UNIC UC40+ Review: A Lucrative Mini Projector under $100


On the 24th night that is the night before Christmas, my small cousin has got a new projector as a gift by Santa. I will uncover the truth about who was the person behind the Santa at last of this article. So kindly read this article thoroughly! The product was a UNIC UC40+ portable multimedia projector.

Yesterday itself I got the chance to do some hands-on with the same. I was excited to find out the features and specifications of the machine. By considering in mind what are the good qualities that have impressed Santa behind choosing the only device as an Xmas gift for my cousin.

Hence, this post will be going to be based entirely on my review about UC40+. Let me start presenting the details by giving you all a brief idea about the company packaging of the projector. Further, we will uncover the performance of the device based on different aspects to test it!

A Quick Look on the Company Packaging Box of UNIC UC40+

The manufacturers are supplying a remote controller, an AV cable, a power cord, and a user manual with the main projector unit. A user can choose one from the two available options of power plug while ordering the product from an online store. They are US and EU compatible power plugs. Hence, a user needs to be careful while selecting a right plug that can suit with the country requirements.

The remote controller that has been sent by the manufactures as a package of UNIC UC40+ works fine with the projector. It is appeared in dual colors with the front surface as white and back as black and works sensibly with machine.

However, there is a limitation of using the same with the projection device. It is the truth that an IR sensor is located only at the back surface of the machine. So it is suitable for indoor use, but a user might face issues at outdoors. In such case, an IR reflector can do the job.

The remote has all the necessary buttons to control the UC40+ portable projector system. It is also much convenient to access the multimedia files as per requirement. A user can project media that have been kept either internally or on an external portable storage device.

To know more details regarding the remote, you can read my previous article based on my review of the UC 40 projector. It is because both the projector models resemble almost similar remote controllers.

How is the Outer Appearance of the Projector?

The exterior hardware of the machine is made up of plastic material. The top and bottom part of the device is in white however at the mid the surfaces of all sides are black. UC40+ is based on a sealed design to ensure full protection. Thus, the product has lessened the need for regular cleaning and maintenance that are required in case of many other projector models.

At the front surface of the hardware manufacturers have provided with a big lens. It has been located at the right side concerning the hardware. On the right surface of the machine toward the back portion or better to say on the right side there is a power input port.

At the top surface of the UNIC UC40+ just above the lens, there are two black adjustable knobs. They can help a user to control the keystone correction, and focus of the output projected pictures whenever required.

Next opposite to it towards the front of a projector that is on the left side there is a big logo of the brand. Below it there is a small tagline – ‘The creator of SMP.’ It can help anyone to identify the fact that the brand is well known to make SMPs.

How can an User access the UNIC UC40+ Projection Hardware?

To the left surface of the device towards the right portion, there are some air vents in the form of two columns of small-sized horizontal lines of holes. Also on the same surface to the left on the upper side, the product designers have provided all the interface connectivity ports on the hardware.

On the back part at the top of UC40+ towards the right portion there lies some hardware buttons to control the projector system. It can be of much help in case the remote is not available or active to be used with the machine. The list of buttons includes but not limited to power, a menu, and a back button. Also, there are directional buttons with an OK button at their center.

On the left part towards the back on top of the projector, you can find some logos of the main configurations that are present inside the UC40+. At the back surface of the device on the upper left portion, there is an infrared sensor. It works with the company supplied compatible remote controller of the machine.

How is the Bottom Support of the Projector?

If we check out the bottom of the back surface of the hardware on the base at the left side, there is a VGA interface port. It can be helpful to connect a PC or a laptop with the machine through cable. As a result, a user can enjoy projecting their display screen on a significant display output.

The device is having a separate base of small dimensions as compared to the main hardware of the projector. The appearance of base hardware at the bottom of the UNIC UC40+ miniprojector machine is also while in color. It consists of four rubber paddings provided at all four corners.

They are necessary to provide proper grip to the overall machine concerning the bottom surface. It applies equally same both at the time of storing the device at one place or using the same in a flat, smooth surface.

As well as there is an adjustable screw that has been located towards the middle at the front portion at the base of the UC40+ projector hardware. It can help a user to lift the front part of the machine and adjust the vertical height of projecting an output display screen.

What are the Hardware Configurations of UC40+?

The overall weight of UC 40+ is nearly one kilogram. Also as the manufacturers say that it is a micro projector. So the length, width, and height of the machine are 201 mm x 153 mm x 67.5 mm respectively.

An RGB LED lamp has been used inside the device that consumes less power. The light source can be used for more than twenty thousand hours as per the manufacturers. I am sure the machine can be used for more than four years by using the projector on average three to four hours daily.

UC40+ has rich multimedia interface connectivity options. The hardware ports comprise of an AV, a 3,5mm audio, an HDMI, an SD, a VGA port, and two USB ports. One out of the two available ports can support 5V at 500mah output.

The overall power consumption of the complete UNIC UC40+ projection machine is around 55 watts. The metric is as per the company sources. However, it should be approximately the same by because the device is based on portable hardware.

A high-grade multi-chip coated optical short focus lens is present inside the projector system having F=125. It is capable enough to project high-quality clear output displays. That is having better color reproduction, temperature resistance, and transmittance.

The projector is based on an internal monaural sound system that can generate an output power of around 2W x 8 Ohms. By the way, a user needs to provide a regular household power supply of 100-240V at 50 to 60Hz.

What are the Multimedia Features of UNIC UC40+ Machine?

The projector is multimedia friendly to project almost all kinds of content on a big display screen. It can be either on a wall or any other type of output projection object. The user interface of the device is based on UNIC multimedia OS. It supports more than 20 different interface languages for the people of different nations to ease the use of the system.

A user can display TXT based document file format on the machine. The device supports PNG, JPG, and BMP as compatible photo formats. UC40+ portable projector is compatible to project video files on the output screen.

It can be one among RMVB(RV40), MPG(MPEG1), MOV(H264), MKV(DIVX, XVID, H.264)3GP(MPEG4, H263), VOB(MPEG2), MP4(AVC, MPEG4), FLV(FLV1)AVI(DIVX,XVID,H.264) extensions.

A user can listen to the music anytime by connecting the machine with external speakers. I am saying it because the internal audio system that has been provided on UC40+ lacks stereo output. By the way, one can play one among the supportable WMA, OGG, WAV, MP3, ASF, and AAC audio formats.

What are the Display Specifications of Projector Hardware?

The machine can project an output display with WVGA resolution. The device supports a native display screen resolution of 800 x 480ppi. However, the maximum level of display resolution with which the projector can project is 1080p, i.e., Full HD.

UC40+ can show an output display screen with a brightness level of up to 50 ANSI Lumens. In other words, the internal light source can project light with the highest intensity of 2500 lm. The projector supports to display a screen in both 4:3 and 16:9 aspect ratios.

The company has provided UNIC UC40+ as a projection machine that is based on LCD+TFT display technology. The device can produce a picture with a maximum contrast ratio of 800:1. A 15-degree manual keystone correction function has been provided on the hardware. A user needs to control it all manually.

A user can project an output display screen of size ranging from 34 inches to 130 inches in diagonal length. It is possible by installing the hardware within a distance of 1.07 meter to 3.8 meters from an output projection object.

The display output of UC40+ supports 16.7 million different colors. As the manufacturers are stating a fact, it is that the projector is based on UNIC super color patent technology. Hence, the device can produce deep rich colors on the projected screen.

How is the Display Performance Output of the Projector?

As per UNIC, the product can project Quality pictures on an output screen. It is possible due to the image optimization technique that has been prepared by a dedicated team of professionals. Now let me discuss the details about the overall performance of the display output from the machine. I can say the reproduced pictures from the projector are brighter even in normal ambient light.

To get the best experience of watching impressive visuals on the output screen a user can use UNIC UC40+ under darker environments. I would add to this one more thing it is the fact that a grey background behind the projection screen can enhance the overall quality of output display.

By the way, at nights or surroundings having windows curtains closed a user can enjoy watching sharp pictures. That too by restoring every detail like almost natural reproduced colors on the output projected screen.

What are the Impressive Facts about the Projector?

There are many plus points of using the machine for both the home and official needs of a user. First of all the UC40+ projection machine takes very less time to boot up and shut down. It is a beneficial feature to have for busy users.

UC40+ can be used for ceiling projection by inverting the images with the help of a remote controller. After all, the machine also supports rear projection from behind an output display screen.

The genuine remote controller that has been supplied with the machine is of average size and fit comfortably on a hand. By the way, UNIC is offering one year of manufacturer warranty on the UC40+.

There is a separate auto setting feature for image scale inside the menu options of the device. It helps to adjust the aspect ratio of the display output automatically. A user can additionally use the brightness, contrast and auto-color settings from the settings menu of the projector. It can improve the quality of projected images from the machine up to a greater extent.

How to Deal with the Limitations of the Device?

UC40+ is we can say it can be a home theater micro projector. One must also have the idea about the limitations of the machine before taking any decision about the same. However, as per me, such constraints can be solved using different tricks.

The in-built fans that have been provided on the device are bit noisy. Off course the internal cooling system of the projector is excellent. It works efficiently to avoid any possibilities of overheating of the hardware even after a long time of use.

Hence, a user needs to compromise with it when projecting either any silent content on the display screen. It also applies if one has a habit to listen to the sound output of the UNIC UC40+ machine at a lower volume.

After all, the sound from the internal audio setup of the projector at a high volume is capable enough to avoid any noise generated from the hardware. The best solution is to connect the projection device with a good quality external audio system or a speaker set.

Also, I would suggest the UC40+ users to try to place the machine just in the middle of the target area to project an output display screen. It can help the users to avoid the time to adjust the top to bottom trapezoidal correction function that might irritate some of them. A user might face issue while fixing the UNIC UC40+ portable multimedia projector on a certain height. It is because the tripod mounting thread on the device might not be compatible with most stands or mounts.

My Recommendation about using the Device

To get the best experience of a big display screen on the machine, I recommend others to project a big screen of 84 inches in diagonal size. I like the 5V USB port that is available on the hardware.

There is a beneficial facility on the device for a user who wants to use the projector control buttons located at the top on a dark surrounding. It is possible by connecting small USB light that can be connected to the 5V USB port.

Here the benefit is even if the machine has been shut down the USB port is still supplying a 5V DC power out. Hence, at the same time using the same port a user can also solve another problem of the UC40+ micro projector.

It is the limitation as per which the internal cooling fan stops if the machine has been powered off. So it might affect the performance of the interior lamp to be used for an extended period. However, a USB 5V can be of much help using which a user can connect a small external fan with the device. It can aid to the internal cooling system of UNIC UC40+ to maintain a room temperature of hardware even after shutdown.

A user needs to be bit careful while using the navigational buttons provided on top of the hardware. It is because they are located very near to the power button. Hence, while accessing anything on the projector system, the chances are the machine can be shut down due to an accidental touch of the power button.


We cannot expect too much from the UC40+ since it is budget oriented projection device. However, still, I think it does a great job in overall performance concerning the cost price. And I know why Santa has chosen UNIC UC40+ to be gifted as a present to my cousin.

It is because I am that secret Santa and want to gift him a projector that can project good display screen. All in all, it can help much to enhance my cousin’s interest in his studies. And I know my cousin can also use the device for casual entertainment purposes. Mainly to get enhanced visual enjoyment of playing his mobile games on a big projected display screen.

Are you thinking about looking ahead to buy the projector machine? If yes then it is best to use some external amplified speakers with it right from the start. So that they can fill out the gap of output sound from the internal sound system of the device.

By the way, I have purchased the UNIC UC40+ mini portable projector from an online store at a sale price of $68. It is a striking deal for me to get the product that is having an original market price of around $86. And I have good news for you, and the sale is still ON! So hurry up, since it would be a now or never deal of UC40+ for you to grab!

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