UNIC UC46+ Review: Budget Oriented Mini Projector Built for Circadian Use


Days before today I got the opportunity to do some hands-on with another budget-oriented projection machine. It is not otherbut a UNIC UC46+ portable multimedia projector. I spent near about seven to eight hours with the device. I aim to uncover all the truths regarding the performance of the machine from different perspectives. Hence, this article will be based on my review regarding UV46+ including the features, and specifications of the same.

By the way, you can buy the projector online at a price of around $87. Kindly read this post thoroughly if you are excited to uncover all the details regarding the device in a single place! Let me start with the outer design and appearance of the UC46+ machine hardware. Further, we will discuss the display and multimedia facets of the projector.

How is the Design of Outer Hardware?

The entire outer hardware appearance of UC46+ is available in two colors that are in Black and White. So you can have the option to choose one while buying the same as per your choice or interiors of your house or office.

The upper surface of the UC46+ mini projector is in the diamond cut finish. There is an innovative dial-type UC46+ focusing lens based on a patent design and has been located to the front right above the lens of the projector.

Also a handle adjusting optical correction functionality is present on the front right corner at the top of the machine. At the back portion on the top surface of the hardware, there are some buttons to control the projector functions. It includes navigational buttons with an Ok button at the center, a return, a play/pause, an input source, power, and main menu button.

At the left portion towards the front on the UC46+ projector top, there is UNIC brand impression. Further, on the opposite part, i.e., at the back on the top surface to the left, there are highlighted some of the main features of the projector.

On all the sides of UNIC UC46+, there is a typical design of some black horizontal lines. However, the top and the bottom border appear in the same color. On the left surface of the projector, there are some air vents provided towards the front portion. Also, there are some interface connectivity ports located on the upper part of the same surface of the machine.

How convenient is the Overall Hardware Appearance of UC46+?

The front surface of the device is only having a big lens located towards the right corner of the hardware. On the right surface and to the back portion of the projector, there is an AC power cord. There are some air holes located on the front part on the right surface of the hardware.

At the bottom of the UC46+ machine towards the front, there is a small height adjustable leg provided near to the lens. Also, there are four rubber paddings located on all four sides of the device to give a complete balance and support to the machine.

At the back surface of the UC46+ portable projector hardware, some air vents are located at the left portion to the center and lower part. However, on the upper part on the same side at the back surface of UC46+, there is a remote sensor. Also to the bottom part on the left portion of the device the designers have provided a VGA port.

The remote controller that has been provided with the UNIC UC46+ device is much smaller in the dimensions. But it feels a bit heavy on hands due to the build quality. The upper surface is of bright finish while the sides and lower portion are black.

It consists of many projector control, functions, and file access buttons. The power button has been marked as red, navigational buttons with a center Okay button as blue. All the other buttons are grey colored. The text has been written in white on all kinds of buttons provided on the remote controller.

What are the Hardware Specifications of UC46+?

The UC46+ mini projector needs an input current of 2.5A for it to work correctly for long in the future. In other words, it should be a 100-240V power supply, of 50-60Hz. The maximum output power that the device can generate is around 55W.

The manufacturers have provided the hardware with rich interface connectivity options. The list of ports includes a USB port, a DC port, an SD card slot, an Audio out port, an HDMI and a VGA port. There is a USB 5V port that can be useful for charging any smart gadget in case of emergency. A feature that cannot be neglected!

UC46+ supports both Wi-Fi 802.11 a/b/g/n and Bluetooth connectivity features. They are necessary for today’s scenario. After all, nearly all the gadgets that we have in our homes and offices do have these wireless connectivity options.

Total weight of the UNIC UC46+ portable projector machine is around 1.1050 kg. Also the complete dimensions of the projector are 7.87inches x 5.94 inches x 3.54 inches/ 20.00 cm x 15.10 cm x 9.00 cm. The measurements have been considered as per the length, width, and height of the hardware respectively.

The total weight of the projector package while considering all the accessories in it with the main unit is around 1.3610 kg. The length, width, and height of the outer packaging box of UC46+ measures to approximately 12.2 inches x 4.33 inches x 7.87 inches. In other words, the dimensions are 31.00 cm x 11.00 cm x 20.00 cm respectively.

What are the Display Specifications of the Projector?

UC46+ machine is based on an LCD screen. An efficient RGB LED lamp has been used on the machine that is having more than 20 thousand hours of work life. The device can project a big output display screen of size ranging from 36 inches to 130 inches in diagonal length. It is possible by installing the projector within a distance of 1m to 3.8m from a wall or projection screen respectively.

A multi-chip coated lens of high build quality is used in the UNIC UC46+ miniprojector hardware. It delivers better temperature resistance, color reproduction and transmittance of the projected output.

UC46+ do support +/- 15 Degrees manual keystone correction and manual focus of f=125. So after boot up, a user might need to first work on adjusting the output display screen of the device. It is a bit hectic task for some users before starting enjoying through any projected content from the device. The machine can project with both 16:9, and 4:3 as the compatible aspect ratios.

How is the Display Performance of UC46+ Projector Device?

The maximum projected brightness of the device can be measured around 1200 lumens. A user can project pictures on a display screen with a native resolution of 8000 x 480p. Also, the projector can support a contrast ratio of 800:1.

So by default, a user cannot enjoy watching Full HD pictures, but the machine can project 1080p pictures as well up to the maximum. If I need to discuss the overall performance of the brightness output of UC46+, then I would say the lamp light is not too brighter. The device can not project clear images in daytime or under surroundings that are having high ambient light.

Therefore, a user can get brighter outputs of the UNIC UC46+ mini machine only at nights or darker surroundings. Also, it is advisable by many projector users to use the device within the very dim light environment. Finally, the contrast ratio is good. A user with good eyesight can find out the difference between dark and light colors in the output display screen.

However, because it is a low budget projection machine, we cannot point out the limitations of the device. That too by referring to the features and performances of some other projector models in the market those are available in the same price range.

What are the Impressive Display Features of UC46+?

UNIC is stating that a super color patent feature powers the projector due to which it can generate good quality of color outputs. As per my experience, yes UC46+ is having the capability to reproduce the natural colors up to a great extent but only at low ambient light. And again we cannot compare the overall display output with other projectors. That too with the output screen generated by a machine that is based on a native resolution of 1080p.

One useful feature about UC46+ machine is the fact that it supports to project 3D multimedia content on the output display screen. But everyone should know the fact that the device supports Red/Blue 3D formats and not Side by Side ones. Hence, a user needs proper 3D glasses to enjoy watching the complete visual effects.

How to Connect the UNIC UC46+ Projector with other Smart Devices?

The UC46+projector can be connected via both wired and wireless connections with other different devices. It can be a smartphone, a PC, a tablet, an external speaker, a DVD/Blue-ray player, and many more. However, to do the same, there are special instructions that I found to be helpful for a user to get the desired connection possible.

First one is a VGA connection. Now to establish the connection a user need to go under settings menu and choose input source as PC-RGB and join a VGA device with the projector. Next, on the computer enable the display settings to projection mode.

On the other hand, the UC46+ projector supports many different wireless connectivity protocols. It includes but not limited to the popular MIRACAST and DLNA. So to connect the machine with any other device without the wires a user need to select the input source as a wireless display. After that, a user is all set to use the Uni-Link page.

However, before doing the same one need to make sure that a smartphone should be compatible with Wi-Fi display. In case of an SSID like UNi-Link-1E000CE, it is indicating that it is the time for you to operate the device.

What are the Multimedia Features of UC46+ Projection Device?

UC46+ works best to be used with video gaming consoles and home theater setups. I can say this because the projector comes with many multimedia-rich features and specifications. So UNIC UC46+ works as a good entertainer for home, but the case might not be the same in offices or workplaces.

It is because the device is not fit to project PPT or business presentations. A user can only project audio, video, images, and .txt word files with the help of UC46+ on a big screen if any out of them can be used for productivity purposes.

A user can connect an external Hard disk and a U-Disk via the USB port provided on the machine. Similarly, a 3.5mm jack is there to join the external speakers with the device. The projector is based on the Uni-Link Operating system. It works best with wireless display connectivity features like DLNA.

A user can connect the machine with any other smart devices those are compatible with iOS 6.0, Android 4.2.2, and Win 8.1 operating systems and above. The UC46+ portable projector supports one from among .png, .jpg, or .bmp common image file formats.

Similarly, to project a video file it should be based on one among .avi, .flv, .mp4, .vob, 3gp, .mkv, .mov, .mpg, or .rmvb formats. Also, the compatible audio files of the device are ones that are based on one among .wma, .ogg, .wav, .mp3, .asf, and .aac extensions.


At last, by summarizing my review of UNIC UC46+ here, I can say it is a value for cost projector device. The machine has been built in a Lightweight and Compact size that can be easily carried from one place to another.

Anyone can access the Simple to use User Interface of the device. And because of an android based operating system a user is having the choice of content resources. It is easy to download and install lots of third party Apps and Games on the projector system.

I like the Sleep mode option that has been featured on the UC46+ machine. It works great if you are watching movies or TV programs at night on your bedrooms or so. Hence, the projector can be switched off automatically if you go in sleep.

Now regarding the display performance of the machine, it can be concluded with only one statement. It is the display screen output is ‘Ideal for dark environments. And yes the device can reproduce some beautiful colors even after the fact that UC46+ is not a high-resolution projector.

The projector package includes a choice for selecting the right power plug as per the country standards of a user. Thus, you might need to choose from either EU plug, or US plug while ordering the device.

What are the Limitations of UC46+ Budget Friendly Projector?

An 8Ω 2W power output of audio hardware has been provided inside the UNIC UC46+ mini projection machine. I found that the sound output from the audio system of the device is not so good. But it can be covered by connecting some external speakers with the projector machine. Always prefer the speakers those can generate high-quality sound output.

Also, the internal fans provided for the cooling system of the UC46+ machine is a bit noisy. However, in case of high volume or with external speakers a user cannot identify such noise from the hardware.

If you are in a low budget and planning to buy a projector, then you can definitely do check out UC46+. But you need to agree with all the limitations that the portable device possesses. I tried to found out and cover all the pros and cons of the device in the above sections. After all, the machine has already got much positive attention on various e-commerce sites from the genuine users of the same.

By the way, the company packaging of UC46+ includes a Power cable, a Remote controller, and a User manual in English with the projector device. The manufacturers are also offering one year of warranty on the product so a user can feel free to use the UNIC UC46+ portable projector and get the best use of their money spent on it!!!

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