Wanbo S5 Review: 9 Valuable Performance Factors about the Projector

Wanbo S5 Review

The S5 ultra-thin smart projector is available to buy at an approximate price of nearly $300 online or lesser. The market cost has been reduced much as compared to the projector’s retail price at the time of its initial launch that is nearly $400. As a package, the Wanbo S5 portable home projector hardware includes a remote controller and a power adapter with the main unit. The total weight of the S5 projector’s outer packaging is about 1.1 kilogram. Also it sizes to around 20.00 x 20.00 x 20.00 cm / 7.87 x 7.87 x 7.87 inches as per length x width x height respectively.How did I saw the Wanbo S5 Projector for the First Time?

Days before I got the chance to enjoy the ride of Hayabusa superbike again. I hope some of you guys are aware of the fact that days before it was the mighty Hayabusa day. Well please excuse me for the exact day since I cannot remember it now except one thing, i.e., Projector’s name that I also reviewed on the same day. Yes in this post I will be going to share my review about the Wanbo S5 handy multimedia projector so stay tuned with reading this post.

We will be starting with the necessary details about the look and specifications about the S5 home theater projector device. Further, we will move ahead to uncover the performance factors regarding the same. In between, I will tell you my story that makes this review possible. So keep reading till the end!

What are the Positive Buying Points Regarding the Wanbo S5 Projector?

Following are some of the positive things that I have noticed in the S5 intelligent home theater projection machine;

1. Startling Display:

S5 is capable of projecting a big screen with Full HD resolution. It is based on DLP projection technology. You can project an output display having a native resolution of 854 x 480. S5 multimedia portable projector hardware can support a display output with a maximum brightness of up to 200 ANSI Lumens.

I can identify all the colors in the output screen projected by the S5 smart office projector device. After all, the display coming out of the same can support a contrast ratio of 1500:1. The projector is compatible with a throw ratio of 1.2:1. A user needs to install the S5 DLP ultra-thin projector machine at a distance ranging from 0.5m to 5m.

As an outcome, it helps the user to get an output display screen of size ranging from 30 inches to 180 inches in diagonal length. You can enjoy watching a big projected screen on both 4:3 and 16:9 image scale ratios. The lamp used inside the projector hardware is based on LED lighting technology.

2. Impressive Hardware Specifications:

The Wanbo S5 LED portable projector machine consists of a quad-core processor chip. It is based on Android 5.0 based operating system with an easy to access user interface. The S5 multimedia smart projector hardware includes four 2600mAh Li-ion battery.

It can be recharged to provide sufficient power to the projector device and make it convenient to be used for a long time of approximately 3 hours. Not only this, but the S5 intelligent home projector is also based on a compact sized body to carry and store from one place to another without any issue. You can extend the internal memory capacity of the projector machine by inserting a TF card of 1TB.

3. The convenience of Projecting Different Multimedia Formats:

A user can play compatible video files on the S5 DLP ultra-thin projector machine. It includes H.265, MPEG, H.264, AVI, MKV, MP4, AVI, TP, TS, M4V, VOB, MOV, PMP, M2TS, MPG, FLV, WEBM, and WMV.

The suitable audio file formats that you can play on the S5 intelligent multimedia projector hardware are DTS, MP2, WMA, MP3, and MP1. You can also do project photos on a big display screen and share it with others those are available with you in one among the supportable file formats. It includes BMP, PNG, JPG, and GIF multimedia file extensions.

Since the Wanbo S5 smart home projector is based on Andriod, so you are having huge options of supportable Apps to download and install on the device. The best is to keep an App on the projector system that can help you to play one from a vast resource of online multimedia content.

4. User-Friendly Connectivity Options:

The S5 home theater portable projector device consists of a USB 2.0 and an HDMI interface ports. A user can get a regular wireless network accession connectivity due to its support of dual Wi-Fi bands, i.e., 5GHz and 2.4GHz.

A user can connect the popular gaming consoles with the S5 DLP smart projector machine to enjoy gameplay on a big display screen. The projector is also compatible with Miracast, Airplay, and DLNA connectivity options. S5 hanffy home theater projector hardware supports screen mirroring connectivity feature.

5. Efficient Projector Machine:

The internal lamp used inside the S5 ultra-thin intelligent projector device consumes an output power of 30W. An energy efficient interior lamp on the projector can be used for a long time interval that is up to thirty thousand hours.

The S5 smart office projector hardware can be connected wirelessly with other smart devices or a network using the Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g/n/ac. It is compatible with Bluetooth wireless connectivity with 5.0 supportable version. A user needs to make sure to supply a good power supply of 19V/5A to the S5 portable cinema projector machine for proper use of the device.

There is an internal cooling system provided inside the Wanbo S5 projector hardware. It works great to produce minimum noise measured in less than 28dB. You can use the S5 smart DLP projector device as a power bank to charge other smart gadgets.

My Story behind Reviewing S5 Projection Machine

As you already know the fact that my every review is incomplete without being mentioning the story behind how it was possible. I am very interested in sharing everything related to my reviews. Off course to make you aware of the fact that nothing is sponsored and everything that is happening to me in my daily life. All thanks to my tech-savvy friends and contacts those who are always helping me to make this possible.

Coming back to my story, I already told you in one of my previous review post about my friend who is having a Hayabusa. Few weeks before he got a call! From our nearby Suzuki dealer to join their annual ride to celebrate the World’s Hayabusa Day.

Hence my friend wants to share this ultimate experience of riding his Busa with other Busas in our nearby town. And he also knows that I am always ready for a ride. Therefore he called me, and we have successfully joined it. Let me share with you all that it was an ultimate experience to enjoy a ride with a bunch of Hayabusas together.

I was Excited to Review the Wanbo S5 Projector,

I do not want to stretch my story longer here but let me tell you about when I saw the S5 smart ultra-thin Projector machine for the very first time. So on the same day before the ride, the Suzuki dealer has organized a small meeting. In which they showed us the journey of Hayabusa right from its launch till now and other details followed by a delicious lunch treat.

Hence in that presentation, they have taken the help of S5 multimedia LED projector device. The performance of the same projector has stunned me, and I am keener to get more details about the same further. Therefore, I planned to make it possible after our ride.

I have asked my friend that we will come back to that Suzuki showroom again. I wanted to review the S5 home theater stylish projector hardware without any disturbance. He agreed and finally it made my day.

Now it is the time to go back to the main topic for which we are here that is Wanbo S5 review. Thanks for your patience to be with me till now. Next, we will continue with exploring the further details and performance aspects of the S5 portable projector device. I promise you that I will be no more going to waste your time.

6. Not Harmful for Eyes:

Like some other projectors, S5 also has adopted diffused reflection imaging projection technology. Hence your eyes will be free from direct light emitted by the internal lamp of the projector. It is possible with an intelligent sensor present inside the S5 ultra-thin smart projector machine. Hence it is not only useful to make our eyes stay healthier for a long time but also suitable to use for the children.

7. Based on Advanced Technology:

There are many micro-mirrors presents inside the S5 projector device that is responsible for forming an output display. It is possible when the light passes on the prism system simultaneously. Via the micro-sized mirrors and matrices, those are available in different colors: red, blue, and green.

You can watch 3D pictures as well on the WanboS5 multimedia home cinema projector hardware having full effects. For homes, users can project a big display screen of size 109 inches. It is possible by placing the S5 ultra- thin cinema projector machine at a distance of 3 meters away from the output projection object.

Amendable Display Output,

The Wanbo S5 projector is based on electric focus and keystone correction functionalities. They both can add convenience for users of using the same at any time, anyplace, and in any condition. By the way, it can help you to adjust and project a clear picture as early as possible.

It is easy to adjust the angle of projection irrespective of the position of the projector hardware. All thanks to both vertical and horizontal keystone correction function in the S5 projector device. The display of the S5 home theater multimedia projection machine is based on the square pixel structure.

There is less serration in the image edge in it as compared to the diamond pixel projection technology. You can see brighter and clear text on the output display screen of the Wando S5 3D LED projector device. Also, the S5 smart projector is capable of reproducing natural colors in the picture output with smoother transitions.

8. Powerful Machine:

The S5 portable handy projector machine is backed by a 1.7 GHz Mstar 6A928 Cortex-A 17 processor chip. It is also having an inbuilt RAM of 3GB RAM and 16GB of internal memory. A Mali-760 MP4 graphics processor also powers the S5 DLP LED projection system. To enjoy listening to an immersive sound the S5 projector is backed by two stereo speakers that can produce high fidelity audio output.

9. A Mesmerizing Audio System:

A significant advantage of buying the S5 projector for a user is the excellent quality of sound effects from its internal speakers. The hardware consists of in-built acoustics from the Harman/Kardon.

The front portion is featuring two 45mm speakers, and also there are two sub-woofers provided at the bottom of the projector device. I did not find any annoying sound even in the high volume from the complete audio system present inside the S5 projector. So I would say the fact that you will hardly need to combine any external speakers with S5 intelligent multimedia projector hardware.

Better to tell, you will scarcely need to enhance the overall sound output of the portable projector machine. Due to this feature, you can better use the S5 home cinema smart projection device as a standalone Bluetooth audio system. After all, it is almost like a personal portable speaker both from its design and sound.

How is the Design of the Projector Device?

The Wanbo S5 ultra-thin intelligent projector hardware weights to about 0.8 kilograms. Also the overall dimensions of the projector machine is about 14.00 x 14.00 x 9.70 cm / 5.51 x 5.51 x 3.82 inches. It has been measured as per the length x width x height of the projector hardware respectively. The S5 home theater multimedia projector machine is made up of polycarbonate, metal, and ABS plastic material.

At the front face of the S5 DLP office projector device, you can see a lens with a sliding cover at its upper left portion. A plus point for the device to save its lens form any scratches, dust or damages. Other than that everything is a mesh of tiny air holes or better to say net. I think this is the place where the dual horn speakers inside its hardware have been located to pass on the sound outside.

The base of the S5 LED smart projector machine has four small rest feet. They are necessary for any device to keep itself stable on a tabletop or any other flat surface without any hassle. At the top side of the S5 multimedia portable projector hardware, there is a big circular button provided at the center of the same face. It is helpful to turn the projector device ON and OFF.

Where are the Multimedia Connectivity Slots?

At the back of the WanboS5 smart ultra-thin projector machine there lies some interface ports on its upper area. Also, there are two big air holes on the same surface covered with the net to dissipate the internal residual heat from the same.

Let us look ahead on the available interface pots on the S5 home theater LED projector device in sequence. Therefore, we have a DC input port, TF card slot, HDMI port, USB 2.0, an Audio output port, a reset port, and a power indicator.

Both the sides of the S5 DLP portable projector are completely blank with a leather belt provided by the manufacturers in its design. There is a small button to hold the strap. Therefore, a user did not need to carry it all on its hands to transfer the hardware from one place to another. The best way is to hang the S5 multimedia home projection machine on anyone shoulder, and you are all set to rock.

Are there any Limitations of Wanbo S5 Projector?

Below I have listed some of the cons that I found on the S5 smart intelligent projector hardware;

  • Under high ambient light or at daytime with window curtains open you will not get a brighter display output screen. The remote controller provided with the S5 DLP LED projector device is comfortable in use. All thanks to its compact size and reach of nearly every buttons with a single hand as a user always desiring.
  • The WanboS5 intelligent cinema projector machine is based on 3LCD technology. Thus, the machine produces less sound to be identified while watching the movies or listening to the favorite tracks. However, the level of noise can be reduced further by using the S5 multimedia smart projector device in economical mode.

  • By the way, I had quickly observed one more limitation of the S5 home theater portable projector hardware. It is the quality of display output is not that right on the wall as compared to projecting the same on a good build projection screen.

Well, to be frank, I cannot say this confidently. Since I got a very less time to review the S5 handy office projector machine. But I thought to share this fact with you all. Hence, if anyone else would find the same issue or can prove my above statement wrong, then it will be helpful for others.

Bottom Line

I have included everything in this post that had I noticed on the Wanbo S5 smart small size projection device at a Bike showroom itself. With a hope that it can help you to gain many ideas about the initial performance impressions of the projector machine. Ultimately, it depends on your requirements about whether you will choose to buy Wanbo S5 projector hardware or not.

All the Plus and Negative points of the S5 home theater multimedia projector machine were included in this post as per now. Kindly do share your views about the same device. In case you have any experience regarding my last stated performance factor about the S5 portable LED projector.

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