Vivitek H658F Review: A Prime Choice to Enjoy High-Speed Sports

H658F DLP LED projector

Think about a case while you are watching any high-speed sports like football or so. Your favourite team is on the way to do a Goal, and a player from the defence suddenly applied a long shoot and finally made a goal! But you did not see notice how it has happened!

In such case, you need to get the things clear with the help of replays. In case you are streaming the football match online then you need to waste your time in rewinding the same. After all, nobody likes to watch in such a way! In this post, I will be sharing with you all one of my latest Vivitek H658F multifunction full HD home projector review.

Vivitek H658F Home Projector

My Story with H658F Multimedia Smart Projector

It recently happened with me about some days ago during the world cup 2018 matches. I had gone to a bank to do some necessary paperwork. Unluckily I have reached there during their lunch hours, and I do not want to go back hence decided to sit and wait there for the bank staffs to join back their work.

There was a big LCD screen hanged over a wall. I am watching the same to spend my time. I saw a news channel had been tuned up on the same and they were displaying some video clippings of the world cup match. Now I think it is one among the semifinals if I can remember well.

An old man was also sitting next to me and also waiting for the bank’s lunch period to be over. We have some discussions together while seated with each other and also watching the TV in between. In between watching the video clippings of the football match, he told me that sometimes it is hard for him to identify how a goal has been done.

Clarity Matters a Lot,

He said his eyes are all perfect, but it might be due to the camera that it cannot catch every single movement of the game. Further, I replied to him about the fact that it is not because of the camera used to capture the sports games. Since I know, they are using some high tech cameras to record their game footage.

I cleared him about the fact that it happens with the technology of display that we are using in-out end. I gave him an example to suppose he has a standard definition TV, but he is watching any 4k content on the same. So he will not be able to identify the details and clarity behind the actual video output and what his TV can display.

Therefore every single thing matter! He feels satisfied after listening to me, and we both shared out contact number with each other. After three days I got his call. He asked me for my help with buying a good projector for him so that he can enjoy sports matches on the same.

Finally Vivitek H658F Home Projector!

Further, I have taken two days to search for a good projector for him as per his needs and finally suggested H658F DLP LED projector. Also, I would like to share with you the fact that I was present there on the day he got his projector delivered at home. I so want to help him in general setup or so.

And yes I was in my secret mission to review the product as well! Next, I am going to share with you all the details about my personal experience while unboxing and testing the projector for some time. So let us get started!

H658F Compact Projector

An Outlook on the Performance of H658F Compact Projector

The projector can able to display a projection output of different sizes ranging from 60 inches to 300 inches. The Vivitek H658F projector needs a regular power supply of 100-240V AC at 50/60 Hz. The H658F portable home projector is fully compatible with all the multimedia contents that support an aspect ratio of 16:9.

The standard resolution of the projector is 1920 x 1080p, i.e. Full HD. But the hardware is capable of projecting an output display with a maximum resolution of up to 1920 x 1200p. The maximum brightness of the projector is about 3300 lumens, and it delivers the highest output display having a contrast ratio of 15000:1.

H658F DLP Home Projector

Hence you do not need to turn off the lights every time you use the projector. Nor you need to shut off the window curtains to make the environment darker and projector friendly like what we do with the old type of projectors. All thanks to the advanced projection technology used in the same.

Good Performance under Different Surrounding Lights

H658F is based on DLP projection technology. The projection devices include an internal display chip of Texas Instruments. It adds the digital optical processing technology for projection to the projector. You can also use the Vivitek H658F projector to project any 3D video clip or movies.

The projector machine can project a good quality output display. It performs well in all types of surrounding environment light. If we talk about the colour production, then H685F is based on RGBYCW six-segment colour wheel.

Hence it is having a broad colour spectrum and can deliver higher colour saturation. It can do a great job of projecting the composite colours more realistic and brighter at the same time enhances the accuracy of natural colours.

3 Facts that make the H658F Projector Environment-Friendly

Following are the three main features of the H658F multimedia LED projector. All of them together can make the device completely environment-friendly;

1) Energy Saving Design

The H658F smart small-sized projector is made to work in different modes. You can use the H658F LED smart projector in normal mode, economic mode, and intelligent power saving mode. Hence it ensures to save much of the electricity bill for its users. The H658F multimedia DLP projector is certified with ISO14000. Also, the compliance with ROHS is making Vivitek H658F the device as a real energy saving projector.

H658F portable LED projector

The lamp of the projector can consume a total power of 210W. Also, the lamp is made for long-lasting usage. The company is claiming that in normal mode the projector can be used for up to 5000 hours. In the case of economic mode, the lamp will last for more than 7000 hours. If you are using the projector every time in intelligent power saving mode, then it can last for an approximate 10000 hours.

2) Less Noise

In my review test of the H658F intelligent multimedia projector, I have found that the projector is producing an average noise. I commonly get the similar experience from other different projectors. Also when I check out the company metrics regarding the noise from the projector in use, then I got two metrics regarding the same.

It is 32dB if you are using the projector in normal mode and 29dB in case you are using the projector in economic mode. All in all, H658F is not a noisy projector to disturb your normal activities.

3) Dust Proof Hardware

Not only the surrounding environment but the H658F projector is having the capability to take care of the cleanliness of itself. Yes, you do not need to effort much in removing any dust. Nor required to spend much money in the maintenance of the Vivitek H658F projection hardware unit.

H658F LED multimedia projector

All because the hardware of the projector is designed so well that it has a dust filter. The projection machine is sealed completely to avoid fumes. It resists dust to settle or disturb the internal and optical components of the projector. The sturdy body of H658F is made up of non-slip plastic material and does not leave any fingerprints.

Underneath the projector, there are three legs provided with rubber pads. They can help the projector hardware to hold itself in one place without any possibility of the skid and can bear a shock. You can also use the projector’s legs to control the height of the projection output display.

H658F Multimedia Smart Projector

Hardware and Design:

You can control almost all the functionalities of the Vivitek H658F projector directly via the device. No need to use the remote controller as well. There are many buttons provided at its upper back portion to control the basic operations of the projector device.

There is a separate button provided on H658F intelligent DLP LED projector to make the projector work in eco mode. On both, the sides of the projector large-sized heat dissipating grills have been provided. It will ensure you that the product will not get heated even if you will use the product for a long interval of time. You can quickly set up and debug the H658F projector whenever required.

H658F Projector

Vivitek H658F Review

User-Friendly Interface:

In the user interface of the H658F portable LED projector, you can use the projector settings options. There are many options for you to adjust all the projector parameters. It is required whenever you will move the projector or install it for the first time. You can set keystone correction from there as well. The good part is you can choose one from the different options of colour modes suitable for various multimedia needs.

There is also a digital zoom function inside the menu options. One important thing, in case of any doubt you can also do check the necessary details about the projector from the information section inside the menu. It will help you to know the current status of the projector resolution, signal source, lamp usage time, and so on.


Vivitek H658F Projector: Made for Complete Movie Enjoyment

The H658F multimedia smart compact projector supports zoom functionality. You can use a zoom knob provided at the upper right face of the projector to extend the standard projected output display size by a factor of 1.2X.

With the use of this feature, you can project a display of up to 300 inches either on a wall or a good quality projector screen. The focal length and an aperture range of the H658F DLP Full HD projector are f=19.0-22.65mm and F=2.42-2.62 respectively.

The projection ratio of the H658F small sized home theatre intelligent projector is about 1.28-1.56:1. You can install the projector at a distance of up to 1.2m to 7.7m to project a display output of size 60 to 300 inches. H658F smart projection device supports a keystone correction feature of vertical ±40 degrees.

The projector hardware is capable of supporting videos of different formats like NTSC, PAL, SECAM, 480i, 480p, 576i, 576p, 720p, 1080i, and 1080p. There is an inbuilt speaker of 2W built inside the projector unit. So up to an extent, you do not need any separate external speakers since the audio quality of the Vivitek H658F projector itself is louder and clear.

Interface Connectivity:

First, we will have a look at the input interface options provided on the H658F intelligent multimedia projector hardware. It possesses two HDMI v1.b ports, an S-Video port, mini audio in jack, a composite video port, and a VGA input port. So ultimately you have many options that you can use to connect the projector device with any other multimedia sources. It will help you to enhance the productivity, and use of the H658F DLP LED projector.

Next, if we have a look on the output interface ports provided on H658F smart home projector by the Vivitek then we have a VGA out and audio out mini-jack. Also, there is one USB port and an RS232 port provided on the H658F 1080P home theatre projector working as control interfaces for the device.

Vivitek H658F

Small Size plus Light Weight:

H658F is a nicely designed projector device. It has a white coloured body and rounded curves on its corners can give a premium look to the overall look of the projector. The approximate dimensions of the Vivitek H658F projector unit are 244 x 105 x 331mm considering its width x height x length respectively. Also the projection hardware weights to about 2.6 kilograms.

Many e-commerce sites are offering a return guarantee of 7 days and an exchange guarantee of 15 days. Vivitek is offering a manufacturer warranty of 24 months on the H658F multi-function LED projector. To be noted, the lamp is under warranty only for six months or 100 hours whichever is earlier.

Also, the company is claiming to provide a good after sales service to their customers. You can take the help of Vivitek service points and service centres. However, I am not having any experience about their service so I will not comment anything on it.

My Final Words about H658F DLP Home Projector

The pictures look more vivid and brighter. All in all the projector increases the amount of colour saturation by improving the mid-tones. Distinction and transition on high-resolution videos are natural. The laying of each colour can be displayed very clearly in the picture.

Vivitek H658F Projector

Other than LCD screens the dynamic performance of H658F smart portable projector is different. Mainly it can perform very well to display every detail in high-speed sports. Without any adjustments, the projector can show both the white and black colours very well.

And of course, the small size of the H658F LED multimedia projector can make it pretty impressive to be used on both homes and Offices. You can quickly set it up in any part of your room or kitchen and enjoy big screen Full HD display. Vivitek H658F can also be a good option if you are planning to set up a home theatre in your home.

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