VIVIBRIGHT GP80 Review: A Value for Money Projector under $100


Usually, people found it little scary to decide upon the right projector device under a budget of $100 or so! It is a scene even if there are many projector options available in the market at a similar price point. From my experience, I would say it is because not all of them are worth for the money devices. People do not want to spend their hard earned money on something that will not perform well or is having a short life of usage. Therefore, in this post, I am going to present my review regarding VIVIBRIGHT GP80 projector machine.

After reviewing it for a day or two, I can say it is a real value for money product. Now let me tell you all the reasons behind why I am saying like that about the same! Let us first do have a detailed look at the outer appurtenance of the GP80 projector hardware. We will explore every surface of the device and will find out what all things it has to offer for the users.

An Outlook on Different Surfaces of the Projector Hardware

First of all the projector has been designed in a rectangular shape. At the front face of the machine to its right, there is a big lens. Further at the center of the same face, there is a big colorful brand impression of VIVIBRIGHT.

At the lower portion on the left, there are few holes possibly to deliver the sound coming out of the internal audio system of the projector. Moving to the left side of the VIVIBRIGHT GP80 projector, there at the front it consists of a manually adjustable knob. Adjusting the projected display output screen is helpful.

At the back of the hardware on the top portion, there are many interface connectivity ports provided by the manufacturers. The lower left part of the same surface of the GP80 projection device consists of some vents as well.

The right side of the projector hardware only has some air vents to pass on the internal heat out. The internal cooling system of the GP80 projector works well to dissipate heat from the system. It maintains an average temperate of the inner components of the device.

The top of the GP80 consists of a silver-colored horizontal strap located just at the middle of the surface. At the back portion on the top, there are some push buttons to control the functions of a projector machine. At the bottom surface of the machine, there are four rubber pads provided on the legs of the projector hardware. They work together to give the right balance and stability for the device.

What are the Hardware Configurations of the Projector?

GP80 is available to buy in all Black color. The manufacturers have taken reasonable care to ensure us that the product has been made for the international customers. I can say it after knowing the fact that the VIVIBRIGHT GP80 projector has been supplied with a proper power plug. You will get one from among the different supportable versions of countries such as US plug, EU plug or UK plug.

A user needs to supply a good power supply of 100 to 240 volts for the GP80 projector to run correctly. GP80 works considerably silently while playing any multimedia files on the projector. By the way, the maximum output noise recorded in the device is 32dB.

Total weight of the projector hardware measures to around one kilogram. The dimensions of length, width and height of the projector it measures to about 7.87 inches x 6.3 inches x 2.95 inches or 20.00 cm x 16.00 cm x 7.50 cm respectively. Hence, it GP80 is very lightweight projection gadget to be used in daily life.

The remote controller supplied with the GP80 projector runs on two AAA powered batteries. Unfortunately, they are not included in the box packaging. The outer body of the GP80 projector hardware has been made with polycarbonate and ABS plastic material. GP80 consists of a 60W LED lamp as a light source to project the output display.

How you can enjoy using GP80?

The GP80 projector can support PNG, JPG, and BMP as its supportable image formats. Likewise, you can play WMA, AC3, MP3, and AAC audio files on the projection device. Also, the supportable video formats include EDTV, NTSC, SECAM, AV, MOV, DAT, VOB, SDTV, HDTV, PAL, MPG, TS, MKV, and MP4. All in all, you can play almost all the commonly available multimedia files on the projection machine.

There are different options of interface connectivity ports available in the VIVIBRIGHT GP80 projector hardware. It includes a DC input port, a USB port, a 3.5mm Jack, an AV port, an HDMI port, and a VGA port. Thus, without wasting any time, a user can connect different multimedia devices with the projection hardware.

If you are a habit of playing games on popular consoles like Xbox and Sony PlayStation, then GP80 can enhance your enjoyment. It is possible by connecting the display output of your console with the projector and generate a big theater like the screen in front of you.

The projector has been designed as a complete entertainer for your family members! It is because the machine has inbuilt Hi-Fi speakers to generate a strong sound output. However, if you want a sound that can match with significant display output, then external speakers are recommended.

One limitation of the GP80 projector is it does not support Bluetooth connectivity. Therefore, you cannot use the benefit of connecting most of your gadgets available with you wirelessly with the device.

What are the Display Configurations of VIVIBRIGHT GP80?

The GP80 projector device supports red and blue 3D content projection. So you need to have the right dual color shades (one side red and another side blue) to experience the complete visual effects of a big display screen.

GP80 is compatible to project a display output having a maximum resolution of 1080P, i.e., true HD. However, the native resolution at which the projector normally works is 800 x 480P. A user does not need to care about the internal lamp provided in the GP80 projection hardware. Due to the reason that the lamp can be used for about twenty thousand hours.

You can project a big sized display screen of size about 130 inches (measured diagonally) up to the maximum. GP80 is based on LCD based display technology. At maximum, the GP80 projector can project a picture is having a maximum brightness of 1800 lumens.

What is the Display Capability of the Projector?

A user can easily find the difference between the light and dark colors in the output projected display on a bigger screen. It is possible to the capability of the GP80 to display a screen having the high contrast ratio of 1800:1. The device guarantees to deliver a throw ratio of 1.38:1.

You can install the VIVIBRIGHTGP80 projector device at a distance ranging in between 1 meter to 5.2 meters. It can help you to get an output screen of size ranging from 20 inches to 80 inches as per their diagonal length.

With the help of GP80, you can project a display output with two different aspect ratios like 4:3 and 16:9. Similarly, the projector is compatible to display any visual content that is based on either 4:3 or 16:9 image scale ratios.

In the daytime, I can say the output projected images are bright and clear to view on a medium sized room and open window curtains. Yes, you need to avoid the ambient light of the surroundings to disturb the overall brightness of the display output screen. At nights no doubt you can not only use them in a room with medium lights, but it works even better at outside the house in dark areas.

What will you get in the Box Packaging of VIVIBRIGHT GP80 Projection Machine?

If we talk about the overall box packaging of the GP80 projection machine, then it weights to nearly 1.4 kilograms. The length, width, and height of the projector’s package are approximately 11.42 inches x 7.87 inches x 4.72 inches and 29.00 cm x 20.00 cm x 12.00 cm respectively.

As a complete package of VIVIBRIGHT GP80, the company is supplying many essential accessories. It includes a power adapter, a power cable, a remote controller, an English manual with the main projector unit.

The remote controller that has been supplied with the projector unit is very simple in design and of all black in appearance. It includes many buttons to control the projector functions. Further, let us have a look at the details of the controller. It consists of power, a back, a flip, an enter button, and directional buttons.

Also, there lies a single long button to be pressed on both sides to increase or decrease the sound output of the projector system. Also, there are some buttons to access the multimedia resources or files via the internal system of the projector. Finally, I have found a button to control the multimedia playback.

What are the Benefits to the Projector Users?

Following are some of the plus points that I have come to know while using the GP80 projector;

  • You will get a Good after sales Customer service from the manufactures.
  • GP80 is based on a Nice Hardware Design to keep it anywhere at home or a workplace.
  • It can produce better pictures on the output display screen than other projector models available at the same price
  • Even after having not so much level of output brightness the VIVIBRIGHT GP80 projector is capable of producing nice colors on a big display.
  • It has Lightweight hardware. Hence, it is effortless to use the GP80 for regular work.
  • I did not find any lag in watching movies, playing games, or projecting high definition images with the help of a projector. Thus, the processing of multimedia files is smoother.
  • GP80 is an excellent projection machine to enjoy watching sports and TV programs daily.
  • You can operate the device or adjust the required controls with ease as per the requirements.
  • I found the GP80 projector hardware to produce Good Picture Quality output on bigger sized screens as well.

What are the Cons of VIVIBRIGHT GP80?

After using the projector for two days, I have noticed two limitations of the GP80 projector. I found it necessary to share about them to you all so that you can decide on it better. Here are they;

  • The audio output of the device is not enough so need to connect at least some small external speakers.
  • You need to provide dark surroundings to the GP80 projector as much as possible to get a better quality of output display.


At last by concluding this review article about GP80 projector hardware I want to thank Dr. Zurick. He is the guy who provides me with his VIVIBRIGHT GP80 device to review for about two days while he was on his holidays. He is a dentist by profession, and I know him from about the past five years. Recently I have gone to met him and found the device at his desk.

He uses the projector daily at his clinic and happy with it. After knowing this, I wanted to do some hands-on with the device and asked him for the same, and finally, I got the chance to review the GP80 machine.

The projector is available online at a discounted price of $76 US dollars. Also, you might need to pay the extra charge as a shipping cost and get the product to be delivered within a span of 15 to 28 days of time.

Ultimately the GP80 projector machine is not for the heavy gamer or highly multimedia freaks. Also, those who like to watch only high-resolution movies. It is the truth that we cannot expect theater-like sound effect from a budgetary projector device.

I have gone through many of the genuine reviews of users about the product. After referring to all, I found more than 95% of them are happy with the performance of the VIVIBRIGHT GP80 projector. So if you are interested or prepared to buy a less expensive projector, then GP80 could be a better choice!

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  1. Mike says:

    This projector doesn’t play AC3 sound as I have it and there is no sound on movies with AC3.. unfortunately 95% of movies are with this sound format so the projector is pretty useless. You need to convert every material before playing on it. I do not recommend this product

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