UC 40 Review: A Mini LED Projector that Can’t Be Undervalued

UC 40 Review

Sometimes it is difficult for some of us to digest a fact! Is it a low-budget smart electronic device is capable of doing well to fulfill the needs of a home cinema or basic productivity? To prove it recently, I have done some hands-on with a projector model. It is available to buy online at a price range of less than $50. It is UC-40 portable mini LED projection device.

Hence this article is entirely based on my review regarding the same. By the way, the whole package of the machine including all the accessories is available in two different color options. One is having all white, and another is in all black color. Also, the accurate price range of the model is approximately within $35 to $47 as per the current scenario.

How is the Appearance of the Projector Model?

The external hardware of the portable projector is made up of Plastic and Glass material. After all, the device is based on a fully sealed compact hardware design. There are many efficient heat dissipation pathways provided on different sides of the machine.

As per the manufacturers, the projector is based on Ultra-quiet isolation dustproof design. Yes, it is right as per what I experienced while using the machine for about five hours. As a result, I found there is minimum noise generated by the internal cooling system of the device.

The overall appearance of the UC-40 mini hardware has got a unique and impressive look I have to say. Anyone can identify the device from a distant place or even if it has been kept with other projector models.

I like the way the lens has been located at a certain depth on the front surface. It not only provides a unique look but also enhances protection to the outer area of the lens. That too in case the hardware will drop on land or get banged with any other device or object. It may happen due to any unforeseen reasons.

A matte finish on every side gives a premium look to the portable mini hardware. Also at the top surface of the projector, there is an outer bulge. It has been provided above the lens, and it continued up to the middle of the right area of the same.

How is the Overall Design of the Projector?

At the back surface of the min projector there is a VGA port at the upper left corner, and to the middle portion, there is an HDMI port and a Remote sensor. The right surface of the machine is only having a DC input port and a 3.5mm headphone jack.

On the left surface of the device at the upper left portion, the designers have provided a USB port, right to it an AV port and following it an SD card slot. There are also two air vents located at the bottom portion to the left and the right corner towards the front face of the projector.

At the front surface of UC-40 to the right side, there is a big lens with the silver outer circumference. The manufacturers have provided the lens with a protective cap attached to the hardware with a thin black tag. On the left side again there is a design impression of some horizontal lines.

There is a separate base attached to the main hardware unit with separate legs on different corners of the machine. Hence, everything together at the bottom of the projector works together to give a great balance and support to the machine. A user might not need to think much concerning the type of surface on which the device has been stored or installed.

An Outlook on the Top of Hardware

The upper surface of the machine only has some silver colored projector control buttons. There is a power button on top of the hardware located at the rear right portion. There is a small indicator light as well just before the power button. It can help the user to get the right information about the status of the projector.

Rest of the buttons on the hardware have been arranged in a column at the rear left side. It includes an OK, a Left, a right, an Input, and an Esc button arranged in a front to back manner. Also at the middle portion on the top surface of UC-40, there is a design impression of some horizontal lines. They are enclosed in a box with rounded corners.

How is the Look and Feel of Remote Controller?

The remote control that comes as a convenient accessory with the projector as a package is of small in size. It consists of many buttons for different purposes. The front surface is white, and the base including half of the sides are in black.

At the top of the remote, there is a power button at the right in red color and a grey mute button towards the left located opposite the power button. Next, to them, there are some more helpful device control grey buttons.

The list includes a menu, an input, a play/pause, a fast forward, a forward, a reverse, and a fast reverse. Below then there are four directional buttons facing towards all four different sides with an OK button at their center. These buttons are provided in blue color. Below them, there are some more accessibility buttons those are grey.

The list includes but not limited to a button to adjust the Zoom, a repeat button, an Info button, and two separate volume control buttons. The text imprinted on all the buttons are white so that it is easy for a user to read them under different conditions.

Also, I like the different shapes and sizes of buttons that have been provided by the manufactures on the remote controller. After some practice of using the remote, a user can quickly identify the position of a button UC-40. So that without even looking towards the location of a button in the remote one can access the projector system.

What are the Hardware Configurations of UC-40?

There is a 3 in 1 AV input available on the portable projection device that can be helpful for the multimedia users. An efficient LED lamp with a 12V power supply has been used inside the projector unit. It is best to have an SD card expansion on the hardware helpful to extend the internal memory capacity of the device. The machine consumes less power that has been measured around 24W.

A 12V DC power supply source is the necessary input required to run the projector system. It can be better from AC since there is no damage to any internal hardware components due to variable AC voltage supply or so. The best part is a user can supply the power via a 12V vehicle battery as well. A useful lens that has been used in the device has F=125

The net weight of the UC-40 mini projector is approximately 0.3860 kilogram. Also, the overall dimensions of the hardware are 12.70 cm x 12.60 cm x 5.60 cm or 5 inches x 4.96 inches x 2.2 inches. The measurements are arranged as per the length, width, and height of the machine respectively.

How is the Box Packaging?

You can gift the device to your loved or known ones on any occasion. That too without the need to bothering about the weight to carry the gift wrapped packaging box of the mini projector with yourself on hands.

It is because the approximate weight of the hardware is 7550 kilograms. That too, the box packaging has been designed to have compact dimensions. Hence, the length, width, and height of the projector are 23.20 cm x 16.90 cm x 10.20 cm or 9.13 inches x 6.65 inches x 4.02 inches respectively.

The company has provided a nice packaging with paddings inside the box to protect the internal stuff kept in it while shipping. It includes a user manual, a remote controller, a 3-in-1 AV cable, and a power adapter with the main unit.

What are the Display Specifications of the Projector?

Before uncovering the truth behind the display performance of UC-40 let me share the specifications of same. The maximum output brightness from the machine is around 400 lumens.

A user can enjoy watching a picture on the display output of the projector with a maximum screen resolution of 480 x 320ppi. The device can project a multimedia output display with a maximum contrast ratio of 300:1.

The machine can be installed within a distance of about 1 meter to 3.8 meters from the output projection object. Thus, as a result of which a user can get a big display screen of diagonal size ranging from 20 inches to 120 inches in length.

There is a provision for a user to change the output displayed Image size. It is possible with the help of Electronic zooming function present inside the projector. The overall projection output of the device is based on LED + LCD technology.

How is the Output Display Performance of the UC-40 Projection Device?

Now let me share with you all about my experience or review regarding the overall display performance of the device. I would say that it is best to use the projector at nights under low light or a surrounding having very dim ambient light. It applies same even in the daytime, but it is recommended to close all the room curtains while using the machine.

A user needs to compromise with the resolution of output screen since it cannot support Full HD content. That too, the projector has less contrast and brightness outputs. However, it does not mean that the device cannot display pictures with low clarity or details.

By following some guidelines for using the machine a user can get satisfying projected output. It includes the following steps:

  • Output projection object, i.e., a wall or the projection screen should be utterly light in color preferably white.
  • The surrounding ambient light must be as low as possible. Being completely dark is good.
  • A user needs to install the projector hardware within a suggested range to get the desired output.

The device can reproduce nice colors on the output screen with enough details. It is because of the presence of autofocus technology a user does not need to spend more time installing the hardware before start using it.

What type of Users can use the Machine?

By concluding my review of the projector here, I would say that the device is a portable and cheap multimedia option to have in a home or workplace. At least for sharing some content with others or while at meetings, it is good to use the machine other than using a screen of a PC. A good option for regular use. The portable device can enhance a multimedia output on walls or a projection screen. Hence, no more dependency on an electronic display panel.

The machine supports wired connectivity with smartphones or tablets. Thus, a user can share the display screen of the small device to a big projected output screen. A user can play and project almost all types of multimedia formats on the UC-40 mini projector machine.

Due to the presence of Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g/n connectivity feature, it is easy for anyone to connect the device with a network anytime. Hence, no more need to depending on wires or so to get the similar job done.

Again a user can be satisfied with the output display of the device only in less surrounding ambient light and preferably on a white output screen. Unfortunately, you cannot enjoy watching high-resolution movies, and photos. Also, a user cannot experience the game plays of high definition games.

I think the projector can do justice for office or study purpose other than using it on a high-end home theater or multimedia entertainment. For people who are not fond of the high level of entertainment can use the machine for watching daily TV programs or videos. The low-budget portable projector can also suit those who are ready to compromise with the output resolution.

The Bottom Line

The UC-40 has been powered with versatile features. Also, I would like to mention especially the fact regarding the noise from the internal cooling system of the projector. As per many genuine users have stated in their online reviews that the machine is producing much noise while in action. However, I did not feel the same other than a small humming sound that is common even in many high-end projection models as well.

Also, the Build quality of the hardware is Okay but not so high such that a user needs to consider while using the device. However, we cannot judge everything about the machine. Neither we can expect more concerning the quality and performance of the projector from different aspects. After all, it is a low budget product.

One thing to note here is that the smaller the display screen size of the projector lesser will be the pixilation on the output projected texts. I am not satisfied with the speaker output, but it can be neglected. It is because the hardware has an option to connect some high-quality external speakers. As a result, it can enhance the overall audio output of the system.

The UC-40 portable projection device works well to project output of common mobile games. You can also do connect any of your traditional gaming consoles with the projector. To enhance their visual output on a big projected screen that too in the budget. At least you have a convenient option to enjoy parties or get-together in case of not having a big 42 inch or larger LED TV screen.

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