of a projector on a wall? If Yes then you need to keep in mind that the wall must have a flat surface with preferably white. It is required so that the contrast and color of the output display will not be affected.

But wait, what if you need to move your projector machine from one place to another or want to use it on your office as well? You can prepare a supportive wall at your office as well. But still, there are limitations for you in taking the utmost benefit of using a portable projector in your daily life. Also, I have seen many people are using some special paints to optimize their walls for a projector display. However, the paint looks finicky and messy! So what would be the other alternative?

What would be the Best Choice for Projecting High-Quality Display Output?

The better option to project a picture with quality output, especially for gaming, is to use a retractable projection screen in front of a wall or so. By the way, are you one among those people each foot of space at home or office is essential? Is yes, then it is better if you keep yourself away from such machines.

Hence the final and the best option that I recommend to other is to use a non-retractable, i.e., fixed projector screen. It is helpful for a user to get the best display output from a projector machine. I know it is an expensive alternative other than a wall or a retractable projection screen, but in this post, I am focusing more on Quality than Price!

My choice would be to have “Silver Ticket 100-inch STR-169100”. It the best option as the projector output object to get the best visual experience of gameplay. I can recommend it as per my experience!

Whether the Position of a Projector can affect its Display?

There is one less important but an obvious concern to keep in mind before deciding about a gaming projector. It is the position of the projector hardware can drastically affect the performance of a display output especially for a gamer. If you are placing it behind your couch or probably at a lower position, then you need to sit away to avoid MST3K shadows to happen.

Similarly, you can position the projector hardware at a certain height or better to say can attach it with a ceiling mount. It can work if it has been installed within allowed limits. Yes, there are certain limits of throw range that has been directed to the user to use the projector within it. It can help one to install the projector hardware properly and avoid any disturbance in the quality of its output display.

A projector’s throw range is nothing but a certain limit within which the display output of the projector can perform at it is expected to be. Also before mounting a projector machine on a ceiling, you need to plan for giving a proper supply of signal cables and power to the device.

In case you want to use a projector on a small sized room then the best option for you is to purchase a short throw projector. Its throw range is hardly within four to five feet’s to get a big output projected screen of about 100 inches in size.

Top 5 Best Projectors For Gaming

Till now we have discussed the main facets to consider before choosing a better projector device for enjoying games. Now, it is the time for me to uncover the best five multimedia projector models of 2018 for gaming.

I am going to list out them in descending order. Hence, starting from the better to great ones and finally the best projector machine for gaming among all of them! Also, I am trying to give their details in brief for you mostly targeted to the gamers. It can help everyone to get a quick idea regarding the performance of a particular device. Here are they;

5) Sony VPL VW675ES:

Sony VPL-VW675ES

Are you dreaming of having only a 4K display for gaming on your home without bothering about your budget? If yes then Sony VPL VW675ES is the one that you must have a look on. I am saying it because still, it is difficult for a guy who is having a limited budget to buy a 4K and HDR compatible projector. You will hardly get a projector that can display high-quality output similar to that of any modern 4K TV set.

You might find other different 4K projector models having configurations that can be highly suited for gameplay. But believe me at present only Sony is having the right formula to make a pixel-for-pixel 4K projector. Other brand projectors are only using a trick to make 4K happen.

For example, the projector models other than Sony are based on a process that flashes images many times to produce a final 4K picture. However, it is just a simulation of Sony’s original 4K experience!

What are the Plus Points of the Projector?

Next, the VW675ES can project output with a maximum supportable output resolution of 4096 x 2160 pixels. It is a true 4K compatible machine other than the maximum supportable resolution of 3840 x 2160 in other 4K projector devices. The projector is also backed with HLG and HDR10 to enhance the visual output of the projected picture.

You can get the option to reduce the input lag in only SDR that works best for gaming. It can project an output screen with a maximum brightness of up to 1800 lumens and a dynamic contrast ratio of up to 350000:1.

Sony’s 675ES gaming projector is available to buy online at a price of around $15000. If your budget allows you, then nothing else will work best than 675ES to convert your room into a home theater. That too within a controlled ambient light environment!

4) Sony VPL HW45ES:


Another gaming machine from Sony! Yes, the HW45ES projector model can display output with an excellent quality of output projection having deep blacks. You will get hardly an input lag of 22 milliseconds while experiencing gameplay on it.

You need to be very careful at the time of using this machine in a room with high ambient light. It is the fact that it supports to project an output display screen with a maximum brightness of 1800 lumens.

The best solution is to use dim surrounding lights while playing a game and all the curtains of the rooms must be shut down. Believe me the darker the surroundings, the better it will be to enjoy playing a game. It does not matter if you are using either a projector output, a computer display or even a TV screen.

The main selling point of HW45ES is its full support to project 3D content with full effects. Also, it can produce great pictures on the projection screen without any doubt concerning the quality of its display output.

3) EUG Multimedia Projector:

EUG Multimedia Projector

Many people are there in search of a good performance gaming projector in a limited budget other than buying a high-end television screen. If you are one among them, then EUG is the best option for you. It can give you the same experience of watching a projected output that we can see on many expensive Epson and BenQ projector models.

People like its pricing as per product configurations! Also, the main factor that makes EUG a good contender among the top three best projectors for gaming is its maximum output brightness. The projector can project an output screen with a very bright light of up to 3600 lumens. It is having almost double brightness than the above two projector models that we have discussed above!

Hence, no ambient light can resist you or disturb your gameplay even under the high surrounding ambient light. It is a better option for the people who do not like to sit in a darker place and always have the habit to open the curtains of a room at daytime.

What should you know about the Projector?

You can feel free to take the projector device outside at nights. Also, you can organize a gaming competition with your friends or family members in your backyard. But you cannot expect everything from a gadget in a limited budget!

So, here you need to compromise with the output display resolution that is only 1280 x 800 PPI. The maximum contrast ratio that the EUG projector can support is only 3500:1. However, even after having these two limitations the projector is still in the list of top five best projectors for gaming. Now, you are smarter enough to imagine yourself about how will be the performance of the projector while playing a game on it!

2) Epson Home Cinema 2040:

Epson Home Cinema 2040

It is one among the topmost contenders to be called as the best gaming projector. The display performance of the 2040 projector is much similar to the first projector in our list. We will be going to discuss it in the next section but is less costly than that.

The projector needs some space in a room or any other place to throw an output display where you will be going to use it. Hence, not comparable to a short throw projector machine. The utmost brightness that Epson’s 2040 projector can generate is 2200 lumens.

Hence it can work pretty well in nearly all types of rooms having a different setup of windows and environment lightings. It uses dynamic iris with which the projector can adjust the output contrast of the projected screen continually. It can produce an image having a maximum contrast ratio of 35000:1. The input lag noted on this projector device while gameplay is only 20 milliseconds.

1) BenQ HT2150ST:

BenQ HT2150ST

The BenQ HT2150 is the best projection machine for gaming as of currently due to its rich features and specifications. It is a powerful device from a well-known brand. HT2150ST is an advanced version of the intelligent BenQ HT2050. The term ST in the name indicates that the projector is based on short throw projection technology.

Hence, it almost needs five feet from the output screen to display a big output screen of about 100 inches in its diagonal size. So the biggest benefit of using the HT2150ST projector for gaming is the fact that you can easily place it in front of you. The best place is in between you and the projection screen and you are good to involve in your desired gameplay. No need to think about any shadows on the display output.

The device supports to project an image with a maximum brightness of 2200 ANSI lumens. Thus, it ensures the user to deliver plenty of light. It can easily manage to produce detailed pictures on the output screen in case of moderate surrounding ambient light. Therefore, nothing can beat the quality of the display output that it can project in darker environments. The projector can support a maximum contrast ratio of 15000:1.

Why is it the Best Gaming Projector among All?

Now let me share with you the best thing about the HT2150ST projector machine that made us keep it right at the top of our list for the gamers! It is because of the low input lag that has been produced by the machine at the time of gameplay.

It has a special option for the gamers to use the machine in Gaming mode that too with fast mode enabled. Under which the overall experience is nearly the same or better to say comparable like playing the game on a big sized TV display panel. HT2150ST is a worth to have gaming projector and can do a great justice as per its cost price!


By concluding the article here, I would like to say that all the above five best projectors for gaming are good choices for a gamer. You can choose any one as per your conditions. All of them are having some advantages or disadvantages regarding the different type of users.

Other than one entry-level option that is EUG all other projectors that we have listed above are from big electronic brands. Thus, you do not need to care much about the performance of the machines for a long span of time or their after sales support.

You can check out more details about the feature, specifications and functional reviews of all. It will help you to get complete idea about the power of those projector machines and whether you should buy them or not!

If you ask me, then I would say it all depends on your budget, if you are ready to spend more then why not to buy the best among all. At last, you have the opportunity to enhance your experience of gameplay and feel all types of games on a big screen irrespective of their source!!!

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